Simply Awesome Vanilla Skyblock 4 (Stream Replay) 03/12/19

Simply Awesome Vanilla Skyblock 4 (Stream Replay) 03/12/19

23 433 views | 13 Mar. 2019

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Welcome to a new series I am doing with Skizzleman...Vanilla Skyblock 4! We are playing in 1.13 and have over 100 challenges to complete. We plan to stream our adventures once a week and also there will be one episode a week on my main channel. Hope you enjoy!

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Vanilla Skyblock 4 Map:

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Cassandra Gidney

Watching impulse play Hermitcraft : wow this guy is impressive.
Watching impulse play Skyblock:
Aaaaaahhhhhhh. Stop carrying the bucket! Put out the fire or you'll lose everything in that chest! Dont worry about losing dirt because gravel drops means you can make infinite dirt as long as you keep at least 2 dirt.

Disturbed Puppy

You could throw a dirt block into the void every time you die.

The Life

you should play bed wars on the hypixel server


I like how the icon for this channel is the Impulse logo but with inverted logo

Pulse Fel

1. mine out from under lava source. 2. build wooden flow guide in the water flow stretching it out to the lava tower. 3. mine the cobble that spawns between.


I like these livestreams more than N&S.

Lyv Plays Games

Hey Skizzleman!! My face is talkin' to your face! :) … 1. NO ONE knows EVERYTHING about Minecraft, not even Bill Gates. :) It's a learning process even for those of us who have played for eight years and more. 2. You know what? &*&% the bucket. lol Accidents happen. The only reason Impulse didn't lose the bucket is because he got lucky. lol I was cringing the entire time watching him hang and slab over the void with the bucket in his hot bar. lol 3. You are NOT stupid. You are most definitely a wonderful part of this team. Even when Impulse has his head buried in redstone and mob farms, he loves you too! :) :) … Please put your stream on your channel. I'd love to see your point of view. :)

Toni Stack

where do we get the other view for this stream?


Every time you die, you have to send me 50 bucks.

Pulse Fel

2 dirt, 2 gravel, make coarse dirt, till coarse, now you have normal dirt

Jodrey Allen Kids

It's strange seeing them with clothes on.

James Collin

Can’t wait to see an upgraded mob farm, like a serious for real mob farm.

Greg B

All that yelling reminded me why I dont watch videos with skizzleman in them. I hope you have fun with this though.

John Sellers

Dirt block going to waste ontop of the portal

ian Washington

Every time you die you have to do a real world challenge/punishment that your Twitter decides

Electric Atom0

Second comment

Chris Lamothe

throw all you gear and armor off the edge if you die

qaz wiz

who's fault is qwerty? -> Christopher Latham Sholes


1:27:53 "Squuur dance with me." Lol


If you die give $5 to charity


I like the idea of losing a heart each time you die, but then once you reach 0 you need to restart the world.

Lithuanian in bound

First comment


LOL the dface when lose dthe bucket

Riptide Gaming

like...does skizz scream like that on purpose, or is really just a big baby? cause i gotta tell ya, his over-reactions to literally everything that even so much as hints at danger in MC...from a veteran MCer at borders turning me off from watching these videos.

Dont get me wrong, i do enjoy these videos, and both players...but like, either I have to turn my volume on my headset so low that i can barely hear anything in the video because I know an over-reaction ear drum shattering scream is going to happen at least once in any given video....or i have the volume turned up so i can hear the casual banter (which is the best part imo)....and then have my ears blasted at some point.

Wont kind of sucks.

Lyv Plays Games

I can't get Skyblock 4 to work. Keeps crashing. How did you fix yours?


I'm a simple woman. I see Skizz and impulse together, I click. XD

24:40 reveals that impulse has some sort of undisclosed derp or fumble during episode one. Those always make good content. :D Lol

Lyv Plays Games

Having a total crap day and BOOM immediate awesome!! You guys are fantastic!! Love this! :)


Yay! I'm so happy you guys are doing Skyblock together. :D AND! Putting the stream on YT. TIme zones suck. :)


hey listen, lava pours also!!!

Lucid Moses

If it's windows Spelled backwards is it not mirrors?

Coyt Anderson

No nighttime in 1.13 forward is not fun.

Wilma s

Loved it! Hope I can catch a stream some day. But...time zones suck sometimes. So happy you two are doing a "normal" skyblock together. Makes me want to try again too.
Looking forward to the next episode and/or stream!

HeyZel Plays

Rip my ears

Artillery Jay

38:55 Impy gets saltier that Mr. Crab's underbelly when his UHC skill is questioned. Best moment of the video!

T. Westin74

When one of you guys die you have to toss out one dirt block!

Tiberius Oni

that cobble gen i sent you for the N&S series doesn't 'need' 2 water sources. the 2nd source only allows for both of you to use the generator together. you can still build it using 1 water and just have 1 of you gathering cobble

Steven Jones

I say every time you die you have to put a non stackable block in your inventory and can never take it out

qaz wiz

"Dude, whatcha gonna watch?"
well i just downloaded this great hero-slasher film where his mission in life it to rid the world of nosy delivery boys.


bridge across to the other islands, should be a bucket at one of them, that will be faster than grinding zombies for iron

Kyle Beach

with your iron situation you could smelt down the Armour

Lyv Plays Games

Punishment for dieing … 5-10 stacks of cobble mined by the person who died, toss it in the void.

David Miedema

If you die, you must let the inventory despawn...

matt Marshall

If they could only get 2 pieces of redstone they could of made a very good mini fishery

Samantha Powell

Why not make a passive mob farm. Think of all the crits to be had!


Skiz still has phantom PTSD from being namked and scared for too long.