Crack That Whip: Throwback Fails (July 2017) | FailArmy

Crack That Whip: Throwback Fails (July 2017) | FailArmy

5 125 384 views | 6 Jul. 2017

It's Thursday, so that means we have lovingly put together a compilation of classic fails. We have an awesome wakeboarding fail, a kayaking trip gone wrong , and more! Watch it quickly before your boss notices you aren't working! Be sure to submit your videos to

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Ski jumper

Twin Brothers Throw Cousin

Guy On Diving Board

Pelican Chases Man at Gas Station

Hang Glider Believes He Could Fly

Chicken Runs Around Wearing Blue Pants

Guy Eats Sand

Guy off Dirt Bike while Being Towed

Bride Throws Bouquet into Water Fountain

Goose And Pedestrians

Waiter in Kitchen

Kid Rips Shorts Jumping over Pedestrian Sign

Paddle Board Show Off into Water

Sailboat Wing

Passerby Witnesses Car Incident

Chicken Runs Around Wearing Blue Pants

Son Gets Dad with Baseball

Llama Spits on Tourist's Face

Cat Places Paw on Owner's Mouth

Guy Gets Head on Dresser Doing Soccer Tricks

Girl Steps on Sister's Face

Men Try to Off Road in Jeep

Skateboarder into Pavement

Teacher Dives out of Window

Mechanic Doesn't Know How to Unload Car

Guy Does Backflip In Restaurant and Lands On His Face

Paddler out of Boat

Cereal in Guy's Face

Girl Falls on Face while Pole Dancing

Man Attacked by Pack of Hot Dogs

Security Guard Drives Car with Boot

Chipmunk Bites Woman

Guy on Bike Loses Control on Bridge

Friends Race Towards Trophy

Guy Wearing Water Jetpack into Ocean

Man Breaks Ax Chopping Wood

Man Taunts Goose and Gets Chased

Canoe Tips Over During Family Competition

Fish Pulls Fisherman's Rod out of Hand

Golf Club Breaks after Trickshot Attempt

Little Girl Can't Say "Spot"

Kid into Concrete

Man Off Spinning Disc

Guy Cracks Whip Indoors

Guy Falls Through Trampoline

Dancing Butcher Interrupted by Post Man

Kid Tries to Jump on Top of Dumpster

Teen Trips off Pier and into Water

Mountain Biker Eats Dirt

Longboarder Going Downhill

Wakeboarder Plunges Head First Into the Water

Gymnast Into Mat

Dog Runs into Sledding Man

Dad off Water Slide

Guy Slides into Pool

Pit Crew Member Falls

Kid Slowly Goes down Water Slide

Guy on Bike Eats Mud

Tennis Ball Into Camera

Little Kid Unintentionally Swears at Her Parents

Girl out of Boat

Man Aggressively Pulled into Water

Dirt Biker Wheezes after Being Thrown off Vehicle

Bike from Drone

Giant Waves Crash into Rocks at the Beach

The Incorrect Way to Waterski

Posing Swinger Goes Down

Guy Flips off Swing

Guy Tries Rope Swing

Star B

If that chipmunk would have bit me, I would throw it in the water lol

Cat tastic

the last one did it for me x.x bahahahahaha


Finish strong Jess!

King family Pacheco

don’t assume that dam goats gender 3:58


11:21 donde queda ese hermoso lugar?

Oleg Xakep

9:56 what’s the place?

S0ggy Bread

My relative lives in the building at 10:27 holy shit


3 seconds in and already a death from rabies.




Stop consoring bad words i´m not 5 years


6:23 LOL


Omg 6:22 is a part a youtuber talked about
He was SagaTheYoungin
He said his friend wanted to hit a ball in mid air and his friend hit it so hard that thing on the golf stick came off


Me: burns the pizza

The pizza : 5:32


4:59. Boy, Get that got dam snorkel kit out of here fool


2:54. And they got a divorce 1 year later

Patrick D. Lueke



Positively reinforcing cursing in a small child. Real smart.


5:31. USA. Public school mass shooting response course so sad

Reachable Ocean7

Does anyone know where 9:55 was actually taken? It looks amazing.

Maria Pailamilla

Esto me ase reir

David Mendoza

Canal de porquería

diddle the poodle

Who records themselves splitting wood?


0:16 sounded like barrett fucking .50cal wtf

Pawsry The Wolf


Essam Kotb

Why are people afraid of birds ?
I'll fluffen fight back.

shane pulley

6:19 made me jump so hard even though ive seen it many times before

Blake Young

why are all of the timestamps all wrong??

Akira 38

5:56 he must've been watching the previous clip ;)

Mark L.

the first clip was not a fail.

ocean ramon

535 man their exited

diddle the poodle

6:10 man that guy had a monster FISH ON!

Adam Jarvis

5:55 lol

Heidi Nolen

Ahhh....pants on a chicken! Lololol.

Sahm Bom

5:55 Richard Watterson


I am always put the same video

The Slayer

Damn it chris!!!

Dr. Shadox φ

10:32 and his name is John KANGAAAAAA

Szymon Duchiński

Wiedziałem że to z autem to będą Polacy :)

Bubba Gunther

1:22 hold up, why would you take the time to record yourself splitting wood? It's nothing special.

โมบาย ช๊อป

Say Top


ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ  More fat, more laughs.


yo the way the first lady held the fuckin chipmunk down was psychotic

Sadman Truth seeker.

7:57 imagine if that was a leopard or a wolf..

diddle the poodle

It's not funny that your child knows FUCK at such a young age. I would not be proud of that. Shame on them for even posting that. It's not a funny clip, she obviously learned it from the parents and instead of teaching her that is a bad word they keep making her say it.. Smh. EDIT: There is even ANOTHER one of them making her say bitch. What fucked up parenting.

gage longmore

She later died from rabies

Justus 2036

11:35 Lul, i´ve been here before.

Pommes Commander

5:31 hahahaha

Tightrope Walker

02:18 Seriously? You didn't see that coming?

Joann Marie Wooten



he is dancing

birth of gamer

4:43 was the best


5:16 Co za zaszczyt

Rubén Ávila

10:37 I thought it was Patrick Star

King family Pacheco





4:51 everyone goes wwwwoooowwwww



Sahil Ali

7:15 when johnny sins found a girl chef in kitchen

Tim Rachu

The movie Shrek, king farquad, my good friends little girl says king f+ck wad. Still laughing

Zach Sowers

The laugh at 1:40 is my favorite laugh ever.

ieat caribou

The GoPro bike ones always suck.


Is it me or was that blood at 8:02

Jim Huerta

5:30 when you make a comment on cereal and it fires back.

Roy Tallow

1:35 lady mooning goose ! LOL


0:02. Got dammit out of napkins. 6:26

Princess Vanessa ASMR

Can someone please explain to me why the timestamps in the comments section don't make sense. People are making references to funny parts of the video but their timestamps don't lead to what they're referencing

Furkan Kayacan

00:35 clip is in Söğüt Turkey

Iron Maiden

5:30 cool teacher, not a fail!

Edan Pino

Worst part about the vast majority of these fails is I'd do much worse

James Herrington

The girl on the stripper pole did pretty good

Bendy The Devil

2:29 guess the fountain is getting married

Beckie Palmtree

At 0:04 that’s what she get’s she should of never picked up the stray squirrel in the 1st place!!!

amanda hatfield

0:00 why would that girl do that

Gabriel Flo

4:40 for anyone who is in that situation, don’t go hard. You will get stuck on the bottom. I’m a quad, you go soft then float and ride away. I’m a truck, soft, then momentum.

Tightrope Walker

05:32 How did his cereal blow up? I gotta know.

dя. мσσหƒłσωεя

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Nathan Schwartz

7:34 can anyone tell me where is this place?

HiYa Pal

Thanks for ruining it for everybody else Chris!


9:56. Grease that butter hog up first


9:01 don't thanks me

Violette Daux-Bergeron

First clip was kinda stupid.. how can you pick up a squirrel (or anything for that matter) and expect it not to bite you?

Bartłomiej Stępnik

5:21 explains everything.


What's the point of including a clip if you're going to censor what's funny about it? You might as well not have even included the girl mispronouncing words since you excised its whole purpose, you fucking idiots.

Jamie Gjesdal

music at 9:38 ?

Roy Knutson

7:21 my guy turnt

SilverArrow Gaming

I think a few of these videos shouldn't be included... For example the waiter slipping. You can clearly see he was seriously hurt... I know its FAIL army but it shouldn't include serious injury and I really hope none of the clips ended in fatalities

Qwerty XD23

8:23 Åh jävlar haha, han är ju dum vad tror han skulle hända


That pole dancer had such a boring flow...

Eric Schmit

I wonder how many of those parents that thought it was funny that their toddler was cussing, still think it's funny now...

9 D

vrei basket trage ma de boschet

Duxberg you realise where that cats paws have been?

cody cosens

5:31 the milk after we eat cereal


00:23. The reason why I am forever pro-choice.

yo dank Snickers

Cmon, nobody is gonna talk about the little girl at 6:26 ?

Yung Llammaa

0:44 that made me cringe so hard

Wilmer Amador

Dark joker is alive 3:05

Lynn Gatrell

10:40 Time to get in shape, bro.

Dominik Domi

2:38 nice man he step in water to help

Ákos Tóth

11:21 this reminds me the feeling then a fat guy jumps into the pool...