UFC 251 Results: Jorge Masvidal vs. Kamaru Usman | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

UFC 251 Results: Jorge Masvidal vs. Kamaru Usman | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

184 043 views | 12 Jul. 2020

UFC 251: Usman vs. Masvidal results from Fight Island are below. Spoilers beyond this point.

xxx s

Usman dominated Masvidal,it wasn't close

Tommy Leung

So according to luke one championship has: an dubious CEO, losing money, kept afloat by rich ass sponsors, some dangerous yet unrecognized fighters, bigger competition on the other side of the world with controversial judge decisions.....where have a heard that before....THATS THE UFC BEFORE PRIDE FELL


Masvidal was eating pizza right before the fight. Usman thought he could box with him like Covington (an entertaining fight) and realized he was gonna get fucked up. Couldn't even keep Masvidal down. Just pressed against the fence. Everyone was yawning by round 3


‘Right wing lunatics’? Really bro. Don’t stoop that low.

Anthony Hewitt

21:36 the problem with 10 point must system. The people need to protest this

Josh Thorpe

Lol like Thomas is on coke

Bullfrog Actual

Your dedication to youtube content is commendable sir.

huntin .fishin

YAP YAP YAP! No substance! Waste time listening to you!

Liam Maxwell

The max Holloway fight reminded me of the last Jon Jones fight


Aldo went from damn hes only 29 to fuck he looks old in about 2 years

Hunter Dean

When did Jorge fight Hendo?


Now losses gotta be memorable? 14 losses is 14 losses man! you trying to downplay those is understandable but come on.


Jorges post fight interview on ESPN, 2.3million views already. Usmans 375k. He's transcended the fight game, good for Jorge. Stock didn't go down at all, loosing and hearing his take on it, gained him more fans. So, he's going to be just fine no matter what happens. People just love who are genuine. Usman comes across fake, and almost as a victim at times. Nobody relates to that.


Awesome work Luke, even with the sniffles. Love your points re. scoring and the Pride/ One system. Does Rose still get the nod under that system? X

j s

If you make the 3rd max/volk fight what happens if max wins? You make a farcical 4th? Becasue alex sure as shit deserves a rematch.


max had 3 rounds, he had the 4th

Talley Rand

Excellent breakdown.

Jon Olsen-Koziol

That sham of a scoring system cost Yoel a belt too and it's fucking disgraceful

Christopher Branagan

Some fucking hanger


Luke "here is the central problem" Thomas

Henry Nwosu

Beautiful analysis

MMA Uncircumcised

I just realized that the knock downs that Max had in rd 1, 2 were counted as slip. What a F-ckin disgrace scoring system.

mali mall

10:35 It doesn't matter Luke. 14 L's is 14 L's so who cares if people remember them or not.

Julia Petrovskaya

I wonder if Ben Askren is smiling or frowning today?

PL Lyons

Jrge did good...max got robbed...aldo got retired....paige....got some tigo bittiez


Natural fighter Masvidal did a great job against someone who is obviously on steroids. Masvidal lost no status with this loss and can't wait to see him go against Connor. Can't say the same for Marty Juiceman.


I was surprised that Masvidal didn't go for a knee to the face when Kamaru shot. Several times Masvidal was clearly tired, Kamaru was clearly going to shoot soon, Masvidals body language practically was begging for that. I'm surprised he didn't plan for that, greet him with a knee on entry.


I think you need to bump masvidals takedown defense to great after what we witnessed. Marty does one thing excellently and jorge stuffed the majority of attempts and didn't get wrecked in the slightest. Really only got hit with foot stomps and like two elbows.


Luke, how do we get you on the ballot for the World MMA Awards?

Special KD

There's no way max did that camp via zoom

Calvin Cole

What do you think about Jiri Prochazka vs Johnny Walker next?


Why not just have a time limit draw ?

Javier Contreras

For the first time your nose is more distracting then Helwanis

Razvan Fodor

Volkanovski is just holding the belt warm for Zabit. I think everyone knows this, if not, they will out soon enough now that international fights can be made.


Thomas crying over maxy baby losing, hah!

Dean Kim

Luke Thomas the only non UFC shill. I wish there was a ufc media union, so we could get more raw viewpoints like Luke’s.



w s

The fact that im still watching after Lukes embarrassing stance on corona has been tough, but I just can't give up on him. It's gonna be a EPIC apology after he catches up. I'm not perfect either, unfortunately the multitudes of listeners he lost aren't as forgiving

Flex Johnson

Usman should take his vacation then start tweeting for that GSP fight cuz those styles clashing would be interesting


Luke "unique take on every situation no matter what" Thomas

Michael williams

At least every UFC fighter on the level of masvidal has blue print now to beat him

Johan Cruijff

How many poiint gets the fighter for one takedown? Without damage

Gief Replays

Kind of funny the inebriated ass arguments people make for the fighter they get behind. "Size is the only reason Jorge lost." That would reflect really poorly on Masvidal, if that's all it took to beat him. Respect Usman's skills. He's a monster. Jorge is also a monster, in a matchup that doesn't favor him stylistically. It's OK. It sucks but it's OK.

JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON



Re judging: why not have judges 1) non ringside, 2) in a single booth each (i.e. not sitting together), 3) watching the same video of the fight, 4) without commentary?
Of course, first one would have to decide what the main reason with judging is: to have fun and get status as a judge, or to judge the fights as objectively as possible.


All the casuals 100 percent confident that Jorge was gunna "baptize" Usman like it was a sure thing lmfaoo 1 idiot even bet 200k

Aldo Losando

Second defense for Usman but he still needs to beat Edwards and Burns so I can get on the bandwagon


One thing you cannot take away from One


We idolise GSP for winning in exactly the same way for about 4 years solid...?? Something rotten in Denmark here


I think u right usman fight style was effective but so boring he will not earn the heart of the fans so masvidal value is not going really down. But we sure it was disappointed from masvidal he was gaz out after 1 round


@casuals out there, 1:00:53. Luke is talking to you.

gogo kp

screwdriver man is the healthyast alc. drink in the world....thank you for beautiful dissection of the fights and i totaly agree with ONE score system.And also i will agree if judges includes in point system for defending the takedowns. Agressor must loose the point.I ts like a counter shot on feet.If you try to get somebody on flor and you fail...can the 3 takedowns can be negate with 3 attampt?Em i bias?Yes i love Masvidal and he is lose fair and squer.But in the future...I also see Max wining the bout i understand the point system,but in the future when(if) judging change,in whole picture they must start with strikes,significant strikes and very significant strikes-witch Max have 2 against 0
..greetings from slovenia

Glenn Davey

1:02:00 I also noticed the lackluster commentary tonight, aside from some too-loud "woah" and "oh my gosh" from Bisping, like he was just another fan. You could hear his voice echoing through the centre... he was basically representing the audience in the room. And that's just not commentary. They failed to read the big highlights of the night, things happening that would have been huge under normal circumstances, mostly reacting after the fact -- again, like normal fans do. This isn't enough. Bisping still has a habit of either getting bogged down in "how to get out of this position" and missing the broader narrative of the fight, or he sits back and spectates too much. And Jon Anik can only do so much, his role is clearly defined. They gotta be sending their A-game color commentators to "Fight Island" otherwise we're actually worse off as viewers than if they'd just continued using the Apex Center.

Ryan Cairns

...And that, guys and gals, is why we love Luke!


Hello Luke. Great show and great MMA content. I just want to make an analogy. You know how you overhear people talking about fighting and they have no idea what the are talking about? Yet these people believe 100% that Masvidal will easily knockout Usman, for example. When you speak about masks, CoBBid-19, and anything related to politics, this is how it sounds. Because you grew up too close, you have been indoctrinated into the false belief systems which are nothing more than clever programming and propaganda. I can assure you that you are 100% wrong, and in fact your belief system is an inversion of the truth. There is a naivety in your understanding of the fundamental structure of Earth's society. I say this with absolute kindness, but with 100% clarity and understanding. The reason your political talk is not enjoyed by fans is because you are not spiritually awake. And the term spiritually awake probably doesn't mean anything to you. But you need to be awake in order to understand the world and the world's politics. Being unawake makes it impossible to really understand anything at a deeper level. Every event on Earth has a deeper meaning behind it. You have failed to see the deeper meaning behind anything related to CoBBid-19 or politics in general. I implore you to seek a spiritual awakening. Despite your propensity to laugh and disregard this comment, I am writing from a genuine sense of kindness and encouragement. And I hope you'll put deeper thought into this message, instead of doing the typical superficial incorrect analysis. You have incredible intelligence and you speak well. We need you to expand to your full potential.

NotOften Told

There is many who is better at boxing in UFC than Jorge.. Just from my mind i think Dustin Poirier, Calvin Kattar and even McGregor is better IMO

Sheena Lao

Never forget that Amanda Ribas is the true GOAT. 100-1 bitches


Max has never won a decision. So unfortunately he didn't do enough to win. He knew full well he needed a stoppage. Jorge Masvidal had also never won a close decision and he made the choice to change his game plan in fights to make sure he finished his opponents (Till, Askren, Diaz).

Chael Sonnen

Kamaru is so boring that even Luke's coverage of his fight is boring!!!!!

Billy Power

Luke “ my wife’s Columbian “ Thomas

Tom Hey

Volkanovski won what is called a champion's decision. It happens.
Jones got beat up by Gustafsson back in 2013. Won the decision because he had the belt.
GSP got curbstomped by Hendricks. Won the decision because he had the belt.
Not saying it's fair or anything. It's just the reality we face.

Gabriel Jacob

Can u break down elizeu capoeira's fight?
I feel like a lot of ppl havent seeing it and the decision was really unfair on my eyes

Stefan Stoev

No Luke, Alex lost. Two knockdowns count more than few touches on the stats. Total bs and again you try to please everyone. Wtf

Sung Yoon

There’s a simple fix. Judges should give out way more 9-9 or 10-10 rounds when someone doesn’t clearly win the round. That way the rounds that are clearly won by a fighter would have a much bigger impact on the final scoring.


Max and Volkanovski was a crime and the result should be prosecuted in the court of law and a jury should decide.

Guillermo Fariña

The merch link doesn't work


Nah Max was robbed Lucas

Quezzy B

Max won 1 an 2 more definitively then volk won 4 an 5 and so if round 3 was equal it should been a draw technically, but for me i weigh maxs 2 rounds an ring control the whole fight more then volks 2 an saw max winning

Rodney M

Bro, the record producer may be a casual fan, and I have been watching since the first show, before Dana and Co, and I understand now too what I was watching. This does not take away the absolute valid point of the goddamn most regretful shit boring fight, rather wrestling match. Tyron was more exciting. Thank you for the 13 dollars I made off the Paige fight, rose.. Yup, but I picked Jorge and parlayed w rose. Oops. 200 could've been 576,instead I won negative 83

Glenn Davey

Someone asked about putting commentators in a soundproof booth: when I was a brand new fan and I realised that -- not only was the color commentator Joe Rogan from Fear Factor, wtf?? but -- the commentators were sitting cage-side instead of in a booth somewhere above as I had assumed. That blew my mind. The idea that the commentators could potentially be among the loudest voices in a room where a professional fight is happening is madness. I don't THINK the fighters are being coached, I noticed Bisping doing it. And I noticed fighters both appreciate hearing the commentary and getting distracted by it. I get that normally they fight in a room full of screaming fans, but that's just vague noise that gives an indication of the general vibe of the fight. It's not specific blow-by-blow feedback on how they and their opponent are going from an informed observer's perspective who isn't their coaches. The ref goes to great lengths to say "no coaching" during a timeout, but does that apply to the commentators who are feeding back to the fighters how they're going and what is being observed of them? They literally discuss out loud what was talked about in each corner during the breaks. It's a super strange situation that you hardly ever see in sports. Imagine if professional poker players could hear the commentary? The whole game would fall apart. Think about it. Commentators should not be part of the formula in a fair competition between two fighters. Commentary is something only observers should be privy to, as part of the UFC entertainment packaging of the sport, not something that exists in the same world as the fighters themselves.

Anthony Benjamin

Usman boring? Not as boring as the fools who think that in a potentially lethal sport, Usman should expose himself to harm for YouTube likes. Keep watching the exciting Diaz boys get brain damage...

Anthony Hewitt

I feel like if Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal found a weight they both were happy with, stylistically it doesnt get more exciting.

PL Lyons

Why did u steal the showtime jingle/intro


Volk landed more in round 3. Problem with judging isn't the system, it's the fact it will always be subjective, regardless of what way you do it.

There will be "PRIDE" rules decision making that people disagree with. Furthermore, in a 3 round fight, that judging would be incredibly difficult. There's almost too little time to get a picture of who won overall, and who didn't.

Flawed, but that's just the fight game. Max can come again. It also sets up a juicy 3rd fight and rivalry fights tend to make more money.. All swings and roundabouts..

James Handley

Max won period

David Gitin

Luke “No Tissue” Thomas

Andrey Skripnikov

I don't get the complaints about Bisping & Anik. I thought they were rock solid (Anik always is), especially given that it was just the two of them this time.
I might be a bit biased though, provided that I know how bad sports commentary can be in general (esp. outside USA/GB), and I'm also a bit fed up with Rogan's overreactions and literring "greatest of all time" claims all over the broadcast

don long

Usman was always a class above don’t let some bs wwe made up belt change that. The bmf title is a joke

Ziga Vidmar

Usman beat the shit out of Masvidal's foot. Literally beat the shit out of it.

Michael Ramos

Bo Nichol who's literally never had an mms fight could literally go out there and do the same thing usman did. Wrestle and stomp on the feet of someone who had 6 days to fly across the world and drop 20 lbs at the same time. Usman had every possible advantage and he still had to hold and pray. AND WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN THE 6 DAY NOTICE. Mavsvidal looked exhausted after4 minutes and WAS EXTREMELY BLOATED the dude had no time to get ready. USMAN SUCKS and you suck for that analysis. Good job on the other fights though

1SG19ME014_ Clement Wilfred weidle

Usman does not have good striking defence.

Cory Jamal Cjaw

I was under the impression judges had prompters with the angles we get on TV.

Nathan Schroeder

Volk max was super tight, need more draws in mma. Can’t see a clear winner? Call it a draw and do the fight again so a guy doesn’t undeservingly receive a loss on the record


I highly doubt any one fighter will become a star or increase their star power any time soon..... not the time for it.


Luke "now before you get irate, hear me out" Thomas

Luke Thomas

Morning Kombat will have a huge show tomorrow and likely a Thursday episode to recap Wednesday night's fights. SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Qy3sHrr5wil-rkYcmcNcw


@Luke Thomas
Are you FVCKing kidding ? "Who you got in a rematch" ?
so when Woodley got Dominated with full camp,Colby got destroyed with a full camp, How can you deny Masvidals Performance on 6 days notice ?
And Thank You very much for hitting/bumping the Microphone(Mic cable)….it's what we REALLY NEED on a Podcast...…...Jesus Christ.

A Roger

Mr. Journeyman.

john hanco

Commentary sucked. Mike's shit at it, like an unpolished turd. And he sucked for the Poirer fight. Just loudly told fighters exactly what they should do.


Kamaru neutralizes and stalls
Khabib Dominates.

There are levels.

Clint Reeves

I hate how Luke say your not a “REAL” fight fan if you think Kamaru is boring. How narrow minded can you be. Skill level doesn’t always equal entertainment. Look at the Colby vs Lawler fight. It was grappling heavy against the cage but highly highly entertaining. Kamaru literally was trying to waste time in the cage.


I have always know masvibum was a hype joke, just not this bad. Lol

ben anderson

You're spot on with your take on "the resurrection": Masvidal seems to have adopted Bas Rutten's adage that a weak strike is a wasted strike -- all strikes should be power strikes, in other words. And, again, spot on about the broken scoring system. Great stuff. I think you're too quick to disregard the commenter at 1:11:19, though, who attributes Usman's win to his size advantage. It's certainly not the whole story, but I do think it played a large role.

J Kyle

I just kept flashing back to TTTHS Luke apologizing for recently getting over a cold.


One of the most amazing performances in the Welterweight division we've ever seen. Jorge was on the edge of defeat for 25 straight minutes, and Usman was merciful by not allowing him the release of death.

Black lives matter.

rj e

Boxing best in all of the UFC!!!

Darryl Weaver

Luke you was 100% right, I'm a big Max fan and I come from New Zealand so I'm pretty non bias, I scored it 29-28 for Max but I wasn't shocked because of the 10point must system, I saw a heap of fighters and managers calling it the biggest robbery in UFC history without acknowledging the real problem.

Juan Ritz

It's been chipping away at our fight souls forever, but this is finally the last UFC PPV that I'll order until Dana stops dancing around the judging system problems and does something. Anything. That was the one of the more dominant "losses" that I've ever seen. And to do an absolute legend like that. It'll turn a real fight fan's stomach. Also, I love Volkanosvki, he's a serious problem for everyone in the division, but that was quite the caper. Dana loves to present an image of omnipotence, well it's far past time to use some of that power to refine something that truly matters to this sport.

S'all good man!

UFC has a wife who keeps up appearances, keeps the house in order and gives good sex once in a while. UFC also keeps a mistress, that wild girl who likes to party, spend money and delivers memorable once in a lifetime sex. Usman vs Masvidal


My observation is Jorge had retarded td defense and he had answers.. The way he fought out of the clinch against the fence when he decided to explode was really impressive you didn't see Woodley with the ability to do that.. And kamaru was in danger playing with fire every exchange.. His bursts were limited by concerns about his gas tank.. I think Jorge takes the rematch