I Survived 200 Days in Hardcore Minecraft... Here's What Happened

I Survived 200 Days in Hardcore Minecraft... Here's What Happened

5 949 903 views | 16 Oct. 2020

It's time for the next chapter... Shelby bless us, we're going to survive another 100 Days in Hardcore Minecraft and take on the Ender Dragon.

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Why not combine the fun of Minecraft with the stress that is 2020? I took on the challenge originated by LukeTheNotable and survived 100 days in Hardcore Minecraft, where if you die once- your world is deleted.

Ever Zombie, Skeleton, and Enderman is far more dangerous, and Pillagers can't wait to take you down. My goal is to not only survive, but to thrive! Here's my adventure in a single life in Minecraft's most difficult (official) mode!




8719148436081670376 (Just, please, don't post spoilers for me!)

Check out Luke TheNotable's original video:


Declan James Scamby

pls do 300

dogplaysYT! Plays

Huyyiftrrguyt op


Another best 1 hour of my YouTube days :)

Sound of Serenity

THis worlds seed is actually amazing., don't suppose i could know it ?"


This guys a legend

ed sa

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Warren Raging


Benjamin Glass

You should do 300 this is an awesome series

Canon Mack

its 2021

corrine realica

You do know you can summon the ender dragon 20

Natiq Ali


Lunar_On_ Pc

13:14 Ireland golems lol

nekiaht rodeman

Make 300 day

cocomelon ecija


Itzel Vincent

I'm new to Minecraft, had it less than a month! Marveled at the first installment, and now in awe at the second. Thank you for showing how much you can accomplish! Really enjoyed the journey <3

Alex Kiyak

Please do part 3 at least 250 days


Legundo: waiting for the last moment to fly with the elytra over the valley
My heart: beating like crazy
My mind: thinking of 200 different scenarios of this going wrong and dying due to fall damage and everybody who is watching the video is dying inside

Shadow Blade [SF2]

That music when flying at the end...Amazing! :D Please do 300 days!

Sharipah Nurhidayah

defeat the wither o the 300 hundred day pls

Verida Huseini

Your vids are the best

Elizabeth Paul

Get him to 200k subs

Light Yagami

Am I The Only One Who Came Here From 100days Just Too See Him Weird Naming But He Didn't /3



Ruby Stafford

He makes this beautiful speech.......then “on day 187”

Janey-Rose Wilshire

Me : waching for 1hour
My eyes :

ja na

Only 1hour minecraft playtrough ill watch

that guy

300 days???

bb_ boys_ gaming

300 days plz

Rowan Guebara

Me still confused about how you put the item frames one the chest


26:10 you can break bamboe faster with your sword

w¡Гd cåRd

good job, it's been 2 months since I first watched this video, please do 300 days

Punith puni

is your village available for Minecraft pocket edition

Janey-Rose Wilshire


heewun mc


raya lilly

What the last song he played called?.

PE Player 33

Legundo: I dyed
Me: impossible

precious pearl

I really like how he calles his base a hobbit hole

Laxmi Pradhan

More vedio

Rumano Joubert

Name you horse flache
Beacose he is very fast

Mayuri Oted

I wanna join !

Matthew Street



plz day 300

Rick Astley

"I dyed"


Trentonplays Roblox


Brayan Rosa

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PE Player 33

Do credits at the end of 300 days

Filippo Cadoni

Download doesn't work


What if people speedrun minecraft hardcore

Liam Cruikshank

You killed the zombie villager instead of healing him

Omar Alhassan

everyone:300 days mincraft.
me: a boss with 300 health.....oh no..

Kieran Marshall

1379 64 112

Jsj Jsjthe god brigers are hacking

Like this is dumb if he dies all of that
Work for no reson

Logan Wiens

Please upload 300 days

Charles Eaton

Good job

Thomas Geels

i love the end of the days cuz the music and the flying was also awsome
u are top ten favret youtuber

gracie frazier


Eric Hillmeyer

Yep, definitely want to see 300 days. Love this man, ggs on what you have so far!

Also, I was more nervous about you locking in bad librarian trades than you jumping off the cliff. It is a waste, especially since you were just hoping at that point that they would unlock Mending/Infinity. You can literally get Smite/Sharpness/Bane of Arthropods V (5) in the first trade slot along with Mending and the like. Then if you get the 1 emerald for a bookshelf+1 book for 1 emerald trades, you're looking at total profit from one villager. Just gotta manually break the bookshelves but that's not the worst thing. Librarian villagers are OP. Villagers in general are OP.


do 300 days do 300 days

Sarah Wetherbee


It's stuff like this, that earns my subscription

Mohammed Ismael Haider

300 days till 1000 dayys! pls =)

Reed James

Im not crying, you're crying

Ripudaman Kaur

Pls do 300 days

Tsukki’s dinooo

yall so brave like, i have to play on peaceful mode cause im scared and when i play survival i just sleep and not go on adventures

Blake's Stuff


Luqman Afiq



Can u play pocket edition with me plz I would love that

abby f

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We are celebrating on our BRAND NEW Community Minecraft server! Come join in on the 200 Days Celebration Build!
IP: legundo.ggs.onl


"2nd chapter." Not the last ;)

Alec Anderberg

it was like lord of the rings after he gets to the end lol


Honestly, I’m super impressed. I’m really good at dying in Minecraft, especially during an ender dragon fight. You’re making me want to attempt a hardcore run though. I’d probably play a lot safer if I knew I wasn’t allowed to die.

Hawraa Alballam

hey, this video is amazing but where is the wither !?

Verida Huseini

Your vids are the best

Lucas Stratton - SOES 2031

Get mending

jonny nate

i'm soo sorry that your Horse died

charlie beresford

Damn he rlly recited a whole monologue in the end

Lu Claudino

Where is the Village wall


The end was so epic

Wyatt Mooney

play rl craft

cocomelon ecija


Solo ox3

You have to do another 100 days.pls.love what you do.

X1 Roller

19:22 w h a t

Rory Eiklenborg

Do 500 days in Minecraft

Brenna Draws!

When you respawned the ender dragon I was so surprised, I didnt know you could do that, that had to have been one of the coolest things ive ever seen

complimentary Concern

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Pixxlated Boba

Your sugar cane farm is way different from mine.

magnus swenson

can someone explain to me how to make the nether portals link up because I can never figure it out.

Lauren Walker

Your 200 days is amazing

Ruby Stafford

That was beautiful

Choco Choco

My name is iggy!!!

Ana Muhammad Maeroof KGS

I am in the middle of class and watching this

Cannon Fletcher

300 days

pizza steve

Ok shootout to whoever edited that video, ur amazing, PERIOTT

Sarah Wetherbee

I could’ve sworn my heart stopped when you did that drop at the end

Alejandro Hermosillo

Why is this guy so underrated

Jawad El moussawi

Horse: am I a joke to you



Jen Longwell

:( is this the end