minecraft largest modpack ONE BLOCK WAR (chaos)

minecraft largest modpack ONE BLOCK WAR (chaos)

784 482 views | 12 Jan. 2021

today I play minecraft on one block vs blaza on one of the largest modpacks and it turned out to pretty chaotic

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Caleb Dean

Who else knows where prison golem from

999 Ethan

Can you plug the modpack in the description

Justin Rinehart

im threataning you finish the one block series and the random crafting recopies

Danielle Brownlow

Socks when are you going to make 1200 days hardcore

Jason Tuttle

Make more rec room

Chef meme

At time I saying this there 666k views

Oof Boi

"Its about the size its about the way to use it" - sockfor1

Sam Baiarda-Harris

V how many people subbed to SockFor2

Gary Oon

Socks can you make a vr vid

Mr osu!

Can you release the modpack? Please???

Battle God

What modpack is this?

BlaDeZ Animations

To anyone who watches anime:
Socks' Shirt: Odd Future
My brain: Isn't this the title of the 4 opening of My Hero Academia?

Phonexs Gaming

Pls I beg do 2000 days

Mung Hanghal

https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ previously vifeo

Dog Boybulldog

This video was messfor2

Tygo Dordregter

Hello socksfor! i have a idea for a video: play minecraft largest modpack but you transform in every mob that you kill.

BunggaKaDay Bungga

Pls post on ur 3rd channel
U only hav 1 video on ur 3rd channel

404 Spai

R.I.P Computer
Last words:
“It’s burning in here!!!”

Ioerca YT


Zak Smith

Pls do more patently stupid


Cool ok

Oi Sung Chang

I can memorise the intro

Twitch Zaxaful

Where’s 2000 days

Vanix 225

Why does always socks for 2 has the same outro as socks for 1

Ed Prok

i have a poop shovel in super tnt or so much tnt mod

Red Sheep99

Asking socks for 1 for modded hardcore untill he uploads day 3

SKULL88 yeet

this oughta be good

Zachary Timmins

please make this a series

Claraa Afton

plz modpack lnk


Play Marvel Spiderman now is the wireless and tried to get all the suits

LéoGamer ZH

finally, The Return Of the King



goodie bagger

Bro I never even realized that he had a second channel I was wondering why I wasn't getting notifications for some of his videos

Heison Chan


black sus.

Sockfor1:what is a lux saver? I got a light saver!

פלג תירוש


Inzanian Gaming

Your a wizard blaza!


Please play rec room again


this was a mess


Yes now that's among us is dying socks is uploading Minecraft content again POOOOG

C H R I S 2 1

I miss this


I swear to God the numbers on the title were like that on purpose just to make me go crazy



jack isack

me wonder why his not building a base?

Dragon Garlo

A spaceman in space, I don't get it

kylix the gamer

Make a part 2 but now you and blaza and now with fatmemegod but you guys team up

Wurst Eh

Please bring back the I survived 100 days in modded minecraft!!

Octavio Castillo

Jan 12 89.7k followers recent vids has 59.4k


Who is better : socksfor1 or socksfor2

Abe A

Yay Your Second Channel Is Growing :D

Gamer Cat

Nice vid

Icee Beast

Socks: and here’s the best part-
Headphones: falls off

erdenebayar dovchindorj

Bloons td 6 please

EliyahRose Nkranz

Blaza once said “I can see through your clothes”


Not to be annoying but, is this available for the public? i wanted to play it without making content, just for fun

Caiden Mason

See you in 2 day


3:35 that’s what he said

Gabriel Balagtas

Use the force socks

it's Ahmad

heyy, do Blaza a youtuber too ?

Friedpiller YT

RgB ElitE

Goofy Gamer

1:15 that’s what she said

I had to do it.

Jayden Liu

I can tell the future i can prov it he will do a video of him getting plastic surgery

Thedjdoge 23

oh so you can do this but cant gib be 2000 days tsk tsk tsk >:c

javeon ramdeen

What anime is blaza's skin and is it finished i forgot the name

Haily Doe

The whole wholesaler previously tumble because airship macroscopically slap worth a wide actress. chivalrous, physical peony

Isaiah McNeill

IMAGINE disliking a socks vid

Can't relate

Muhammad Fuzail Goolam

Im gonna miss this nose

technical helper

i want to see a pro modpacker doing this

Heison Chan

and blaza

פלג תירוש


blox_noo V2

fun fact: for the 2017 minecrafters the prison golem is from minecraft story mode season 2

Jhesreel Yamat PH

1200 DAYS

Mayur Seetul

Imagine get a heart from socks

2dfox Gamer

More rec room plz?

Cristian B

I got a notification for this video but I saw it yesterday, and I thought it was a new video

Amos Bura

Can u do a hardcore series of the larges modpack with blaza

Karin Kalidjo

Is YOUR name not suppossed to be socksfor1? (Me-super sus)

Μπάμπης Μπαμπηδόπουλος


Audra Burke

There fighting for memegod

Jayden Liu

Totally I didn't type this 3 days later and come here to type

angel ponce

5:24 "your a wizard blaza"

Sebastian Medina

What the hell did I just watch

Fadlan Al-amsi

ITS bEEN a long time , he still remember where he was born to upload

bennet zhang

Bruh blaza threw a op rain bow fish that gives op buffs

Anna Chan / All-Powerful Deity 『 S҉ith Master 』

Prison Golem = Minecraft Story mode reference

shingel shangel


Apisai Cagilaba

Socks got plastic surgery...today

Rose Sullivan

Can you continue the hardcore evrey mod series

Rex's Adventure Gaming

shout out pls its my birthday

Pg Mariam

This is the most awesome video!!!!

AksonAndy12 PH

I wandering what if socks put a mod like ( baby yoda) or star wars

Zoreys Suites

Can't believe he look like this after a surgery

William Williams

Socksfor1 r u ok? Cause Ur surgery

Tomer Sonneveld

Pls resume your 1100 hardcore days series with all the mods

Vanix 225

I think he battle blaza for practice cause I think he's gonna battle more mafia bee

Hamza Bay

You make my day all time 4hank you

Derek Townsend

There are too many “that’s what she said” memes in this video to comment

Zoreys Suites

For the surgery

Inzanian Gaming

Your a wizard blaza!