Hermitcraft 6: Episode 1 - I JOINED HERMITCRAFT.

Hermitcraft 6: Episode 1 - I JOINED HERMITCRAFT.

9 083 964 views | 19 Jul. 2018

Hermitcraft 6: Episode 1 - I JOINED HERMITCRAFT. I joined ANOTHER minecraft SMP. This is Hermitcraft season 6.. And I'm in way over my head.

Since this is the first episode it's a little longer than usual but I only had 1 day to film everything. Please provide me with some casual feedback.

To anyone who is new to the channel - Welcome! I am Grian a creative minecraft builder. I hope I can provide some goofy fun things for you to enjoy in season 6 of Hermitcraft.

If you like this you may enjoy my Minecraft Evolution series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VJ2qaJgNdk&list=PLU2851hDb3SEVXXrc9s6nwmdLCUdgSVBD&index=1

The Hermitcraft server is provided by CubedHost. You can get 25% of your first using this url


Logo by Deathinator


VW Resto Lover

What is the seed

Irock 55

Bro use doors

da niel

will binge this season since ya. I need more than the barge. HAHAHA

Brendan Productions

Doing a full rewatch

Emma Everyone is unique

The soul sand did appear, but I heard an item pick up as soon as you were in the never soooooo .-.

Olivia Donald

Where are my late homies?

Amazin Panda studios

I always go on a rampage watching one YouTube for about 3 days to two weeks. Last it was Wilbur soot now it’s grian

Eu Gene T

I cant believe it has already been almost 3 years of grian playing hermitcraft. He has really grown alot. Cant wait to see what he has for us in the future

Edward Moore

You should lay down in the aquatic area

Muhammed Alikou

DREAM land!!!!

smart art

If only anyone could join

The Linx

how do you get hermit craft i need it

Jenny Lawler

When you went to the never portal randomly got sole sand

isabelle isabella

grian go to cordinate and go to xyz 11.000 something, there will have lots and lots of diamand

{854Aesthetic_ _Mushroom458}

11:20 bye bed lol

yugioh teen

Im gona rewach this in 2021

Harvi Lewis Sarabia

correct title: trident drowned go brrrrrr

Aleksandar Stevanovic

I love the base

Joshua Chapman

U picked up the soul sand when u went through the portal




I like to stick to feudal japanese building style




here it is. the first hermit craft episode i ever watched. 1 week after it came out was when i first watched the whole thing. i never stopped, until now 3 years later and far into the foreseeable future, watching half of the whitelist.

Devjeet Mishra

This was 2 yrs ago????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, it feels like it was in 2020


This is old enough for me to have happy memories, but not quite old enough to render as nostalgia

Royale Sunset

Rip PythonGB

Fritz R

Two and a half years later...

Cody Hill

grian talking about being good also grian
being the hermit of chaos

Demz_ _Youtuberz

I watched season 7 before this

Veronica Ariandy

"Aaaa thieeeef!!!"
I honestly think it's cute

Aahnaf Ahmed

11/1/2021 -
So its still quarantine season and im at my grandmas house and she decided to get her apartment a paintjob.
As a result im relegated to a single couch in her living room. I dont know when its night or day and im starting to consider binge watching this season (will be my first ever binge series)

Edit :
I finished it all in 3 days.
I feel empty now.

fathirrahmad Adinata Djohan

What when you go in portal you auto give you soul sand?




"Ease them into it." He says.

Since then, he's caused, or heavily contributed to the production of TWO Hermitcraft wars.

IS there a peak to this?

Exoticans 1994

Go to Aqua town

Sam Gamez

2 years man, Jeesus


Rest of hermitcraft: builds dirt hut for a first base
Grian: me like glass ball...


I traveled back in time so that I can warn you. Grian will cause a turf war in S7 so be warneddddd! Lol

Moca latte

Most players: makes a durt hut for 1st ep

Be Veritas

27:19 you can hear him pick up the mysterious soul sand lol

Greg The Grape

next season u build a hobit hole stater base


he said: "drowned man"

I mean... it's drowned men!

Costi Keenan

Grian: Can I save this?
Me: you can save it if you have a lead!

Nancy Vinken

Who else rewathing the whole series 2 years later


Boy this is a nostalgia trip re-watching in 2021


31:22 wha-how?


grian!!!! you should join hermitcraft!!!!!

Bikas Lodha

Grainnnnnnnnnnnn! In hermitcraft gg


wait.... how can one join hermitcraft? what's the IP?

Mad Fox

Here I am rewatching this, waiting for season 7's next episodes

Ryan Sunil

I just got this in my recommended and this was 2 years ago????

MG Maze

anyone watching in 2021?

Sean Jennings

grain has already started two wars

Immortally Annoying Gamer

Idk why but after watching Season 7 this feels like Grian's first video

Aleksandar Stevanovic

God give it too you

Sarah Fry

The difficult seal disappointingly permit because city macropharmacologically label absent a grumpy helicopter. weak, wet revolve

Carts YT

hi grain


ok them, time to rewatch season 6 of it

arni d

Why am I watching this again?

dragon lover 3000

Rock out rock we are the drowns rock out rock out we are the drowned!!!! Wooooo yayyyyy

Willow Rieger

Shopping place

Max al III lea

before number 2 goes out lmao

Elijah George

Time to binge watch this.

Aidan A

Yhis is already 2 yrs old...

Feel old yet

Alfons Rasmus

Oh I miss this music

Gaming Caden

Any body else start with season 7 then season 6?

Kev Pop

I feel the Minecraft base that's literary very huge

Patton Hyde

I'm so happy

Dan Salanson

When you came out of the nether portal you hade the soul sand?

forgotten shards

Okay so I am deciding to watch all of season 6 from both grian and Mumbo Jumbo's point of view I'll post a comment when I'm finished saying I remember like this so i don't forget

Jennifer Rhoads

What I really like is a Youtuber who loves building like me, and doesn’t really care about survival!


man, it's so weird going back to this episode and seeing the shopping district empty. i'm used to seeing Sahara there

A Weird Human

So this is where it started

Alex Grettir Hlynsson

Wish me luck im watching the all the 112 episodes

Mackenzie Appel

i am 9 and i'v played for 5 years

Sammy Flair

tame a bog grian

kee-hyun Paik

That’s a lot of likes

Jennifer Rhoads

Grian: as you can see, there is one big island
Island in the top right corner: am I a joke to you?


Season 1-have fun Season 2-Pesky Bird!

Askia Bernales

Wait why was the obsidian different

Noor Afshan Tariq

try bedwars man I really want to see u play it!!!

ninja nathan

We all know you just went into creative mode to get those diamonds

Masked Override

any 1 else here rewatching this in 2021?

Junior Tladi

Torches Grain! !!!

Useless Content

Anyone here in 2021 watching this after 60+ episodes of HermitCraft 7?

De People

I knew he was a knob when he made a diamond sword instead of axe

Quinten Transe

Adding Grian was one of the best things that has ever happened to hermitcraft.

sandhya sen


Jennifer Rhoads

I really like how he chose futuristic to get better at building like that!
This is why Grian ABSOLUTELY BLEW UP on YouTube.
He’s a family friendly little dude who likes playing hermitcraft.
What more could our world want?

dragon lover 3000

I'm re watching season6 he to slow on 7

John Schabell



I love how this was Uploaded at July 20,My Birthday

Tim Starr

hi scar i watch grians episodes and your door was stolen by grian


Grian back then: yay u joined hermitcraft!

Grian now: p E s K y B i R d

The Mysterious Frog

Who else is watching this almost two years later?

Jennifer Rhoads

People watching this three years in the future..
And can’t take the mind off of the facts that:
All the latest updates don’t exist
The way Grian was back then (a little less energetic)
The fact that you have a whole other 109 EPISODES TO GET THROUGH
The fact that I really had to pee during writing this .-.

Brook Mekonnen


Sillypanther869 -

Just watching the old vids love them a lot of nostalgia

Linda Wang

You are a great Hermit and I think your a pro even though your new, Grian!

Nishad Thorat

Grian in hermitcraft 6: sand
Grian in hermitcraft 7: SaNd