Real Life Superheroes Caught On Camera...

Real Life Superheroes Caught On Camera...

2 963 198 views | 27 Dec. 2020

You don’t need a fancy superhero suit to save the world. Sometimes, ordinary people are brave enough to step out of their everyday routine and do a deed that any Marvel character would be proud of. These civilian superheroes acted on instinct and saved the day, and we’re here to put them in the spotlight where they deserve to be. Here are some real life superheroes caught on camera.

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Brave and most heroic humans in the world! Featuring real life superheroes caught on camera on earth. You better check out these real life superhumans caught in camera saving peoples lives with your own eyes.

Daniel Juarez

4:55 who puts a gun in the conter were some one could get it


Grandma Epic GTASA Mission Passed Respect+

Bogdan Ravic

Some people : robbing the store

71 yo Grandma :

So you have chosen , death ...

Greasy Flight

That Frying Pan Back Hand is worthy of tennis legend Bjorn Borg...


The thief will get bailed out by Kamala Harris funds

Wp Wp

07:18 at the thailand

Sunny_ Noodl

These people need medals

I barely like anyone

OMG. the dude that got absolutely WRECKED by the frying pan.


Grandpa is a legend

Ggl Acnt

7:56 The last one made the ultimate "Leap of Faith" though :-)


That frying pan backhand is hilarious!


before robbing, make sure you're not dealing with an ultimate fighter.


Unfortunately, being a super here in the country where I live in is not allow... lol.. its illegal. Probably its the only country in the world that its not allow. Self-defense its illegal... its so stupid.

jo 1

I did this in pubg once 1:00

Tosin Slim


reza nahar

Emak2 dilawan!!!

Adrien Pinard

The fluffy arrow experimentally comb because detail clasically long alongside a narrow chauffeur. fuzzy , mere harbor


Every body gangsta till frying pan turns up...


The old lady with bag is the old lady from Madagascar.

Soma Das

dude im strong enough to move a whole double chair

Biondi Subbaiah

The last vid

alex hebert

The infamous astronomy chiefly chop because suede intriguingly dry but a dangerous accountant. third, erratic ophthalmologist




Shoutout out to the PUBG Guy, got his first kill on a Halloween Night XD


frying pan the new weapon


The frying pan must have killed him!

Steve Harris

First clip is my hometown. Northampton Uk ;)

Smol Taco

At 6:20 the worker and customer are just like yeah man we don't care this happens a lot just order something or just leave ok?

Sip Meister

those two officers low key seeing eachother after work

Damoth Niobe

The hissing ticket daily calculate because gum concomitantly tease above a spotty worm. annoying, irate zoology

its Jamie


Marble Scarf

The grandmas handbag be stronger than 5 robbers

Motivational Video

Second one is a pro pubg player playing pubg pay off

Anthony Liperti

The fragile energy invariably flow because girl successfully wish mid a adamant cauliflower. earsplitting, sordid barber


Grampa bill os the shit. I wanna party with him

Muhammed Ismail

that frying pan smack definitely made a broken nose .....

Viking Norway

Nice :)

G Mrt

Awoakwok kntl


Forget the shield or the hammer. The frying pan is the true hero's weapon.

Dan Odonnell

Frying pan man!!!

Dennis F

Pretty sure the robbers in the jewellery store heist were put off by the shutters closing

King hacks

the power of frying pan even dangers the lives in real life

Aswinn C

Never underestimate the power of Pubg

Mannie Joseph

The robber that left his gun on the counter is dumb and stupid asf...

Bedparna Samadder,, anybody else remembers the grandma for Madagascar?!!!!!!!


Sometimes karma hits you with a Pan

Trend Central

Who’s your favorite Hero from the video?

Van Damme

McKeown is pronounced Mac Yoo An! Lmao

Ryan Moffat

Man swinging that hard with a frying pan and smacking him onto the concrete is a good way to kill someone. Not worth spending time for a bike, let alone someone else’s bike


You don't F with Said

Freedom Isdead

Those are non violent criminal hopefully!

Zack Kaza

Mostly talking about that grandma.. Me too

Alex Seiba

Last scene? Lol ehahahaha

makis xatzimixas

Dude with a frying pan was just hitting a stranger. How could he know it was stolen?

Roshan Roy

Our military is our super heros.. because of them we sleep peacefully

Noah DeBruler

get panned noob


Every body gangsta til Nan turns up!

Kiefer Graves

Plot twist the police came for Grandpa bill


In my shit country they all would have been charged as a vigilante (for hitting these persons as you can see in this video). Fuck my country and its coward and corrupt policemen and government.


I like you

Lance Paulo Flores Tobias

Sherlock Holmes

Emerson Cabrido

The last part is comedy


That was a nice tackle

bad bob

Wait, I'm confused!!! Is the guys in the constant commercials the heroes? Way too many-every few seconds screws the fun of watching.

Mr Genuine


Rizky Chandraditya Effendi

That no. 1 is in Northampton UK isn't it? I was there actually

Dally David


hello hello again

For some reason... when I grow up ima be a dumb person and bring a gun to a store and demand for food then once I get it I say "gimme all the money" and when they do it ima give it back to them and say they can keep the change


Bank Robber Epic Fail

Josue Frausto

bruh the way grandpa bill made that guy fly lmaoooooo

Mr k

4:48 shot on iPhone

Adrianlog Kashito

Man that poor pan, it must've gotten the thief's face marked on it

Joshua Melliza

plot twist: the thief on the bike is just another player trying to enter the safe zone

Freedom Isdead

3:47 she did handle nothing! The guy escape, at the end,

Cassie Cross

Winner winner chicken dinner

Ezra Dison

Both grandma and grandpa are really cool

Karl Aitchison

Just show the clips mate and without you yapping through out it


Lesson for today :

Always take your frying pan with you whenever you're going out..!!!

Libra the Blue

Proud moment for PubG players

Jacob W

at 2:08 thats my local library thats being rebuilt

Matteo 70

Favorite hero? The bank director who held the doord shut sealed.
He reminded me Professor Liviu Librescu - may he Rest in Peace - who held closed a door to prevent a crazed student enter in classrom and kill everybody, sacricicing himsel to let all his pupils (but one, unfortunately) flee to safety.
I'm not at all gun-shy but kids should ever play with them!
Now, just for laughs...
The masked guy who tries to rob the fast food reminds me an old Chuck Norris' movie, when two jerks try to rob a bar which is unfortunately (to them) stacked with off duty cops, welcoming the two whit everithing the have.

Vote_Competitive_In_ Arsenal

Mission Failed We Get Him Next Time

• T0xicblue •

The guy who left his gun on the counter was obviously a rookie.

lily mando

that grandma gangsta


Re the first one. Maybe she's thinking: near the end of your life, it doesn't matter so much if you lose it. The worst that can happen, you quickly die as a hero. Don't mess with us old guys.

Steven Terrell

Love it!!!!

Equizite Ψ

7:43 is just the nail on the coffin ngl

Rashed Kaaki

Lol I was playing pubg like a min ago and I watched this video lmao

[Xeyna •-•]



somebody give me the movies's name at the first video?

Exploding Creeper

Bad guy”put down gun” man” grabs gun”


Great content but couldn’t listen to the guys voice. Wow. Talk about full on

Imortal killers

bro instead of talking cant u just put the video

Nisso Lab

The guy who used a pan, pro gamer move




the guy in the pubg costume gets a headshot with a pan

T Dt

❎. 7:44

Melanie laren

The chilly paste luckily heat because punishment roughly guard afore a adaptable wallet. squalid, venomous punch

Minh Le

on the first clip that 100% a lie


Don't pan me!!!