Greg Hardy Post-Fight Press Conference | UFC Fight Night: Brooklyn | ESPN MMA

Greg Hardy Post-Fight Press Conference | UFC Fight Night: Brooklyn | ESPN MMA

34 941 views | 20 Jan. 2019

Greg Hardy speaks to the media following UFC Fight Night: Brooklyn, where he was disqualified for an illegal knee to the head of Allen Crowder. Hardy says he "let everyone down" in his UFC debut, and initially thought he won the fight when the referee called the match, not knowing his blow warranted a disqualification. Still, Hardy believes he was "built to do this" and will continue on with his UFC endeavors.

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Sapient Budgie

Guys a low level fighter. Low IQ dim wit. Criminal


Dan Miragliotta had a conniption fit tho! Overreaction because he yelled to Greg, "both of his knees were on the ground, you hit him square in his head!"

Shotby Bullie

Crowder didn’t want no smoke !

danny flake

Respect for owning it. Dudes a monster and should come back. If he does he will hurt a lot of feelings and people.

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People make mistakes.
No one is perfect.
Keep your head up,
Don’t listen to these fools in the comment section.

BobbyJohnson CheddaCheese

I think he's acting. I think he's a psycho


Greg will be back. All these knee rules will have anyone confused

youngin time

Greg is gonna be a real threat answered a lot of questions need some work but when your a natural athlete you pick up new things real quick

Entertainment Blitz

Allan crowder coudv finished hardy in the first round when crowder had the mount but with 13 pro fights crowder is a punk too


Man i hope espn dont turn ufc into soyboys or sjw,Dana stumped for Trump MAGA!!!!!!


what a disgusting human being

oingo boingo

hang in there! you'll be fine

Lawrence Jones

That was an inexperienced mistake. Great Fight

Brad Lamb

In his defense he wasnt looking at Crowder. He felt him get to his feet (1 foot, other still down so still illegal) and went to strike while he was vulnerable getting up. Just eager and wrongly anticipated his move

Good Life

Hey man everybody has a past. And if a light was to shin on yours how clean will it be?

Ricto Ectol

He seems genuinely upset and disappointed with himself. It's not like he's well versed in the Job. An apprentice is going to make mistakes thats a fact, and as long as he learns from this he should be good. Crowder could accept that rematch and come out a star.


Fix your brain first

j dogg

defo not on purpose imo

larry adams

Bullshit the knee to the downed opponent is a bullshit rule it's made to protect wrestlers. Total bullshit.

Ed the alpine dude

If this shitty individual gets dominated by Crowder...well...Imagine him fighting tougher competition, lol, the motherfucker gassed in like 2 minutes.

Afro Samurai

Crowder was winning anyway ,he's just a head hunter not impressed by hardy in this fight crowder isnt the wrestler stipe is cain blaydes would give this guy a hard time he should fight guys not in top 10 so he can get that experince

Marco Garcia

"I wouldn't knee someone illegally but I would beat the shit out my wife"

invader Shape

someone can tell me who won Hardy or Crowder?

Shaun Wilson

I don't know anything about the guy (looks like he already has a name in football? But I don't care about football). But his attitude seemed right to me. I liked everything he said. What I wonder is (like with Jones) if he starts rackin up wins - will he still be humble?

Yung Gotti

Guy's got alot of potential, but he's got no ground game

random events

just like in his personal life, loses control and cant think in the moment. this dude is a real POS.
if you like this woman beater than that says a lot about your personality as well. cheers

Darren Oliver

Hardy won’t be in the UFC by 2021. Unfit, poor chin and stupid as fcuk. He was blowing more than a crack whore after three minutes. Made to look poor by a journeyman.

Lord Burlap

Greg Hardy is the R. Kelly of the UFC.


he should’ve known the rules before but with that being said it is a confusing rule and he’s not the first one to have made this mistake. It’s something like if a guy is on all fours you cannot knee or kick them. But if two hands off the mat then you can either kick him or knee

Marko Vendetti

Greg Hardy is a monster just needs more work

Ville G

I was just thinkin' about him and Derrick Lewis

Jedi Brooks

I believe ever word of this, Let the man move on. Hope he overcomes this shit

Felix Choi

I guess if you aren’t fighting a chick this sack of dog shit has to resort to cheating. How fucking stupid.

K Hendrickson

Why not just deduct him a point like Bisping. Very odd. Feel awful for dude. Hope he can get back in there soon. Stay away from women and focus on your footwork and u will stay outta trouble. Lol

Lucky Luke

I believe him

SpiralUp Music Promotions Sparky

Respect big man ....

jose rodriguez

Looking like Patrick Mahomes, lol

folden rim

Why isnt anyone bringing up how stupid the rule is. The rule endangers fighters cause they think theyre safe in a comprimising position. Only rules should be no groin strikes, no eye gauging, no hits to the back of the head, and no fish hooking


Hard to be mad after this dude apologized an knows he fucked up an he apologized to his opponent. I think dude deserves another chance, he is obviously sorry.


To all these people talkin tough on Hardy; what do you want him to do? He payed his debt to society and owes you nothing. This is a man's livelihood and your outrage doesn't matter in the real world. Get over it.


You can tell Rachel is a feisty ass bitch when the camera is not on her. I've dated many girls like her who only care about title and recognition. And on the same page Greg looks like someone who gets fed up really easy. I can see why he hit her. They both are sociopaths


Fuck this clown and his sociopath fans. Black privelige in UFC for sure tries to protect his shitty personality just like they protect roid jones


Honestly crowder could’ve fought but definitely wanted out.

Anthony Panzer

Greg hardy is a piece of shit. Talks like a sociopath. Beats his wife. Knee to the temple while dude is still down. This man gonna be at a restaraunt in near future and lose his shit over something small and just start suplexing everyone near him. That or hes going to wander onto a playground and start walloping children, probably start swinging them by their legs into the equipment like whack a mole.


This dude's going to fuck a lot of people up.

matt doyle

Woow resding all the haters in these comments like they know anything about fighting. Get outa your moms basements and get a real life lmao

Henny Winkelman

Let the guy train and develop. Media can't wait to have a word with the guy.
Was bad timing on the knee, but a fight is a fight.


I felt it was an honest mistake


Go Hardy

Colonel Reb

Hotty Toddy Greg "Land Shark" Hardy!


I hear I take full responsibility a lot coming from this clown. UFC is a shit show now days. All these money fights, Amateurs in the cage. WTF


When I watched it live, I thought Hardy just landed a clean knockout because it indeed looked like Crowder stood up. It was clearly inexperience by Hardy to rush in there.

Despite that the rule is completely retarded. You can knee someone if they have only one hand on the ground but you are somehow saved with one knee on the ground.

Ten Qus83

To guys whilo say greg beat his wife. Thats not good actually beating women, but if ur wife cheats on u wat eould u do?

Robert Hawkins

He made me a fan of him last night he did wonderful and for his past who cares it's his past he's going to be a great heavyweight I'd like to see him fight Brock Lesnar beat the brakes off of him

Sad dc hours

Crowder just didn’t want anymore

The Dude

Hope he can find a small woman to take his anger out on, poor guy.

John Thompson

Wonder if his ex wife thinks it's something he'd never do.

ivar foslien

Yah,I kinda jumped on here to hate.but this dude seems legit bummed out.animal is the name of this game. You all like to watch these animals.

Andre Bissonnette

Thug life

Jay Ullah

Thats not a Fu"cking foul what stupid shit rule , maybe if the hands are touching the matt but if they are not its not a fucking foul.

BMW F25 X3 R Spec

Inexperience, next opportunity just a speedbump in his career

Ultimate Keyboard Warrior

He should fight women

qt f

Fuck this wife beater, karma's a bitch

James Daniel

Good bitch cry u female abuser

Shotby Bullie

You straight Greg! Dana gone give him another shot. Go back & study the rule book !


Poor Greg bad night

Bat Man

people saying Crowder wanted out of a fight he was easily winning your fucking dumb, he got hit with an illegal shot he had no defense too that knee because he was not expecting a knee from that position, that shot was totally brutal if you think someone should keep fighting after being knocked out in any circumstance your a fool. People like you make combat sports fans look dumb

Waqar Younis

I feel for him tbh,

Dixie Miller

give this guy francis if he looses against cain... that would be interesting fight

Ernesto james

Hardy cheated because he cutting!!


This guy's doing everything right made one mistake and people just can't live it down it's made me a fan though

Kuda95 M

i feel bad for the guy....wish him the best


you can tell in the heat of the moment he wasnt thinking about rules, illegal blows, he was thinking 'DESTROY, DESTROY, KILLKILLKILL' so really, its only 5% his fault, 95% the nature of the sport. you need to be more aware, and with having more experience would've prevented that kill shot.

sauce boss

Dana shoudnt have had Hardy as co main event. The knee wasnt intentional. One leg was already up and it was timed poorly. Rookie mistake. Let him fight again. And ffs whos dumbass idea was it too have Cerrone on prelims hahah. Morons.


Read the comments, racists. He dint do nuthin wrong

JeepZJ 101

He's a bum that shouldn't have been the co-main event. I'm glad it blew up in the UFC's face! Idiots should have put the Cerrone Hernandez fight as the co-main! The fans deserve High Caliber fights! Not this shit show Dana!

Pongo Pygmaeus Jr. IV

I'm just here to watch people fight not judge em.


Dude wanted out of the fight. Honestly, he could have recovered but once he heard ref say "I'm going to DQ him if he can't continue" ole boy knew he had an out.

Fucking coward.

samad khan

Everyone deserves a second chance. Even if you dont like them.


Beating mother fuckers like Ike beat Tina .

Chainy Rabbit

Anyone who knows him, knows he wouldn't throw an illegal knee... Should we go ask his ex girlfriend, see if she might know?

the annointed one

Roid rage is clear here

Everett 989

after the interview he was sent back to his cell

Colonel Reb

Hardy showed a lot of skill tonight.

Deonte Whitfield

"Go Ask Tom Brady if I ever cheated when I sacked him" lol Greg Hardy is the future goat of MMA.


I could care less if he comes back or not

M Ben

Got frustrated and lost his composure, what is surprising about that.

Smoke Somthin

Everything else aside he seems like a good fighter I hope he fights again soon

Andrew Heitmeyer

I have much love for this dude. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. That's how life works.

Dennis Garcia

Definitely didn’t mean for that to happen. Don’t know if he would’ve won the fight but sucks for it to end like that of all ways

Tobey Maguire

They should kick this fool out doesn't deserve to fight in the UFC he was getting his ass handed didn't like it and showed his true ghetto colours what a dirty human being. Potentially ruining a guys career over pure stupidity.

Waqar Younis

This dude potentially ruined his career, and he's there giving shoutouts to meek milly

Calin Marius Valentin

fking idiot

jap fan

Pretending like he didn't know what he done wrong. He knew fine rightly what he was doing. Scumbag




I’m glad he apologises, maybe he does feel remorse. Then he can learn.


Allen crowder wasn't a game opponent, he wanted out of the fight even after talking shit in the middle of the cage, dude should get sent to the bellator

Ten Qus83

He handles shit way better than jones

Shane Hinds

Remember the time that Jon Jones was DQ'd! 12-6 elbows to the forehead!! It happens!