BE ONE WITH THE ANIMALS! | Grand Theft Auto V (PC) #3

BE ONE WITH THE ANIMALS! | Grand Theft Auto V (PC) #3

9 522 372 views | 8 May. 2015

If I could walk like the animals, talk like the animals, fly like the...... is that a cow? More GTA V

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Game Link:

Mod Used:

Outro animation created by the amazingly talented James Farr:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here


In some other video you should get a jumbo jet and use the speed boost to make a massive jet go faster than the speed of sound

Hunter Gaming14

What’s the button for the speed boost

Roblox Player200

I got a Light up Skechers song advertisement before the vid even started


This is still not recommended to me but I still like watching it

Logan Horton

11:20 Did he say Twisty Nipples

Joseph Gregg

I love the fact that he ignores the fact the the monkey is levitating

Joseph Lyons


Nick The Fox Lover

Dude next time you play this mod as a fox

The Pathetic Gamer

When he got in the bus the lady just died

Matt Dolezal

I love your videos jack


A burd took a shit on me once

1954Bentley TypeR

The oldest video that Jack has, is this

Edit: Yes, I had the patients to look through all 4.6k of his hilarious videos to find this

Terry VanHoose

you can spawn a buzzard by cheats

Ivan Rodriguez


Logan Horton

4:48 I don't give a rat's nipple

Jennifer Hostmann - Digital Marketing Specialists

Bad vid


How the fuck did I fall asleep watching this

Dragon Ball Collects

How does your gta5 run so smoothly on pc???? Mine lags soooo much


Grand Theft Auto my favorite game!!!!!!

Jessica Slone

What the fuck is Those monkey feet he went to see in when I he was a human in tone seat in the tournament monkey


Hey jack stop Monkeying around

Aaron Adams

1:00 that song was playing in my room I’m not joking around

Fatifat Fat

I miss old jack

jamesandcalebvlogs 0587

Can you. Play more GTA videos place or


in england seagulls shit on us but in russia we shit on seagulls


I started fapping halfway through this


The opressor mk 3 7:44


Try directors mode it's quite good

Matthew Weerheim

AC/DC black in black

Cash Comstock

How can you not afford a $15,000 truck but you can afford a $1,500,000 jet

The Gaming Viking58

AC/DC is the BEST

Awesome Cox

I love acdc and please do more mods in gta5

Terry VanHoose

can you stop saying the f word

Poogers Boi

the flying bike is just the oppersser MK2 without missiles

Logan Horton

5:23 And you do have a sweet little ass

Fast Steathly Boi

How did u do the cheats?

Jessica Starkey

what to do when your car gets jacked by a mountain lion:
Get on a bike and fly

Avatar Anng

Cause you’ve been thunderstruck

XpLt Assassin

7:50 exclusive early footage of the oppressor mk2

Luca Edwards

7:50 leaked oppressor in development

dʌɪ ˈnamɪk

"Harrier jet on the M50"

Logan Horton

7:48 Jack made the Oppressor

Terry VanHoose

belly flop lol

Paddy McGee-Horsefield

9:45 Jack becomes a terrorist


People watching this in 2020 hearing him talk about elon musk and space X:

Jimmy Watson

imagen that in real life

Alex Ortiz

Question to all of you. When this game came out, what was you most favorite car in the game or cars?

Bro Stive

Jack: sings thunder

Me: bust down to some sick tunes!i!i

Good Vibes

why is this in my recommended


I love AC/DC and their music


I’m a flying bike! oppresor mk2 intensifies

Matt Fowler


fire wolf

Jack: not everybody can afford a truck
Also jack:*drives away in a plane*


Life as a seagull isn’t all bad

infinty lama

plane doo doo doo
jack eat missiles
plane ahhh why
water nomnomnom

Logan Horton

5:10 His laugh kills me.

Daniel McCabe

You should see if you can fly underwater.



Doge Gaming

Who accidentally tapped and thought they were playing

Ava Stone

that random TWISTY NIPPLES

Luai Waqqad


Humble Gull

“IM A FLYING BIKE” he never would have known.

Alex The wolf

I thought u said this is in von plainible

Lacey Seibert


sabastian Lockridge


Abdula Shwani


Seth Hagood

how do you use cheats

Ryan Justus

I thought spacex and Elon musk was in 2020, what?

Olan Corcoran

7:54 well he predicted the future of gta lol

do you want to fight

I love that AC DC song 1:01

Jonathan Port


EBroYT __

Gta online 2020 8:13

Zander-kayn Jack-of-all-trades

kewl thats only one lol

vinncent strange

moo i am a fly cooooooooowwww


Remember watching this when I was like 9

Dalton Ross

2020 gang

No just me

Badboy 1229

My man predicted the oppressor

Dara Adamson

Who watching in 2020

James Sands

Jacksepticeye, you are the only person i know that can glitch under the world in GTA 5

jaxon pfingst

ac dc rocks
nice thunder intro

Gacha Loyd 101

You could have maybe aded a transformers sound efect to the part where the cow got out of the car and then it will be a TRANSFORMER!!!!!

SY - 05GP 804319 Hanover PS

I just came to see old videos.

connor macaluso

Watching in 2020 and all I think of is furries


The car spawner does include jets, they are much further in the pages.

Mitzi Williams

An Irish man... making a 90s American rock joke... BY MY FAVORITE BAND!!!!

ted oldaker

I think jack had to much coffee lol

Student Angel Rodriguez

The gym teacher after falling down the stairs: 4:01

Viper 020

7:51 - 8:30 Jacksepticeye predicts GTA ONLINE opressor

Ruby Ashes

This is so nostalgic

your odd friend, Joey

This is the oldest video he has, wow, Good job loud Irish man

Katherine Stuckless

I love ACDC

Zach H.

Notice in th3 beginning he said welcone to grand Auto 5, lol he spitting Words

Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney

1:06 I'm so happy that jacks a fan of acdc

Demon T

Hi Jack your so funny and cool

Joseph Sillivent

Is this the air force in Ireland

Daniel Innis

That is my name

Kelly Gauthier

My cousin and I call Franklin fat boy , because he cant run! Its hilarious!

will mcminn


Vanessa Dalliston


Logan Horton

6:40 Run to the victims. 6:42 BY WHICH I MEAN YOU!