CALL ME STAR-LORD | Guardians Of The Galaxy - Episode 1 Tangled Up In Blue

CALL ME STAR-LORD | Guardians Of The Galaxy - Episode 1 Tangled Up In Blue

5 194 226 views | 18 Apr. 2017

Time for a new Telltale adventure as we step into the world of Guardians Of The Galaxy this time!

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Retroark TV

Here in 2020, still no part two. Seems like Jack wasn't impressed by it.

Fierce Eagle official

Anyone else think they should make a telltale Spider-Man or is it just me

TostitosAndDip 28

Star Lord sounds like Luke from the walking dead

evjwfwfvgrenjf fdijzhskejfhnewzuf

ah yes, starwars the old republic

Helena Fix

jack: uhmmm... you have paws not hand
me: atually racoons do have hands

Nicky Gray-check

This was so un investing Jack didn’t want to continue it lol

Ben Hensley

did they even complete the game before they shut down

Kaydn Karnival

Anybody else wondering if this ended up getting abandoned?

Alphonso plays

King_Gamer22 Gibson


Bo Moore

Dude Starlord is my bisexual hero


Chris Pratt is the best actor. Also why didn’t ya finish the series?

Aksel Søberg Korsvik



Please do the rest of this. We loved you playing this game.

Dractmead Neb

That's it, Star lorde's dead. A bit of his life flashed before his eyes, and had some hallucination from the bloodlos. End of game, other chapters are lies considering we dont get another years later

Thomas Jaques

How about 2021

Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana

killing thanos was a team effort, rocket built the gun, drax threw it to peter, gamora and groot drew thanos's attention, and peter delivered the que de gra, so pretty much, they all killed him


why does it say its a star wars game in the description?


I got to know, why didnt you finish this gameplay?

Story Teller Gaming

Can We Somehow Pls Get its Second Part Plssssss Jackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Plssssssssssss

christian palses

When he said " My name is jacksepticye " it gave me good ptsd flash back of all the way


bring this back

Evan Hepp

they should have taken off Thanos's armor and sold that to the collector.

Anton Roman

Make more videos


Bring it back plz this is 2020 play it after morales

Gamer time

I like how peter almost dies in the FIRST episode

Jacob Lawerence

rocket sounds like nolan north who did the voice of deadpool

Boopity Doopity

Screaming intensifies-

Jack: iT sOuNdS lIkE wHaLeS-


Anyone notice the jaws reference?

K.M.S Bismarck

why is Star Wars: the Old Republic The name of the recommended?

Jamo 8087

I’m in 2020


11:44 jacks cursor TOTALLY looked at her eyes to her breasts and back to her eyes that was hilarious!!!! LOL XD

Austin Scarborough

At least she did not whatch infinity war

The royal Duck


Rudi en Braam Prinsloo


Elias Reed

From my iTunes and my family’s old 1900s records history, I believe “Tangled Up In Blue” is a Bob Dylan song.



bring this back

Mr 25974

Here me out, this on PS5

Elton Embry


music cover god

For anyone wondering he said no live stream he's not going to make a part 2 he wasn't interested in this game really and it had too much copyright music so he didn't play it

Zboss 0204z

Some how at 16:20 he read my mind from 2020

Hydra Slaya

Almost 4 years later and still no episode 2


did anyone else notice the video is categorized under star wars the old republic

jmans cool

When will part two happen u said u liked it?

Dylan Sample

wheres ep 2 wheres ep2!

sea bass

anyone in 2020 still waiting for part 2

Kid Faraci

That gun is not 2x times the size of rocket it’s 3x times the size of him


bring this back

Tanner Vasquez

This game is my top three favorite telltale games

Fearless Wrath Gaming and Vlogs

end of 2020 and it's still waiting

Audrey Bailie

I see why everybody is irritated of a lot of gamers. The game itself is super quiet while Jack is super loud. Can't follow the story without hurting yourself

Dominic Furey

dammit jack you didn't finish it


cant lie the graphics are poor

Snoshio 1103

gone and forgotten

Fox Boiz

8:08 that scared the SHIT out of me

Thomas. Bedsole

tangled up in blue is a song name


Dang, this video will be part 1 forever

MadSlasher 365

Who else is in 2020 and is still waiting for jack to make a part 2?

Tiffany Morse

It's been 3 years and he hasn't made it part 2

SubZero _ Char

“You took everything from me,” -Gamora, a few years ago.
“You took everything from me,” -Scarlet Witch, 2019

Joseph Caskey

Anyone else have all chapters of this game?

Latisha Byrd

When yo have watched the first episode and want more but there is none

Dec 2004

The guy that acts Rocketis nolan north that played in the Deadpool game


Why did jack stop making episodes on the first one?

dylan Bunkis

starlord in this kinda looks like handsome jack from borderlands 2

Broken Gamer

Huge Copyright

Helena Fix

thats why I love rocket he's all mean but when it comes to friends he will never stop till he gets revenge


why does star-lord look like the scout from TF2?

craig finnessy

jack nostalgia week play the next ep of this


bring this back

Zian Smit

Who else is in 2020


bring this back

just a scratch

Sad. No raytracing


I Didn't know this game existed

Noble Six

God this is already painfully funny


Are we ever going to get a part 2?

eren yeager

No cap jack was simping for Gamora just a little bit

Bluega Billy

It's 2020 and he still hasn't made a part 2 wtf


bring this back

Carlos Suarez

who here in 2021

Jesse Humpherys

I’m pretty sure Gomorrah doesn’t have blue hair

Best Gamer066

I love how he remembered to put subtittles on because i am deaf and i respect it :) thanks jack


if they sell thanos body the bad guy who ever it is he or she would make thanos alive thats my theory

in DC supermans villan was recreated in to a giant hulk monster


Game: Guardians of the Galaxy

Description: Star wars the old republic.

Skeleton_ Gaymer

Seán: "It's because episodes of these games take months to come out"
Me in 2020 and almost 2021: "Or in this case it takes years"

Beverly Mcfarland

Is part 2 Wendy yet

Jolita Kungiene


Jonathan W

He did'nt find the nova corps, he found the nova CORPSES


bring this back

Kentaro from Wii Sports

24:50 that corpse launch is just depressing

Yolodave 19

and i’m still waiting

Tommy Boy

Here in 2021 ..... waiting

Ashley Nicole

FM like the galaxy thing and there's like a 1Of it

Ni Ru

"you doing ok blue kratos" made me cramp my stomach, while lauhing.

Lexi Feldmann

End of 2020 coming up....still no new ones dude??!?!??!

ThatGuyYea 54

the first and final episode

Aksis The reaper

here in 2021 still no part 2


I want jack to make a part 2 like if u agree

Ntombifikile Magwaza

Jack:" I love Groot!"
Me:"Who doesn't?"

cedrikwood4 djtj

Thanos is a grape!!!