Bad Day at Work 2020 Part 34 - Best Funny Work Fails 2020

Bad Day at Work 2020 Part 34 - Best Funny Work Fails 2020

667 774 views | 10 Oct. 2020

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The load leveling at 1:54 was great

Евгений Вовк

2:17 получится ведро искры

Mark Beattie

Mute @ 2:10

Michal Bartoszek

hate the background tune now

Oliver Salvatore

Тут в основном - не плохой день на работе , а просто идиоты на работе ))))


I like the music. If you work as construction worker for many years, you will never wonder about that. But its so funny.


Should be titled idiots and children at work!

Dieter Hoffmann

Not bad Day at work! Idiots at work!

1985Viggen ツ

No music!!

Pets Awesome

I laugh to death


1:53 was a win win for every1


do pommie builders have a death wish or are they already brain dead???

Marcin Nowak


I’m Just Thinking

1:05 that was unexpected


I don't understand why halfway through, you add in music. Instead of leaving it with its normal sound. Or none at all. The music doesnt fit.


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Fun and Cute

poor these people

Wat Dat

6:20 quick thinking. dude saved his legs

Elisabeth Alzen

danielle cohn


1.07. the customer orderd a dump truck to dump his load at the site....:-)


"Safety Last!"

Raschein Hans-Ulrich

Just idiots


Last music title? o.o


Somehow I don't feel so bad about making mistakes....


Why these videos always have to be ruined by awful backround music? If the video clip has no sound the silence would be much better.

Eva Svensén

chaturbate peregon

Val Graham



The one at 0:50 is funny. When the guy get off the wall after being painted over is looks like his d*** is hanging out.

Account Channel



Background music was annoying

Денис Орлов

I don't speak English, but I can see that many people like me have written about music

betterthanlife re

This compilation could also be called “why no one wants to hire people “.

Brigitte Rutten

Never hire an emglisch contractor,.....................

Sarah Paris

Oooweee! What a mess! Maybe they should have just stayed in bed!

Attilio Gioe

I can't watch any more of your videos, the music is irritating

YouTube in My Spare Time

fire the DHL guy and give me his job

Mike LeRoy

Why add the bad music?

Vocalpro International

Music nope