Khabib Nurmagomedov Comments On Khamzat Chimaev

Khabib Nurmagomedov Comments On Khamzat Chimaev

199 017 views | 6 Oct. 2020

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Chael Sonnen talks Khabib's commenets on Khamzat Chimaev on this episode of Beyond the Fight.


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always never

They have no relationship Chael, training or personal. And Khamzat never called himself khabib 2.0......everyone else did though.

Rohit Saha

This video should was named wrong !!
Should be called "horn loves chael"

Abcelawn Zemra

It's fighting they should be happy to fight a worthy opponent. that's a notch in their belt . beating the boogeyman from under the bed that's what fighters are thought of to be and said to be right?


Khamzat never referred himself as Khabib 2.0. Stop saying this.


Khabib was right when he said He deserves top 10.

Jeremiah Son of Man

Chael is fake news

Muhammad Rezaul Hasan

I'm commenting on chael commenting on khabib commenting on khamzat

justin cochran

Why does everyone pronounce his nake wrong, the k is silent.

Dennis Bergkamp

0:44 eminem?

Anis Sbw

Youtalk too much just give him fast track we cant wait


Chael was an annoying fighter, is even worse talking more on video.

Jake Hellard

Will someone let Uncle Chael know that if he heard Chameav refer to himself as khabib2.0 it was sarcasm and he does not like to be called that!

The Mad Hatter

No they are not teammates nor have they ever met one another.


well the UFC rankning is a joke anyway so what the hell not


He didnt come out he was taking questions from reporters during a virtual presser

Abdulrahman Alshaker

you suck

Mikiel Sahagun

I shall do you one better, Khabib won the title of light weight champ against Raging Al which was ether 4th, 5th or 6th rank

Aedan Dane

I wish Chael saw this and taught me MMA :(

Patrick Ezzar Nengasca

Holly Holmes look what happen


Um....didn't an 8th ranked (at middleweight) Chael Sonnen get a title shot at light heavyweight?

Blaine Turnacliff

Wrong. Khabib didn’t say he deserved a top 10 fight, and if won, then a title shot. Khabib said, “ he deserves a 10 ten fight, and if wins , the a “contender” fight” Khabib means he needs a minimuof 2 fights before he gets a title shit. !!!!

ceptuz ‘

Who the fuck cares haha

Sine Nomine

Chael do a vid on why MMA fighters have a track record of NOT retiring in time.

Shafiqul Alam

Khabib didn’t say title shot...
He said No.1 contender fight...
And you are still calling him HAZmat...!!
Don’t get me wrong but it’s ridiculous...!!


digress king


Smesh recognizes Smesh.

Parrog AKA Paradise

Well they’re both from the Caucuses, Muslims and they have beards: they MUST be old friends

Max Moore

Actually Chimaev never called himself Khabib 2.0. He actually said the opposite.
If you're gonna speak on people 1. Research so you have facts. 2. Get their names right for Christs Sake. 3. Stop rushing them to an early ass whoopin

Thor yL

Chael P Sonnen, always right about fighting. Gotta remember Hazmat Chimaev

Rasqache Media

Chechnya to Dagestan is only a 5 hour drive

m j

Chael, when you pronounce Khamzat, start with the "M" then the "Z". You're starting with the "Z" and say Khazmat

Sam Smith

Fighters would do best if they remembered it is Prizefighting. I.e you fight for a prize. You get a bigger prize by getting people interested in your fights. The company looks at two things, will the fight sell, and will it be competitive. All the hype is behind Khamzat right now, if you take that fight, and you win, you get a nice fat share of the hype. Look at Masvidal on beating Askren, what incentive was there for Jorge to fight Askren? Jorge used it as an opportunity to make a statement and was rewarded for it by getting to fight Nate for a brand new title, and upon winning that he got a title shot, albeit on short notice. Meanwhile no one cares about Leon Edwards, despite him beating top-quality competition 8x in a row.

Abayomi Maja

They weren’t teammates & Chimaev has never said he’s Khabib 2.0, the media have and he’s pushed back on that claim

Leona And Lee Button

The only number that matters is the champion. He on fire

MyNames Hopper

Great story Chael. Respect to Horn for the way he carried himself. Gotta love someone who has that type of mentality.


Chill Chael. The Wolf threw 87 strikes in 3 games and received just 1. He deserves a top 10 opponent.


How is Chael still referring to Khamzat as "Haz-mat" lol. Even without knowing the proper pronunciation in a different language, not getting the m & the z order mixed up is the easiest mistake to correct possible


“He gave me the fight, it didn’t go my way.” I hate when Uncle Chael lies to me.

Patrick Archer

Chapel stop saying he said he’s khabib 2.0 he never said tht lol he said is “Khamzat”


Chael Sonnen comments on Khabib Nurmagomedov's comments on Khamzat Chimaev


Chael actually asked Chimaev wether he ever trained with Khabib and he said no... so how is that still a question?

Ronsonn Swandom

this isnt chael sonnen its a regular guy in a chael outfit its the oldest trick in the book

ashraf Zargar

Shutttt the hell uppp bruh

Shagolshem Opendro Singh

Khabib said a top 10 and then a contender. But khamzat is scared to fight neil magny..that is the problem

Alan Martinez

Give him Weidman

Kyle Hollenbaugh


Frank Logan

Well spoken about the rankings. We fans don't care about it.

Rory Rubymace


Leona And Lee Button

Love the way chael calls him hazmat brilliant

Grayson Morris

It's just one of those things

Tito Perez

Chael should fight chimaev I got uncle chael

James Campbell

Khamzat never called himself Khabib 2.0 everyone else did.

Amin Jama

Haz mat "hazard material"

Claim Attacol

It will be great mistake for him now , the 2 guys in the division does have better wrestling and striking than him
Usman and kolby


its HAM-ZAT,uncle Chael


20 episodes later, chael sonnen still cant pronounce chimaevs name right, its KHAMZAT not HAZMET for fucks sake

Mike S

Khabib fought to get his belt against the number 9 or 10 ranked guy.

Steven Pollock

Leon Edwards and chineievewould be in Ausome fight for both people One wants to prove a point, and the other is finding a way to the top three

The faceless Question

Give Khamzat ,Derrick Brunson...let's c him smesh that.

Jake Mcneish

Shiiiittt why didn't I fully listen!!!!!!


Even a casual knows more facts than chael. Wich is quite embarrasing.

Amir Khan

Well, your question which is had khabib and khamzat anything common? The answer is that they both are Muslims and true Muslims always support one another everywhere.

Josh Millan

Like this if you like the number next to the fighter

Very Dark

This fool is talking shit and can't even say the dude's name lol
The WhiteKnight.


They're getting paid for fighting it's not just about ranking, the more you fight the more you get paid,

George Kasparian

Man u always give me a different perspective! U da man!

Josh Millan

Why he mad about the numbers lol

mrZiggizagg Bark

Borz did not call him self khabib 2.0 sombody else did

wayne maddock

Yeah Cheal you know you spoke to him on FaceTime and he said he had never trained with or never met khabib

Abdulwahab Alabdulali

No Khabib is from Dagestan the other guy is from Chechnya. Khabib all the way all day. Chimaev will get beat.

The Outsider



If you fear a fighter that is lower than you then wouldn't that mean the number beside your name has no real values?

MikeyP215 MikeyP215

You're thinking that out of pure racism LMAO

Johnny Pitbull

I hate yet still find Chael funny

Rhys Campbell

Gratitude for having that attitude haha

Don Demon

And again he talks thrash......what´s wrong with him. His manager said Khabib 2.0 not Khamzat. So much wrong informations on this channel...


If top 10 guys are afraid of him, doesn't that make him a top 10 guy?

The Heir

Listened to 8 minutes of this and got a hella lot of nothing out of it wth was your point cheal

Darrin Koszarski

Khabib as a child saved Chimaev from a bear attack when he was an infant.

D Legionnaire


Jody Jones

Book Chimaev v Adesanya soon. Now that's one helluva match up. Probably even more so than Jones v izzy..


No they never trained together. He said so in an interview

Jake Mcneish

"Somebody knows the answer" khabib would maul a motherfucker


How long will it take him until he says Khamzat and not Khazmat ? XD

Local Authority Official

He has lived in Sweden for a decade chael


Geeeez, bunch of marks on this one. Nice work Chael

Bahtiyar Haydarov

Chechens and Dagestanians are rival nations. I doubt that Khabib and Khamzat even met

Arnold Mel

Khabib never trained with Khamzat


Chael, Chimaev & Khabib have definitely met. They both have trained in gyms owned by the known Dictator of Chechnya, Kadyrov.


0:02 why you say Husband Chimaev? You can’t pronounce his name?

Lifted productions

You're not supposed to pronounce the k btw

Samuel Nunez

This is fighting chiamev just want to fight all those guy are afraid that is the true my friend


Chael the only mma guy we watch because he can talk but not say the right information


They haven’t had a childhood past. They’re just both with Dominance MMA

Alex Ortiz

He Should do it right. As fast as he's climbing the ladder, he'll be there in no time. Beast!!!!

Marco De Nardi

The truth is every fellow Muslim knows each other and that's it.


i love how chael gets half his facts totally wrong every video. i used to think it was just because he is busy, but now i am 100% sure he is trolling the people by saying the exact opposite of what they said.

B Boots VivaHateInc

Funny Jeremy Horn story... I first started training Jiu Jitsu and MMA in 2003 on the Island of Guam. Within that first year Jeremy Horn comes out to fight on Guam. Most fighters before a fight sit back stage and warm up until their name is called. Jeremy decided to sit ringside until his match while he read a book. A couple min before his fight he gets up and goes to the back, the announce his name, he comes out, makes easy work out of some unfortunate soul, and goes right back to reading his book. Im also pretty sure by that point he was close to a 100 total fights... Dude is, was, and always will be a complete savage!

Zaq Qureshi

Of course Chael would call him Khazmat

Rami Rami

Khamzat never called him self khabib 2.0 ..he hates to be called like that