Summer Weekend Morning Routine//5 ways to eat healthy!

Summer Weekend Morning Routine//5 ways to eat healthy!

74 060 views | 21 Jul. 2019

My summer weekend morning routine and 5 EASY ways to eat healthy consistently!


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Pink cooking utensils-

buckwheat pancake mix-

(I also get organic wine here too)

Alia rennee

Hii Sam!

Michelle Reynolds

I love rewatching your videos when I get ready for work! You're such an inspiration

Kayci Cadou

Hi, where is your

andrea farquhar



Normally I switch through favourite youtubers but you Sam have been my favourite for ages you inspire me every day to have good clean life and have a peaceful mind set and that’s helped me a bunch

ivy p

Where is the blue two piece set from, and the sundress you were wearing when you took the dogs on a walk?? Love your style :)

Dian Elmaya

I Love ur pink pan

Jennifer Adkins

So cute! I got that same purse



Rosa Gutierrez

Where is the pink pan from?

Jordan Quintana

New viewer I love your video!! Can’t wait to watch more


Holy Dang Sam! What a bikini body!

Cammero Holt

Thank you for keeping me motivated!❤️

Cara Helbert

Ugh I struggle with emotional binge eating and I don’t know what to do about it donyou have an old video on this subject that could help me? You’re videos are pure joy and nonjudgmental and they are exactly what I need


healthy pancakes?! HECT YA GIRL NOW WERE TALKING

Kata Gulyás

Aww, this video is super cute. I love your adorable family of four. ❤️ And those pancakes look very yummy.

jodie johnson


Melissa Bauer

Hi sam, can you speak on advice for living with a partner who wants to do his own thing every single weekend? You and Jarod have lived together for awhile and I admire your relationship togetherness it seems you do a lot together. Has anyone ever had to deal with a man who thinks us being together living together is enough and who doesn’t understand quality time?


Sam would you and Jarod do a video on the process you went through buying your home please? ☺️

Bianca Vice

you seriously inspire me to be so mindful and healthy! much love!

Katrina Peverini

Hi Sam - so great to see you doing so much good for your health! You can really see it in your videos how big of a difference it makes in your overall mood, relationships and lifestyle to not just eat what makes you feel good but also do lots of home cooking. You go girl! If you're finding it hard to exercise more regularly and it's something you really want to do you might want to consider looking into Health Coaches. The right Health Coach can help you achieve any health goal you have from just wanting to drink more water to helping find more time in your routine for self care. If you're interested in learning more send me a message :) keep up the great work!!

Dana Shann

You literally have the perfect butt

Apryll Minnis

I tried your granola recipe-the one you posted in your period video and it was awesome. I also turned it into a smoothie and it's now my go to. You should try it!!

Skinny Ms.

Pancakes look great! Love that pink pan

Sandra Luikens

Haha, omg, loving Wyatts face, like 'Don't mess with me mom!' when you talked about going to the parc :')

Nalan Bieber

Your Pool is a dream

Laura Ramos Delgado

Your videos are beautiful and your energy is so uplifting. Its nice because you show in your videos that small changes can go a long way. Really exciting to see your workout split/routine.

Meche DeShion

Chicaaaaa your booty looks good! Lol keep up the good work on staying committed with working out ❤️

Shyann D'Angelo

Your body looks amazeballs mama! Have you always been curvy or did you enhance your curves at the gym?

Jess Elle

I love your two piece outfit. So cute!

Brittany Bowcutt

Oh my gosh y'all are so funny together.

Sophia Shirley

I love you and your videos so much!! Your outlook on health and wellness is so inspiring

kenzie clymer

someone PLEASE tell me where she got those pink pans oh my

Lindsay Dillon

Love that bikini.. but emm im so skinny buckwheat pancake @$$


I agree with all the points u said!

Rachel Fry

Sam I just love your energy SO much! You're so cheerful and give off so many good vibes! Love you!

Mary Pepple

I love your videos! But with the organic pesticide comment..I actually work for a company that makes pesticides, fungicides, fertilizer and organic pesticides. Organic fruits and vegetable crops are still sprayed with pesticides and the same amount of active ingredients in the organic pesticides is the same as regular pesticides. Organic crops are actually sprayed more with organic pesticides versus a normal field. I used to think the same way as you are but it is actually just a marketing tactic. But yeah organic just means it is sprayed with organic pesticides. There's not much of a difference between organic/non organic.


Your body is amazing! I can't wait to go to the gym tomorrow.

Allie Miller

I love this so much!!!!!! (Sam is awesome)

Vana Markarian

so sweet how he makes ur coffee in the morning on weekdays and u on the weekends, mama and dad use to do that before dad passed away..

Aria Frost

I want to balance enjoying chocolate bars or vegan icecream but I binge alot. What's your recommendations.

kaylanie kaw

Can’t wait for your cookbook! Is it going to be available as a physical copy?

carla perez

I love how you talk about different topics in your videos! I also think it’s fab how much you motivate everyone to be their best selves!!

Amy C News

“Come on Magic Mike, you got this.”

Michelle Quintia VLOGS

New subscriber here and been binge watching your channel for days now.

cindy lin

Hey Sam! You are literally my hero because you got me inspired in the first place to not diet and not change my entire lifestyle. I have to questions, first one is is it bad if I try to lose weight and every other five pounds I struggle to continue? Like I’ll lose a couple pounds and then I will just say stagnant for a little while. Then I’ll lose some more when I get back on track. Second question, I’m not sure if you’ve made this video already if not could you make one about how to change lifestyle? If yes could you comment below which video that was? Thank you!! I love you so much you helped me lose 20 lbs! 10 more to go!

Kamey Gomez

I love your channel!!

ashley Yelhsa

Your WHY for fitness is for cardiovascular health and mental health - working out keeps your blood pressure regulated and the introduction of Serotonin and epinephrine into the body helps with mental stability!!!

Drama Queen's Mum

Love your pool. I never had a pool.


Can you make a video on clean eating kitchen staples/basics

Anna Marie

please tell me where your pink frying/ saucepan is from?!! need a pretty one for uni xxxx

Farm Girl

Sis if I wanna lose weight before building muscle wT do u recommend? I am 5’5 n weigh 150

Lilyana Lunny

You’ve been looking extra amazing in these videos! Not that you don’t already but idk something about these recent videos you’re just glowing and just look better and better which I didn’t think was possible

Deborah Cowan-Castro

Hey Sam! Abraham Hicks is doing a workshop in LA this Saturday 7/27. Are you going?!?

Thanks to your LOA video I was introduced & have been listening to her YouTube videos ever since. Love you girl!

Fenia Ge

Sams boddd omg

Celine Anne

Okay but i love how sexual yall are in this. Like reality to the finest and im living for the realistic content lol

arianna loukas

Your two piece set is gorgeous! Where is it from?

Eva Antonia

Great morning routine and thanks for the tips! ❤️

Ivy C

Hey Sam, I recently had a scare with some intestinal pain that I've been experiencing frequently and it has made me really want to eat healthier. Can you please do a grocery haul including the foods you like to eat? Thanks so much for your amazing content.

Zeyna Nd

I started eating clean because I associated it with being king to myself,l and loving myself. After a while my taste buds changed, I can't have anything sweeter than a fruit, it just taste too sugary for me. So I guess that helped alot too. But working out for me is still like abuse lol. I just don't like it if it's not dancing or anything fun.

Guilty for Health

I just love your videos! These are so inspiring


You’re one of my faves. Love you Sam

Kiya D

That ass though


You motivate me soooo much, love your channel!

Dulce Garza

Loved the video

Chiara Carissimi

You're great and everything but it bothers me heavily when you talk about walking just for calories, it's annoying


I saw Sam go to The Joint chiropractic care, so I went to The Joint chiropractic care.

Bianca Bustamante

Which hike is that

Monica Oliver

Sam where is your frying pan from?!


Sam's positive energy and passion makes me happy

Michelle Reynolds

Thanks for sharing your weekend with us! So fun and relaxing, love it!! Also I am a sauvignon blanc girl too lol only started ordering it because it's fun to say

Samantha Kwait

It’s nice to see you use coconut oil now. I remember when you were a butter cooking feen lol

Maycon Barreto



I love you and Jarod so much. I can't wait for engagement/wedding planning videos <3 <3 <3

Mercedez Lasiter

On point your videos make my day.

Leigh Brooke

You guys are SO freaking adorable together and also so inspiring! ❤

Jessica Cunningham

going back in the video log to watch old videos because I just don't feel like i get enough haha

Murillo Family

Your coffee looks so good! What kind of coffee do you drink?

Grace Channell

What car do you drive? I love the interior!

Katrina T

Where did you get your tank top you were wearing on the hike?! So cute!

Falicia Jean

You always have the best advice

Danica Dar Juan

What a hot couple!

Becky SantiagoOrtiz

Loved loved your video! Love videos like this trying to convince my husband to buy organic even if it’s a little bit more expensive. Love your recipes, so easy and simple. Can’t wait for ur cookbook❤️

Nadja Kostic

You have such an amazing relationship!❤
Beautiful video

Mariah Johnson

2:34 has me screaming


Love your videos! Your home is so beautiful and you pool is just


Where did you get that two piece blue outfit?

Yesenia Gutierrez

I feel the same way! I can eat clean with an 80/20 balance but I hate working out!

Shannon Potts

Lol, the serious hiker... I was literally thinking similar things watching you. I live in South Dakota where you get SERIOUS hikes! Like you might actually die, so when I saw it was paved I was laughing. But hey, it’s Cali, they take care of you guys so well! ❤️ I think it’s awesome you guys get out and enjoy nature.

Summer1 Summer

Where did you get your phone case from love it

Shaneska Melendez

Wait! That jewelry you’re wearing when you are talking about eating healthy where is it from??????

Irina Vazquez

Your hair look amazing in this vid!!!!! <3


I love the outfit you have on at the end!!! The color looks sooo good on you

Lauren E

Love this video! Looking forward to your workout routine! <3

Aria Frost

Sam you probably already have explained how to reduce bloating in another video but do you have tips to prevent bloating or get rid of the little extra skin/fat around the belly area?.
Oooh could you bring Jarred on to talk with you about workout routines and lifestyle choices tooo plzzz

Alison Perdomo

Hey Sam!! You probably have been asked this a MILLION times

Molly Marie


Zarina Patricia

Thanks for the inspirational video Sam, where did you get your sports bra from? (at the beginning on the video) is it grey or taupe or something? I love it!


Been eating more plant based foods, love the almond creamer also!! Trying to motivate myself more to exercise!!!

Kaya Kalugin

I'm one of those hikers that gets annoyed of "not a real hike"