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Guess what guys? She cleaned those house for FREE! That's awesome!

Credits to Ms. Auri.

Kandice Korn

First video says, "friend couldn't get grease off her grill" ... couldn't or wouldn't, it didn't look like anyone had tried!

Rouse M

Estos vídeos si son los buenos. No las mamadas de los que le ponen todo el Ajax a un baño limpio xD

Aninha Hyuga

Casa grande hein

Madison Wickham

Starting of the tiktok:


My mom would like to adopt you

Mélodie Switten

What products do you use? You're awesome!

Lechelle Alforte

I can watch this all day, OC attack hahahahhaha

Anon Shrimp

Man I wish I had that brush and that motive. Like God dang....

Liliana Claudia Dumi

Cine trăiește într o asemenea mizerie??

Brittany M

I don’t understand how some people can live the way they do in some of these videos. Good lord.

Abigail Henderson

Okay but am I the only one who cleans their coffee machine almost every time they use it?

Denise Solano

Adoro ambientes sujos e encardidos

Aastha Singh

Damnnn that sofa at the end tho
Anything can be saved if you know how to.

Katrina Tanner

Anyone know what's the name of the music playing?

Vlog Squad Arabic

Show You Then Show Who You Ride

Kylee Harris

My mom said she wishes all her kids loved cleaning as much as you do



Mabelly Silva

Pelo amor de Deus eu quero esses produtos

kais_gt r

Next time no music pls

Tiktok Compilation

who else watches this and then wanna go clean

Q. K.

When she asked "Would you still date me after this?"
Girl, I'd wife you up.


We all hate cleaning but enjoy watching it

zeynep akcil

We want to hear that fis fis sound don’t add music on it

Lars's Wig

14:13 girl i wouldn't just date you. I would marry you.

Gacha Cat

Yes,it is satisfying,but why do people let stuff get so dirty!!??!


She must be a neat freak.


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game girl

I feel like cleaning right now

Elice Martinez

i wonder if there is a boy watching

## fatima

nah i'm sorry but shouldn't you throw that shit away and buy a new one by now?? 4:00


The music over it sadness me, I really wanted to hear it all.

I am Nobody

Guys, last night...12 o'clock

I was watching these kinds of videos for no reason.....

Pure Chaos

I can’t do the dishes with out washing my hands 50 times so this person is awesome

Karla Jones

How do things get this dirty?

Whitney’s World

Idk if it’s just me but I HATE living in filth so I am a little bit of a clean freak but I get it from my mom


Disgusting but satisfying


how does one grease up bosu ball?

game girl

Hey can u adopt me?

Sania Junaid

Eeeeee gloves PLEASE

Pany Pan

Please turn your comments off I’ve had enough of people saying do not mix chemicals so please turn your comments off

Ana caroline Boaventura

Lara Erdelyi

The word have human's Who's cleaning, and have human's who's Just wach this.

Tessa Gray

Wow that is some massive hard work, you have my respect


You are a woman after my own heart! I too LOVE to clean and the dirtier the better..... it’s a sickness

ThisBitchLikesYaoi -_-

the music kind of annoying... it would be nice to just hear them cleaning.

sparkle unicorn

Gime Ibarra

Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks!!!

Ellale Viojan

"She couldn't get the grease off her grill" Bro, did she even try?


How did your bathroom tub get so dirty?

Aubrey Goolsby

Dude someone come clean my room damn


Literally Monica Geller's paradise

Leo Dixon

Imagine your tinder date shows up and next thing you know she is cleaning your hole house .... Bro I'd marry her

Gabriella with Covers and Stuff

How does this stuff even get that dirty


god i wish I had this much joy for cleaning

International Playboy Jungoo

i need these people to help me clean my life

rossel cuengco

Wow sabaw


Abis di serang badai apa gimana

فــلـسـطـيـنـيـهــ فــلــسـطـيـنـيـهــ

مافي احلا من النظافه

• Lolbit •

10:50 this peep is from Finland

Wren Strickland

why is this inspiring me to clean my whole house

Ava Holden

I don’t know why but I HATE cleaning but I loved watching this!!

Maria Lindell

I'm pretty sure that woman is Finnish-

Edit: Confirmed. She is.
2nd edit: She lives close to me--

Odelia Verdadeiro soldermann

Ho my god....

AMON Lilli Marie

Everybody subscribe and like


I cleaned my entire bathroom got ten dollars from my parents for it yesterday then I paused this vid halfway through to clean my cutlery draws and was given a drumstick.

I is 11

Sophia Howard

I hate cleaning it makes me rlly tired and bored BuT I do love when it’s done it looks amazing ten times better when it has bin done and you feel rlly proud when it is done these videos are very satisfying

Nightmare Maya

Suomi mainittu

Carol Brown


Miss Chaos

Dianne Kryshma Miguel

Sound like Monica Geller to me


Cleaning is only satisfying to watch, not actually doing it lol

Lian Tortia

I just wonder how do things get so dirty like that

Miss Flower

What's the emoji at 0:17? I have difficulty seeing it. Thank you!

Yasy’s_ World

I lovvvvve this

Byleh Myneh

I'm glad she's found something she loves to do but oh my god I'd just tell them to throw the whole damn house away, not sure how tf some of this stuff looks brand new afterwards

Chlair Hallett

I have mould in between my tile cracks in my shower can someone give me tips

I Dino

People have their reasons not to clean and they may be valid, but it is still disgusting

Mister Phant

XD Im so sorry for what im about to say..

F- F*cking
U- Unnecessary
N- Nonsense

XD Im sorry I had to say this XD

Edit: Sorry if this offends someone in some kind of way. Just dont hate on me for it.

trix spartor

Soy la única q habla Español???;-;

Sara No

Levi would love this very much☺️

Liz eth

I used to clean houses for some company. I'll NEVER understand why people let their homes go like that!! We used to clean this lady's house that had about 9 cats, if not more. That house was DISGUSTING, too say the least. We stopped going the, finally, because it was a health hazard for us.. I love having a clean and organized home

gacha mask

Did this scare anyone else or just me

Paige Jason

We need you in our house.

PaZanZaa :P

My question is who let’s they’re kitchens and bathrooms get this dirty??


Hey wait a minute, are this person who clean up "how to basic" mess?


3:31 was soooooo nasty who in The world leaves dirty Q-tips on a shelf

Danna Snow

I love cleaning and organizing...... the funny thing is that I am only 10 years old and in 4th grade.

Flute Player Victoria

Can you do my life next?

فــلـسـطـيـنـيـهــ فــلــسـطـيـنـيـهــ

مافي احلا من النظافه

Gowon and Vivi's Screentime

I really care about dirty grouts, I want to clean it so badly


omG i didnt even know that she is a finnish before i saw her friend-


How could they have that house like that of Susia

Vlog Squad Arabic

Merry Christmas Everyone !! can u subscribe to my channel for christmas please you need this david dobrik compilation it's hialarious

T Cc

Although cleaning is dirty, it was fun!!!

Tayssa Cruz

preciso de uma pessoa assim na minha vida

Juliana Aliman

When u decided not clean for a month and got idea to clean and record it.
Interesting lol

Chealyn Reese

Why go to sleep when you can stay up till 3:00am on a school night watching cleaning TikToks?

momo's forbidden fruit

Me : omg this is so satisfying, I like to try it so I can be more satisfied.

My dirty room : sure thing, clean me then.

Me : Uhh


Grape Cola

The one who helped the follower with 3 kids was soo sweet

Helene K.

*Levi Ackermann is entering the chat