I Survived 600 Days on Hardcore Minecraft - Skyes

I Survived 600 Days on Hardcore Minecraft - Skyes

497 301 views | 8 Dec. 2020

I Survived 600 Days on Hardcore Minecraft - Skyes

30,000 Likes and I'll release the 700 Days video! :)

Hardcore Minecraft is the toughest challenge on Minecraft. If you die, the world and all of your work, gets deleted. Enemies deal more damage and spawn more often. Here's my story of me surviving 600 in game days on Hardcore! If you enjoyed this, it would mean a lot if you leave a like on the video! Thanks


Wat u talking about they do cry

Josh Montes

its at 47 k

Daphne Shank

What if I'm the 700 days vid you tried to make at least one zero-tick-pulse Redstone thing! That would be awesome! (And you could put that on your hermitcraft resume!)


If you enjoyed the video, it'd help me out a lot if you shared it with your friends <3

Tay Bowie

I don't hate but. your penguin facts are wrong.


If you put silk touch on your gravel shovel it wont give you flint btw :)

Freddy's Band of Gaming

Next challenge: Make a base that looks like your town in real life



Your Boi Ben

Caught up

Crycidius akgsnwhsve

Waiting for 700 days my guy that bee building is going to be great


Im glad to say I was here at 40k

Scott Thomson

I love ur vids bro keep doing what your doing

Antonini Morini

This guy makes better hundred days videos than Lukethenotable!
His builds are amazing and has one of the most cool compounds ever!


700 days can come out any secoad

Wolfie_ Watermelon

I got something you can do improve something that you really want to get done so it’s do something u want to do


Hey sky you should. Play mod pack and upload 3 time a weak or daily it would be easy for you if u just play mod pack serie not 200 day Minecraft video I try to play 100 day in Minecraft I kinda get bore and stressful

Skolfan On Tik Tok

"enough feeling like madison beer tho" xD

Imtiyaaz Morris

When is 700 days coming out

Brady Hansen

New challenge: put a curse of binding pumpkin on your head.

Adam Aouchiche

He said when he flied,"Like penguins" they don't fly in real life


There is your 30k likes , now where is 700 days boi XD LOL

Michael perez

Challenge get bedrock in your invitory

gamerfactory jones

More like creeperly

Zok Medov

Challenge : get a riptide trident


LTN’s was better

shift limited

i wish i could play this game but when i bought it still only lets me play the demo and i cant fix it

Haziq Matin

Can you make 1000 days in the futrue and I love your videos

Techno Goons # 99

Here a challenge for 700 day : kill a thousand technoblade

Brycen Cassel

Who needs sleep


10:58 3... and a half..?

Lan Xiao

Build a giant penguin plz


Skyes can put carpet over the sea lanterns and glowstone. It’s just a suggestion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Monagari Naveen kumar

Iron farm

Zyneer The Red Builder

Hey Skyes! I dare u to collect all kinds of music discs! Love ur videos

Xx JonJon xX

Now you have to do 700

Anna Luna

just beat minecraft and this is relly macking it easyer its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long


Stop bullying le chimekuns


Hey I was wondering if you could try to beat 10 withers at the same time, also I am lactose-intolerant so no cheese please

Savage Bray

Do more

rustypg3d noob

U forgot one fact and that is when a penguin goes to a different territory of penguins they get beat up and even baby penguins

mr bobbo

i have watched every single video in one day ._.


Make a new one

Brody Robb

700 days?


We need modpack drop :)

Becket Howard

700 days please

Ahmad Bakir

Clay sand and gravel.
How big will your tinkers smeltery be?

Pluto 56

You should defeat the enderdragon only on a horse

Brian Johnson

love it

Tope Oguntimehin

1000 days


16:48 ?


I love his content. I am addicted to his channel.

Kawai OrNot

Remember when skye had 24.3k weird.


I hope he gets on hermit craft mumbo and grians perspectives are getting boring

Murphy Teh Han Yang

Skyes your so cut

Anthony Le

Honestly, I love your content. I binged all 6 videos currently out instead of sleeping. Keep crafting! I’m horrible at Minecraft, so it’s nice to see others succeed.

Tasha Rogers

You know what next

Eric Fang

Make a penguin statue :D

Arath Vargas

Making a Witch Farm is super easy and will solve your glows glowstone problem for life


I love the hardcore series

Antonio Bajic

The second time laps is soooooooooo gooddd

The Quinnimator

here's a challenge for 700 days: get a girlfriend because you are lonely


skyes: "i watch iron man fall from the sky"
me : understandable have a great day

Seamus Mcnamee


diamondwhischash dh

What smps are u in


700 days pls

Adam Aouchiche

Why has he not made a 700 days video because we have over

naruto 500

Boy 700 days

Legend Black

We got you 48k likes 700 days get working


pls stop the penguin facts. I am going to cry

D' Andre Paul Tiaga

i think im going crazy

30 Antonio Isaac Zamora



He has the most creative way of basically telling people to subscribe.


penguin facts are godly

Tope Oguntimehin

1000 days


*Me watching skyes speaking about the smelter*: iike your funny words magic man


Hey Skyes ask Xisuma to join would be some amazing content

gage burks

ive been sleeping wrong this entire time, I never actually woke up

Muhammer Caliskan

well im waiting for the next video XD

TheMobster20 CaRn

You think he might get in hermitcraft season 8??

Gacha ocean

Plz do a 700 day I love the videos and I made all my friends subscribe which means you have more subscribers so please do a 700 day


you deserve more subscribers! you're awesome.


Please sub to skyes

Alex Davison

I need 700

Haziq Matin

Can you make 700 days as fast as possible coz i like your videos

Yuri Needleman

The amazing brand speculatively march because jasmine collaterally succeed save a glamorous panty. disillusioned, testy fiberglass

シ꧁A random person꧂

Your videos are so interesting and insane! This is why I subscribed


Never, EVER, EVER ask Skyes why he changed from pig to penguin, its called metamorphosis and its natural.


I love you i love you i love you i love you i love you

Joshua Fried

Was it just me or did he say lieshes 8:55

Also this guy definitely deserves to be in HErmITcraFT

Chief Mahem

your funny

Prince Von

Are u going to join hermit craft

Oz Gutzait

I really like your intros! Keep up the good work and hoping to see a 700 days video

Yassine A

Where is 700 days

Heather Skinner

Why do people want to series to end tell me why

Raze Gamer

700 days aren't here yet its 2021 dude


actually 400 when it's day 589!

Depressed Gacha

Okay im smart but the nerdy part broke my brain and i now have a headache

Jaydean Wayne

Wheres the 700 days in Hardcore Minecraft?


Never heard of you till today and binged watched loads of your videos but the base building episodes are so much better than the other ones


700 days please