This is What Movies Really Look Like...

This is What Movies Really Look Like...

796 039 views | 9 Dec. 2020

If the movie you’re watching was made in the last few decades, you can bet that a large majority of what you’re seeing is computer generated. CGI special effects have completely taken over Hollywood, and most of the movies made there today would be impossible without it. But there’s a lot of work involved in creating these movie masterpieces after filming, so what does it look like before? Well it's pretty funny! By the way, don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you haven't already.

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The best and most popular movies in the world! Featuring the world's most popular movies behind the scenes. You better check out these movies before and after special effects with your own eyes.

Afzal Sanigul

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Mahalina Collins

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Excuse me how dare you say dragons don't exist

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Imagine if they forgot to edit some of the movies!

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R.I.P blank panther he was a good actor

Zachary Brunnett

imagine the kids in dumbo or something seeing a random man comeing after you in a green costume walking like a spider dog

Santiana Atencio

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Which movie had the best special effects?

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I cant watch movies because i know this.

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Can u do behind the scenes in jumaji and the next level?


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Nice info! Very nice to know!

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They used the shiny ball in deadpool to calculate how the light reflected on the giant Metal... guy, uhhh, what's his name... Colossus, Colossus.

the green haired goblin

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as a little kid, i thought the set was actually contructed, let's take The Maze Runner movie for example:
I actually though the maze was actually built and that if you head to the destination, "WhOa LoOk tHe mAZe iS rIgHt hErE!!1!1!"

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Boom Beria

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If you see this video we will respect Film maker's and actors

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