Open Scoring Sucks…

Open Scoring Sucks…

47 007 views | 8 Jan. 2021

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Chael Sonnen talks open scoring on this episode of Beyond the Fight.


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lol 3000

Food stamps Rock

Andrew Powell

Tony Ferguson the type of guy to fill out his own scorecards

Jeffrey Anderson

Oh yeah I can remember some masks you had that you want and they took away because of the politics that’s what promoters do John Jones mean anything to you

Dylan Kain

Let's score the fight as a whole, not per round.


Totally agree! Good arguments, as with open scoring as mostly there is not even a surprise who will win a fight

Jeffrey Anderson

He Champ...I’m 200 right now I’m sure I can make 85 is if you want to go

P Fine

Max Holloway wishes he knew

Adam K

Open scoring will not solve the problem of shitty judges, which is the majority of why people want open scoring(thanks to Jon Anik and Joe Rogan). Open scoring is a stupid idea.


I'd like to get rid of the "10 point must system". Some rounds deserve to be a draw imo

Rexx Reviews

Vegas does not want this

Jesse Butterfield

It’s just one of those things.

Armlock Billy

At least with open scoring a judge that is going to screw someone over could be stopped before the fight finishes

Michael Rivera

Then, just like basketball, we can blame the refs......wait...

Alexis Mamadou

How about "semi-open scoring" where only the last round's result is saved for Buffer? That way, there would still be suspense and guidance...

Jeffrey Anderson

Yeah multibillion dollar company can’t afford a scoreboard, your cracked and wrestling at the scores table as in judo at the scores table is in the Olympics at the scores table everybody’s well aware of the score the full time


No one thinks that the scoring is all done at the end Chael. Nor does the fact that it's done round by round change the issue. We want to know if a robbery is occurring before it's too late. There isn't open scoring. No one aside from the judges know the scores until the end of the fight. That is the opposite of open scoring.

Webb Reviews

Couldn't agree more


Open scoring would demotivate the fighter's and ye what cheal said


it would look like golf rankings between rounds

Jeffrey Anderson

I don’t think about this stuff every day but you were opening the door is opening wounds that are not easily healed by your rhetoric. You simply asked for the truth. Sometimes a guy gets in a fight because he thinks he’s tough and gets his ass kicked. Then are the first one to say he didn’t fight fair.....
Have a good day I don’t hate you but I wish she would speak to the truth of crap it’s Just designed to please Dana

Brad N.

If anyone thinks that judges wait til the end is verrryyy casual and probably didn’t make it to your channel.

P Fine

Seen way too many fights robbed from fighters by judges... i don’t need a fun few minutes arguing with my buddies about who won, when i could have a guy throwing everything he has to get a last second finish in a fight he can’t win by points

Ddraekah Zhynn

The real reason.... Open scoring leaves no fudge room

Jeffrey Anderson

Thought you were the authentic gangster gangster


I agree I love waiting to hear either and still or and new

frantic & frowzy

Anytime incompetent 70 year old boxing judges .whom weren't even good at judging boxing, are scoring a fight there's gonna be issues. Change judges and the judging will greatly improve!!

Platform Strange

Amen and just........yes.


If I want to live bet a fighter, I should know where the fight stands, not estimate

Jeffrey Anderson

Dana come on man he’s got too many other people sucking his sack

Full of Mischief

Alright he changed my mind on this. It's not a perfect system but public opinion still matters. When there's enough outcry after a bad decision, that guy often gets public backing. Happened with Aldo getting a title fight.


You need to improve the quality of the judging. Not the transparency of judging.

Bad Vibes

uncle why u always right?! damn

Jeffrey Anderson

Let’s smoke and mirrors we all know about politics. Come on man in a perfect world maybe but you know what this is reality and we’ve all been robbed a few times I bet you did too

Zeafer Jones

Chael didn't mention the main problem with it. Fighters tend to try to fight really cautiously when they know they are in the lead with open scoring. The one fight I would have liked open scoring was Valentina vs Amanda 2. I felt Valentina was winning 3-1 before the 5th so I would have liked to know that it was tied going into the 5th.


The corrupt AIBA and Olympic boxing judges use to do open scoring and look how corrupt they are

Crooked Nose

Open scoring means the fighters know the score. Forget the fans.


We want who was winning when time ran out. BMF shit

Jeffrey Gordon

1) maybe the apex doesn’t have a score board but every arena the ufc has been in has had one till covid and will again after covid.
2) if you don’t believe it’s gonna make a fighter try Harder knowing they are down then you can agree get rid of the show/win money. That’s clearly based on the same principle.
3) anticipation only applies to close fights and even then Imagine gsp vs khabib main event rounds are split and we enter the 5th..... That gives me goose bumps.
4) unless there’s some wack score given by a judge ( very possible ) a fan of mma knows who won each round anyway.
5) and I’m sorry but again the wacky scoring as a fighter I think it benefits them to know if they are getting fucked by a judge and can make adjustments.
Imagine Hendricks vs GSP knowing the score going to the 5th Hendricks won that fight (in my eyes ) and if he knew he was getting fucked maybe could of made an adjustment.
Just some thoughts.

Jessica Lacasse

so corruption better ?...

Rees Powell

Am I the only one that agrees with him on this?

Jeffrey Anderson

OK here’s a example from my high school wrestling. I wrestle a guy who thinks he’s all it That and a bag of chips. ( cris benetendi)Tries to diss me and tries to date my girlfriend the week before we wrestle off in a dual meet competition.. I smoke him.... 12 to 3 beginning of the 10 seconds into the third round . I wizzer him onto his back and I ride him till the last 10 seconds of the match where my arms are given out. I roll over he jumps on top of me and gets the insulin pin he goes on to win the state championship at 33 and 0;gets a scholarship to Annapolis Navy Academy where my cousin (Captain Joe Bellino)won the Heisman trophy in 1959 /60. I get drafted to junior college by the same guy that was the ref for the high school match. I asked my coach why didn’t you call the pin because it was obvious. He told me I just wanted to see if you could hold him. Turns out his best friend the guys dad they’re both judo instructors together. They’re taking care of home team right. Cris comes to work out at spring break at my junior college I smoke him again... i’ve got about 10 other stores if you want to hear them. So start telling the truth if you think you’re a bad ass gangster!

Small Caps

Chaels got two stolen gimmicks now. Scott Hall and Van Halen

brady moore

0:29 Aggressively telling me I don't want open scoring while crossing the leg. I don't want open scoring anymore.

Jeffrey Anderson

I lost a lot of respect for you. You could earn it back you’ve done it before

Thane Vakarian

Just have better accountability for the judges and a better scoring system. Nate Diaz moth fart volume striking shouldn’t count more than one strike that knocks someone down is causes obvious damage.


I would like to see round scores released real time, except for the last one if goes the distance.. then if its 1 or 2 a piece you still get the suspence.. if its a one sided beating we know anyway so who cares. Knowing the judges got it wrong would be more entertainment i think too


Sorry Chael, I don't have buddies to text about fight scores. Watching open scoring in Pancrase has taught me that I do want this!

Jeffrey Anderson

The refs in that match what assistant coach for this number one seed was a wrestler.

Stephan Gerber

What is meant by open scoring? How does this work?

Lee kowalski Walker

It works in all the most popular sports in the world.

Sorry, Chael. You dumb.

Michael Sweere

I agree with Chael here & on the subject of this I wish UFC would stop broadcasting random MMA journalist tweets who are unofficially scoring the fight over twitter. What in the world makes you think I care how some nerd on social media scored the round? Why are you showing me this?

Sparsh Jain

a judging reform should be
why do judges never score below 8?
i think the judges should score as low as 6
and increase the number of judges to 5 or 7

Sage Sarrazine

Let me offer you this: the scoring is open to the athletes only. No display, no shot clock, just a commissioner informing the fighters in their corners between rounds what the score is

Hikergy 16

“What movie have you watched?”


Jeffrey Anderson

Yeah I’m not being influenced by his dad he’s given the money sugar daddy

christo farnucc

if you really read all of your comments, say didgeridoo in your next video

Jeffrey Anderson

Anderson Silva me anything to you

Jeffrey Anderson

Aren’t we all tired of the false reality of people lying. I bet you are and I for one am also. I you couldn’t handle the truth that’s a famous line from a movie but you know what special interest in his daddy‘s donating money to the college and dotting all the eyes and crossing all the tees from positional well I’m sick of it. It was a poor kid I ran 10 miles to school 10 miles back went through all my workouts worked hard.Nobody gave me shit personally I don’t take shit from anybody so I appreciate you speaking to the truth for a change

Jeffrey Anderson

Might as well resign yourself to watching WWE kid

Whiskey Victor

Chael I really wish you could go back into politics. I know you probably don’t want to but the world needs you right now. Chael for POTUS we could make it happen.


100% we dont want open scoring

Phumzile Sthembiso Keswa

This a strange argument coming from a guy that got his stripes in a combat sporting code like wrestling that actually has open scoring lol. Surely the same logic you applying here would apply there? Lets anticipate which way the judges have successfully or unsuccessfully scored pin fall attempts lol.

Pretty sure as a fan it would probably be even more exciting to know who is winning, as well as build up the anxiety levels in fighters corners to push the action even more, and take risks which perhaps they would have felt no need to do before, if they thought (wrongly) that they were doing enough to win the fight when in actual fact they were not. Open scoring is literally the only way to eradicate blatant corruption in sports.


Glory kickboxing has open scoring. Not that big of a deal, honestly.

Metal Mitt Video Podcast Network

Weakly argued, but I agree nonetheless, good sir

Colin Fahey

who's gonna tell him that all the arenas that the fights are held in also have basketball played in them too?

Jeffrey Anderson

What a bunch of garbage. You know better than that what are you selling here


So then there should be open scoring on the scoreboard up until the last round. Let us fans debate the last round and if it was enough to overcome the score. But the problem is that if us fans see a horrible score after the first round we know it’s rigged and are probably less likely to watch which means more less views for ufc and less money for ufc. It’s a lose lose for the ufc.

Ron Anderson

3:17 is why ur here

Jeffrey Anderson

Hey champ, do you really think Floyd Mayweather is 51 and zero! LOL

Jeffrey Anderson

Just like all those fake karate videos they’re going to get people hurt because people will believe what they’re reading and never learn about reality. What did Mike Tyson say? He said everybody’s got a plan to get hit in the mouth

NoClipsBarred Nick

Uncle Chael always makes my problems drift away when I need it!!!


Chael literally any piece of media that I am really invested in I am NOT excited to see end! It's a terrible habit

David Sanderson

Open scoring sucks because some guys already hold on till the end

Jessica Lacasse

ultimate failed championship we dont give belt we give conor fight....

Josh Cruz

Please don’t do openscoring. that’s why all open scoring sports aren’t as good as the past 5 years. open scoring takes out the excitement of not knowing


Just watch what happened to football once they allowed VAR

Jeffrey Anderson

Four of my uncles survive Pearl Harbor. This is not saving Private Ryan like the movies bro where does the rubber meets the road

Laule'a Reyes

Open scoring sux I wouldn't a fight if so you know results, and for a fighter they know when there winning or losing deep down inside without open scoring. Not the way to combat shitty called fixed fights.

awel mohamed

Why don’t we have 5-10 judges

Danny D

Happy Birthday to Elvis: The Chael Sonnen of Music.

Jeffrey Anderson

The true Poindexter’s are the crooked refs. In college I’ve been rushing the number one seed in the tournament and winning by several points and gaining riding time and pin call for stalling that’s a joke


He clearly doesn't know what a shot clock is Wow

Mark Kravitz

Mr Sonnen let's get the REAL kings to fight @evenkingsfall (insta) VS @thenotoriousmma (insta) PLEASE!

devin mcnulty

You have to be a mouthbreather if you thought the definition of “open scoring” was the definition Chael described. How he even thought people were thinkin that was the definition is concerning

Stephen Brindley

If its 1 and 1 going into the third, the last score card would be equal to the excitement of not revealing the score cards in my opinion.


LFA and INVICTA are currently based in Kansas which uses it. The last round is not shown which allows for the usual drama. Interestingly corners get to decide if the fighter is informed. It works with no crowds as the tv audience sees the tablet but not sure how live audience would or even should be informed.

Ryan McMorrow

Correct. Correct and correct. Fuck open scoring

Jeffrey Anderson

A gangster come from college wrestling we always know the score is no less theater actually builds the theater. Winners want to win losers want to say they were robbed. As a college athlete in high school athlete I was robbed a couple times I’m sure you were too.I’ve seen judo Gene LeBell take points off the board in world championship judo contest so don’t give me this crap quit putting icing on the shit

Jason Brantley

Why is the score board needed? Does boxing need a score board? Why would it be any different?


Why fuck with a sport that is perfect already? If anything it would take some of the fun away. Not knowing creates a high tend anticipation. And I feel bad a fighter gets slighted, but really " perceived bad scoring" contributes to the drama, and passion. ANYTHING that elicits strong emotions- good, bad, fun, funny, admiration, etc makes anything more important, valued, successful,... think of some fighters whom got "robbed" And received more attention, support etc from the fans. Dana rights the wrongs.

kendell walters ZDS

Bullshit Open scoing is the definite way to go. Sorry uncle your wrong on this one and wrong about izzys titty but you pre much spot on every other time hahaha


It's not that it will make them "try harder", but it will change their strategy--take a bigger risk. if you know you're down 2 you'll try to get that finish.

Daniel Murray

Very nice I agree 100% thanks I enjoy your videos

The City Beneath

I dunno it seems pretty cool having it during the Invicta events

_ Honestly _

I don't want 10 point must system


It's not a 10-9 must system and technically you can have a 8, it's a 10 must system, or rather a "10 should" system if you consider penalty points.
10-10 rounds are theoretically possible, as are 10-7's. They are rare and discouraged by the promoters and comissions, but well inside the unified rules.


"you want those 2 mins after fight to discuss it with your friends". Well jokes on you Chael I have no friends. I watch it alone.


Chael tells me I'm asking for the wrong thing and I don't want open scoring, then crosses his leg.
I immediately re-consider my entire outlook on life.

You’re totally right But

It’s for two reasons chael. Accountability. A shit judge will have to immediately face the crowd reaction to his score. 2, fighters will know when they are being robbed and change their game.....imagine you think you won a round. You sit down. See two judges gave it to the other go out and clearly win another round, sit down, look up and see two judges gave it to the other guy, again .....with no open scoring, a fighter thinks he’s up because he deserves to be, has no idea he has incompetent judges.....if he knows the scorecards, he at least knows to go after a finish and not to coast on those first two rounds.

Dan Inbox

Hmm I guess in a close fight both guys may try everything to win the 5th round. If open scoring specifies who’s winning, I could see one guy trying hard while the other runs in circles.