AMAZON FINDS UNDER $50 2020 (fashion, home & essentials)

AMAZON FINDS UNDER $50 2020 (fashion, home & essentials)

25 362 views | 12 Jul. 2020

AMAZON FINDS 2020 (fashion, home & essentials)- aesthetic home decor and essentials from amazon! Amazon finds for your home summer 2020!

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Air Purifier:

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Drunk Elephant Sunshine Drops:

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xx, kathryn

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hars0660 hars0660

your so freaking cute and gorgeous! I love your videos Kathryn!!

Natalie Flores

I just bought one of those electric lighters too and oh my gosh it hurts my ears. I thought I was the only one lol.

Jess Laurie

I remember the drunk elephant self tanner from your other video! looks like it’s a really great product! and i remember the lighter haha it looks so cool and very futuristic

Ashlee Nicole

You deserve alllll the followers. ✨ you’re real, genuine, and make great quality videos.

Nandini r.

Wow this is so nice! All your videos have such a good vibeee

Kayla Compton

About to add all of this to my cart!!


Love you!!!!

Sarita Escobar

Goooood moooorning!!!!!

Alexa Paige

was planning on filming a video like this this week!! amazon has become my new bff during quarantine

Axrist Bloxburg

I love all of your amazon favorites and I hope you get to 60k by the end of July

Nichole Shangraw

I love the drunk elephant bronze drops!!!


Yay another amazon video! Cute sunnies as always! Nice choice Kathryn! The lighter is so cool and saves money too from keep buying.

Zoe Biggs

Love these amazon favorites!

Laylia Cameron

I love you my queen and you feel like my best friend and sister because I dong have one,so love you queen❤️❤️

Shannon Solomon

I like heather grey too!


I'm so glad you included the air purifier! I am suffering as well with allergies so bad and I need some relief! I think I'll be purchasing it!

Meghan Boruta

I ordered the same joggers and thought they were beige too! But they are still cute

Bailee Cortez

Just bought one of your sweatshirts!! Can’t wait for it to come in!


ahhh i love ur hair!!! and i love ur style and type of aesthetic!! HUGE FAN BTW ILYSM <33

Felicia Aldridge

Allergy Tip: Do a Citrus Steam! Orange, lemon, & Lime peel, onion slices, sea salt - bowl and steam in a good sized pot 5-15 minutes -I put a towel over my head to steam with (more effective for me) Breathe in derp ever so’s works wonders for allergies, lungs!

Hannah Sanders

Love this series

Katie Enos

What is the song in your intro? Did you create it? I love it!


I love ur channel so muchhh! ur so fricken cute

Rebecca Huerta

Excited! I love amazon! Have a great Sunday☀️

Alyssa Poplaski

your hair is perfect

Rebecca Fabiano

I feel you with the allergies!! I always find what works for me is having a shower it seems to work!!

Jamie Pagliarulo

The joggers are heavenly!!!!!!! I will absolutely be buying more pairs. Such a great recommendation

Lauren Kaufman


Lisa Ru

I need that air purifier asap lol

Lesley Salazar

I’m obsessed with your intro !!! ❤️


The draw string in your video matches the color of the grey sweat pants but the link you provided shows drawstring in black? Is it the correct link?

Jess Laurie

I love big sunglasses! I feel like a spy undercover because you can barely see my face

Emily Cooper

Can you please do a loungewear favorites video!!! I love all your videos!

Vanessa Helps

PLSS reply I love u so much

Liane De Souza


Madison Northern

I just got a puppy. Have you ever thought of doing a favorites video of dog things you’ve gotten for Bentley?

Jackie Myers

Definitely see the blonde hair more in this video:) blonde looks really good on you! Thank you for uploading!!! I love watching you :)

Rüya Özkurt

I love you ❤️ You are so cute and aesthetic

Ashley Kincade

dog barks

Kathryn: Mommy will be right there!

Me: If you don’t shut your mouth and leave me alone!

Julia Kristine

I saw a similar pair of joggers recommended on tik tok & now I think it's a sign that I should buy a pair! they look so comfy!!

Cristina Antoniuc

Kathrine Anne

YAY i’ve been waiting for this video

Alyssa Poplaski

those tanks are such great basics!!

Alicia Fallon

i love these videos so much! and your videos in general lol! your so inspiring keep it up. btw bentley would be best friends with my puppy jemma

Isabella Gerli

what fonts do you use? i love them

Kelly Sui

I love ur videos. They are so aesthetically done and gives great vibes.


omg. your hair looks amazing!

Brandy Mink

I don't see a link for the drunk elephant drops

Krista Cannady

Love your channel!! Do you have any videos on what camera settings you use? I love your lighting/colors!

filmed by anagha

Sadly where I live we don’t have any cute products


Omg, you referenced Star Wars pod racing? You’re amazing.

Michelle Beszeditz

Amazon has been life during quarantine. Thanks for the recommendations

Megan Toner

these joggers just arrived and they are soo comfy! can’t wait to wear them

Tara (mizmode)

I know what you mean about gray being a comfort color to wear. A lot of people wear gray here in Florida. It’s almost like gray is the new black here. lol I moved here four years ago and started noticing it like a year or two ago. I even wear it a lot. lol Thanks for the video!

Hope Boswell

Your hair looks soo good! I always enjoy watching your vids.

Cindy Vu

I can't believe that I am late to my favourite YouTuber!!!


love your channel and your videos big fan

madeline morphis

first!! so excited to see all of these amazing products <3


I love amazon so much in this current season we are in

Fabiola Suarez

Who else loves Kathryn’s Amazon Hauls?! ❤️❤️



Sarah Bergmeier

Love these videos , your close to 60 k .

Hannah Slabic

Your hair looks so good!!


Love your videos!

Sammie Rose

What are the words in the intro from?

Jess Laurie

I need those joggers!! I just love joggers so much

Ozzie Maynard

Any affordable recommendations for that plant stand, pot, and faux plants?

Michelle Sussan

Your makeup is on point!

Kate Ramsay

I've been dying to try the drunk elephant drops!