Conor McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, talks about what went wrong at UFC 229 | Ariel Helwani

Conor McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, talks about what went wrong at UFC 229 | Ariel Helwani

871 693 views | 14 Oct. 2018

Conor McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, joins Ariel Helwani to talk about all things UFC 229, from what went wrong inside the Octagon, to the drama after the final tap and future plans for Conor McGregor.

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Matthew Ciavirella

John is a good dude, great coach.
He knows coner has changed became an entertainer first and not the same fighter.

Alex Newman

Favorite MMA coach and interviewer

Krijnen Beebie

John should move to AKA


Dillon definitely was saying something to Khabib and antagonizing him,and that dude who punched conor in the back of the head is a coward.he made the situation much worse for Khabib's whole team with his dumbass.

William Lane

What's the time when kavanagh talks about Conor being too defensive?

Tracy Greenwood

I have already said it on a few videos, but it came up here again. That bare-knuckle punch to the back of the head was just not cool.

Andy McGregor

Where is Conor?

fox %100

Ariel you are rat

Gabriel Gonzales

@1:07 wants to forget and not talk about how his boy got smashed and manhandled and ready to tap the moment Khabib placed his boy in the [email protected]1:20 Fedor forever will be his favorite fighter.

Dominic Altamirano

As good as Conor and his team think they are it's so funny how much they are holding on to the fact that they won round 3?!? Good job guys Khabib didn't kick the sh!t out of you for every second of the fight!

Frank Houttave

Brett Kavanaugh

Jack Landon

What went wrong is that Conor trash talked someone a lot better than him and paid for it. What went wrong was that Conor stepped in the cage with Khabib.


John Kavanagh only gets flak because of the shit Owen Roddy (Conor's other coach) says. People think Conor only has one coach I guess.

Josh Khan


You my LOL

margot cappello

As The Jam sang, 'That's Entertainment' • And • BOTH GUYS MADE A NICE FEW QUID WHETHER IT'S $€ or £s and THAT'S IT!!!
WURZO 2020
- 1968 -

Justly Act

I like this coach but he once tweeted about Khabib not fighting in May ,which was Ramadan, John said choose religion wisely.

The Great White Shark

Yeh not a bad person but if his a real coach why is his fighter such an asshole then how can he not control him hmm peas in a pod I say he jus good at pretending to be a good man


Even Fedor is Coach John's

Giuseppe Nuzzaci

John Kavanagh is maybe a great trainer, but he doesnt not the notion of what is mean champion, like bruce lee said nice to see how they train but doesn t work, kabik trainers are more professionnel to make kabib more better

Abdul Wasay

It's Khabib time

Santiago Macahilas

What went wrong with 229 was Conor opened his mouth and offended Khabib Khabib is a savage and he smashes everything that's put in front of him


People hate on Conor but love his coach, you really think the way Conor acts to the public is how he rly is off camera in his regular life. John wouldn't be coaching someone like that, he knows Conor isn't what he portrays to the public. Stop acting like you know who these people are off camera

Redback Shanto

Khabib respect his teammates unlike conar

james roche

Respect to John kavamagh ij bed always honest

Jason . Donoghue

I wish people from the MMA world would listen to this guy more. He is closer in line to what 90% of irish people are like. Down to earth and respectful.

Honestly, the average person now in ireland is turning against Conor for his actions.

Mathew c

Conor was busy promoting proper 12 thats what happend


John is always a class act...It’s a pity it never rubbed off on Conor. Conor sells his fights with his over the top behavior, but this last one was just rancid and stupid. Conor stooping low enough to drag a man’s father, religion, and overall character into question, at such a vicious level, was just uncalled for. Conor ignored the rules during the fight time after time, blatantly cheating and still got mauled. For him to be clamoring for a rematch is laughable, Conor lost a not even close fight, not to mention that a rematch after all of the crazy stuff that went down would be just asking for more of the same. If you think Khabib and his crew are going to be feeling differently about things, think again. As soon as Conor starts back the verbal attacks, it’s just going to be a mess. Ferguson vs Khabib needs to happen next at all costs, he deserves it and will be the one to give Khabib the best fight. Tony would dust Conor, so that fight really shouldn’t happen, but Conor vs Lee, Gaethje, or IaQuinta would be ideal. If he can get through those guys, then maybe give him another shot. I don’t see Khabib caring to fight Conor again, he’s already beat him, pretty much did everything he said he was going to do to the letter. Maybe Conor should just keep selling whiskey and enjoy his money.

Nosmalija Yunos

wow couch john became so humble

Scott Thompson

Could listen to these two guys talk MMA for hours .......................

TheOne ThatGotAway

John Kavanagh is a genuinely such a nice guy , check out his history

Rafi Ahmed

Casuals here don't know that it was this guys tweet that started the beef between the two camps. Trying to play the humble coach now. If you are a true coach of a martial artist you discipline their skills and behavior. Get out of here, Khabib is the king.

Dan B

Doesn’t appear to me he isn’t 100% behind his fighter

Future UFC champion

John has more IQ than all Khabib team members combined

haris baloch

Khabibs team mate hitting Conor at the back of the head is dangerous however Conor illegal hitting khabib behind the head during the match is not.

Justin Romine

I do not like Conor, but I respect him as fighter. Anyone that knows anything about the fight game has to agree that Conor is an exceptional fighter. Absolute power corrupts. I don't think his time has past him by any means. Constant change, constant evolution. I do respect John. It's nice to see some humbleness and humility in Conors corner.

More buzzz

Conor team is racist. Ban them from the sport


This guy is an idiot. Your a shit coach period


ariel looks extra jewish here

Dic Flair

7:30 disrespecting his own student... This is not a real mixed martial arts mentor. I guess he is a beta acting as an alpha

Mariam Amiri

I think this guy is bullshitting about not watching the fight after words or not talking to Connor about the fight.

Barbie Life

Anyone will talk about Connors cheating lol

recon forsales

Kavanagh thinks they won rd3, When Conor was actually grabbing on Khabib's shorts!

nadeem malik

amazing take down defence in round 3??? wtf... khabib didn't do any take downs in rd 3!!!!

Fred Frond

Kavanaugh, is not a bad guy. But one thing he said, not in this interview, was khabib had bad boxing form. He said that khabib’s punch that got Conor in the second round was not how a boxing coach would teach it. But in an MMA ring the guy throwing or the guy defending do not have the option of or the requirement to do a take down. Kavanaugh is not the most insightful in my view.

Sensei O1

What a class that John Kavanaugh. Conor should be thankful for having such a coach. Much respect from Asia.


What went wrong? Conor needed to avoid getting smeshed and didnt

No One

it would be irony for you to talk about ethics after what Conor did. Khabib really destroyed Conor.

Chandan Kumar

What are you

Future UFC champion

how can Conor prepare to beat Khabib? very simple. only 2 places he will be allowed to go to. his house and the gym, unless he goes for a run

ali jama

Ariel doing PR work for Connor

Yusuf Sanad

Just for the record
This man was the first dude to beat the shit out of conor in the ground .


As Mickey said to Rocky Balboa "The worst thing that happened to you, that can happen to any fighter: you got civilized." That is why Conor lost, plain and simple.

Siti Syaza

Respect coach, parents, opponent and everybody,,,,,, basic of material arts

Goat Stature

Conor in a suit in a board room made u giggle? Why

Carlos Davila

John has always been a class act

Nonagon Dimension

That’s the difference between Conor and Khabib how he treats his coach. I love the relationship between Khabib and Coach Javier

Violet rose

Kavanagh the liar racist , he started racist thingy first then followed by Connie

Proper Twelve



18:48 does john forget that conor threw a freaking dolly at a bus full of people? what a hypocrite

Imran Ahmed

Bro I don't know why khabib hate him he is pretty decent

The Podhub

John is reasonable and extremely down to earth. I don't believe it when Conor says it, but if John believes Conor can do it, I believe he can do it too.

Benjamin Richard

That moment will live forever haha

הילה אלון

Ayaan Ullah

Even the coach said why would you want to do that

The Wolf

What went wrong? Khabib entered the ring.

Ivanka Trump

This is one classy contrast to Connor and Artem

Faisal Hakak

Conor doesn't deserve him

Yudi Hilmawan

I've downloaded the video and watch it multiple times and i'm not agree with John because as far as i know Conor being offensive from the start of the fight.

Vishaal Venugopal

would love to see coach kavanagh train max holloway for one fight holy shit that would be an insane collaboration


Jewesh end of taim.

Seiko X

Me foot was a balloon, Ariel. Me foot was a balloon.

hyfa hammad

How do you justify damaging a transport vehicle with other people on it who got hurt and had to skip pay days and being able to get away with it and rather get a huge pay day after awards??!

bob orton

the opportunities weren't there to knock khabib out like Eddie because khabib is levels above Eddie. Khabib's boxing is criminally underrated

Dexter Haven


ryan 1


Rishi Bolaky

John Kavanaugh big respect to him..

Petrounot Twins

The fact that nobody even commented on how mcgregor could have embarrassed khabib if he just was who he really is in the cage

Matteo Tate


Everything he doesn't like, Conor does.

Solie Osman


Dave G. O'field

Class act

J Wagner

Kavanagh is an incredible human being...the more i see of him, the more i like him. Very genuine guy. I can see why McGregor has the loyalty that he does with his team.

Nur Hadi

John is good coach...
But Javier is another level...


his coach is a nice still he like to suck cornered balls coz he never mentioned how his boyfriend attacked the bus and the rest things he said to khabib and his family, if you are a coach u must teach discipline first to your student not just try to defend them with your words whatever words he said about khabib suspension and charges he just tried to be nice and to put his topic to defend for being bitch you and your team is not a honorable people ;)

Frappe Xd_

Sucks that this man gets hate for being conors coach... when all it seems like is he gives respect even to khabib he gave nothing but respect I honestly thinks it’s why khabib never went after him when the brawl happened. I think there is respect for this man in khabibs camp. It just sucks he gets caught up in conors drama


no one said connor is a bad fighter he is not. Connor is an amazing fighter and his fight IQ is very high but Khabib is better than him Khabib was faster Khabib was more focused and whats more important Khabib didnt underestimate him. Connor underestimated Khabib striking and what was the outcome Khabid is now the 1st Fighter to knock Connor down. another factor is the trash talk had the opposite effect on Khabib. Khabib was angry and worked through his anger instead of getting the anger to him even DC said jt ( Connor was building a fight and Khabib was getting madder and madder) thats why Khabib won

Nasim Ziad

He’s lying about Dillon Danis you can tell. No way in hell Dillon didn’t say anything

Just me

McGregor all mouth , failed , he is a loser, a joke here in Ireland.

The Great White Shark

But sayin that the Irish ☘️ are top people got a lot of love for the ones I know good people see there is always good and bad people in all humans

Damo Cullen

Cue Cher if I could turn back time

Aldwin Cleofe

I am not a Conor fan but this dude is impossible to not like. Very humble, very respectful.


very nice guy can't understand how he can train Conor.He's right about everything but line must be drawn in that entertain. build up for fight that's he talking about

Leonel Hernandez

Par de puntos


He tries as hard as he can to be reasonable, but he cant help but be hypocritical. Conor threw a dolly through a window of a bus full of people.... but someone punching Conor after the fight should be removed from the roster. He is right, the guy should be removed, but Conor should have been in jail for what he did and removed from the roster if that is the case. The problem for his side of this argument is he has no base to stand on if he didnt call for sanctions against Conor in NYC.....

K Dub

Say what you will about anyone else John Kavanagh is a class act,stand up guy.

younes coco

dracula looking sack of shit

Ishan Sharma

Johns a nice humble guy


LMAO before the fight Kavanagh said Conor was training on a daily basis and had loads of cage time after the fight he says yea probably not being in the cage for almost 2 years played a big role. Then 90 seconds telling about that he did not talk to Conor after the fight and you could see him improvising a stupid story like his stupid face

Rustam Shakirov