Haulover Storm | Boats vs Rough Waves !!

Haulover Storm | Boats vs Rough Waves !!

1 196 928 views | 8 Aug. 2019

Haulover Storm | Boats vs Rough Waves !!

Hey Folks, we had a Tropical Storm at Haulover Inlet over the weekend. Not surprising at all, this did not stop the boating nor sandbar action! Lots of heavy rain and wind made it a bit challenging to capture but, we fought through it!

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1:40 is a 42 Yellowfin

- Correction made in the comments by Vincent Smyth.

8:34 is a Pershing 64

- Correction made in the comments by Michael Crandell

Disclaimer: Pricing and Speed specs are researched online and based on new models only. If a new model is unavailable, then the specs are based on the average used market. Music used : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6RJv7f__Mg


Captain Invincible ate humble pie :)

Alessandro Bacci

When it’s flat everything floats but when it’s wavy you need a good hull! Just few are really good. A good driver is also needed


Wow why are the waves so crazy just in that 1 spot? The way they designed the bay or something? weird


Awesome vid.

Josh Keen

More money then sense to go out in those conditions

Wet Hook Fever

Was the jet ski topless or was the guy or girl cheating a d you had to block them out.


I don't understand the blurred out jet ski.


Radar is not required on vessels under 1600 GT (33 CFR 164.35), however, Rule 7 states that proper use shall be made of radar equipment if fitted and operational. In other words, whoever has one must use it. The Navigation Rules are not meant to discourage the use of any device, rather they expect prudent mariners to avail themselves of all available means appropriate...as to make full appraisal of the situation (Rule 5), e.g. the use of radar. At issue is whether the use of radar is appropriate in the prevailing circumstances and that is a determination made by the Master; and, ultimately decided by a trier of fact.

Should you be in a collision how would a judge/jury rule on your contention that the use of radar was impracticable (due to electrical drain, crew shortages, etc.)? Also, if a collision does occur, then there was obviously a risk of collision beforehand. Could the determination of that risk have been made sooner with the use of radar? It is difficult to answer such questions because the circumstances of each case are different.


Wow, the 42 Mystic is a big boat with a lot of freeboard. Shows how rough it was that day

Andy Man

why oh why are these vids so very addictive and calming?

Fred Read

Wow, where do people get the money for these .5.to 1 million dollar plus toys? !

Norm Simpson

I would love to hear your excuse as to why you showed us a Clip of a Jetski that we cannot see....how does that even make any sense?


7:18 what was the purpose of adding a video clip of two people on a jet ski, only to block them out? #curious

Adriano Santos


Allosaurus Fragilis

4 x 300 mercurys! Bloody hell. What would the fuel bills be like. My boat has one outboard of 115 hp and i think thats quite costly. We are in uk though.


perfect video before sleep

Uli Widmaier

What's the yacht starting a 6:02?


nice video

E.H. J.


Gene Kelley

Does anyone know why the JetSki was blurred out?


If u gonna do this then why pixel out the jet ski unless someone got hurt? be true or go home and leave the work for others!! if u did it to protect him then shame on you!! another fast one like that and i'll unsub ur Ass!!

Nam Hoang

I dont know why. But I could watch this all day.

Leray Bojangles

Just sit right back
And you'll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship
The mate was a mighty sailing man
The skipper brave and sure
Five passengers set sail that day
For a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour
The weather started getting rough
The tiny ship was tossed
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
The Minnow would be lost, the Minnow would be lost
The ship set ground on the shore of this
Uncharted desert isle
With Gilligaaan
The Skipper too
A millionaire, and his wife
A movie star
The Proffessor and Mary Ann
Here on Gilligan's Isle


Because you can buy a boat doesn’t mean you know how to handle it

Cambridge Property Management

Reminds me of the Indian river inlet in Rehoboth DE that gets pretty bad when the storms come people have gotten swamped really bad even on big boats there and kayakers things it’s a good idea to go through the waves there and then get pulled under and then never come back up they just disappear

Guglielmo Di Carlo

why would you even bother to put it in , if your going to block it out completely?


Some of the contemporary looking yachts right now do look very fashionable but something tells me age is not going to serve them well. Classic looking they are not.

The Temple Law Firm

I'm guessing the guy on the jet ski at 7:55 into the video complained of using them in your video. Comical!!!

Paul Mahy

Watched a few of these now. Really beautiful place you folks live. I'd love to live there and skipper a boat, sadly, 0 degrees air temp' and rain here in the UK.

Dominick ATX

Why was the PWC blurred out?

The Architect

eBay do u blue ohttbe blis wagering guy?3$/ keep in video of its hat a. Our ectobemoe mcoint around? Just cudion

chasm of sar

Boats coming in is boring. Boats going out = awesome!

Ronald Fleischmann

Can we say bilge pumps


7:17. Blue jetski. He must have been cheating on his wife and Paid u to pixel them out... Cheers!

Bosco Maser

I thoroughly enjoy your channel I just subscribe. Thank you Wavy.


I am from Florida and as a child my grandpa would take me out on his fishing boat or his antique wood Chris Craft he lived on Merritt Island. I live in Seattle now and these videos remind me of home and my grandpa who has passed away.


The wipers on the boat at 8:35 would be worthless in heavy rain/ high winds


2:24 Ugly ass boat


8:35 looks like a Pershing -- gorgeous boat!

Alex Divov

Mostly Mickey Mouse stuff. Sorry not impressed.

Hugh Morris


LittleShop OfSawdust

What kind of work do people do to be able to afford a 3.5M boat?

Wilson T

Wonder the boats have tiny holes installed under the hull and on both sides?

Jim Campbrill

Just want to say to the person recording videos...I really enjoy watching, its relaxing to me to cast the videos to my chromecast and watch these videos on my big screen...love seeing all the different boats and how they handle the waves....

Mortimer J. Mouse

The blue jet ski was pixelated out to protect the stupid.

Jeffrey Grant

Why did you provide anonymity to the people on the PWC?


This great channel is addicting.. new subbbbbbbbbbbby

db d

At 5.00 that guy should be arrested for takeing a child out in this weather on that thing, ass hole.

David Armstrong

No tides here on Lake Champlain, but I just can't see why people knowingly go out/in with/against ebb tide down there...

Capt. Slew

That Navatta is one ugly boat

Loudy 2.0

That 42' Invincible got tossed thanks to the way he was running it.

ivan kerr

Where is the storm


Sears 12 ft Aluminum Everude 9.9

T Brown Records

You may awesome videos

DZ Malekvali

What m I watching??

Jimmie Farris

Sure enjoyed.


What was the point of including a blurred out waverunner?? Just cut it out..


My penis is like a Manatee, big, dumb and smells like fish


That boat at 2:10 looks exactly like an Azimut


100,000k in radar fish finders and no one uses it

Ken Lemanski

CoEd naked jet skiing?

Charlie B.

I like the boat wearing sunglasses.


Why was the jetski blurred out

Benjamin Pankhurst

Love the vids


Why are the boats so overpowered? I mean a Quad Yamaha 400 means 1600 HP ?!

Ken B. NPB

39st Contender & I must say it would not have gone out in that condition, do these people look at the weather and water conditions before leaving. Ya just can’t correct stupid.

Z. Weertje

Why bow thrusters on very small boats?

Andrew T

Just as well matey turned around, he was filling up with water fast! I wonder what the jetski couple were up to that they had to be blurred out?

Mr Diavel

That navetta is a 58 not a 50

Reggie Longoria

My hat goes off to the captain of the Navetta 50. Now, that's a person who knows how to ride the waves.

Irish Man

Way to brave the elements.

Don F

Were those huge fixed portholes built into the bow of the Navetta 50???  And no rake or flare to the bow at all???  And 1.2 million???  I wouldn't give a buck ninety nine for it.

Edmund Dunn

Love the guy scooping up the water, hello your sinking you may want to give it some gas to get the bow up, his water line was much lower, love the cooler floating around in the stern.......the blue cruiser doesn't ride the waves it struggles through them, terrible bow design


If someone starts making proper ocean boats in your area they will make a fortune, never seen so many poorly designed boats in one place.

The Architect

Man that invincile 42cc just got WOTKED FOR A MINIZE ZHETD!

The Architect

Holy Moses thathugr " Invincible @was getting beat to hells

boosted saleen

Damn you think you're looking a 25ft boat with twins then you see it's a 42ft boat with quads getting tossed around. Lol

Dave Cummings

Boat at 6:00 - 7:10 ?

Vincent Smyth

1:40 that was a 42 yellowfin great vid tho

Robert Barone

That Sea Hunter's a beast!


1:49 what happened there?

Richard Metz

Invincible captain isn’t a captain but he did stay at a Holiday Inn once.

Paul Monaco

I thought that the Columbia River Bar was the WORST place to cross, but this is " RIDICULOUS " Although I didn't see any boats under 26' or powering up with less than 200HP It appears if you have a 40' with QUAD 300 HP you are good to go??? Still I wouldn't leave the PARKING LOT with these tides... C R A Z Y ! ! ! Great Video.

Jason Knoxx

The Invincible at 3:30 got tossed around. Definitely a scary ride!!

Organized Chaos.

whooooooooo boy that was some real edge of your seat type stuff... geeze whiz... might have to report you...

Tea Eff

Get the bow up and ride it in or out! For every one good boater are two idiots. Course it’s idiots playing for the camera now. It is the US, idiots are in charge. Go you!

Gary Souza

@ 2:33- I don't care what it cost. That is one ugly boat...

Frank Austin

Hey why did you cover up the people on the jet ski at 7.35 do they have outstanding warrants,lol


The rough water vids are the best !

Norm Simpson

Great Channel, Great View..and really calming to watch. I'm lucky, I'm on the West Coast, Dana Point Harbor, so when I'm stuck at work, I get to watch Your Harbor...pretty cool, thanks.

Norm Simpson

The Blue yacht at 2:25? He's a total cheapskate. For about $6,000, he could install a Gyro Roll control system that would make that boat ride smooth as silk in those conditions. More money than brains.

S Mash

Dont blur that crap out

Siobhan Reynolds

Legend has it the Invincible is still out there scooping up water to fill his boat.

Steven Galatan

Yk that your stupid for showing us a jet ski and then blurring it like ru dumb stupid or dumb

Cody S.

Why was the PWC censored?

David Bayles

3:30 That Invincible 42 sure took on a lot of water! Maybe trimmed incorrectly. He buried that bow several times.


Stuck in East Texas now. Raised on the coast from Galveston to Padre Island and your video's sure bring back some good memories. Thanks.

R Bousfield

Weird wipers on the silver pershing

T Grady

7/8 of these boaters don't have a clue on how to handle a boat. Lol. So dangerous.
Tip. Hit the gas and try to ride just the tops of the waves. Your all going to slow. Hang on and nail it baby. Stern steer will teach you real fast that your in need of some classes on hellman ship (HOW TO DRIVE A BOAT) for the layman. Lol. Before you drop off and hurt your passengers. Read. Ask questions. Practice. Just because you can buy a boat. Doesnt mean you should get one. Seen to many crashes from weekend warriors with brand new boats.


1:05. You can’t beat a bit of Bow flare to keep a boat dry.
Keep up the good work.
God Bless you all in the U.S. from your friends in Ireland.☘️