Great Guitar Build Off 2020 Entry - Sunburst Veneer Experiment

Great Guitar Build Off 2020 Entry - Sunburst Veneer Experiment

159 239 views | 4 Sep. 2020

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Shinto Rasp:



Bevel Gauge:

Toggle Clamps:

Flush Trim Bit:

Carving Disc for Angle Grinder:

Flush Cutting Saw:

AMAZON (affiliate) LINKS

30º Triangle:

Cordless Brad Nailer:

Double Sided Tape:



Makita Router:

Extra Long Brad Point Bit for Connecting Cavities:

Screwdriver with Bits inside:

Screw Wax:

Fretboard Finishing Oil:


Neck Ferrules and Screws:

String Ferrules that go in the back:

500K CTS Push Pull Pots:

.022 Capacitor:

Switchcraft 3-Way Toggle Switch:

Push Back Wire:

Neck Pickup:

Bridge Pickup:


Tuning Pegs:

Copper Foil for Shielding:

Audio Jack:

Strap Buttons:

String Trees:



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Secondary Gimbal Camera:

Shotgun Mic:

Lav Mic:

Voiceover Mic:



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Dave Toelkes

Wow you did an amazing job. I would like to buy a guitar built by you when I can afford it. For now Ill try to win this one. Keep up the fantastic work. Thank you

julian santillana

You are a girl so pretty and full of talent cpngrats for this art and keep on showing this to the World.

Roger Culver

Time to make an acoustic.

A D E87

Looks incredible, beautiful, thanks for sharing with us


Now. This would be cool to bring everyone into a shop with every tool you might need and give you xxx amount of time to compleat the projects but you can take it any path you like.
You dont get a kit its all done from scratch. You start off with rough cut lumber the fret bord is a kit but you have to make your own neck.
Time frame 1 week . You can work 24/7 but it has to be done the last hour of the compation.


Really love the body works~

george hatfield

Awesome. Great skills. You have a link for the branding iron you used? Thank you

Ian Costigan

You are a talented human. Keep it up!!

Orlando William Ferreira Lima

maravilha essa mulher e fera de mas

Phil Godfrey

Great idea on the finish with the veneers, looks amazing.

Matt Mays

Exceptional work. Your attitude is everything! Thank you for creating such wonderful content and opening up an incredible space to enjoy such tremendous work.

Cristian Cruz

Good on you for fixing the veneer mistake, you do great work!

MDL Micky's Digital Lab

It's really difficult form me say in english Even good makers make mistakes but you were correcting all in a good way ... what else . Number ONE!!!

Duke Steele

She does great work. This guitar looks outstanding. Although, I would have used a maple fingerboard.

Ofir Orlinsky

Tamar. That’s the first video I am watching on your channel. I am amazed by your talent. We need to work on your guitar playing skills but you are my favorite builder now

Rick Mancuso

Woodworking. Lead guitar. And a perfectionist. WOW. You're a rock star!!! Amazing job.

ami love green

i love it

John Wick

Made by your hands it maybe worth than a guitar which was used by a rockstar who didn't made it himself.

Manny S

Bart lol

Sarah Jackson

I know this is late, but I went and looked up the other entries in the build-off and wow... yours was without a doubt the BEST guitar in the competition! It really hits that 70's summertime vibe that I love. Awesome work!

Miguel Angel García

Wooooow!!!!... Realmente hermosa, tanto la guitarra como la artesana... felicidades, un abrazo desdé México.


This is a very beautiful guitar. Congrats

Dan Djurdjevic

What an awesome guitar! Very cool!

J Gregory

OMG, that's a wicked guitar! Woman............will you marry me? LOL


Commenting that you're good at this is an understatement!
I would've told crimson guitar that i changed my mind about entering the competition, paid for the guitar kit and keep the guitar to myself, that is one amazing looking guitar. We need more female woodworking channel here on youtube <3


Totally impressed! You are quite a talent.


Really nice looking result! And I actually love the "bodged veneer" part of the video; that kind of mistake and your reaction to it is so human and relatable. I think a lot of youtubers wouldn't have shown that but rather just put in some note when editing, along the lines of "at this point I noticed I'd mixed up two of the veneer pieces, so I routed them off and glued on some new ones, no worries!".

Agus Suleman

Bagus..pandai..hebat..l like mam


What a Beauty!


Love the Bart simpson noices in the background

Raymond Vaughan

Nice job nice looking guitar sounds nice

steven taillefer

Great build, Tamar.


"eat my shorts" :P

Russell Carter

It sold for $2,750 if anyone was wondering :)

Alfredo Sosa Dordán

Amazing!!! and that's it.

E mg

great work respect from ya boy buddha out of waco texas W.M.H


I'm sure those 72 dislikers just don't use humbuckers, that's all ☺️

michael Ryan

Awesome!....Inspired to build an electric (I build classical guitars and uku's)


I SO incredibly respect your perfectionist brain!

Lute Philips

Are you Canadian? I know it's a random question but the way you say tone sounds like Darrell Braun. Anyway beautiful job. Love all your builds

Kenny roe Bacara

So cool.. i wish i have one.

Stanley Denning

Looking at that guitar body blank. I can't help but think of " Sponge Bob Square Pants". LOL

Andrew Stott

You're amazing. This is amazing. I'm officially your fan.

Sajid Waikhom


Patrick Kem

Tools R Cool!

Chris Mullins

Sheesh, how many hobbies can one person be good at! What is the screw wax for when you're adding the string trees on the headstock?

Zbyszek siwy


Antonio Palou

Graham Serle

Bloody awesome job Tamar. With a build like that It's hard/nerve racking enough as it is let alone always having the needs of your young kids as a mental distraction. I've just noticed that it sold for US$2750. Well done from your Aussie fan.

Anjum Shafi

I love your hole work,




Сергей Матвеев


Dean Arnold

Just found this channel, super cool. Single cut and offset, my favorite guitar design!

Evan Jones

Awesome job

Patrick Kem

Sunburst was my first color. I put on a custom Les Paul
Kit. And it was very satisfying.

Kyle Pesek

7th!? Unreal... I know its all in personal taste but thats the coolest guitar I've ever seen. I've been watching your videos for a few weeks, waiting for my first tablesaw to arrive. Thanks for all your tips! What a cool guitar seriously.

Sajid Waikhom

You’re such an awesome builder

Warren Mape

My fave “build” of yours so far and that’s saying something! Now you “rock” even more!

Steve Winwood

you got robbed should have been number 2 at least, if not 1st




I really dig your work, you make great things and guitars,plus being easy on the eyes

Steve Louis

Fabulous vid. Thanks.

Horny Step Mom / Videos

This is one of the nicest guitars and builds I have seen in years! It's so nice. Please marry me. I love how you fixed your vanere thing!

Chris Phoenix

watching all of this play out, some people had questions about how well you would do, because of your low experience level. You did a GREAT job of the neck install, where two much more experienced competitors fucked it up. Well done!!

Miguel Angel Hugo Román Segura



Flat black hardware would have been nice. Great work!!!!

músico locuaz

Mrs. Tamar maybe you should do more projects like this, looks like you would be a professional luthier.

Ib Erik Söderblom

I think its the best build !

And I'm certain you could be even more inovative, experimenting more with body-shapes and hollow bodies.
The electronics and pickups are great.

Aldrin Clementina

Looks nice and Good job btw girl

Hervé Labas

It looks gorgeous!

Martin Conrad

I appreciate that you share your mistakes — not only do you show a great example of how to correct an error, but you model a GREAT example of how to treat yourself when a mistake is discovered.

Gerard Emmanuel

Youre simply amazing

Sam Yaza

Where's that accent from?
Im from Brooklyn NY....
Is home the Empire State?

Michael David

she does not mess around with the clamps


Yours was the best

David Coleman

Well, that's just not fair. I love your mad woodworking skills but you also play the guitar well?!? That's like Frank Lloyd Wright also being an all-star centerfielder. :-P


Simple & excellent job..

Gian Endo

nice work
i want to be woodworking but don't have tools:(

Dan McBay

Very cool and nice save on the veneer.

Антипов Евгений

You are best !!!

Александр Гришин

Золотые руки!!)

kamaroway günther

greeat guitar

Michael Sequeira Morales

Do you sell them

Andre Instruktor

SUPER !!!!


Now that is one sexy guitar. Great work!

Priyo Sambodo

Madame...maybe you can give your masterpiece to the god of fingerstyle...alip ba ta...

Gordon Xu

Awesome to watch the whole process, meanwhile learn some new tricks.

Putih Biru Negeri diatas angin

I have subscribed to a good channel for me to learn woodwork. Good chanel

Jmall Clark

You’re amazing! I would of loved to see a black binding on this one. Great job tho !

Rick L.

Cyril Calmes

Nice Job !

Mang Idik

Love this guitar

David Lawlor

that veneer part would have driven me to the point of mental breakdown. she has skills.

Gaston Lagaffe

Whoa, didn't know you played the guitar as well, not just building one. Nicely done!

Colonel Panic

Your bends need some work. As you bend to reach the minor 7th the guitar moves up, causing you to never quite reach that b#. I'm guessing your fingers, especially your thumb need some more strength. The guitar is really beautifull though, awsome job.

matias ginestet

Sooooo beautiful! I'm heading to the "Ocean one" video and subscribing at the same time.


I think every woodworker has had that "oh noooo" moment in their shed.
It comes with the territory, no? :)))))

Alex Gordon

That guitar is gorgeous


ouaa c is a beautiful guitar made by a lovely luthiere. I discover your youtube channel. I will eagerly watch your videos. you have many talents.

ivan palosek

Ey Looking Like Lady Gaga's sister