Haulover Boating Fun! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet

Haulover Boating Fun! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet

27 490 views | 18 Apr. 2020

Haulover Boating Fun! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet

Welcome back to another episode where man and machine attempt to do battle with Haulover Inlet!

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Wavy Boats:


Broncos Guru:



Maybe the twin has seven marine 527 or something lol

Maddyk Dimis

Great video bronco

Konor Sacks

Haulover wins. By pranking us to thinking that there was gonna chaos

Tom Aiger

the therapy 4 is waiting for the pelican boarding ^^


I want to race my boats this summer. If I repower my tinny it's gonna smoke the yarcraft. 16' yarcraft with a 55hp suzuki with a 4 blade 12 pitch prop, vs a 14' aluminum with currently a 25hp evinrude on the back. looking to put maybe a 35hp merc off the tail end of it.

Ahmed Didi

I wish I had a boat to go to houlover

Lawrence Sachs

What model Boston Whaler is the one with red Bimini top?


Love the commentary today!!! Gave me a chuckle. Thx!


Love the channel, the commentary is spot on.

Interstate Railfan

So today is Boats v Boats

Sprite No Ice

That was a nor-tech!

Mike West

What a great way to start the weekend with a coffee and my man Guru!!


Neither boats or Haulover wins this time. We win because this is the only boating a lit of are experiencing right now.

Don't thank Chuck Norris. Thank Broncos Guru. You're my boy!

Tristan Jaycock

Is there a UK version of Haulover?

Matthew Mckee

Awesome video! Always love to see the red top legend!

Steele m

For any doctors, nurses, support medical staff watching ....Thank You!

Jeffery PinterParsons

Changing it up a little but always fun and well done!

J Dub

That wasn't a midnight express. It was a Nortech

Hunter Moore

i love seeing that 29 onslow bay from nc down there


100% a Nortech 45

amanda rowe

Longer vids???


Nice vid man! Almost at 10k subs! Keep up the good work!

Fxaru AUS

i went out fishing yesterday and the gearbox in the motor stuffed itself


I’ve been watching these vids all day

Keldon Reid

How tf do u talk so fast

Brian Keevan

When the fire tug came creeping across the screen I just about lost it! Good stuff. Lol

Jan Stok


Godriel Zayne Guil-an

Who else got addicted to this kind of content?

Sean Martin

Fire rescue ftw

TTV Crisp



Peter Pringle

Dang I want a bigger boat

Alabama Smokey Wilson

Great Videos. Love the Red Top Legend my boat is similar except mine is a dual console. The hulls are close. Love your channel thanx Smokeywilson


as always an awesome video!

FL Boy Sam

Great video Bronco Guru! Keep up the great work!

Keldon Reid


Wesley Madsen

Im gonna wreck some boats this year just so bronco can have some bad A footage this summer