UFC Glendale Results: Dustin Poirer vs. Justin Gaethje | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

UFC Glendale Results: Dustin Poirer vs. Justin Gaethje | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

83 216 views | 15 Apr. 2018

At UFC Glendale, Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje fought in the main event in a lightweight contest.

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In the co-main event, 'Cowboy' Alex Oliveira had a very competitive and brutal fight with Carlos Condit, but it was the Brazilian who got the best of the contest. What's next for both fighters? We'll break it down. Plus, top middleweight prospect Israel Adesanya got past Marvin Vettori and Cortney Casey and Michelle Waterson had an incredible fight. I'll break down all of these bouts plus the rest of the fight card. This is my UFC on FOX 29 post-fight special.

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great observation on poriers left at the ennd, i didnt catch just how big it was

Alaskan Submarine Expeditions

Gay zengeif!!!


Waterson vs Casey was a very good fight indeed. Moraga vs Reis was pretty good too

Corey Huppe'

Did he really just say the Richmond Molesters as an example of a minor league team?? Lol could tell the second that word molester came out he felt weird


You listen to me and you listen clearly. Justin Gaethje is a FUCKING moron. He has talent, but he is so fucking dumb, that he lets his ego overcome his real skills, and turns every fight into a barn burner. Soon he will be so fucking brain damaged, that he won't have an option anymore and will simply be a dumb fuck brute that goes out swinging and gets retired just like Chuck Liddell with a glass chin.


Luke my man, this is the best setup so far... keep this... make no more changes brah... this is it.

Catalin Istrate

Porier vs Alvarez -> The rematch! We need to see it!

Toby Jones

Audio ✅
Video ✅
Background ✅
I always enjoy Luke’s content, even with the inevitable technical hitches. But for his sake I think he might have cracked it. As always good work fella.


Damn luke that new quality is crisp man, keep it up


Idc if Cruz is smug, but he does tend to be pithy and overly-analytical. Noone is perfect and he could greatly improve by learning to condense his message and not try and cram so much unnecessary and repetetive information together.


Your passion for this is contagious Luke. So much yes

Ulf Hazelcreek

Looking spiffy, sounding great! Also, insightful and interesting as always.


“The Richmond Molesters”


Geathje was a huge let down,Thought he had a bit more technique and cardio that that,Very poor, made Poirer look special ,which he is not ,

Ed Miller

who all got the 50k bonuses??? anyone know??

Pick n move

How does Tony not get an auto title shot? If hes hurt for a long time then give it to Dustin I guess but Ferguson has been beating everyone


wow, setups looking really good, great work!

Ryan Morrow

Incredible fights. Love the Bane reference.

Everett Bruer

Gave you that sub and like for the hussle. Cheers Luke.

Rich P. Top Tier

I’m a fan of Justin. But I don’t want him to become just a punching bag.


So I usually listen to the podcast. haven't watched the Youtube version in awhile. Serious video upgrade in video quality. Keep it up Luke.


I don't understand how in the shit you think Casey edged out Waterson. I find it hard giving her just one round. Everytime she went for the armbar Waterson escaped and passed guard, she was on top the whole time they were grounded and landed good shots on top.


As usual, great content.

sean rodgers

Thank motherfucking Christ he's actually cussing now. It sounded so fucking stupid to hear him say "that's some S" and other such nonsense.

Luke Thomas

To everyone who donated on the super chat: THANK YOU! I read all of the messages shown on my interface. If I didn't read yours, I'm SORRY! If I can find them, I'll make a separate video to address any questions or comments. Either way, YOU GUYS ARE APPRECIATED!


This new setup and video quality is great! Keep it up.

Keith Jones

Hey Luke, found you on Sirus 93 RUSH last year and have been listening ever since. Best MMA talk show both on and off television! Love it!

Phil MacMillan

Excellent recap Luke! That main event was stellar. The tempo out of the gate was absurd, strikes thrown and landed were so high. Dustin being accurate and powerful in the 4th even after all those leg kicks! Those body shots to Justin really effected him, and I think justins cardio was more compromised. Those eye poles were Uber annoying but just allowed them both to revover.
Counter straight off the leg kick, Dustin didn't check them early but he finally used them to set up the finish. Amazing

michael green

I think the clear move here is Dustin and Eddie run it back maybe khabib and Conor fight if not winner fights khabib


What's the point of the video quality upgrade? Doesn't everyone have this playing in the background? People are actually looking at you talk? wtf lol


Gaethje vs Pettis next?


Look at you n your camera

Dizzy Dee

Justin is known for brawling, not exactly elite mma, but way more entertaining

Veljko Antonijevic

that A7III video looks sharp as Porier's standup

Billy Mitchell

Your a weirdo funny when jon jones punked you haha

Kane Banner

THE RICHMOND MOLESTERS, please make that t shirt.

Jake Randal

I remember when everyone called me a donk for donating because he wouldn't read the super chat


Hey I have a super legit question. So I was thinking about Conor McGregors next move. I am a legit fan. I like the way he fights, I like to watch him fight, I find him a very interesting entertaining and special fighter. Of course his personality makes it all bigger than life so its very interesting.

I was thinking about his fights at featherweight, his fights at welterweight, and his fight at lightweight... Very different fights because of his opponents of course, and also, I was wondering about the speed/power ratio or accuracy/precision ratio. In other words, I am pretty sure he is faster at featherweight which would give him more precision but he is less powerful. At lightweight, I think his power increased and his precision increased, but because of the different weight, he wasn't as ¨speedy¨ or as ¨bouncy¨ as he was at featherweight. Now at welterweight, his precision seems to still be there, his power seems to increase as well, but his speed decreases. His strikes at welterweight look a bit heavier and a bit more telegraphed.

So now , to get to my ultimate point , I specifically think about his fights at welterweight and in the context of the situation when those fights happened, I don't think we saw the ¨best¨ Conor McGregor at welterweight... I'm pretty sure we saw the ¨best¨ Conor McGregor at featherweight. And we saw a pretty flawless Conor McGregor at lightweight ( although this could be debatable because of there was only one fight ) . Sooooo about Conor McGregors next opponent...

Taking all of these things into consideration... My question is... Is Conor McGregor going to fight Khabib next or is he going to fight Tyron Woodley next? Does Conor McGregor who has time to prepare for a welterweight fight have a better chance against Woodley? Or does he have a better chance against Khabib?

I personally think that it is a hard question. I think the fact that Georges St Pierre is/was a welterweight might sway McGregor into preferring a Welterweight contest with Woodley because of the possible stakes. I think McGregor will ultimately make the decision he thinks he will most profit off of ( obviously ) and I think he is good at this.... I definitely think he would ideally prefer going up, fighting Woodley, and then fighting GSP, to get the 3 belts, for the money, and because ultimately he would MUCH rather get the opportunity for three belts in three different weight classes than allow George to do the same. BUT does he think he has a better chance against Woodley or against Khabib? What do you think? H$


outstanding work from both guys, bravo.........

David Martinez

Dustin "The Matador" Poirier

Legendary Skinman

Put Connor Tony and khabib in the cage together and let's see who comes out standing

Theclaw Yaww

Dustin vs Eddie winner gets Khabib whil Tony is out. Unless Conor or GSP at MSG

Wteven Sard

Looks good m8, I look forward to all your stuff every week, keep up the great work!!!!


I had shoulder surgery last year as well. It blows. Hope you get all of your motion back.


It felt like DC and Cruz were competing with each other


Do u sort your book shelves if so, how?

awesomo 4000

anytime Dustin, Eddie, and Justin fights. The fights are always gonna be a fight of the year contender. Plus they always bring it and give it their all, cant hate em. Will always be fans.

mr who

Yes but at the same time he had a punching bag infront of him


Conor cracked Poirer easily, so what does that tell you mcnugget haters?


Spot on... I feel

Ryan Morrow

Justin was caught, dropped, and lost the fight. Props to Poirer. I think he took more damage though.

Joey Night Train

Luke ... I was scrambling ta get your take on this fight after seeing the highlights on utube. Sorry i cant be a patreon... I cant even be a "payperview". But im telln ya nobody summarizes like you do. It actually "crystalizes" the experience✨Anyway Keep doin what ya doin and im diggn all the upgrades.

Matthew Stall

Thanks for the vid. Funny I was at a sports bar in Vietnam. When McGregor is fighting the place is packed. Then we have this gem today and I was the only person there. Not one other customer in the place. Their loss.

Jedi Brooks

Dc > Cruz

Neon Rust

I mean the fight was great and everything. But it wasn't as exiting as Luke made out. It was really cool, but nothing special

trent d

Thought Courtney Casey got robbed

Legendary Skinman

Seriously best show quality yet. I enjoy the breakdowns and fight talk every time.

Lucky Patrick

Image is great but audio too low.

Rich P. Top Tier

I like Justin a lot. BUT he needs to defend an fight more technical. Not get hit so much. He could be great but he takes damage early on.

Jaime L

The Richmond Molesters!!!??? Jesus Thomas!!!

Giovanni Herrera



Adesanya had his hype train drastically slowed. Any of the top ten mw guys hurt him bad. Unless he improves that ground game quick. Of course, Bobby Knucks fucks him up either way. Marvin landed less, but seemed to hit harder when he did. Wasn't terribly impressed.


Wilson reis vs John morega was the fight of the night apparently haha


The Richmond Molesters


Mr Luke please no cursing, my 2 year old is watching

Nicolas Lloyd

are you gunna sell dustin poirer shirts now? lol


Two savage's entered, one fighter left

Team spicy

Matt Brown

Lol you can't compare Gaethje's defense with Romero's defense. Gaethje blocks punches with his face, Romero actually blocks punches with his hands and elbows like a high level mma striker should.


Need a volume boost; On phone and PC I have to be really close to be able to hear even with volume turned all the way up.


I've always liked DP's straight left and always thought that's his biggest weapon. It has that certain snap..... and when it connected perfectly on Gaethje's chin. it was the beginning of the end for Gaethje. I was rooting for Gaethje but god damn.... the fact that DP came out on the 4th like that after the damage he received in the 3rd,, that's fcking impressive. Great job by both fighters and congrats for FOTN. Thank u both
Edit:: I think Gaethje should take a long break and then perhaps fight Lee vs Barboza loser. Or maybe even better - someone outside of top 15 just to give JG a better chance to get back in winning ways.

Frenk van Vlissingen

I know you're trying hard to up the energy but this is a bit too transparent.

Luis Garcia

Another really good post-fight chat. I’ve really enjoyed these since you started and am liking the new gear to improve these videos. I noticed that the sound was a tad low. I had to really crank the sound this time and it still felt lower than normal.

World Combat Sports

i agree, it's was a burner for real, dang you hate to see the punishment factor but in a delegated fight plan that was polished, pure heart and tenacity which entertained beyond expectations. hardly any excessive trash talk bravado antic but strait to the action. AWESOME.

John von Atzigen

Luke lost me when he quoted Bane from that Turd of a Batman movie.


Gaethje is boxings Arturo Gatti

Kamil Grzeszczak

@50:15 Wieczorek is pronounced like"Vyetchorek" ("cz" is like "ch" i polish)

The Guvnor

Poirier vs Alvarez next. Winner gets title shot.

Gaethje is a one dimensional tough guy but toughness will take you only so far in this game. His style is harsh and damaging on his body and I dread to think what he looks like in 2-3 more fights. His speech is already baring the effects.


Great camera focus shit is uhd


wow luke its crazy to see how far this podcast has come in terms of production(content has been a constant). the bookshelf is a nice touch.

John Cormier

That main event was sick. Dustin deserves a shot at the gold strap after that.

Dizzy Dee

I thought the commentary was hopeless in the main event... they were all hanging from Justin’s nuts so hard they missed everything Dustin was doing.

Richard Harrow

Really good content!

bong donkey


Tal 3

Love Justin...how long will he be able to fight like this...what is he doing to his brain!


@44.59 Had the vid playing in the background while chilling/reading, I nearly had a F%[email protected] heart attack.

Jonathon Tsamantanis

Wow is Dustin Poirer no longer the diamond in the rough

Frank B

luke looks like he sold 1 m t shirt lol

Jaime L

Gave you a like you nose picking donk!

Cathode Ray Mission

the Richmond molesters

Michael Plaxico

Don’t know if I can handle not once, not twice, but three times the stinger.

Slorb D

best video quality Ive ever seen from you. From when I started watching until now, its a vast improvement.

wayne heffernan

I know you want stars in the ufc but Israel doesn't come across as world beater unfortunately I was surprised how mediocre he was. Hope he gets better. Also I'm a fan but I was just disappointed by his performance.

James Court

Gaethje is the most entertaining fighter ever. He controls the match progression despite the opponent.


Gaethje vs Iaquinta in the fall

Brandon Sanchez

"Just Bleed" T-shirts PLZ Luke I'll be live in CHI #UFC225 and would love to show one off for you

Callum Carron

Glad i stayed up til 3am to watch that war. What a pair of warriors

André Vila Franca

I'm super happy for Antonio Carlos Júnior and Dustin Poirier.
I hope Israel Adesanya improves his wrestling, he's super fun to watch and i want to see him keep winning.

Tejas A

Nice video and audio quality

Mr Sir