Boat Fails of the Week | Never Trust Your Friends

Boat Fails of the Week | Never Trust Your Friends

1 295 374 views | 6 Jul. 2020

Its Monday which means its time for Boat Fails of the Week brought to you by Haulover Inlet!

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00:00 He wasn't ready yet! @pat.signorelli on IG

00:17 Tough way to end a day on the water @alexander.poroy

00:32 Losing toes is a 4th of July tradition @andysmith0605

01:13 Don't you hate it when the hitch pops off?

01:29 Yo-Yo-Ma-Ha @tingumfishing

01:46 I don't think that's gonna do it! @the_billfish_guy

01:52 You're forgetting something!

02:18 The customer is always right @rumblefishoutdoors

02:29 The silver surfer aged quickly! @kierons2101

02:40 4th of July BBQ @alana simon

05:23 Full send! @rob_bckmn

05:32 Who else is dragging today? @jack.lowitz

Juan S

Looks like getting a license is not going to be easy anymore, you can thank stupid for being stupid and careless.


@:43. Probably the worst stuff you can inhale! Plastic+fiberglass-one hell of a party, with one hell of a hangover!

Dan F

Outboard boat on fire? Haven't seen that...

Youtube Comments

Can’t sub this. Didn’t see the thumbnail

cosgrove notts

Don't you just love MAGA

Worlds Worst Musician

The number of people who don't maintain their wheel bearings is truly worrying :/

hygtfrde vgdsehy

Did his wife make him keep that picture of him in the boat while it's sinking at his funeral


Great video.

Josh Murphy

So not only is the profile pic not shown, but half the video is the smoking boat? Cmon bro....

Stephen Salkin

I have been a boater on the West coast for 50 years. After watching about a 1000 Haulover videos i have determined that Florida boaters are dangerous and do not need to own boats.

nick sicat

Bad screen recording editing FAILED!

Ray Zickrick

@5:56 Good Captain. He go down with the ship.

Matt Robinson

2:15 omg take a couse


Insurance fire ?

Lo Mane

Shame to see the boat on fire i hope it wasnt a p diddy style shrimping vessel

potato lew44

The guy at 2:20, WTF is wrong?? Is it he has the pole upside-down, maybe the "professional sporties" don't like that. Anyhow that hardly qualifies him to be with the rest of the morons on this video.

max perez

i am amazed someone didn't lose a foot or worse when launching the boat from the broken trailer.


1:29 That music can't be helping matters.

Chris K

Why so many videos in portrait mode?


Boating is great for observing infinite human stupidity.


Haha it took me like 5 times rewatching it to figure out he had the pole upside down

Alan Koemel

All I know is—the world is filled with idiots. Problem is, they reproduce.


Clearly some mrs puffs boating school drop outs.


Bust out another thousand

South from Texas

This one time at band camp

CosmicWaffle 26

2:22 oof lol

Don Kinzett

As usual the gene pool isn't very deep

John Kilsheimer

Florida... The Plywood state


No info about the thumbnail? You even show the same pic full screen. Got a dislike for that.

Gay cha


Will Hall

Most of these are already out there on other sites.


0.35 you picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel..

nick becker

3:08 really man?

Steve Giblin

People should take boating courses! Us e common sense!

Fix your boat and more

nice video

Peter Horadan

When the video preview image isn't in the video? Fail.

Anthony W Stanton

Love your content!

ole smokey

Bro how do you let a fire get that bad on a boat your literally surrounded by water to put it out

William Gibb

That's one way to remove barnacles. These fools have more horsepower then brain cells.

Guglielmo Di Carlo

you need to edit that one long video ,

Alan Robinson

I would really like to know how many good motors are ruined by fools running them out of the water at full tilt.

Jason Carle

why are all these types of videos taken with potato cams?

Hugo Gonzalez

Look at this boaters, they are suckers and losers

Maria King



5:26 was an epic win, not a fail!

G.David Lawrence

Ole Boy at 2:30 nailed it! Not much of a fail...

Dunker Furgill


Damian Blake

Ok, but hold up. at 4:40, is that a length of galvanised chain on the bottom of the forestay of that cat?!?!?

Adam Temple

dam....crazy day at haulover ....

Indrid Cold

Parents, if your kids are clueless as how to hold a tablet, cellular phone, or laptop to take panaramic video, please teach them the proper way to take video. If they are slow and have problems learning how to properly take video, do not let them upload video suffering from vertical video syndrome. It reflects poorly on the parent that their child can not grasp such an easy concept as to how to properly take video. I know competent adults know how to properly hold their device for proper video.

Ed Moore

some people could ruin a shit sandwich.

Daniel McAllister

Trumpland the land of the half wit home of the dumb, The only nation where they provide college degrees in stupidity

P Jplumber

Boat on fire lasted to long. ... I am out

Dragon Meddler

Way too much time on the boat fire. I get it. Boat was burning and water being sprayed. Move on to the next fail!

R L saved

I can't stand vertical phone recording. Only show horizontal videos and then people will start recording correctly. Well the men anyway.

Niall O'Neill

Way too much coverage of the damn boat on fire! 10 seconds was enough. Nothing significant happened with all the footage. I guess you ran out of material? Weak

C Са

Very inteligente nation.


Dumb people buying boats, why?

Mark Sims

Proof that there is absolutely no correlation between disposable income and brains.

Eric Mason

0:19 Is this a good way to clean your bottom ?

dave smith

What plug! There's a plug?

john dough

wondering how many creeps film boats all day. Theres dozens of these "Haulover channels"

Never thought that would be a hobby

Jon Booth

Hilarious and sad . So many fails caught on video makes me wonder how many aren't caught . Bogles my mind . Thanks for sharing .

Steven Del carlo

Remember to grease you're wheel bearings

Dan Letter

It’s sad that I’m actually shocked, when someone didn’t try to crank the boat, while people were unraveling an anchor from the prop.
Also sad I had to edit this six times, only to feel like the grammar is still wrong.

The PalOhana

Love this!!! Lol we recently avoided our own boat fail:

Bar Cat

...of course the thumbnail is clickbait...every damn time.


Coast Guard nightmare a ref with a boat. They do crazy things that you will never understand.

n2muscles pump

Ppl putting themselves in positions that could cause serious injury or death....OVER A GD BOAT !!!!!

Bob Berger

I go to the boat ramp and watch people load boats


Newton's First Law of Motion: "An object at rest stays at rest..."

Nat Calverley

To all those idiots that constantly loose trailers allow me to introduce you to Pintle hitches and Pintle draw bars for your boat trailers as well as bloody safety chains with safety clips on their hooks. Now if you could also manage to put the safety pin in the Pintle hitch after closing it that would be awesome. Losing a trailer is no laughing matter and could lead to a criminal negligence causing death charge if things go badly for a oncoming vehicle.

Chuck Small



With the boat fire, didn't one marina push the burning boat out only to have it blow down on the neighboring marina?

Hadrian Bermuda

Ow s*** what going on dude, be careful

Jim Watson

Don't ya just love those idiot's that hold an Open Face upside down?

D Crea

Most of these people have more money than sense

Jim Watson

Had to be an Ex Wife draggin that boat across the beach!

James Hall

A lot of douche bags on the water.

old school

Love these vids

Frankly my dear,

What in the actual weirdo freako hell was that character terrorizing the crowd at 2:36? I laughed so hard I cried!

John Granato

These are the geniuses that will run you over while you're night fishing! These folks need to sell their boats and take up needle-point!

Mike Cooper

What the hell happened @1:19


Looks like a bad day for insurance companies

G Marshall

Just tax the stupid people

Edwin Duprey

Some people just have too much money

Tim Guerin

I hope that half of these boaters can't have kids, too continue the stupidity.

Sam F

5:26 there is no fail here, sir

Matthew Meaux

Launching a boat from a broken trailer is has to do with instant gratification vs. Priority. Fix the trailer then launch the boat.

Joe Soap

More Hp than sense mostly

Andrew G

Was it just me or did the selfie under the flipped center console have a dogs skeleton hanging by a leash?

Christopher Gardner

:20 plot twist. Launched the trailer then took the truck and boat to the parking lot

Alan Hale

Cheese and rice lol

Dopey NightlifeTV

1:19 Bro um weakkkk


Destroying a trailer to launch a boat seems a bit much.


2:19 damn whales, fishing our oceans

Audrey lynn

We watched this in class