Relationship Fails 2020 || Funny Videos

Relationship Fails 2020 || Funny Videos

124 086 views | 2 May. 2020

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What els are relationships for?

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Alan Johnson


god dam

mmmmmm tish rearrange in any order

Deden Fardenan

3:41 LOL

Aarav Rahtole

5:21 what was that, it's like the're scared to die. What, are they afraid it's going to crash or is this video or corona where going on a beach is illegal and thats the police what's happening

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Nice video

Sith Rain

2:19 when he hit the wall it caught me off guard and I’m still crying of laughter

Lamaeda :D

Tik tok is cancer

Ch story Tv
Sub my channel

Swapmeet sheriff Don Knott expert

At 4min in what the hell language was he speaking!

Josh Thomas

4:08... what a legend

Jenna Profit

This question is not clear to me.

isrofi yusuf

Nope an see it hey won't do anything Happiness to worship you Don't those people

Daniel Windham

Hanging off a cliff with that dude real smart

Marine Grunt 03

Got all your stuff packed up! Gift wrap! Awesome!

Rush Rider

Why did she beat him in the first clip??

Paul Davidson

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cem kahraman

2:32 siiiimp


Wtf, hottest gf in the world @8:00

Hallie Evans


None Anymous

8:05 her laugh is contagious

Miku Hatsune

Boyfriend: sleeping
Me: awwwn... slaped the face

Gel Patricio


Power up Kids

The Human version of Pokemon trading card game Team up!

Kurdistan Gamers

2:19 hahahah

Thalia Del Toro

7:16 what happened?! Did they bump into each other? Did he smack her?

Luke Chestnut

4:08 so many times I wish I would've done that.

Preet k

The man hitting the wall during video call was really funny

David Johnson


Deimos D Ace

8:15 where is she

Haywire Willy

Love the water skiing clip!!! Pretty much sums up relationships.:-)


I think this is a good example of the FACT that females have no sense of humor whatsoever.

victor callender

That giant Bongie on her head was big.


6:21 ... ok, this is just stupid and dangerous.

#caM tv

Nice video :) :)

Check this out also


wtf is "mewore"

Trumpington Fanhurst

Women think it's fine to slap a man in the face while he is asleep - yet they are being oppressed by the Patriarchy.

Lawrence Nwachukwu

Why is it so difficult to find true love this days? Mist men are just there to give a heartbreak


2:13 the video interview of her life lol. That's gotta be one of the best fails I've seen.

Robin Hinson

I’m intrigued. Which clip was funny


1:27 - that’s funny!!

Mrbeast Fan101


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Murph Dog

Can't relate...

Safe Zone

great video, you will find a lot of funny content on my channel