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Roborock s6 Pure $50 off on amazon

Fuzzy Slippers

Nail UV LED Light (similar)

Marble Paper Towel Holder

Wall Sconces

Paint Matcher Tool

Monogram Towels

Water Bottle (cheaper now!!)

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Hi, Im Kelly Strack! On my channel you will find makeup tutorials, get ready with me videos, full face first impressions, makeup hauls, sephora hauls, PR unboxings + more!

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Destiny Whitson

You remind me of Nina Dobrev and you sound like her!

Danica Medina

Thanks Kelly I love the paper towel holder so much I’m gonna get that for my house, lots of love to you

Sara Mazzilli

what color and brand is your lippie!? I'm obsessed!!!


that robo vacuum looks so cute lol but i got carpet in my flat too so not sure if it works on carpet? probably too expensive for me but fun to watch it lol

Gina M Cox

OMG I love your lipstick color!! Can you plz tell me what it is???

Tanisha Flores


Megan Cable

I made a wall sconce. Super cute. Thanks for sharing all your favs!

Kirstie Botelho

You listed the wrong water bottles


Not going to hide it: robo vacuums scare me

Christine Takano

Just have to say, kelly I love your hair lately, its looks really really natural and just looks soooo nice!!!

Catherine Page

Please keep doing Amazon videos! I’ve bought so many of your recommendations

Heidi Ackley

Can you make a video on all your makeup organizers I’m in desperate need

Vivian Davila Beauty Tips



Roborock rocks!!

Jenna Glora

Ohh do a Amazon fails or regret video! We need to know what to avoid lol

Natalee Steele

You should do a Amazon fails video!

Kiara Crystal

We would love to see you review our bottle!

Devon Healy

You should totally do an Amazon fails video!!

Madison Tatum

Try mopping with pine sole ! It’s got an amazing smell and I add a good pour into half a bucket of water . It drys in like 5 min literally :) kills all the germs

Harlem Scent

How much was the floor robot?

courtney thompson

Chile! You earned that vacuum!

Marlee Gross

Please review the Tarte Maneater Line!!!!

Randee Whitcomb

What lashes are you wearing??? And lipstick????

Daria Passaglia

Kelly ya gotta do the uv gel for toes, it’s awesome.

Tina Booth

That’s not a S on the hand towels. Lol

Katelyn Rose

Love you Kelly❤️❤️❤️

Jessica Moreno

Kelly I Love my Shark robot vac I love that it charges it self and once fully charged goes back to work

Kayce H

If you could tell me there was only one thing in my house I could save in a fire other than my child it would literally be my robot vacuum.

Philisa Crawford

Please do an Amazon Fails!

keisha Harris

you're channel is easy to watch

Heather Hernandez

Omg now there’s two items I need!! Ugh!

ernest gonzales

Random ?n 4u if you have time... im brand new to your page and I've enjoyed your video so much... but to the point lol do you have a skin care routine video? I heard you mention in one of your videos that your skin is naturally dry.
Thank you
Have a good week and stay safe

Serai Hoard

love you kelly !!❤️❤️

Megan Castleberry

Love your videos!!!

Patricia McGuire

I love the flower scones that light up my best friend sent them to me for my birthday i love them. Great video.

Shelly Garza

Oh my grrl!! I ordered sconces and paper towel holder. Great items. I want that robot..later. though. God bless all

Gabriela Hernandez

I would love the $550 vacuum that much too, if I also got it for free.


Kelly girl my Amazon card is maxed out!!! Love seeing the things that you showed today especially the paper towel holder and the sconces. You look as pretty as ever #Amazon #AmazonBroke#AmazonHasTheBestThingsEver #AmazonInTheQuarantineAreKillingMe.TakeItEasyKelly❤️

lana stanberry

Great video kelly,Thank you for the info,

Aidan Dempsey

Love these videos

Rachel Spiteri

I've been buying way too much makeup during quarantine!!

Tsambika Sabine Iakovidis

May I say how nice your eyelashes are?


Love your videos Kelly . Keep them coming.

Rowena Higgins

Good gift for mothers day? The vacuum for cleaning. Coz its only mum must clean the house just saying. I think most mum would rather be pampered again just saying x

kimberly tibbits

See..just when i get into a video and get excited about something..out comes "thank you for blah blah for sponsoring this part of the video"..done

Mahi Rastogi

This lip color realllllyyyy suits u

Athena Nagel

Where are your lashes from?

Bailey Chambers

It’s probably making you broke because nothing is open

Sarah Defendini

Kelly you look so Beautiful. Your makeup looks gorgeous. What lipstick are you wearing. I love it

Jacqie Edwards

Why is it the only price she didn’t mention was the vacuum that was sent to her?!?

Pixie Dust

Nizhoni M

Where is your acrylic makeup drawers from???

Ashley Auber-Porter

Of course the wall sconces are sold out

Chloe Hall

Girlll doing gel polish on your toes will change your life

Jamie Cee49

I love Amazon. I love getting art supplies and beading supplies on there. I just done some shopping on Amazon. You might need that stuff later on. lol. Those slippers are cute.

Lucy Clark

Puts hands all over shoes, touches face

It’s Natasha

Lol I bought everything in the video!!

Erika NoLastName

Your makeup is so fresh & beautiful!!!!


* clicks link for robot vacuum *


omg im so late on the video

Amanda Marie

FYI (Interior designer here) you can chip off a little piece of your paint down in a corner or somewhere, and bring it to the paint store and they will match the color for you and tell you what it is- for free

Alaethia Dvoracek

Will you do a Chanel makeup tutorial! Super bougie but would be interesting to see if their products are nice!

Kayla Wickham

I saw the wall sconces on Amazon and loved them as well....but I thought....I can make those lol! So I went to the dollar store and bought everything to make them myself and it only cost me $17 to make two :)


...LOL ... wait does anyone actually have 90 bucks for a paint colour guesser?? .. dang !!!

JaCrall U

Can u do a Amazon fav clothing edition plz?



Courtney Toole

I absolutely love your videos. Is there any way you could do a skin care video soon? I would love to know what you’re using!

julie trudgeon

Just used your code to buy the wall sconces. In LOVE!

Bethany Rose

GAWD I have to stop shopping from Amazon loll but for real just ordered those slippers too the other day!

Lorene R.

best lipstick ever

kimberly cecil

Any chance could you do a quarantine at home spa/pampering/ relaxation video?

Sofia Marie

Your makeup is gorgeoussss

Tanisha Flores

Holy bible

Alycia Danielson

Kelly: "So I got this on Amazon..."

Everyone: "Yes Kelly, isn't that the point of this video?"


Love you and your channel, honestly, but these Amazon videos are really out of touch with reality... the extremely awful working conditions employee’s are forced to work in, and especially amplified now with the virus, since, as you said, people can’t go to shops so they shop online.

Let’s promote healthy purchasing and healthy business practices so we can make for a better world ❤️

Bonnie Rose Cruz

Thank u for this video good for mommys on a budget like me ❤️

Anny MK

I have 2 roombas one for downstair and one upstairs i also have the braava mop :) all set

Mercedes Gaskin

I love these videos!!


I just went on Amazon today and picked a few things to cheer myself up. I agree the pandemic has amplified my Amazon addiction!!! Love you


How do I get the discount can anyone tell me for the vacum ?


Hi guys, I’ve been watching Kelly how a few years and absolutely adore her positivity. I started my own health and wellness business. I’m passionate about helping others feel as amazing as I have with the amazing results that I’ve gotten personally. I’d be super thankful if you could check out my IG and follow me on this wonderful journey which I hope includes many of you as well... the support is very much appreciate it


Is anyone going to tell this girl thats a T on the hanstowels lol

T 1981

Do not drop paper towel holder on your feet very heavy and will break you feet

Juliana Medina

I love your lashes

Ariana Mariah

I just got a gel nail kit too and I LOVE doing my toes with it!!!


Acting like drinking out of bottled waters is a crime / an extinct practice was alittle dramatic lmao relax. we get it. Stores are still selling millions of 32 pack waters ☺️

Natasha Brooks

I am a Mom and I DID NOT want a vacuum for Mother's Day. No. Just no.

Ashlee Leathers

That would be a good fails

Stacy Giles

Girl i have got to stay off you tube and amazon and all other internet places lol i did order the cute wall sconces i seen in your video along with a few other things and then i remembered a video you did back in april with some favorites one was Vanity Planet Exfora Microdermabrasion Wand so i went back and fount the code so thank you for saving me $135.00 yes thank you very much so a product over $200 only cost me around $85 after shipping cost. So once again thank you very much and i hope it works i only ordered it because you said it really worked and i 100% trust your opinion! So thanks again chick love you channel and videos!!

Jennifer Whitaker

Oh yeah like everyone can afford a $500 vacuum

What Marcie did next

Great haul!!! I've just added an Amazon haul on my channel too

Heaven Brown

What brand and color of lipstick are you wearing? I love it


I’m a new subscriber. Your videos are so helpful. I love them. Thank you

Melissa Green

Luv'd this. Wouldn't mind if u did more of these.


when she said she had to run after her previous robot cleaner I cried LMAOOO "no no no don't go there!"

Sandra Sheets

Omg...just about everyday I get something from Amazon. Been shopping too.

Bridgette W.

Quarantine has made me a 100% hoarder I have so much random crap

Amber Spade

I loved this video girl!

Rice o4

Wow that blew my mind.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Keep up the GREAT work!