Lake Fails: Time For A Shower (April 2017) | FailArmy

Lake Fails: Time For A Shower (April 2017) | FailArmy

3 534 652 views | 4 Apr. 2017

Extreme tubing, barefoot water skiing, faceplants on the water... just another day on the lake! Let us know in the comments which fail made you laugh the hardest! If you've got any funny fail videos of your own, send them to us at!! Cheers.

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Paddleboarding Double Fail

Hotshot Barefoot Waterskier Faceplants Water

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Pourer Falls into Water

Wakeboarder Slams Into Picnic Table

BMX Lake Jump Off Ramp Fail

Fish Frees Self from Fisherman's Hands

Speedo Rope Swing Gets Foot Caught Fail

Girl Feeding Ducks Slides into Lake

Cliff Diver Face Plants Into Water

First Attempt at Barefoot Waterskiing Ends in Failure

Dachshund Dog Misses Dock

Fisherman Catches Own Hat

Three Guys On A Water Tube Fail

Waterski Backflip Ends in Painful Fall

Guy Falls Out of Canoe

Waterskier Crashes into Water

Guy Rides in Old Boat

Piggy Back on Dock Fail

Dirt Bike Rider Crashes into Ramp near Lake

Yogis Handstand on Paddle Boards and Fall

Guy Faceplants in the Water

Jet Ski Showoff Ends Up in Water n/a

Barefoot Wakeboarder Face Plants

Tubing Guys Get Thrown from Boat

Kid Jumps to Stairs and Falls in Water

Barefoot Waterskier Crashes off Jump

Guy Fails to Enter Lake in Kayak

Son Drops Tablet Into Lake

Mom Falls off Boat

Zipline Pulls Waterskier into Lake

Guy Falls out of Canoe

Photographer Taken Out by Lake Michigan Wave

Rope Swing Fail Soaks Clothes

Guy Fails while Biking Off Lake Jump

Skateboarding Fail into Lake

Tonto 22

At 1:20 is that Robert Terkla's voice from lunkers tv

Tim Hyatt

5:20...and this is why when you're in a canoe by yourself, you do NOT sit in the aft of the kneel midships

Data Science with R

where is 3:13?

Darky Servant

velice zábavná videa

Pickle League

At 1:18 he has a gay

Melissa Ojiako-Pettit

Th breaking boat in the lake



jayden robertson

1:20 that guys laugh


I like video #1: she's shouting like a pig in the slaughterhouse ;-D That's funny 'cause she is a pig and she's just seeing that she now has to swim! :-D)))

javierdario nartuo

pertty like more kkkk


If you're going "solo" in a canoe, sit in the middle!  Duhhh



Kitter Catto12

Can you please bleep out swear words because I sometimes watch with my mum and dad.

starpilot 101

2:26 give me some epoxy and wood i can make it float

Filip AIK

2:35 that Guy to the left have really fun

Upscale Avenue

0:24 damn, that was almost cool.


Change the outro


0:49 I think they got off good
What did you expect her to do?
Run on the water?

Henk van der Molen

Communication major pocket grant etc purchase queen emphasis manager first combine

Reginald Bushwater

Anyone know the song name at 3:09?

Bigby Wolf

0:02 And that's what causing 90% of all the flooding worldwide. Fat chicks falling in water.

Beezow Doo-doo Zopittybop-bop-bop

When I saw the title, I thought, "Oh, white people fails."

Jericho Kornwolf

1:20 sounds like beavis and butthead

RadicalRandy15 -

1:16 that sounds like Thompsons laugh from gravity falls

Ben Dowler

04:40 anyone that let's their kid take an iPad out in a boat has a problem. The outdoors is meant to be enjoyed, If you even bother going

BM Baseball

1:18 that laugh though


That kids face at 4:44 reminds me of the face I made when I got my math test results back... :)

Radhakrishna Mocherla

why dont u guys do food fails !!

Zack Melvin

1:18 that laugh lol

Postboy Piccolo

0:56 why is this dude looking like the guy from ghost recon wildlands


Watch @1:15 at 0.5 speed and listen. You wont regret


Hey Fail Army. I'm still waiting on the money you told me I would receive for my video being in this compilation. When do I get paid? Do you just lie to people and say you'll give them a cut of ad revenue then just keep it all for yourselves? I guess I should have expected that from the channel that's known for just shit posting stupid fail videos once a week.


new video


i felt bed for the guy at 5:42 bcs he had all his camera equipment on him! damn!

Rico Metz

THE Second girl in the First video went back to the place where she can be whale again

Ayden Guthrie

3:47 is when the teacher sends you to AEC

Johnny Carreiro

Some of these are ponds, not lakes

Patrick Weißer

0:48 is in my hometown in germany, already met these guys


I see you're "fishing" for compliments.
I'll make a "manta" out of you.
If you slip, do you go "sprat"?
After I post this, I'll drink a "MellowYellofin".

Kitsqueee 541 ツ

Jesus: I’m the only one that can walk on water
Guy at 3:48 : hold my inertube


1:09 Rip ankle

pedro ramirez


Markman Taylor

At 3:11. Namaste bitches

Johnny Jerk Face

Most annoying sound ever made by a human being:  1:19

Admiral General Aladeen

4:44 it was at this moment he knew he fucked up

Bikelife_rylan _

her face at 0:05 hahahahhahahahahhahahahaha

Raychel ._.

1:19 that laugh do

Victoria Andreeva

5:55 is it lake Tahoe?


0:01 when you put it in the wrong hole

Brady Hatcher

0:35 you can tell she did that on purpose


the one with the ipad 4:38


@FailArmy what song is at 3:10 ??

Archer arts


Senseii Succ

4:09 legend has it he was never found

Kyle Critchley


Hugo D

trop coool


1:19 that laugh

redrider general

Hey parents , out fishing on the boat, tell the kids to leave their devices at home...

Christophe Demeyer

1:23 what the heck whas that laugh

Dawe 155

vaau 3:50 speak czech


Dammit you can't bring a kid fishing anymore without them taking a tablet now a days

Siim Tuulik

The last thing is a win, lucky for him not hitting his head on the concrete!

Ilai Sternberg

There's so much peace...

And then the girl from 3:15 appears.


4:00 czech republic


Omg 4.26 has to be the most southern american accent i've ever heard

Laura Chia

I have a blonde joke. On a stranded island there are 3 woman. A redhead, an Asian and a blonde.
Opposite them they see an island ten miles away and full of food. The redhead swims 3 miles then
dies of exhaustion. The Asian swims four miles then dies of exhaustion. Then the blonde swims half
way, decides she’s tired then swims back. Get it?!

Natalia Cykier

00:00 supboards my love <3

Daniel's Life


Star Platinum

Song in background at 6:05?

Marl i

I turn 22 in 5 minutes and i am sooo excited

Agáta Sučková

3:49 Czech Rep. for ever <3


1:17 that is one of the most obnoxious laughs I've ever heard

Harry Scudder

1:18 The most beautiful laugh in the world.

b. odra

That laugh on 1:19 tho



Slow Wagon

1:05 has happened to me it hurts

christian roman

Do fishing fails


Lmao that first chick's noise.


The first girl sounded like a dying goat


Which is your favorite clip? Let us know below!!

Tampa Bay Railfan

1:00 when I catch a fish...

Талгат Умаров

My sister are dump

what's wrong?

это чё бл@дь смешно ?????

Marilyn Alvarez

That kid that lost his're out fishing with your dad, leave the stupid tablet at home or put it in a waterproof case...really just leave it at home and enjoy the fishing/outdoors.


Эталон смеха из французской палаты мер и весов.

Nicolas 1815

3:56 Rastakipotch !


6:05 Is that the cod hit marker I hear?

Chubacabra Killer Strikes

Konečne české video.

Silent Whistle Blower

At 1:19, is the fail the girl falling or the guy's laughter???

Almost Serious

I am too drunk to comment...oh wait...


1:14 the laugh tho xD

Wendy Chandler

Zach Stabb

4:36 huge fish

Antoine Griezmann



I love your videos keep it up fail army!! :)

Optic Godz Gamin

0:08 me just squirting my Windex bottle

Cesar Garcia

1:18 that laugh thoe

Total NOrmal

Hahah funny:))

Kája Jakubcová

4:00 asi bych se posrala strachy :D