Badboyhalo almost *CRIES ON STREAM* as Skeppy Makes Him Jealous

Badboyhalo almost *CRIES ON STREAM* as Skeppy Makes Him Jealous

61 943 views | 12 Dec. 2020

Badboyhalo almost *CRIES ON STREAM* as Skeppy Makes Him Jealous


Jhan vincent Mendiola

Badboyhalo the egg is controlling him

ChingLing Black

oooooooh skeppy is dating someone


I feel so sad :( I almost cried


Now my profile picture doesn't make sense

I juul on kazoos

i understand that i'm only 18 whereas he's a 25 year old guy and i don't know him personally, and so i really have no right to give bad advice, but bro i feel like he needs to communicate to skeppy that he's getting upset about the roleplay. when my friends and i do roleplaying via discord we always tell each other if we feel uncomfortable about a topic that gets brought up. communication is important. i don't think it would damage the roleplay for him to admit that to skeppy. he would just recieve confirmation that no, skeppy is not actually detaching himself from bad

swine man

i didnt know bbh was gay huh another reason to support gay marriage


Wilbur needs to give Skeppy some blue

Pancake Potato

“He’s not being exclusive” ummm

King Random

If skeppy is kissing discount skeppy that’s a sin and not a sin???


Sometimes people enjoyed too much jokes that they don't even mind other people hurting

Even it's a roleplay it hurts so much

Timy Diferd

Bad is a gey

Sofia Was here

Did i just see skeppy mine gravel with a pickaxe? I SAW A CLIP I SWEAR



Cool_ Pancakes


Marcos Contreras

Its Role play

The Discord Traveler


Brayan Castaneda


Yoo Zeo

Gay 100%

king noob

God i ship this so much

The Other One7


kealy rae

why is Badboyhalo jealous when skeppy kissed puffy does Badboyhalo like skeppy?

Evan Maravilla

Why is there oct music at the end is it always there

Glen Sanoria

We love badboyhalo


one like one prayer skeppy will come back.

Kirstyn Traynor

Im a mix of Bbh, Dream and Wilbur, I have someone Wilburs personality, we like the same things and i agree with him most of the time. I have dreams IQ, In among us I pull off someone the craziest clutches and sometimes I can tell what dream is going to do in his manhunts :D, and I have Bads emotions :) when he cried on stream I was was crying as well :(

heartified _

aww #badboyhalosupport


Captions: Skippy


Aww poor babies-

Çınar Tatar

Skeppy doesn’t do to Skeppys. I think this is like Skeppys shall prevail

Jhan vincent Mendiola

Endder dragon is the egg

steve steve steve steve steve steve steve steve


Blanck Cat

1:17 angry bbh angry bbh


"Walgreens Skeppy"

King mayonesa

Ese dia me puse triste :'(

Jeric Basaran

Bad boy halo made me cry im so sad if im on that server i will cry if im Bad boy halo

Serj Micheal

This is making me cry

miss Ferret

Everytime I see red skeppy I think he's a blood clot

Jordyn Nexus

This was genuinely one of the most emotional things I’ve witnessed, bad was literally like “I know it’s roleplay but sometimes it feels real”

XxBløssomxX Gachaplayz

Bad:Kisses Skeppy
Skeppy:Kisses Puffy
Me:Bad I Want Kisses :c


bad cares alot about him


Classic love hate relationship


Skeppy trolls BadboyHalo but it's intensified roleplay


I love Bad’s little anger mumbles and grunts

Dingo Faya

Skeppy x discount skeppy

Rellik Plays

6:58 I fr thought that was skeppy letting out all his laughter. Lmao


Hol' up is Skeppy straight n o w ? since he kissed Puffy instead-

Achebe Obaseki

Skeppy still there, he even wearing diamond armor

Latecia Uchiha

Where can I watch the original video?

Larry Cheung

Skeppy is got controlling by the egg of virus

Jhan vincent Mendiola

Skeppy love puffy if you kill puffy it's will work plsss work

Leo Minecraft Play

Maybe they can make a warped egg

Ni- Mation

Skeppy could use it against bad and demand to meet up with him. So bad would have to meet up with him-

Also nooo, i hate to see BBH sad at worst scenario CRY!!!!!!!! AAAA

Pastel Reign!


CetaBrain Jr

skeppy has gone insane in the story line

Bunny plays3

He is crying omg dont omg now im sad noo badd nooo

Dreams Źèrø êxťābľēť

Somehow I hate Captainpuffy
It made me really angry :/


Awwwwwee thankfully I really heard him say that it was just a role-play

Syub •

wtf happened? can anyone enlighten me


Awww I cried when he draw the face and explained it :(.. even tho I hella know it's role-play

Not An Alt

Some people in this comment section have not passed the vibe check from a long time ago.

So here’s some info about Bbh along with other stuff.

- Bbh has not stated out his sexuality and people should mind their own business. He’s not gay and hasn’t mentioned being it, so for now, his sexuality is “N/A”.

- Stop using Gay as an insult, it’s honestly pretty stupid

- Badboyhalo (Bbh) and Darryl are two different people that share the same likings in stuff. Badboyhalo is known for being sweet and innocent and Darryl in the other hand, who knows? Also, just because he may seem too immature for your liking, that doesn’t mean ya gotta comment 46 times about how Bbh is immature and how you hate how is fans view him, etc, etc. He’s a comfort streamer for many people which is why he continues to use that online personality.

- Being sensitive is not bad. There’s many people out here that can’t control being sensitive. So, just because you’re able to be a tough cookie, then good for you, just gotta let ya know. Not everyone is able to be as tough as you.

- Not everyone is able to tell from Sarcastic jokes. So, if you come out here saying something sarcastic then big chances are that you’re gonna get in some argument or someone is gonna understand your sarcasm. Just gotta let you know tho, not everyone here online is buddies, friends, pals, etc. with you.

- Also, Most of these stuff are rp and don’t ship Bbh with Skeppy unless they’re comfortable which I’m gonna assume they are since they’re often providing Skephalo shippers with more Skephalo content due to Vurb and others.

And yeah, that’s all.

ok storm

people who say bbh is immature are BAD PEOPLE.

i am not afraid to say that i am a bbh stan and he is the nicest person EVERRRRR

lol why do i sound like i’m 12

edit: some people actually don’t realize this is a joke


Bad was supposed to kiss skeppy on the lips not the cheeks :(

This is just a joke dont kill me

Uwu Owo


Capt the Puppet

Awww sadboyhalo



Ella chan 破碎的心

"Badboyhalo will life far away.."

This is making me cry.. I mean just sad..

Im crying ♡

Love youre content ♡


I know how he feels, the people at school made fun of me, and even though it was just a joke it hurt sometimes



Bizarre John

I don't care if its staged. The story is great besides sadness :(


everybody's gangsta till' bbh starts crying

Delta Star

I don't blame BBH for being emotional some people are just more prone to emotion. I've cried during my own RPs so I feel for him


Thats what called a Toxic relationship

You'll never Know my name

I understand exactly how he feels. My boyfriend and I joke around all the time and the other day he joked (and I knew that) and he said that he didn’t love me. A minute later I started crying. I knew it was a joke and i know he really does love me, but it still hurt just as much. Emotions just flow so much easier for some people and some people are more sensitive. And we are the lesser population so people call us over sensitive, immature, can’t take a joke, etc.

Little SparkY


MarUshanka Cat

This is sad

X BrokenPetal X

Poor bad

Noe Caballero

bbh is mad and crying lol he miss blue diamond skeppy lol

Regie Poblete

tell him to be opposite and to be an angel

[•Kenma Kozume•]

Badboyhalo’s angry noise is so cute


Bbh's mwAH is so cute


To the people in the comments who are saying that the way bbh acted in this clip was weird and immature need to understand that this clip is from the Dream SMP, a roleplay, in which bbh has to pretend to be a fictional character. Its all acting. They are simply going off of a written script.


I can tell Skeppy is muting himself laughing his ass off.


Ay it's applenox

J h K

Serious couple drama roleplay right there

assassins noob

skeppy manhunt

Kirstyn Traynor

dang bbh is kinda underrated, I didnt even know about this! :o


I can imagine skeppy laughing behind the camera and just trying a lot to be serious when he speaks lmfao ajdhjwgssrjsndbdbdb

A-187 The

If this is what the mini plot was heading toward I’m happy the Christmas Festivities won’t be ruined

JK Drixter

Can someone animate skeppy kissing puffy like Dio kissing Erina.

Melina Ticas Flores

Me: It won't be that bad right?..yeah-

Me half way through this

My heart: Ight ima head out-

Jen Hen

Good thing it’s acting B)

Ben Smith


Jhan vincent Mendiola

Skeppy is OK now

Haiida Puieb


Azalea zinzun

bad is gonna be ok

Juan Phaolo Miguel Antonio Javier

Saiki Kusuo

YAY NEW SHIP this is new ship sleep x puf

Venna Little

People being straight on the smp

Excuse me?


he’s probably muting his mic and screaming when bad kisses him and him kissing discount skeppy-

Thanos D. Beanos • 78 years ago

Hi guys