Kattar vs Holloway

Kattar vs Holloway

21 383 views | 12 Jan. 2021

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George Coull

Max is a legend fought Conner and Khabib I take Max in 4

M Hawkes

What’s good Champ!

Ryan Meushaw

Max is still the champ ! He won the second fight against Volk

Sono Man

Holloway. No reason other than experience. Trust me. Sonoman out ✊

Ojie Ordonez

Max blessed holloway all the way

Mugzy Hillbillie

Dude you suck get excited for your next fight I can’t wait to see you lose suga foot! And you’ll never be a commentator because you can barely read.


Yo I can't hear ya doggy

jack wood

The best is blessed

Eric Gutierrez

Worst analysis I’ve ever heard. Still going to watch every analysis he does tho lmao


Max UD or tko in the 4th


Max must push the pace, he can't outbox Calvin

Cody Byrne

I’m ready for you to fight too, gays the hold up??

shayyden g pass the bong

I dunno how he does it but Max got this fo sho

Anton Wereta

Bro just fight again! Leave no time in between losses and they disappear.

Jacob Vega

Aside from everything, that mural is fresh as fuck!

whos Carlitos

Max 4th round tko

Jason Crownover

I think if Max can eat Poirer’s shots and still push through, he can take Kattar’s power, too.

Calvin has only fought in one five round fight, and he’s never fought someone who is as much of a savage as Max is, who can pour it on for five rounds with ease.

Max by decision.




The real question is which one is actually 5’11 cause max is about 2 inches taller than Calvin

Ashley Rogers

Your the man keep your head in the game brother!!

wayne mcauliffe

Go Kattar think you have a bit of Irish in you my boy

Joseph Andres

Suga from the suburbs. Suga foot cheesy mc tats.

fakhrul nawawi96

What a weird fucking name


I would like to see Sean fight Marlon Moraes tbh, I think it’d be a good matchup for Sean

Ndovu Productions

lol the alphabet channel

Lawng Jawn

Ortega is 5'9 Malley... Not a Long 5'11

The Attic 420


Osah Jackson

The first leg kick of the fight between them your leg will get broken


i got max dominating the fight and throwing an unreal amount of strikes and takin it by decision


Max Blessed Holloway!!! “The Best IS Blessed” Let’s Go,

Sum Solution

It's 50/50 and when it's 50/50....no bet.

Tommy Montgomery

Good Insight Sean!!!

erick martinez

Has max ever been dropped?


Love the respect for Max

John Tennaro


Aaron Filip

Double Douche O malley

Justin Wiseman

Damn suga what happen I thought u were gonna be champ and now you just a suga show commentator?! I cant believe you went against da Hawaiian. You get a thumbs down for dat.

Jorge Pires da Silva

Holloway by Tko 3rd Round



Anas Shahid 224

Looking forward to your comeback champ


Does this nobody think he's on the come up? You fell down and are still falling. Not quite rock bottom yet but close.

I could beat your ass. UFC dumpstered you.


Possible Max's first ko

Venusara Kavindu

Kattar via decision imo

Emily Spencer

Hey Sean, the sound volume on your podcasts is always super low. Would be great if it could be amped up a bit.

Fer Cabrera-Gilbert

If Max mix it up he can win by desicion otherwise Calvin by TKO.

Chico Perez

Calvin 3rd round ko


Ponzinibbio fights...he is a great fighter as well. The Swinger sean o'Malley

Golden Junkie

I got big money on Kattar by TKO

Cameron Clark

Saw them face off - one of them is lying about their height haha

Jay Myers

If Max uses his leg kicks and kick how he did vs volk he will win


Sean "the gatekeeper" omalley. Pressures in bud in your next fight or your done for good.


Not Sat night our time. Main card starts at 1pm AZ time.

Steve Soup

2 guys in they’re prime... this has legendary written all over it.

B. Kerr

It slipped my mind Max lost to Dustin.

Bela Brück

What Suga says: I wanna fight
What everyone hears: I wanna get my Foot broken again by the end of the year


That Stephens knockout probably giving L’Malley flashbacks

Super Vegeta

It’s funny too real talk,
You always reminded me of Max.

sustainable lifestyle

Where did they all go, all those experts on whos the best mma boxer lol keep writing max off

Thysson Krupp

Max by 4th rd TKO. Glad to hear Suga a Blessed fan

Babcock DaSolution

Remember when Max used kicks?

Steelo B

Calvin by decision it will be the same as the dustin figh

Dusty Cole

Kattar, he’s got the power, the technical prowess (esp that footwork), and the career momentum/timing. And Max has so many miles on that odometer (not referring to *Hiker Holloway*, but you know lol). Best to ‘em both.

Evan Loud

Sean 1 Malley

Charlie Zelenowski

ABC... American Broadcasting Company
BBC... Big Black British Broadcasting Company.

Raylen Givens

Max loves when cupcakes sleep on him. Can’t wait to come back and read about all the money you dummies lose.

Alan Borbon

Sugar, Ur a b*×ch homie.. Glad chito messed u up!!!


Calvin 2nd rd TKO


Max will win... I'm sad to see this fight not for a belt. The Zabit fight exposed Kattar. Calvin is basically Ortega with slightly better boxing. The only way Max loses is if he tries to pull one of those coast to victory fighting like with Frankie. Dont want either guy to lose. would rather see Kattar vs Cub. Blows my mind that Zabit has somehow ducked every 5 round fight that he would surely lose.


The sounds way too low O'Malley

Luis From Texas

Max wins 3rd ref stoppage

Alan Schildroth

Gonna miss it! I'll be working.

xxxtemptation !

Max gets this W simple.

Travis Tarr

Your guard vs Chito tho

Colby Blakely

Your the first one to speak on this the way I feel hella pumped everybody loves max but kattar’s boxing is just beautiful to behold I’m rooting for Calvin

Joseph Teneriello

Kattar by KO. He's a fucking ANIMAL. Possibly the best boxer in the UFC. Love Max, but this is Kattar's fight.


Fix your audio my man your videos usually sound low. I have to turn my volume up all the way up and it barely sounds decent.

deem skeem

Sean you ever feel like your foot was a balloon?

jack albanna

I love max but kalvin is a fkn savage sniper of a boxer, I got kalvin winning

SoWhatteacup 1333

SoWhatTeaCup1333 on Instagram, let me get you some "dope" threads bruh!

Alex S

Max Holloway all the way! Blessed is best, and max is blessed! #Sugasean

JD Snickers Bar

Omalley in a fight w/ Dillashaw... Something I wanna see

Juan Hernandez

Who can take this Sideshow Bob looking dude opinion serious if he cant even take L himself. Facts

Joe Brooks

Kattar will win

Nicholas Frantz

I think kattar has this one. He's so hungry

Richard Lariviere

Who you gonna fight next?

Justin Caudill

Sean no more violations for testing for thc ? Are you gonna fight stoned? I love to spar and do jiujitsu while stoned

JBI Tile

Im with you hard fight to call i know one thing goin be freaking good. Excellent job on breaking down on how the fight might go

Duane Landaal

Good fight really sick fight but max all day long Max is the champ he won that last one but ya gonna be a really good fight but can’t bet against Max

Travis Family first

Max wins...blessed express...max is too good

Raylen Givens

Where are all the idiots that were acting like Max was washed talking all kinds of dumb shit like they forgot who Max was! All real silent now!

shayyden g pass the bong

Call Max out for the daddest man on the planet


Holloway’s got this


Jay Lust

Max tko 3rd round


Can't wait to see you in there sugar , love your podcast your range and reach are dangerous for any future opponent Yan vs O'Malley

Niels Sørensen



Lol you live in Africa. Wut ya mean you don’t kno what ABC is


Kattar vs holloway should be for the strap

Michael Goyette-Legare

Holloway all the way baby!

sustainable lifestyle

Hope all you guys writing max off dont come back n delete these coments like they usually do after they loose their money, may the best man win, kattar better protect his legs and the body because i bet thats where max is going