Allen Crowder Discusses Greg Hardy Fight At UFC Brooklyn, Blames Illegal Knee To ‘Inexperience’

Allen Crowder Discusses Greg Hardy Fight At UFC Brooklyn, Blames Illegal Knee To ‘Inexperience’

16 706 views | 21 Jan. 2019

Allen Crowder speaks to Luke Thomas on The MMA Hour about his fight with Greg Hardy at UFC Brooklyn, the illegal knee landed by Hardy, what's next for his career, and more.


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Yushu Black

to be fair hardy was clearly winning the fight before the knee and this dude is no bum. hes 10-3-1

King Dome

I know it's been said alot but I have to say Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis vs Greg "I'ma slap ya mama" Hardy would be an amazing beating to watch. Black Beast would maul him

Marko Vendetti

Crowder was losing before the knee anyway

nac bak

oh yeah yeah


What does he mean?



Av Av

Can't wait to see Allen fight again. Solid guy.

Jason Beck

I enjoyed this interview, know what I mean?


This guy's small tiny minuscule wrestling abilities were giving Greg Hardy some trouble, yet Greg was still able to connect and could have knock him out.. he needs to seriously improve his wrestling if he wants to last in that heavy weight division.

Colin Douglas

Allen "you know what I mean" Crowder

Dons Adventures

Yes Allen we know exactly “what you mean” you dropped out of elementary school you dumb rural hillbilly!

misty bonnie

Thanks for taking that illegal knee, my wallet appreciates the extra 100$

I'm a life form known as Manuel

What a cheerful guy

Preston Cox

Know what I mean

His Beloved

Crowder darn near starting to sound like Boomhower..."knowwhatimean"

Justin Ficca

If you listen really close, you might know what he means. No promises though


Brandon russell

Big big fan of Crowder after he started trash talking Hardy in the cage. Me. Crowder in case you didn't know once I'm a fan of someone I'm a fan for life, let's see a slugfest with Arlovski or Walt Harris next

#PgTrym91 On Xbox, Twitter, Instagram

other times i seen that ref just taking point away instead of calling dq ...


I don't know AC too well, noticed he walked out to Petee Pablo, hmm ok, I remember this song, he must be from NC, now after hearing this interview, he's 1 of those super white guys that's saying "u know what I mean" every 5 seconds like he's from the projects or just got out of prison. To anyone who's watching this from another country, in America we have this phenomena where white kids take on the speech style of black kids from our poor neighborhoods. Only an observation, and the funny thing is Greg Hardy sounds nothing like this, Hardy actually seems like a nice intelligent guy or is real good at acting like a nice guy

MamaMina 009

Allen "tom brady" crowder

Scott Sterling

This dude is sick landed a beautiful elbow from the bottom. I’m sold!


As for me, I'm not sure what he means.

Jesus Duarte

Took the easy way out. Doctor told him to stop the fight? We clearly heard him and his corner say fight is over. It was a smart decision. He was down 2 rounds, and need it the win.

Marty Moose

Hardy should have screamed "PRIDE RULES" before that knee and he would have got the W.


I hope Crowder gets a big fight next. Like Stefan Struve or another known name but nothing too crazy like Overeem, it's too soon.

Bustincue 4U

This dude is a Tom Brady look a like.

Michael Harrell

Allen "You know what I mean" Crowder

Elliot Tiernay

"ya know what I mean"

John Janowiecki

I believe he was looking for a way out. He had every right not to continue but I think he could have. I guess take the easy win though right?

Josh Thomas

Yes. I know what you mean. I would like to see a rematch.


Allen You know what I mean Crowder.


What does Yao Ming have to do with this fight? I guess that knee destroyed Crowder's brain.

Luke Petersen

He wasn’t blown away by his power but wasn’t he hurt and dropped multiple times?

Bob Barker

Should have asked if he would want to do a rematch. smh

dave woodsford

This guy is playing us


I feel like i know what he means.

Recession TwentyTwenty

You weren't trying to get up . Man quit you're lying

Chuey Ink

This fool wanted a way out and he got it.


you know what i mean?

Bert Raccoon

If you want to continue all you have to do is when the Dr says “are you ok to continue?” you say “yes.”

Craig Farnam

At 8:02 he literally has back to back you know what I means

Kane Nolan

Tai Tuivasa VS Greg Hardy


Do you.

Know what I mean?


Repeat, repeat.... lol lol

David Oh

This guy is a bum. Couldn't keep a football player down on the ground.

Ill blahzay Ill

Know what I mean? It is what it is.


stupid rule. knees should be allowed anywhere.



Mahdi Rasouli

know what I mean?

Alex Torres

New England Patriots boy!!!!


Derrick Lewis vs Greg Hardy with Mario and Pride rules next please

Lincoln Clay

Allen Crowder for president.

Diesel Tech

You know what I mean?

Watch My 666

lol he uses the same notification sound as me

Jake Moss

Allen "You Know What I Mean" Crowder


I want to see a rematch


The Black Beast vs Greg Hardy


If you couldve kept going you shouldn't have been lying on your back, you wanted out, give him a rematch

Rattle Snake

Um this guys brain seems fine, you know what I mean? Um it sounds like he takes it really easy um you know what i mean? Takin it slow now um you know what i mean?

Sun Tzu

That feel when you become famous because you won by dq

Redneck Truth Spouter

I think he has the right attitude. I honestly don't feel Greg didn't mean to break the rules or to find a way out. It sucks for both guys the way this ended and more over I'm so glad to see he is doing ok

The MMA Addicts

Well he's right on this one

Xavier B

Allen “You Know What I Mean” Crowder

No Name

Ahhh He is as charismatic as a piece of wood yaaa know what I mean...

Bradley Thomsen

Respect. Knee was 100% inexperience. Good to hear the victim of it say so. Grounded and sensible individual.

newyork newyork


Dale Baker

Allen Crowder clearly has a lot of confidence in Luke Thomas' knowledge.

Paul Godenitz

Allen “y’know’wuta’mean” Crowder

Power Forth

Not sure i know what he means yet. He'll have to run the question a few hundred more times by me to really consider.

Todd Simone

I wanted to know what Crowder thought staring into those daemon eyes the whole time.

Darren 'MCTAPPER' Till

This bum couldn't even take down a gassed Greg hardy in the second round Lol he was looking for a way out of the fight so he wouldn't be KO'D unconscious