Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to Floyd Mayweather's TKO against Conor McGregor | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to Floyd Mayweather's TKO against Conor McGregor | UNDISPUTED

1 068 935 views | 28 Aug. 2017

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe offer up their opinions on Saturday's boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to Floyd Mayweather's TKO against Conor McGregor | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Jazz Travis

Shannon Tripoing

Woke AF

Conor has zero stamina
Can't fight more than 4 rounds in UFC or as a boxer

Youth Perspective

Skip is terrible


Skip hates Floyd even more than he hates Lebron

Kong Yasuke

The ref should have let floyd knock him out... The ref saved him



Absolutely no one:

Skip: "He......HURT.......MAYWEATHER!"

Kendell GamingHD

Skip looks like one of those delusional racist losers that can't handle the truth

KS Say

Shannon going full stephen a

Jeffrey Schallenberg

Skip you are a idiot !!!!!

Javier Salazar

Skip doesn’t seem to understand that Floyd was toying with him literally the whole time. That how much Floyd thought it was a joke he walked forward and let Conor hit him.

J_Dilinger J_Dilinger

Here we go again skip

Naheem Essop

Conor got beat by a 40 year old who was out of action for 2 years and has lost his punching power. Conor had 12 rounds to knock out Floyd and couldn't get the job done. Mayweather Snr said you were going to see Ali. That's what you saw.

Jon Mack

This was mayweathers worst performance. It looked like he used 5% of his skill, no head movement, footwork, no nothing

Snooky Jackson

Yeah he quit " uncle shay

Jimeire Cannon

I think skip is dumb

bernard ayres

Am sure Chavez snr was on 89-0 before his lost

Dylan Edwards

Skip sound dumb

Kenneth Charles

Skip lost a lot of money look at him all that talk and now look at him
Speechless______boy now that the great white hope is beaten got knocked out.

Drew Owings

Floyd out boxed a mma fighter. In a real fight Conor would absolutely murk Floyd and beat him to a inch of his life

Faraon Alvaro

Im a big boxing fan and have never liked watching Floyd fight.Too defensive throes single punches and runs too much.I just hope MMA fans can see someone like Floyd who had not knocked anyone out legitimately in more than a decade and was 40 years old just walked through McGregor.Maybe in an Octagon but MMA fighters have no business in a boxing ring.

bashy s

Did he say this was mayweathers best performance

Cabel Campbell

Should have let Floyd walk into the octogon with that little little.Find out what a power shot is


8:49 whoa dare shannan

Deangelo J

“First boxer ever to go 50-0” thats just a blatant lie lmao

Trent Alexander

Skip would be lost without Shay!! Just another talking head with very little relevance

Larry Crawford

Skip is a ra.....

Rob City

LeShannon Sharpweather

Eddie Jones

Lets see floyd go into the octagon Shannon and fight McGregor and see who the barest man is conor will get him in 2min in his sport floyd took 10 rounds to do it and he never boxed before

Sebastian Rodriguez

Anyone that says this fight was close... was probably the first boxing fight they watched

aurel ion Rotaru

For sure Floyd made and drive the show, by giving few rounds to McGregor when hi could win all rounds clean.

Ben Jackson Comedy

I'm still trying to get past 1:40-2:35 without crying laugh

I like

Be honest Conor would destroy Floyd in mma

daquan beamon

This proves skip is a goof. Floyd is known for being the greatest defensive fighter of all time. Every fight Floyd has been in, his main focus was to not get hit. Why is it that he picked this fight to focus more on attacking? Maybe because he knew Conor was not a true threat? Yes Conor had 100+ punches, but that is clearly only because Floyd dropped his guard to focus on a knockout. Floyd always wanted to get knockouts but not if that means his guard will be let down. He’d rather win on points and not get hit. (which is the correct thing to do). All I’m saying is, skip is a bum, Conor had no shot, and if Floyd wanted to he could have left Conor under 60 punches connected.

Eric Jay Street News

What is skip talking about

Shawn Aldrich

Shannon Sharpe is stupid saying he ran through Conor McGregor Conor McGregor beat Floyd more than Floyd beat him and that's the truth And they'd lose Way too much money if Conor one so they're not gonna let that happen in the ref called that fight cause corner was going win

Andre Devon

Floyd’s most entertaining fight by far was when he went toe to toe with Arturo Gatti

tom thorn

It was a fixed fight from the start! They saw a fight that could make a ton of money! They got together and talked it out in a way where both men could hold their heads high and make a ton of money! Didn't it seem odd how the fighter who just lost was so happy????

Maniac GOAT53

Specific rules and pillows on their hands

1 L



the first episode i ever watched and been here since

Vladimir Putin

Skip you clown how are you still on air hating on Floyd. Still crying over the Pac-Man fight



Akihito Achumi

this is for the haters
skip Bayless i guess does know anything bout pretty boy
y is he saying its the most exciting fight of his career does he know boxing or not
hater skip Bayless the guy who has a huge ego on accepting the defeat

Abdul-Rehman Saleem

skip is an edit.

Davin Danger

Ultra delusional

Shawn Aldrich

If this was Mayweather one of his best performances that's pathetic because Conor McGregor won that fight In the ref needed to end it because he knew mayweather was gonna lose by decision if not TKO

Keith Jordan

Floyd dismantled him smooth. What was skip talking about the ref helping out in the 10th round I thought he saved conor from being slept.

Lex Luthor

Skip looked like he wanted to cry the whole time shannon was talking


skip to the "loo" - bordalou, a portable commode ... full of chit

Monica Shepard

What's the lady there for? She says nothing....

Ethan Leong

I agree with skip on this one

Squid Worth

haha, shannon sharpe might be the funniest man on earth


Skip is an idiot

YouTube Channel

13:44 - Shannon’s face after being told “I don’t want to hear the numbers” after just hearing HELLA numbers from Skip!

Fairplay Terrific

Skip Mad He Ate Crow

Ralph King

Skip: tell me when it’s my turn l; tell me when you done
Shannon: yo boy Conor done with boxing I bet you that.

Vol Tron

Mayweather cheap af he should've fought an actual boxer for his 50-0 record if he would've been in that UFC' ring he would've got knocked tf up

Nick Sullivan

Anybody who thought Floyd couldn't stop McGregor is foolish. I bet friends who thought Conor had any chance my life he would never, ever, ever win. Conor's punches obviously would not be powerful to Floyd. He's done this one discipline his entire life, of course Conor's punches would be amatuer to him. Not a single one fazed him.
Conor didn't 'GO' 10 rounds either. Floyd TOOK him 10 rounds. I'm not even a Mayweather fan, I'm a McGregor fan - but Floyd LET HIM go that far, clearly, to make it look competitive, probably to set-up or leave open a potential rematch and also to let Conor punch himself out. He took everything Conor threw, early, and easily. THen took him out.

Bobby moore

The same stupidity skip showing is the same shannon shows with the jordan vs lebron debate

Kieran Rogers

I hate when people who have never been in a proper fight in their life like skip and shannon talking about someone "qutting" its highly disrespectful and 99% of people would of quit after 1 round. Conor deserved credit for even being brave enough to actually fight Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring, if you know anything about boxing you know that is crazy brave. It's like a novice swimmer going up against Michael Phelps.

HW 22

Skip trying his hardest to save the white mans face when he’s in defeat. Poor thing lol


Skip gonna blame this ref for favoring Floyd but will routinely deny Tim Donaghy fixed games for Jordan?

Teddy Golden

Better be careful when you do . Better take that robe off because you gonna be sweating man.skip so damn funny

Faith Rota

Floyd goes to the octagon he gets absolutely killed

Jontrell Wright

Floyd Money Mayweather, TBE to Muhammad Ali

Chris Salim

Well, ole Floyd ... what can I say? I despise everything about the guy outside the ring. But when he steps through those ropes, the dude puts on a boxing clinic.

Jay Dubb

Who’s here in 2020 just for a quick laugh lol


Anybody know what Shannon was talking about Graham Rudman?

ZaQuon Reynolds

Skip is such an idiot.. he’s praising Connor for landing 111 shots when Mayweather was coming forward the entire fight. Had Mayweather been on the defensive end and countering he would’ve land maybe 50-75 shots. This is why you can’t listen to his opinion and take it serious ever

Andre Green

Shannon Sharpe just owned him bottomline, Skip is delusional. He will always tryna find some fault in something. He knew nothing about boxing & made no sense.

Andrew Collazo

Nobody -

Skip- Mmm

Gary Kim

Just my impression of Shanon Sharpe throughout all his appearances on Undisputed: He makes EXTREMELY sound arguments consistently. His enthusiasm and energy is just an added bonus. Honestly, he makes better points than Skip (as well as other sports media people like Colin). Shanon never just assumes one thing about a particular subject. He often sees the bigger picture and forms an opinion whereas most forms an opinion then considers the big picture.

Snooky Jackson

Shannon impression I'm weak

Djekens Dj Dumerant

Sharpe looks like a mini LeBron James but without a beard

Brian Kinney

Connor did good in the amount time he had to prepare,idk why he didn't consider thsy floyd would wait till he tired floyd knows ufc is faster and brutal,he didn't knock him out,he had his senses, i want to see floyd fight connor in the octagon and also connor did good and if he fought in boxing a little he would dominate. He took it to floyd in first 5 6 rounds he just didn't consider floyd waiting to wear him out ,in ufc floyd wouldn't have to time to do that

Jerry Stevens

Skip got me dying

Robert Murphy

C'mon McConnor was making his professional debut as a boxer, and still Floyd records this a boxing victory what a disgrace

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Did the fight surprise you?

kobe nash

Someone needs to show this to skip now so he can see how much of a fool he really is lol

Jelani Walker

Skip is so delusional pissing me off

some body


Vickie Vanorsdale

And no one plays with someone for 10 rounds

Ranger T

How much y'all wanna bet that skip is a Democrat, and voted for Crooked Hillary.. And is voting for Sleepy Joe..

These lunatics are a special breed of idiots.

Al Pacino

Conor McGregor looked like a amateur I hate both blokes but floyd just carried him to make it a fight and the fight was pathetic lol just money thts all it was about conor was never going to win even against a 40 year old mayweather.... skip you cant watch that and think conor looked good lol easy work for floyd

Samurai Formation Production


Nick Sullivan

I agree with Shannon but Conor didn't quit - Conor was gassed, barely standing and trying to get out of the way of punches and tried to throw an uppercut right as he got stopped. That ain't quitting.


Skip is so salty in this with his smug smile but Is crying inside

Little Macc

I can’t believe the world thought Connor was going to beat a 49-0 boxer that beat 16 world champions lmao

Mike Brant

Shannon is the greatest hype man ever

Chris Salim

This fight got 100000 times more hype than it deserved. A MMA fighter going to a boxing ring? Or vice versa? ANYBODY who knows ANYTHING about the two sports knows there is NOTHING similar about boxing and MMA. Cant believe this so many people bought into this fight.

Yash Topno

Kyrie Irving saved Floyd's legacy


All that skip bashing here doesn't age too well. Mike tyson killed it with praising conor last week. I mean let that think in for a minute what conor did here


Did Skip really say towards the end that he doesn't care about the numbers? I was waiting for him to be struck by lightning for that.

Shahrukh Sohail

Skip is embarrassed All floyd’s career as money mayweather he wanted him to lose for atleast once which didn’t happened. So now please stop skip admit that he is if not the best at least one of the best of all time. And stop trying to prove yourself right when everyone including you know that you’re wrong.

Nicholas Lehman

Rd 9. Is the Rd. Conor had him.


Love that passive beautiful young lady.. let men have a discussion and be humble and quiet


Boxing is more prize than fight. The rules they agreed on prohibit ducking for any length of time, and exposing one’s back to their opponent more than once the fight can be called.
That being said Floyd is the best prizefighter. He is smarter than people give him credit for. That doesn’t mean fighter though. If boxing is a fight then so is Bjj, judo, and wrestling.
George Forman agreed with Skip.
I do believe that Floyd meant to take McGregor into the later rounds, but that’s everyone’s strategy against an explosive (fast twitch/aggressive) fighterThat can be argued well. Saying that his strategy means that Mcgregor gets no credit for going 10 rounds is dishonest.
-that uppercut lost power skimming Floyd’s body before hitting the chin.
-“4.3 40 in the first quarter..” haha the truth is that he would still have the 4.3 40 in the fourth, boxing isn’t a sprint/recover sport like football. Haha more like 4.3 40min the first 6 quarters and 8s 40 past know like any football player

Rosetta Fields

Floyd carried Conor. He used no head or foot movement. Matter of fact, he stood directly in front of Conor without even using the shoulder roll. He could have easily got Conor out of there in 4 rounds or just humiliated him for 12 rounds if he fought his normal style of fighting.

Alex Brancato

Skip is a fool

kevin boutte

Skip is the most delusional sports personality on TV. He hate on Floyd so hard. Just admit Floyd is a great boxer. Just give him his credit skip.