Floyd Mayweather previews the Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santa Cruz fight | First Take

Floyd Mayweather previews the Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santa Cruz fight | First Take

184 079 views | 29 Oct. 2020

Watch Part 2 of Mayweather's First Take interview: https://youtu.be/e0cDyBsQlrE

Watch Stephen A. get a tour of Mayweather's mansion: https://youtu.be/Z5-AvjDuuJM

Floyd Mayweather, winner of 15 world titles and founder of Mayweather Promotions, joins First Take to discuss the upcoming fight between Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santa Cruz.


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DJ Blade Brown

Bob Arum/Top Rank Boxing/ESPN said Lomachenko was better than Ali

Granddaddy o.g Wayne

why would a refrigerator need wifi?????

Luis Carpio

Stephen A just be talking to talk

why not

Since you sit there and play footsie with those who do say that on your network, you get the shoes put on you as well. Defend your network's position, company men!!!!

iglesias senat

"we never said that" SSS and MaX want to throw them hands at floy

Pochiwawa Eat sushi

To retire undefeated is amazing, but to do it with dignity and class is special. But he loves a pound note."
Mayweather's career, in which he's beaten up kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in a mismatched exhibition and got to 50-0 by stopping Conor McGregor in the Irishman's professional boxing debut, is in danger of tarnishing his legacy. Or at least it will if he continues down this path of bizarre crossover bouts.

Ish M

Floyd trying his best to dodge the question


Tank Davis vs Shakur Stevens if Tank stays at 130 is THE fight.

Juan Romero

She said a man who doesn’t need to be introduced. And she still call his name out.

Tre Caesar

Tank never been tested only fights ppl that will stand in front of him gone hve box man eventually Cruz boxes tank he looses baby mike Tyson lol


Floyd already knows who's going to win the fight boxing so corrupt the winners are picked beforehand.

Antonio Gates

The slide show is a bit contradictory in regards to the slide show; every time someone spoke of tank, the slide show showing the opposing fighter shows up first; who had edited this is nothing more then terrible.

Jose Barrera

Floyd wants a full beard soooo bad

DoloWolfZero *

Floyd is a great no doubt about it but stop avoiding questions these guys aint trying to be assholes or diss you they're just trying to get your real Honest opinion

Mouss le Grincheux

is this the Mayweather's fight? I understand he's the name but give your boxer Gervanta a little too lol

Truth Hitman

Gervonta Davis needs to study the Hebrew Israelites and find himself and become a better fighter and a better person by keeping the commandments.

Mr. Altrice Bell

If y’all seen that Tyson v Roy press conference they hate Floyd !! But Floyd respect every boxer before him that’s probably why he’s top 5 all time !!

Alex Acuna

Floyd ducked Stephens questions about Tank fighting Lopez he knows lopez would destroy Tank now


Mayweather sounds like a idiot trying to sound smart

Billy Crawfoot

he skipped "Like a Manny Pacquiao" lol you're so mean floyd

mr. Chace Nguyen

Love tank and his story.. from where hes come from to how far hes come to where hes going next.. skys the limit for tank. Make weight and continue knocking em down! Set em up knock em down

Simply Ja’liyah

Floyd talking that bs

Abissai Lesufi

Never said that never never never never hehehehhe they used to hippedup Loma like mad know they forgot

Sammy Quesada

Tank had. A lucky. Puch

anthony walton

Leo Santa Cruz doesn’t back up. He is a beast . Tank hits hard. Somebody is going down!

Damarys Colon

Max Kellerman you shouldn’t ask him what happen to his fighter Malik Hawkins last week against Subriel Matias


Santa Cruz is a real champion that punches nonstop and has a good chin. ESPN throwing disrespect and I'm kind of surprised Max isn't giving Leo his props. A lot of people sleeping on this guy. This is a real test for Tank, and wouldn't be surprised if he irks out a UD or MD just on output alone.

Rock out Rondo

Did he just 3rd person his self


Santa cruz got knocked tf out

B 1 News Channel

Lomachenko has avoided tank and David Haney but ESPN is not calling for their white hope to take those type of guys. But yet they want black fighters to take all the risk.

jonathan kashala

I remember there was an interview with Bob arum on first take and the headlines was « is Lomacheko the next Muhammad Ali » Mayweather didn’t lie here

Loren Costello

Who has video of MAX or Stephen a smith saying loma was better than ALI or Mayweather ??

Gilbert Sanchez

He doesn't mention Ryan Garcia because they are ditching Garcia who has the potential to beat Gervonta.

Shawn Bow

Floyd called them out hard. Lmao


3 BLM racist journalists and Floyd Mayweather.

karma Surge

Floyd doing what he do best, clowning mfkas

C. Anthony

Funny they say Floyd is pushing his agenda selling a dull and predictable fight, he's a promoter and that's what most promoters do. Then they say we don't have an agenda (all the time pushing Top Rank fighters), ESPN fighters LOMO and TIO are the best (says who?). ESPN knows boxing is a business. Just like ESPN, Apple and Microsoft. You're not going to get the iPhone 15 before the iPhone 12, because once you do that you leave money on the floor and nothing to plan ahead for. Yes, we want to see all the best fights, but if the fans and sports casters choose these fights, a lot of businesses like the PBC, ESPN, TR, all the sanctioning bodies, Boxing gyms, and most fighters would be out of work. Yes, we wanted to see Floyd fight Manny in their primes, we all knew what was going to happen. Big time boxing is about growing the sport of boxing, building up the fighters and delivering mega event and entertaining casual fans to the tune of millions.

Tyrone Davis

Tank is marketable. I'm suprised more people don't know who he is!

Strive 4 Greatness



To be honest I don't know much about Santa Cruz, but if Floyd's letting the fight happen I've got to wonder how dangerous he is??

Brian Keith Mason

Stick with Floyd kid....you’ll get your money AND your props! Don’t let the talking heads bait and shame you into moving fast to satisfy their interest.

Unfiltered TV

Stephen a is the definition of a boxing casual

Thomas X

Santa Cruz will beat Gervonta , guaranteed, this is the first time Davis is fighting a world class caliber fighter , it’s gonna be too much for him .


They not trying to discredit tank but hella discrediting santa Cruz? Very disrespectful

Arom Juico

cherry picker gervonta davis like his boss Mayweather


Both Tank and Santa Cruz hold belts but really can't be considered top 10 fighters in their respective divisions at this time... Santa Cruz as the smaller man is definitely coming into the fight as a significant underdog. Teofimo is now the man at 135, then u got Lomachenko, Haney, Commey and Campbell, as I said Tank ain't in top 10 atm. No real King Super Featherweight, Berchelt, Diaz, Herring, Farmer and Alvarado all trying to stake their claim. Santa Cruz isn't in top 10 in the division for me. But should he win Saturday he def gets in for me. Not the case for Tank though.

Highly Opinionated Triz E.N.Y

My gawd mayweather even makes excuses for the fighters he manages to not fight the best smh we know what's goin on its the mayweather way, screw the best make as much money as you can it's not about sport.

Paul Orca Amaya


Andrew Richards

Max stop lying ...u did say that u jno nothing max

Carlo Gambino

Max had all hate on his face when the video started he doesn’t rock with Floyd

Dem balls

Teofimo Lopez would wreck this boy

Boxtime 848


Walking trophy Clatner

King Floyd you look great oh my! Love u

Boxingfan1 L

Honestly I don’t see any of Floyd in Tank, Tank has two elements Floyd never had and its carisma and humbleness! Tank can become the next Mike Tyson that’s for sure, the kid is quiet and explosive!

jabaris hollins

He’s right!! fight people that’s actually going to be a challenge

John McQ

Have him fight Lopez, Lomachenko, Garcia or someone meaningful, and stop cherry picking, and pretending that he is fighting top opposition.

Alfred Peed

Tank all day in 6 much respect to cruz but he not ready for tanks power and his baby taps not going to cut it and to top it off tank is also a better boxer


Why they keep showing those stills over and over? Getting annoying. I wanna see their facial expressions in the conversation.


Why tf does stephen A cover fights he needs to stick to basketball

Magic Joe - A Third Party

Crazy how Floyd is always on the defensive, in the ring or just in conversation.


Why is SAS talking

David Houghton

When the Goat of boxing talks, you listen.

Vahshs Babaha

Floyd want money he doesn't want his fighter to lose


They acting like Loma & Lopez are world beaters. ESPN kept telling us that Loma was the greatest thing that ever laced the gloves up. Why? To this day we still don’t know. Loma is a very good fighter but not what they sold him as.

Sanjeev Kumar

He's talked for 6 min but it's like he didn't say anything

Shaston Lott


Monkia Ray


Sammy Quesada

No u don’t. Give tank a real fight

Sipke Kingma

Look at them being scared when Floyd said you lot said this about me and then they say I never said...

Sebastian Bolt

Meeeee, usssss, we never said that

AnEye 4AnEye4eva

GTD dam near killed Leo last night..great fight

Last name_ First name_

This is not a ppv fight, just another robbery on TMT. This is more of a free fight. Until you have the reseme of a undesputed world champion, can you ask the public for ppv.


Floyd look raggedy. Need to shave.


People really don't understand boxing. Every fight out isn't supposed to be a banger. Some fights are to develop and test skills for one of those potential top level fighters. Leo is a good fighter with a good pedigree and Tank has never had to face this kind of output. So as a promoter I may want to see okay how does he look against this kind of work rate. What deminsionals will he show me and after that say okay this was a good test for so and so. Now they will never say that but that's how it goes.

Daynin Michael

“There’s a big difference between amateurs and the pro’s” - TBE


Steven a a casual, Leo is a great fighter, and he will lose split decision or he gets tk0 in the 11th


His blood pressure goes off the roof when they mention LOMA


Stephen A I believe it's Gervonta not Gervante.

Joshua Valdez

Listen I’m glad we got this coverage from Floyd this fight is a big deal and I’m ready for it, but Inoue the “Monster” is the one fighting on ESPN+ tomorrow and zero coverage? He is a top P4P fighter right now but I guess the Bantamweight is not as marketable to the wider audience

Tahreem Sheikh

They need to leave Stephen A off anything that's isn't NBA or NFL

Brown's LLC

Why do Stephan A think Leo is some average boxer? he’s 4 division Champion and only has 1 lost, Loma literally had the same resume but they act like he was some unstoppable god and people with boxing knowledge knew he was a hype job, Loma now has to fight Inoue, Haney, tank, Ryan, and many others more Ls are coming for Loma!

Alexio El Guapo

I'M ALIVE.....just to hear Mayweather and Yeezus speak on themselves in third person

laila ali mccullum (official)

B more careful when you fighting someone from Baltimore you will get entangled in the wire

William Weir

I dnt understand Cruz ain’t a knock fighter too

James Corpus


beast mode

why isn’t GD promoting this fight


The right questions were asked, but not properly answered.

mr. Chace Nguyen

Floyd. Tank is a bigger star than adien broner. Tank should be hitting them 20mil cheques! Im all for tank getting the big pay days. Hes worked hard all his life.. how can u be content for tank when u get the likes of the new breed of fighters getting multi million dollar pay days. Tanks should be way more than them newbees. Floyd u talk of tank highly.. time u pay tank highly to match it!

Doug Edwards

Lol what an ending

Marshall Frazier

I am very proud of the Mayweather family. He has learned how to matriculate the fight game and become rich and stay healthy now he is promoting and protecting The tank. The Most High bless

Kill3r Killz

I hate when people work around the question instead of answering directly

Leking Asghedom

Pretty Boy Floyd

Richard Palu

TBE Amen.


I love how they cut out the part where Floyd COMPLETELY embarrassed and exposed ESPN for their bias lol


He can only just talk about himself

James Starks

Stephen is saying Floyd fighter need to fight somebody worth fighting they sugar coating it the guy tank is fighting ain’t good enough to be a interesting fight they know the outcome of it


They said " no me, not us"

Stephan Hollinger

I only got 1 question when Tank going fight Devin Haney?


They gone say “We Never Said That” Floyd was talking about THEM as in ESPN. Loma was a hype job from the start, ESPN had that man #1 PFP

Yahya Green

This is Max’s expertises...Steven A falling taking notes