Jon “Bones” Jones Talks About His 10th World Championship with Alexander Gustafsson At UFC 232

Jon “Bones” Jones Talks About His 10th World Championship with Alexander Gustafsson At UFC 232

159 556 views | 29 Nov. 2018

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Melo Ali

I love this guy !!!!!

Johnny Dwyer

No D.C. or Yoel, both good Olympic wrestlers

james Deer

Is this the Heather B that was on MTV's "The Real World", back in the 90s?


Jon Jones is the best UFC fighter period. Facts


Jon “trace amounts in my bones” Jones

Tom M

Sway was too scared to show up....but not scared to tell Kanye to "never come at me like that again bro"....haha jk..jk

Eddy K.

his grandmother was 6foot1" say WHAT?


I hate when ppl who don't know MMA talk to UFC guys.

NotA Ethug

Randleman is one of the best wrestlers ever black or white.

Khaan Asjad

you just can't stop Gods blessings

Shawn O.

It's a shame hes such a piece of shit...

ruger 1911

just got busted for performance enhancing drugs again.   HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!

Hoolio Basques Wudeni

I’ll beat Mr Nostrils


He gives his credit for his possible winning ge dont deny it like a lot of asshole dudes would

baz c

return of the greatest, very simple.

eViL jEsuS

lando vanatta would murder this foo

Belfort Massimo

Jones get his booster from his brothers .....hhhh

Bjorn Marley bones anthem......

Fumontanaka 94

20:40 he barely extends his arm to check. Having a huge reach can be useful IRL too.


I can see the drug addict in his eyes


The Goat


Jones' the Goat. Hands down.

Shoddy Oddy

585 ny jones u better beat his ass u knw how we do

DoubleM-K Gaming

If Alexander was allowed to wear eye protection, then Jon would be in serious trouble..


great fighter, he's aging like a white man though sheesh

Sachin Bangera

Where is sway?


Jon Jones is going to destroy Alexander Gustafson!

paul paul

Gimme Jon Jones on the 5 fingers of death


The fake claps are fucking stupid.

Malcolm X Disciple

Kick his ass Jones!!


Unlikeable, racist cheater.....fuck Jon Jones

Threshold Pictures

*11th bc apprently Cormier 2 does not count. 11 World Titles

Infinite Possibility

After ALL the usada tests, in total, like ever.. i truly believe now that jon has never cheated and never took anything in the first place. :) The End

Josh Galli

He failed to tell them he is a drug cheat

Kool Moe Keem

Prime jones vs prime silva

j diiacova

Junkie Jon y Jones


jon "The Juice" jones...


Jon “Pinch of salt in an Olympic sized swimming pool” Jones

Nate Superfighter Devesion Diaz

Everything is about to be answered on December 29th. If Jon shows up looking like he did against OSP he's leaving with an official L on his record and more importantly for his career he's leaving with everybody saying he lost because he wasn't on roids. Like it or not, Jon has failed drug tests post or pre fight 2 out of his 3 fights since USADA came in and the 1 fight he passed, he looked physically and skill wise the worst he's ever looked in his career....obviously he heard those comments about his OSP performance and then sure enough the next fight he pops for something you take when you're cycling off steroids and the 2nd fight he popped for actual steroids. Where there's smoke, there's fire and in Jon's case there's smoke and flames.


Kenny Monday?! Cmon Bones black man one of the US goats. Olympic champ beat Dave Shultz too

Supersonic Knockout

Jon "its early in the morning, thats why i look blazed" Jones

really real

Cheating fuck just like his brothers

The Morgan

Jones is the best to ever do it. People love to hate on those at the top, yeah he went from being the christian role model to the party cocaine guy, but he is still a good dude and he was the youngest champion. Of course he is gonna party, he was never on steroids, he is just the best.

3nterprise Official

Wilder Vs Bones in the octagon!?!!!?!

Chosen Two

He's looking kind of flat.

Heaven IsHere7

ALSO, talent > any amount of juice

Heaven IsHere7

To be fair, there acctually are lots of supplements tainted with PEDs. Who gives a care anyway... the ones who have the money pay off USADA and as long as USADA likes the athelte they will "pass" any steroid test... which are easy to cheat anyways unless you're being tested for Olympics... and even then they can be beat.

Dominick Dixon

What kind of beats does the interviewer have on? As well as Jones?

Axel Schale

What the hell? Jon being respectful of Alex? Alright..

Josh Galli

This dum cunt makes me sick with his bs and crap


Jones is the most scrutinized fighter in UFC history. I'm fairly sure he's not the only one taking supplements that are right on the edge of being steroid. Not to mention it's a proven fact alot of supplements get tainted with trace amounts of steroids. It seems everyone is just wanting to make an excuse for why he is so good instead of just calling it talent. Either way he better be doing everything possible ahead of Gus fight.


Of Course its genetics. Lol I dont have any animosity but theres a reason American black people are so physically fit

Str8 D No Cuddl Dads Home

Can’t wait to see all the haters crying when the GOAT KO’s another would be. The baddest man on the planet is supposed to be a wild prostitute wielding crazy person. You win the title at like 21 years old and let’s see how you do lol so many haters. What excuse we going to hear after he wrecks the entire division and reclaims his belt. DC knows what’ll happen, that’s why his ass is retiring lol hoping they throw more money at him so he’ll nut up and take the inevitable 3rd loss from the GOAT. If Bones went to bed at 8pm every night and didn’t party whatsoever it wouldn’t even be right. How many ufc guys been flagged by usada? They were all doing it. It’s humorous people discrediting his undefeated record. Must’ve forgot

Joseph Espenship

Crazy when he was at his biggest meaning muscle wise when he fought OSP and he passed every test


Dude been engaged for like 7 years

Steve Miller

Jon, you got that ass kicked. MAGA

Peter Owens

The cheating crack head speaks huh lol


regardless of what they say about Jon Jones He will always be one of my favorite fighters of all times the man is one of the best fighters in the world

Jason Loch

his career has only just started as everything before has been a drug career and don't count as he cheated .

Bill Greenidge

The one and only Heather B! Boogie Down royalty.

Jordan Aleksandre

“Your on steroids” Nate Diaz

Jack Jackson

Jon = GOAT no question

Heaven IsHere7

People say juice, yet Jones is tackling every aspect of preparing for a fight, 4 times a day. Let's grt real here people. Everyone else im UFC juices, and talent is always the deciding factor. Haters just want to hate on Jones because hes a bit cocky.

Sage 421

Dec 29th! Definately not missing this clash of Champions!

ruger 1911

Alexander whipped your ass and you know it!!!...... anybody can watch that fight knows it to!!!........... you can’t claim you’re the best if you do performance-enhancing drugs........... if you dominate him in the rematch not on steroids I’ll eat my words.

Sensei sama


C w

Freaking lovely introduction. Oh my she had me. I love Jon's honesty how he spoke positively about Al.


Alexander won the first fight in my opinion. I also believe he won the fight vs D. C.

james Deer

I like her better than that other Sway station.

Victor Maldonado

Where's sway's lazy ass?


jones's very likeable

black voice

Well Jon bones mad respect I've enjoyed your champion career but this may be your last fight as champ, don't go for take down right away, make him think, your smart you can get this


Jones Turns Down VADA! POS

Patrick Baseler

Trust me Jon Jones and D.C 3 is going down!!!

Jack Alvin Yorong

Clearly the Greatest Fighter Of All Time.. Jonathan Bones Jones


Greatest MMA fighter of all time

Ry Rez

Good interview


Not only is he a cheater but a fuckin snitch. Fuck dirty Jones

Tee Bone

guys love the setup but got to cut it with the sound board you cut off parts of the convo because want to drop fake claps im here to listen to the interview not added sound clips

Doug Byron

Bones is the GOAT! Can't wait to see him back with the belt!

Mark louis Sanderson

Find it funny that everyone says STERIODS. Obviously something was in his system yes.. but the fact it was so small the first time means he would have no advantage at all.. and now with the same thing it's even less of a trace because it's still in his body from the first time. It can stay in the body for 2 years but it just doesn't have any effect. And for the nerd saying and bone density.. steroids need to be taken over a long time for any effects like that to happen. And in alot of cases steroids actually make your bones weaker. If jones tested positive for steroids fully high in his system then yes no doubt it would give him the edge.. but it was a grain of sand amount I'm a million grains. If I tool let's say test propinate it works very fast in the body.. but it's life in the body for maximum benefit is 3 days. But woukd stay in my body for may be 2 months. But with no advantage to me in the gym.. people need to know true facts before saying things..

fred blobs

racist show get off

Half The Battle

Jon "you just cant stop god's blessings" Jones

Josh Galli

It give indigenous people a bad name


There's no way you can physically recover fast enough to be able to train 4 times a day. He's still on PEDs.

Rafael Roldan

what an intro


This guy is a bum and he knows it.. without steroids he's just another bum on the street


Love ya Jon, I’ll be rooting for you bro! Let’s do this right this time! You’re my favorite fighter bro. And I’ve been watching this shit for a long long time. I’m talking at my uncles house for thanksgiving when I was probably 10, UFC 1 on VHS. I think you’re the most entertaining and talented. Yea I’m a fan boy, what of it?!


Lot less competition? Lmfao come to jersey you get pinned by highschoolers


I bet he knows more about boxing than Wilder.

Ej Walker

Love you John keep it up

Ivan chavez

Jones going down on the 29th

Humphrey Jones

No need to fight DC a third time.


@11:10 So your not going to mention Rampage or Anderson Silva??? Okay, Jon Jones!

Funk Daddy

THE G.O.A.T is BACK baby!!!!

Corey Johnson

Why didn't I know about this interview

Mr. Fyer

Jones is well spoken... compared to B , funny.

Marcus K

Giving a coke snorting, PED using, hit and run driver a platform. Good job

Andrew Suh

I really hope Jones wins this

Pey Hock

The king is back