Minecraft But You Only Get ONE BLOCK...

Minecraft But You Only Get ONE BLOCK...

15 166 125 views | 1 Feb. 2020

Minecraft But You Only Get ONE BLOCK...

Jade Taylor

And name Pig meat

garv juneja

kill the checen

Binod Tharu

Chicken name chichipoopoo cow name capao ship name shipaokik

Sadie Swinimer


Robert Morris


Reset_Me 0-0

I have a question how do you get on that kind of world with only one block to start with

Jade Taylor

Name the cow milk

Kapanaia Navariz

It was glitching because when you were talking you’re breaking the grass block it was like staying there and it supposed to look regular not Brooke Block

Wesampro Pizza

Pig porky and cow cookie chicken chicken sheep sheepa

Nicole Knoblach


Lauren Firth


Shonarrya Pole

Name the chicken Charles

Peyton Cummings

you said expand are land

Marcie Adamson

Name the pig unspeakable pig name the cow unspeakable cow and so on

Catrin Morgan

pig unpigable ,cow uncowable,chiken unchikable sheep unsheepable im sorry for the mis spelling im only 8 years old unspeakable.And i live in weals burry port

Nicole Knoblach

Le le

Khethiwe Williams

I’m in the chicken and bacon bowl

Magma King

It says it was video was here on February but it’s not February yet

Hi Hello

Call the pig:peppa pig
Call the cow:moose
Call the chicken:chuckels
Call the sheep:cloud

And please make a second part.

lauren marie

Name egg

Carlene Blanc

Name for the pig moo moo

Jelly thakuri

No Preston

Skylar Alvesteffer

Momo tenna john glenn goanna aonna hanna

ok yeet

123456789 a

Laurie H

What the flip

Ruth Rushing

Zechariah Glover

maoto and coco mj h

Tammy Oliver

do gaming with the SQUADE

Rylîé UwU

I would name the chicken ‘’nugget’’


What is this sever called can’t find it on market place

Lauren Firth

Unspeakable:yells at animals
Animals:dude chill /continues staring

Naitik Hirji

Pig:falls of path

cristina vera

Few hours later “OMG IVE GOT SO MANY DIAMOND BLOCKS :D” a minute later.I’m never mining this obsidian

Juliette Shepard

Chicken: Bert
Cow: Adam
Pig: BaNaNA
Sheep: Lilly
I hope those were good names!

lauren marie

First time I commented

librian Lewisville

name ti a liag

mohammed chowdhury

Mom spaghetti

Ahum Ajit Kumar Nair

4:10 what the flip is that
like if you saw


The pig should be named snorkel

Dino nugget Rivera

Unspeakable: Alright I'll stop placing dirt, im running out. Places two more dirt blocks.

Sequoia Lea

pig (pinky)

Ruby Yang

Name the Chicken Chuckels

Joshua Garlacz

What is the code to the server

konfudez_ gacha

Anybody here 2021

Samsquanch Trash

Name them shark

Kelly Kellaway

u are playing sky block one block

Ultra Mantra Gamer

NameWhite animal Rainbow Name Cow Mike Name chicken Chike Name pig Woodie

Nicole Knoblach


Blanca Cativo


Merle Davey

Unspeakable i have a video for you

Clorissa Bartholomew

I love your vids so much ❤❤

ferd is nerd

Unspeakable: we need to make fences ASA to the P!!!

lauren marie


ivy he


Ruth Rushing

Name the cow cowy and chicken chicky sheep sheepy pig pigy

zoya zaman official channel

Name the sheep unspeakable 2 and the cow moo moo and the chickin waffles

Merle Davey

Go watch it please

Pablo Villasana

The pig should be called preston

Nekelai Muhammad

The pig jack the cow hill and the sheep went up the hill (names for animals)

gideon francis zapanta

I just rialize, this video got 15 million views ;-; AmaZInG!!

Isabella Wilding

Can you make a farm house ??

Kapanaia Navariz

Chicken chuckles pig piggy cow mr cow

Jeff Matthias

Bob bob bob and bob

Jasper Schatteman

naam de kip cikels

Simon Hudaja

I watched this video a long time ago shut up

Theresa Aka Kaidrosia

I need this

Sequoia Lea

ep 2 pleaseeee

Funtimefoxys Adventurers

Just imagine surviving on there with wasd

Susanna Mendoza



Chicken fred/cow Mr. cow/pig kako/sheep Mr. sheep

Ben Edwards

Jeff jack jill and jim

Jennifer Collazo

unspeakable: gets a dirt block

Iwona Bogusiewicz

Chick cheeky

Nicol Chi


Shawn Schneider

Carlene Blanc

Speakable the pig


cow freddy

Kylie Roblox

Pig bob

Melissa Steele

You should name the chicken big gym that’s what I named my chicken but he died

stephanie jesse

Pig pig cow cow head chicken La La

Priscilla Smith


Merle Davey

I sub a like

Murlean Washington

duck: dinggle

Jamy Dojer


zoomer: goes to juvee
also zoomer: bruh wheres my mushrooms

Gulshan Jain

Kill the sheep and get a bed

Arson Jasari

Teh Cows Name is MCdonalds


Who's watching this on the 17th January 2021.

Julie Carpenter

The sheep shod be hamy



Pup Aubree

The sheep should be named pickle!!!

Oviedo A

I would amagin surviving a world wher every time you die you get a totem of undieing and when you mune a diamond you get a full stack

Sequoia Lea

pig (pinky)


name for pig: bacon
name for sheep: muttonhead hehe
name for cow: milky

hehe muttonhead :3 heheheheheheheheh

Michael Johnson

We have new friends welcome to the family I mean there’s only one person

Elcy Galindo

Troll shark

Susanna Mendoza


ok yeet


Mike playz

Where did you upload this

Jim Winter

pig pepper pig

Sequoia Lea