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Indupac S.A.

I wonder why the police and rescue boat only had one person on board ? How can they handle a rescue with efficiency?


What did it cost?

Zach Smith

Seemed like all the cops were overkill, waste of resources

ACP Telford

Why do most of these boats have their aerials down? Can someone explain?

Joe Dellafera

I'm amazed that the Hialeah marine patrol didn't join in....


That’s a lot of tax dollars at work

RepentUK LondonWatchman137


YT Sponge

I'll bet they were also UNAWARE that water was coming in.

alberto alvarez

kudos to the Coast Guard and the others, and the paradise should be fined for stupidity with the lowered antena

Cleo Torris

Did they lose their engine? Why the hell where there people in the water?

Peter Cole

I bet that cost a lil bit of $ at least to the tow boat US guys...

Elwood Anderson

Always carry a mirror

rick james

Smart people would stagger out assets like police and rescue boats BEFORE severe weather hits. DUH!!

susan olson


Love all the Responders!!!

BJ Brown

Always have a back up for a back up and everyone on board need to wear life saving device. Everyone needs to know what to do in emergency.

rick james

Need to make it law for captains to RAISE antennas once out in deep water. Another DUH!!!! Satellite phones, another DUH!!!

Bob Juniel

Great coverage, great video.

W Adams

Seen it a million times, forgot to put that little rubber drain plug in the back.

riff724 riff724

what was the actual problem was it a bilge pump ?
and also look at all thoose vessels deployed over somethings that are controllable ? you would think going through thoose canals that there are signs all over to take every single precuation possible also .

Indupac S.A.

Those morons did not know how to use all the communication equipment they had.

Sean Lonergan

I'm amazed at how many law enforcement boats go out with a crew of one.

Ruben Esquivel

One cop we're is his partner? Don't make any sense.

El Diablo

1:30 female on the radio " Did I understand that all three people weren't wearing life jackets ? "

Mr Watto

Thought it's a legal requirement in America to have a life jacket for each person on board??

People having to risk their lives saving the dummies, so they can look cool & not have to ruffle their new Gucci tshirt. Ridiculous.

Luka Williams

You think the cost guard would tell them to check their antenna

kostas karonis

do you know how mutch fuel the coast guard spend????i dont know how many boats,airplane......way mutch from the value of the boat sinking....why they didnt let it sink...or just send a boat..... bullshit....


It's a shame there are so many "boaters" out there that don't actually know how to boat

TheeMijo 155

I do not own a boat as of yet, however, this has taught me to never leave my VHF antenna folded. Thank you. No clue how you got recommend.


shoulda popped a flare being that close to shore and all.

Oraven 1


MM 27

God bless First Responders

Thomas Johnson

Its twin inboards. Forget bilge pumps, should have had crash valves on his seacocks. Could have pumped it dry in minutes. But then again I am sure the seacocks are froze open.

Alex Mikhael

WOW i sure wouldn't wanna be a CRIMINAL around there...!!!

how MANY different law enforcement agencies are able to ticket you there??? I counted like 4 and the SHERRIFF boat hadn't showed up yet!!! LOL


The stupidity is thick with this one. Knowing how to use your equipment is key.

Charles L

Ya defund the police and send social workers next time.


Looks like a Trump supporter?

Bryon Slatten

Drain plug?


Badass seeing the Cutter out there.

Vander's Garage

EPIRB FTW. Of course you would have to be smart enough to activate it. That is questionable since he wasn't even smart enough to raise his antenna.

Hemi Royd

Don't you need a marine licence to operate a high frequency radio? It seems Florida needs stiffer restrictions on boaters,,,no one with kids aboard amo lifejackets should pass the inlet

lars lars

Does he get billed for all the public expense or do taxpayers foot the bill?

rjr 4949

If he had only raised his antennas he might have been able to solve this problem more quickly.

Ron Rob

Have to say Thanks to the response team for the save, but not a single one had enough experience coming out of the river.

Jennifer Reed

KUDOS to everyone who helped in any way. And special admiration for the stout little red tug that pulled her in. I have a fascination for Tugs, and that little red guy did a fine job.

Ole Da Hammer

On big water, I would always have a PLB like many private pilots also have. A last resort, but you set that off and it sends your exact GPS coordinates to NOAA and sets of the klaxons. Our son does remote mountain "hiking" to 10-12K feet and some kayaking on the Great Lakes (Superior and Michigan). We bought him one for peace of mind. That PLB can be the difference between life and death. Really good ones are only $250.00, waterproof, float, etc.....no brainer!

Jim Thompson

I have 3 auto bilge pumps on a 26 foot hull.

jimmy s

All the gear and no idea.

John nukecop

Why in heaven's name did he have people in the water? If his boat was afloat, abandoning ship was the last thing he should have done.

Russell Poyner

First video I've seen from Haulover inlet with the radio traffic.


Hats off to all the guys who sprung into action


How is it that you were able to locate and video record (red circle) Paradise boat, yet the rescue boats said they could not find it?
04:30 FWC boat on way. Why take a small boat like that out?
07:24 Hollywood boat. Why this small boat going out after Paradise was already located by 6-8 boats?

Mark Stronge

When I see the madness in response here with either a coastguard cutter, spotter plane and various small ill-equiped ribs, I really do think the RNLI are so well set up for rescue, they do an amazing job here in the UK.


Boat returns with antenna still down...jeez

Victor Hugo

Being dumb shall be dumbest to some idiot shouldn't be on boat at all time.

Donald Parlett jr

I always wore my military inflatable PFD when we went out on my Dad's boat. My sister and brother teased me, my response was if your child goes overboard you don't have time to put one on you go get the kid immediately. The kids wore a PFD when on deck anytime. You never know.


I hope he got charged to pay the cost involved for this reckless action

Kevin Van Lohuizen

That is why the vhf is always on 16 and antenna always goes up when on the water!

Cody Bare

87’ USCG Cutter. Best in the fleet! Gotta appreciate how versatile these patrol cutters and crews are!

Don Drone

What a shame the moron still has his antenna down as being towed in some people just never learn. He’s a danger to boating and shouldn’t be out on the water hopefully they gave me a ticket.

James Emmrich

I've been binge watching this channel, either Miami is full of people who are michael phelps or life jackets don't exist. Is it really that unpopular to wear one? There are some pretty nice ones that auto inflate and aren't as bulky.

ATM plays

I have seen something like this happen before they just don’t read what it will be like that day and they just don’t got a working radio or gps on when I go out on my boat I always have it on the boat and on thanks you coast guard for saving lives every day

F Huber

Inadequate familiarity with their own boat...


A number of years ago I was fueling up at a local marina when a bunch of guys pull up in a 26 foot Proline with a 55 gallon drum in the cockpit. Right before we leave, one of them yells over to us asking how to get to the ocean. I already had an uneasy feeling seeing that fuel drum, and when they asked how to get to the ocean I wrote down the name of the boat. It was early morning and we were on our way out to the canyon. Just as we passed the 20 fathom line, I heard the CG trying to contact a vessel in distress. Sure enough, it was the same guys I saw earlier at the fuel dock. The story I heard was that "Hacksaw" went down and these guys had no GPS and no way to relay their position. It was only through the help of a party boat out there fishing that they were rescued.

Tim Mackey

These rich nut jobs have NO business operating a boat in the ocean unless they are USCG certified for their size vessel and also need to be rated for weather conditions. I hope this moron is sent a bill for his incompetence!

Dr. Ken Mahood

Praise for the USCG!!...always there when you need them.


forgot the bungs

Chris P

What are those two large things on the horizon in some of the shots. Almost look like buildings, too tall to be a ship?


0:23 *unaware - not “unware”

Dominick Sforza

What a great effort by the marine patrol and the coast guard cutters and plane. Outstanding effort folks.


OK, who didn't put the plug in...??


I hope they got the bill or a very large ticket. No seamanship whatsoever.

Indrid Cold

See what happens when you do not go back for, "a bigger boat."


This Formula (Paradise) owner has Very little boating knowledge and Zero common sense! He should stick to the Intracoastal..

rick james

Notice how the search plane orbits the cutter. Another DUH!!!!

Chris Wilson

Pretty hilarious how many broke AF people here a complaining about "rich guy", "all the money", "how stupid"....blah blah blah... your jealous is showing.............


Excellent Video. Period.

Don Z Dryver

Looks like local law enforcement needs some bigger boats!

No Name

hello.. light a flare

Larry Slemp

This video!! What a friggin' joke man!! Pathetic!!

Ned Ludd

Did all these boats and a plane go out to rescue one boat ?

El Sucio Federali

Two Points:
1. Used boats are like hotcakes on the seller market - so fraud is not likely
2. Them damn Homeland Security grants bought some fancy boats for the copers


Wow, at least if you do something stupid in Miami they really send out the cavalry!

Johnny Turbo

It sure was good to see them get safely towed back in!!


Wow made a May Day call just for an engine failure what a piece of d*ck, 1 airplane and like 6 boats went for them... the radio antena wasn’t even placed, please stay qualified out there

Douglas Rose

Way ta go Coast Guard, you guys are the best!!!!

Krystin Grant

Not very bright left with a broken antenna


My parents bought their first boat in 1968 and kept one until the late 1980s. There was a clear deterioration in maritime skills and certainly protocol over the years. The problem of course is that these clowns can kill people.


Why are there so many policeboats responding from different agencies?


Lot of help!

Sheldon S

That response was quite impressive! I wonder what the costs involved for the rescued were?

Barb Sanderson

Stay safe out there

rick james

Why don't boats have airbags like cars? Make it mandatory....... Another DUH!!!!!

Justin Bartram

I cant see why you would be so stupid not to wear a life jacket in those condition's.

Anthony Nicholson

I am no boater, but I would at least have had some flares and smoke signals on board to help others locate you should you run into distress.

shane bledsoe

Heart warming to see how many professionals spring into action at a moment's notice to protect life. Even if they are interfering with Darwinism..... Never figured out how stupid people are able to earn enough to afford doing stupid shit in expensive toys.

Kyle Van Tassel

With the sheer lack of knowledge and common sense in and around FLA , the boating industry has got to be the number one industry. Ive spent most of my life in and around the water since I can remember being able to walk and have seen enough to know one thing without any doubt what soever.
We are constantly told how police and fire fighters risk themselves etc etc etc and you really never hear anything about the USCG or any of the agencies that police and run rescue on the water . Saying they go out when everyone else is coming in doesnt really do them justice . The last thing most boat owners want to do is pickup that hand set and call mayday so things are are their worst in an environment we really dont belong in and wants to kill us.
Kudos to the men and women that go out scared shitless half the time by what they are facing to help another human come back home... These agencies do not get enough credit for what they face and what they have to overcome to do the job they have. Mother nature has no rules or laws and she doesnt care not even one little bit what any of us think of that... She is unforgiving and merciless. And these folks go tangle with her moods regularly....

Josh Rickards

Typical kook, thinks he’s cool but has no boating skills. Infuriating to see because this type of behavior raises costs from insurance companies to rescue personnel. All the resources spent saving this kook, smfh.

Mike Johnson

Excellent idea to use the radio traffic in the vid, well done!


the boat owner should be charged for all the equipment and time of the Coast Guard to locate his sorry ass