Hermitcraft 7: Episode 48 - STOLE THE DIAMOND THRONE

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 48 - STOLE THE DIAMOND THRONE

2 164 033 views | 2 Oct. 2020

In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo and Iskall STEAL THE DIAMOND THRONE from the Hermitcraft shopping district. We do an uno reverse challenge which leads us to performing a task for the mycelium resistance, stealing the Hermitcraft Mayor diamond throne and replacing it with a mycelium throne. I then store the diamonds in a Minecraft diamond vault that is secure, and can only be accessed by Scar.

Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

ReadyPlayerMAX 1

But joe instead of jimmy it’s karen

Ben Jammin

13:26 ...


Reminder to self that the drowned part is at about 13:25

Deacon Chumbley

4095 dimonds

Martin von Celsing Bejne Edgren

Is iskall from sweden

Monty Balaban

store the diamonds in a K.G.O.O.M.R

edit: good job mumbo


so the diamond throne basiccaly been replaced with mycelium twice?

T Kailan

i would have loved it a lot more, if u had createt a reaaaly annoying treasure hunt out of this, just to reveal at the end, that the diamond throne is hidden directly underneath the new throne ^^

Kenny Brewer

"I wish caves were like this!" -Mumbo Me be like "1.17 yall"

KA Boom

What about shara’s diamond pile it was hollow


They should've done it dressed as Tango and Grian to make it a reverse version of the season 6 stock market heist.

Beetle Armour

He has the entire Hermitcraft fortune and he runs out of iron

Randell Jan Concepcion

Is it a coincidence that on episode 48 grian and mumbo both stole the diamond throne and replaced it with mycelium

Wiaan de Jager

I love how the chickens look at them when they talk

Marzbar 613tchtr4p

4,095 diamonds in your inventory which is 455 stacks of diamonds which is about 8 double chests + one single one


4x4 piston door... Yeah, no one will realize it's Mumbo's doing... Nope...

Aubrey Givens

13:25 Come on shake your body baby do that conga know you can't control yourself any longer.

zivosaurus -rex

don't use redstone for the vault people would suspect mumbo

Christian Barrientos

Is Grain trying to start another war?


these guys are disappointed because they only have over 4000 diamonds.

Anthony Nadj

u missed a diamong head

Daniel Hillebrand Savino


Theo Iverson

"Jim, Can I call you James? James, Chill"
iskall 2020

Jim, James, Jimothy?
Micheal Scott


The diamond in the background though

Super Stuffy Stories

Dude I want the myceilium resistance to have their own base and end up having a war!!
(#Literally Star Wars)


Hey mumbo, you and grian should get a facecam


Payday 3 lookin kinda weird ngl

ehan shabir

Almost 7 millon

Reeon Calleb l. de leon

Myceliam resistance: we must send our best agent poultry man

Mumbo and iskall: it is what it is

Cain Cybuck

the diamond throne could be the diamonds they launched in season 6 as a meteor.

Robin Saadvandi

Siegfried and Roy


Instead of wifi in stores, he wants haste in the shopping district

Baby Blue

Wait but didnt grian buy the whole throne?

Elijah Johnson

0:25 I legit thought Mumbo said "Ohhhhh negga". I was like HUH

Joanna Meek

13:28 is a mood

CamJam 312

Plot twist: the throne is hallow because someone has been stealing the diamond blocks from the inside


Mumbo: 7 stacks and 7.
Me: "Doing the math"
Me also: 4095.
Iskall: If my calculations are correct there is 4095 diamonds.

Reginald Casiano

Screw the Cambridge 5 its all about the Hermitcraft 5

Kyra Whitlock

14:19 he alluded to the cave update

Neal Mwiine

They we're going to frame the resistance

DriVexZ On MobilE

Missing diamond stalk

Gus Rechner Thomas

can we talk about the bow mumbo

Meatball Plays


Jayson Roberts

the soundtrack is so amazing

Puppy Plays


the sir

Didn’t they already steal it already


Boomer humour: I hate my wife...
KGOOMR humour:

Death Himself

Hold up, is the throne shulker box a .ZIP file?


Anyone else watching this after the New Minecraft update has been announced

Otur Animations

Once someone sees the excessive amount of red stone in the vault, they’ll know who it is, then they see this video

Taylor Maid

Mumbo loses the mayoral race... then steals the diamond throne.
...but to protect it. Like the mayor should.

Max Hinman

2 unidentified blocky men cripple the economy of a monarchy by replacing their grand money throne with some weird dirt


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah FINALLY SOMEONE TOOK THE PILES OF DIAMONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have done it immediately and hid them then at the end of the season just give em all back and say "haha"

Monira Akter

"If we have to kill him, we will!"
Wow Mumbo

Spencer Boe

They should have held the diamonds hostage over lava in the shopping district and the way to disarm it is to place mycelium in it.

Alex C


Noah Payne

This heist movie is loads better than Ocean's 11


Imagine: mumbo dies, the diamonds despawn, and he’s in debt to the city for the rest of the season

Weirdly Stupid

13:25 bong bong bong bong




He drowns dancing XD

molten mineman

You are the nycylylum leader wow

Bertrand Yeung


DJ DXD Games

Is it weird that my real name is james but everyone calls me jimmy lol im not like that tho dw

Riccardo Donati

U should've titled this video "hermitcraft exposed"


What my plans for my base are: epic underwater base with lava doors
What i actually do: 13:26

Anthony Lesceux

7 stack + 7 block = 445 blocks it means that all the shop in the shopping district are equal to 45.000 square meters


Mumbo : totally no-one will know I'm involved
Also Mumbo : builds a Mumbo original KGOOMR

Mumbo Jumbo

creepy spy music as we do secretive diamond throne stealing intensifies

Kaeden Digi

5:54 “jimithy” only people with advanced humor will understand

john ashwell

"imagine if real minecraft caves looked like this" Minecraft a day later-

Zoe Welch

is the tiny diamond-block left there bothering anybody else

Bertrand Yeung


Poseidon Fan

I love how he cuts off his massive fail

Janine McIntosh

Grain be like now thats nice

louis silverstein

He didn’t make a diamond beacon :(

Donna Parkes

10:28 I think that's the roof of the resistance base

Wyatt Niemi




Unkown user

It is 455 diamond blocks


Duuude .7z or .rar ;(

Pravieen Siva

storing things behind vaults um ok I guess noone could just break the damn thing

Clara Aparicio

Why is it so funny that mumbo actually thinks scar still has or knows where his keycard is, a keycard he got in the very beginning of the season.

Ben Jammin

Me holding 3 diamond blocks: 0_0 I AM RICH!!!
Mumbo holding 4095 diamond blocks: I thought it would be more

Adam Boulay

Mumbo: is a kids friendly YouTube channel

Also Mumbo: “if we have to kill him, we will”

Dmitri Petosky

mumbo.. the cats been watching man... it saw it all mumbo.. you gotta kill the cat man.. maybe just hide it in the diamond vault.. just don’t let it tell scar mumbo...

Elliot Rothman

It’s like Mojang listened to him when the made the cave update


8:02 you forgot one

A Person

You do realise obsidian is tradeable from Piglins... 2 diamonds a stack is generous...

Syed Mohiuddin

182 stacks of Mycelium gives 455 diamonds

Dharmesh Pradhan

Show how to build your latest super smelter and storage silos


Love the ambient background tracks lol

DriVexZ On MobilE

Stil there

Jack Culbert

Jellie is watching


0:32 is no one questioning how those blocks are rolling/moving


Mumbo: 'I wish caves were like this imagine how cool that would be!'
Mojang: 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update!

Sepia Smith



14:22. No one:
Mumbo: We have slabs looks at torch


Okay, I'll chill

Terrible Terror

The way I say "Hey" 18:30

i know he initially said here in his British accent