Minecraft Skyblock - but it’s just ONE BLOCK! #5

Minecraft Skyblock - but it’s just ONE BLOCK! #5

61 011 views | 9 Dec. 2020

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It’s time for some Skyblock Episode 5 - but you only get ONE BLOCK!

Map Credit: https://ijaminecraft.com/map/oneblock/

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Yis Pinto

Protosky? One block skyblock? Confused.

Pranav Kalsi

Put water to kill the blaze


I was going to say make a fishing rod and a 5x5x2 fishing area to try to get books via upgrading fishing rods, but with the villagers...

Get a tool smith and armor smith for diamond gear. If you can zobmify and cure one farmer you can get 1 pumpkin for 1 emerald trade and pumpkin is easy to mass produce. We use butchers, fletchers and farmers and set up a wheat farm/chicken farm. (Beats work too). Basically just breed huge numbers of chickens then kill most of them. Chickens are better than other mobs because you can use their eggs to breed them too. You'll have feathers and raw chicken and either the beats or wheat to trade, and can breed up more chickens with the seeds. That's our basic economy. And of course trades for books. A fully auto mob drop farm isn't bad for trading rotten flesh to priests.

Strip The Cat

Hey False


Rebuild the world


Hi False can you do a world download that would be awesome


Unless the ridge wallet has some coinpouch it is useless in switzerland.


Well false, Why don't you try the new "apocalypse" difficulty made by Fundy?.... That would be a fun series....

Calvin Miller

one word: cobblestone generator


Hi falsie!


Is the compulsion to have a pet be an hermitcfrat member

Ethan Josh Goldberg

Hey false where is your cobble generator

Ms. Aoi

Bruh this got notipficated to me two days LATE

Hezman 20

you need a sheild

Pieter van Melle

Make a villager farm


False should make the other villager an armorer


Goodluck for the mcc false!


If you build your mobfarm lower in the world the spawns are better. And now you have the nether you can use soulsand to take them up and you can kill them easily.

KhillikiaLea W

I just love bear the miniature poodle he is adorable. Loveing this mini series.

Alston Jacobs

You need to alternate you crops to get maximum growth speed

Alden Shinn

Breed them with carrots

Catherine Siverts

If you put trapdoors on the top of the wood above your head at the mob farm, the creepers won't see you and "activate"


Make a Happyness platform

Daniel Cameron

Prepare for villagers... Need beds, lecterns, etc...


I've heard this exact script for the same sponsorship elsewhere....L

Sepolas Madness

Wow such a good day huh? You're welcome.

Spud Matix

Idea only False could do, expand out into 6 sections and make 100 x 100 blocks platforms, then cover in a glass dome and make each section a different biome, make it look like naturally generated terrain :-) theres a challenge literally no1 else has done... good luck
Edit: False, u have a mob farm, therefore infinite bone meal, y not create mega trees by placing 4 sapplings in a 2 x 2 square so that u can gather more wood from them?

Scott Beckwith

Get netherite armour you have the diamonds

Tui Irvine

she needs to make a nether portal

Abigail S.

she is such a skinny legend

Evan Fasher

13:42 “is there any fire in my base? I don’t think so.”
Torch: am I a joke to you?

Steffi Mate

you need to add trapdoors on the bottom of the halfslabs that you stand in front of, then creepers won't see you and you can still swing through.


You right mobs like you're using a sword, even though you're using an axe, you swing way before the axe gets ready, and a sword would hit more than just one at a time

Rocket Gaming


Sophie Amelie M. Shott

I haven't played much Minecraft for a couple years and only have been watching hermit episodes here and there. So watching this made me realise how many more mobs there are, crazy.

Jonathan Schmid

At a minimum I feel like you should at least grab a bucket of lava and make a cobble generator. It doesn't feel like a proper skyblock to me without one. And then you could rebuild portions of your sky island with more variety of textures, and most importantly, less flammable ones.

Divyam Plays

Try to make a portal far away from your home nether portal. You might find your self on land


Hi False =)

Mikhail Domingo

R.I.P fence
We loved you:(

Jessica Lynch

you should have keeped that pilliger it dose not attack its freindly


you can barter with the piglings :D

Sandy I will be in it

Ok I jumped of my bed when she burned in lava for a sec if iam the one that is playing

Ya0zn3n Zn0hg

False u can use boats to move villagers

Robb Patterson

Keep the great woyk


Need more demon pig in my life lol

Brian Ratto

As for what to do in the nether l would grind for materials. And make a new area away from your current sky block to have a mob farm maybe?

Aarpit Bansal

Coarse dirt improves growth rate I think of crops

JuanC17 Playz

9:49 these ones don't do anything I wouldn't kill it cubfan135 attempted to remove the crossbow of one in hermitcraft 6 look it up

Shadow Master

You should make iron armor and an iron axe for a weapon

Pranav Kalsi

Use a sword to kill the mobs fast with sweeping edge

Hezman 20

the pillager wasn't attacking because their passive without a weapon

dhruv roy

False u should make a ender dragon room and in there u can keep everything that u think u will need for the ender dragon

The Grinch

You need to trade with villagers and get some armor/weapons from them, it's too risky to go in the nether without good protection.
P.S. good video


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I love the new editions to the base, it looks brilliant.

Maybe a library could get added eventually!

ricky browning

Did u no u can put laver buckets in ur fernice as full

Ashwath Ravichandaran

build villager pen and farm iron for armour and trading

Siddharth Seejarim

Make a mob farm


Wish you great luck in MCC , you should try practicing we believe in you. Also great content.

Jeff Brady

Very nice!! Thank you. Maybe put a potato patch with your farmer? As it grows he’ll end up giving food to the other and they’ll auto breed.

CeNedra Lea Heldra

light up the farm may help with the wheat growing faster.

Wunna kyaw

make platforms of biomes that you went through. etc. plains, ocean, red dessert and so on

Beatrice Lundqvist

false you should make a piglin bartering/piglin gold far combo asap! you should also get a toolsmith and weaponsmith for free diamond gear

Alden Shinn

Make two by two trees

Sachin Sharma

Hey false, u can use boats to bring the mobs that u want also u can use axe to make them come out otherwise sword can cause a sweeping attack. love ur vids keep up the good work

Maciuś Fajny

9:16 what did you said? xd


The portal looks like keralis

Parul Sukhadiya

You are so se

Austin Garrick

RIP my strider homie :(


Now that she has a mob spawner she can finally tame those wolves!


False builds cool bases even when she has almost nothing to work with.

Rhaughol Nahlot

In case you plan to gear up next episode make one of the villagers an armourer for your gear

Jazzybear 168

This is lit


Awesome episode! Wow getting really close to 400K subs! Can’t wait to see you hit that and beyond! Love the farm extension! Looking very nice! Yay XP farm! Maybe some of the villagers could be librarians so you can get good books like Sharpness V and Feather falling for the dragon fight. Just an idea. Keep up the awesome work! Have an amazing day! See you later!

The Black Banana 1

you can breed the striders so you can do that then slaughter most rinse and repeat for string*


If you run out of dirt the best way to get it In one block sky block is mine the gravel in the nether use 2 dirt to make 4 coarse dirt use a hoe on it and then mine it

ewan ohare

they cant see through quarter gaps but u can hit through them i think so put trapdoors on the bottom of the blocks should stop creepers from expoloding

Rhaughol Nahlot

Why not expand your tree area so that you can plant even more trees


If you breed the villagers you can eventually gat full diamond gear

Daniel McIntyre

So once you get to the nether you can just stop playing skyblock one block and play nether challenge instead? xD

Pranav Kalsi



the plants growing faster are growing at that pace because they are in a single line of one crop. if you make one line of ea. crop in the part that's growing slower they should grow faster! <3

Generic Schlub

I love the opening music you use for these videos.

Yron Alvarez

Make a mob farm


if u want the creepers to stop blowing stuff up maybe put water at the bottome

jzieba 020

The fact that the wheat i front grows quicker is because crops grow quicker if they are planted in strips, so for example you can put one row of wheat and than one row of potatos and again wheat for maximasing the speed


The end comes after the idle

Hermann Kremslehner

False u killd a tame piliger

calcium rods

You moving the villagers and calling it a gameshow sounds like a really cool idea! I'd watch a gameshow about having to get villagers somewhere safely :P

Pranav Kalsi

You have infinite stone and ALOT of iron please make faster tools

Luca May

Everyone Leave a like on False's OneBlck skyblock videos if you're enjoying the series

I Know I'm enjoying the series :D

Thank you false for ALL the videos you've made in you're YT life
And always giving us a laugh

sanjay ravindran

You should put your spruce tree saplings in a 2x2 area and it will make a bigger tree

Ca W

Would wearing gold make the piglins want to trade with you?


At the end of the video you said "The Nether is coming"? I think you meant "The End is coming"? right? Anyways, lol, thanks Faslie for the video!

Ahaan Rajapur

Aww i love animals

Manthan Shah

You can put trapdoor under slabs then creepers cannot see you and other mobs too btw love your vids

HappyGamer 4ever

Expansion ideas: Make a Villager trading center

Pranav Kalsi

Please grow 4x4 spruce trees

Reza Babaei

every time i start a world i get all my tools and armor from villagers u can breed them and get all gear and enchantments u need


I am not checking all the comments but if you make a cobble farm you can make your "spawn" point more protected for when the dragon comes