Max Holloway ready for title shot but willing to fight at UFC 257 | UFC on ABC 1 post fight

Max Holloway ready for title shot but willing to fight at UFC 257 | UFC on ABC 1 post fight

7 016 views | 17 Jan. 2021

Max Holloway addressed the media during a post-fight press conference after his decision win over Calvin Kattar at UFC on ABC 1/#UFCFightIsland7 in Abu Dhabi.

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best in the world

Congrats to max on retaining his title, and props to kattar. He'll be back

Standing Warrior

It’s crazy to think Dustin Poirier defeated him at 155. This Max Holloway looked unstoppable!

Joaquin Moreno

Congrats brother

Tam Robertson

Great fight kattar can take some big shots eating they elbows


Max holloway is a Beast.

Cannabis Use Only

Max is so likable

Spell Check Please

ferguson or masvidal would be great for max

Kaleb Santiago

how can you not love Max Holloway? He's a legend and I'm glad I've gotten to witness his entire career to this point

Nomar Lugo

USADA : Marijuana is no longer a banned substance.

Halloway : “Breaks this up for me ...”


As fight fan who's oldest memories of spending time with my father watching UFC 1...I am honestly upset to be a fight fan right now...they let kalvin get abused just for ABC clout that fight should have been stopped in the 3rd...Kalvin is hammer he wasn't going to back down...but now this man will never been the same again for what prime time television...not to mention Herb was reffing...I've been seeing this alot lately in the ufc and it's not right...this shit ain't a video game

Aaron Graf

Max isn’t blessed... he is the blessing

Eat You Alive

Man, max has got to be the most cool , like able fighter ever to exist. No bull shit , just being real , authentic and genuine! Max is the best

Pita Tua

Hawaiian Warrior Spirit.
Congratulations champ!

Johnny Bacon

How tf did Kattar stay on his feet, ive seen bigger men drop from ONE of those body shots alone.. insanity at its finest.


Was Blessed now it's MAD MAX

david ballard

I'm soooooooo happy for Max, but how many lead leg kicks did he take again? Again huge fan, but strategy. I think he beat, Volk, although Volk made it a close fight and props. It's like Forest when he fought Rampage, masterful and patient, oh ya and the lead leg hammer. That Forest smartest fight.

Magic History

I’m blessed to have seen Max fight live in my city before covid

Eren Jeager

Khabib vs max (if max gets the 145 title back and the move up) that would be tremendous, epic.

Tim Housley

This will be one of the best fights in UFC history both brought everything to this one

Feng Shui MMA

Why you guys asking so many questions
I have 12 different types of frosting waiting for me.

Max The Goat


Josh G

Max u make Hawaii proud

Carl T

Its funny how he hates mma to and avoids watching it

Haynlip 808

Me. Steal Yo Girl!!!

Mark Whitt

It's a true honer to watch you fight max. What a performance. Huge fan. You are a true inspiration champ. I prey you beat Alex AGAIN

Isaias Alvarez

Dustin Kilburn

This performance was incredible

Kattar had a few moments but Jesus crust Max looked goddamn magical. I can’t even....

Grace Lacson

Omg!! This is for me the Best fight event in UFC history! Max Holloway damm unbelievable!!!

T Quin

Blessed ain't going nowhere!

Ryan Kennedy

Max doesn't realize it's cringing when he keeps saying he's going to steal everyone's job

Dylan Chavez

Max Holloway & Joe Rogan UFC Commentators ALL DAY! DC need to go save his chickens


Max one of the realest fighters in the game


What island is it?


Max is one of my favorite fighters of all time but he would get finished by Khabib within 1 round.

Johnny Bacon

Max's performance tonight was absolutely rediculous.. insanity at its finest