Saquon Barkley Mid-season Highlights (HD)

Saquon Barkley Mid-season Highlights (HD)

732 766 views | 26 Oct. 2018

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Luis Avila

Just imagine him on the Rams. Todd is good but a solid tackle and he’s down Barkley would probably be at 1800 yards by now

T. Rizbone

He's pretty good, but he is no Zeke Elliott..

Rizzo Pokets

I'm a Bill's fan, but Barkley, Becham, and Allen would be an amazing show! No line needed.

Joaquín Zavala y Papi

Those cuts tho, it's like watching a Barry again. I mean, it's still early but he's a rookie

Sawyer Hogsed

He goes outside all the time

Roasted Toast

This guy is insanely good. Body of marshawn lynch, running style like Adrian Peterson, and elusiveness like le’veon bell. He is the most complete back to come in the last 20 years.

Edwin Francois

The Giants are going to run him into the ground


This kid is a class act . Great public speaker with the media too . Humble as well as talented Giants drafted a hall of famer....

wingman g

All star

Oak Wenger

As a eagles fan I will say this guy is gonna be so annoying.

Shon Verc

and he’s a rookie

Deaner Wiener

OBJ came into the league with the same humbleness...people don't seem to remember 2014 Odell lmao...the question about Barkley is will he let the media get to his head like it did Odell

Isaiah Jones

I'm not gon hold if you put obj at QB that giants team would change dramatically


All pro all the way

Joseph White

Barkley is just insanely talented and in a league of his own. The fact that he's near the top in the NFL in rushing yards and receiving yards for RB's is incredible.

Eric Matterson

2:43--Jalen Ramsey is an idiot---Saquan gained 20 yards and he still has something smart to say?

Barbara Goree

Barkley is like watching boobie miles Friday night lights

Flymoolah man 27

Gregory W

Saquon deez nuts!

Jay Outcalt

YO Saquon Barkley is a beast


Kareem Hunt is better.


How are you guys gonna leave out the incredible run against the eagles where he hurdles Malcom Jenkins’ arm and then another? Come on guys...


Saquon is a dog


Roty Easily,
Next Year:1500 rushing yards, 1000 catching yards

Chargers For Life cfl moala


PranklandTV Lol

They run a lot with Saquon Barkley

gmoney 80

Alot like Barry Sanders with those cuts. A mixture of Barry and AP.. so much fun to watch.

Eshwar tangirala

You can hear the loud thump noise when he lowers his shoulder and runs into someone, scary strength

Randy H

This is more than full-season highlight for most guys


I would like to point out that this video is nine minutes long at midseason

Steve Timmons

If you could create the perfect RB in a lab the end result would be Saquon Barkely

Aaron Gaming/vlogs

Bru I like how he posts up to Jalen Ramsey even tho he is a rookie it just shows how he isnt scared



Big Dawg

Barkley is something special. If he stays healthy he could end up one of the NFL's greatest running backs. What fun it is to watch this guy play.

Samy Jersi

The best of the best, a cut above the rest.

Tiaese Dolberry-Wescott

This dude is truly amazing and lots of skill for a rookie and his first season. YOU GO SAQUAN BARKLEY

Adrian V.

I wonder if we'll ever see a Bo Jackson copy again

Jayson Montoya

No disrespect but zeke is still better lol

Ryan Cline

His ability to break solid tackles is incredible. People just slide off of him and he keeps his balance. Dude is a monster.


Rookie playing like a vet with a crappy oline still beasting.

Stiltmans Stilt

And like a broken record, this is why u don't just take a qb to take one, when u have special players at other positions staring u in the face . Outside of baker, those other qbs were suspect as fuck. How so many could t see taking Barkley over them was as easy as can be is plain sad

Logan WX

I can not wait to see his stats in madden 2020

SJ Highlights

great vid i’m trying to make highlight vids like this!!!!


Saquon Barkley is different kind RB. combination of raw power, speed, quickness, agility, vision, awarenesses. excellent hands. never seen before

Ceci Shaw

You do not want your head near his thighs when tackling him! He is also a stiff arm champ!

Marcus Langford

He definitely favors running right and straight up. He makes it look easy too!

MigRey Videos

Coach play

Saquon Barkley. He is the star. Run Run pass not pass pass pass


He reminds me of. A stronger Lesean Mccoy


He is the biggest RB threat to defenses in the NFL

Fyron Goedhoop

Hè finna be the next beast mode

Dee Realest

This man is a BEAST. Best back in the league HANDS. DOWN.

Darian M.

who needs a QB when you have SB?

Larry Muro

This guy is a absolute stud reminds me of barry sanders with leveon bell pass catching skills, coming from a raider fan this guy was well worth a #2 pick

Dan JV

Nobody works harder than Saquon in the weight room. We hope the rest of the team is up to the Barkley challenge.


Another reason why I love being a diehard New York Football Giants fan, we always draft generational players. Love It! #GiantsPride #GiantsYes #GiantsNation


I'm seeing this comment a lot, so I wanted to check the idea with actual numbers (nextgenstats on NFL) and when I did I found people were wrong.

While Zeke HAS seen 8+ in the box on a higher % of his snaps than Barkley on the season (25.8% to 19.5% -- 8+ doesn't happen as often as fans think, especially when 3WR is the most frequent offensive personnel grouping), the idea that it happened MORE OFTEN pre-Cooper is wrong. As of typing this (12 games), in the 7 games without Cooper, Zeke averaged 8+ on 24.4% of carries, while in the 5 games with Cooper it's been 28.6%. (The median #s have been fairly equal -- 26.67% and 26.92%, but it still stands it didn't suddenly get better with Cooper's presence). It should be noted, this % difference is less than 1 extra stacked-box per 20 runs, per game.

Personnel & formation are the main variable in whether a defense presents 8-in-the-box. The Rams use 11 personnel (RB,TE, 3WR) on almost all of their plays, and Gurley has only seen 8+ on 8.58% of carries, 3rd least min 70 carries (I recall hearing in a recent game that he had 100% of his carries come from 11).

(Great video, btw :D)

Gogooshttr Flshr

I dont' know how much net plus or minus this is but for a guy that is 6-0 tall, he has size 14 feet.

Kenneth Oliver

4:29 wasn't a TD. He let the ball go before he got into the end zone. Barkley's a bad man though!

T Dive

Best running back!

en 0630

that whole entire play against the eagles is such a priveldge to watch.
as amazing as saquon barkely run was I am baffled by the guy who tackled him. no one ever pays attention to that or talks about it but you just watch where number 55 from the eagles started and where he ended. AMAZING play all around. also don't sleep on number 56 from the eagles as well. play starts at 4:35

Ramchand D

Do not give space to this kid. Else, He is already gone to the end zone in a blink of an eye.


He's going to be great player for our NY Giants.

Chamonsky Saintylus

Who's Faster Odell OR Barkley

Charlie Prott

you know youre gunna be a problem when your MID ROOKIE SEASON highlight tape is 9 minutes long....

Niner Highlights

Saquon is so shifty

Wells Bibo

No disrespect to Gurley, Elliot, or Kamara, but this dude is in a league of his own. He's bigger, stronger, faster, quicker laterally, has better vision, and is a threat to take it all the way every time he touches the ball. He's the best back I've watched since LT's glory days with the Chargers. I wish he had been on the board so the Broncos could have picked him up 5th overall.


If Saquon Barkley personality was like Brandon Jacobs, Jeremy Shockey, Plaxico Burress, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora I will hate him but he not like those asshole that play for the Giants from the past

Arturo Erroa

I bet he can run over Lawrence Taylor in his day and prime

Eric Matterson

He must have 100 Madden ratings up and down


ive been a giants fan since like 1998. I thought no one would be better than tiki barber as rb. After half a season, ive seen enough to say hes the best Giants rb we've ever had.

Rob Host

Unbelievably athletic, strong, fast, agile. And I’m a cowboys fan and I watch zeke every week but this guy is going places

Eddie Lamboy

Once the Giants fix this OL to the point where it is just "decent to good", SB will be the next 2000yd rusher in the NFL. He will be cracking 1300-1350 yds this yr behind one of the worst OLs plus 13-16 TDs, imagine once he's running behind a good OL?


One of my favorite things about Barkley is how he usually gives the balls back to the refs after he scores. little shit like that tells you a lot about a person


What the hell is this 2k? Ankle breaker on hof

Charles E.

Since people are comparing Barkley and Lindsay, let’s do it. Barkley has a crappy o line. Lindsay has a top 10 run blocking o line. Barkley’s 40 time at The combine was a 4.4 at 235 pounds (training this offseason he ran a 4.28 timed electronically) Lindsay ran a 4.39 at 190 pounds. Barkley benched 29 reps at 225 while Lindsay only did 14. Lindsay’s vertical jump was 35.5 while Barkley’s was 41. Barkley leads ALL rookies in rushing yards, receptions, TDS, and scrimmage yards. He is on pace to have over 2000 yards from scrimmage. Barkley is stronger, faster, and more elusive. Let’s face it, Barkley is on another level. Lindsay is doing all of this with less reps blah blah blah. Barkley has 413 more receiving yards then Lindsay. He’s the more complete back. Barkley>Lindsay.


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testing account

when obj throw the ball to the Barkley it wasn't a touchdown because he dropped the ball before getting to the end zone

Robert Jensen

Great player. Too bad he’s stuck working for such a total loser team.


Hell yeah

Lil' Killer

At 234 pounds Saquon is fast as fuck


Spin moves, explosiveness,crazy stiff arm game and if try to go low and tackle him he'll jump right over your ass ..I friggin love this guy being a Giants fan! Definitely the next #1 superstar running back in all the league..This man can do IT ALL! Now we just need to build around him and of course drama queen ( albeit a very very great one) OBJ...Let's Go Giants! Also,if you've heard him talk he's an incredibly humble and smart guy...If he doesn't win ROY we need to riot,Big Blue fans!

Ahmad Simuel

That whole offense need to go on saquan because he is an all purpose back in the pass and the run

Serge Baron

He's a beast.!!!!!!!!!

steven donnelly

if only Beckham had his class and humility...


Fuck drafting a QB, we got Saquaon, now lets trade for Aaron Rodgers and we fucking solid yo


I know it's still early in his career but does anyone see a little barry sanders esque in this young guy.

Anthony Perez

Best back in the league with a bad offensive line !!!!!! And still finishing second in Rushing !!!!! Let that sink !!!! Just imagine if he doesn't get hit in the back field and letting him getting to the second level with full speed !!!!!!

Greg McConner

Hes too fast too powerful


Barkley is amazing. Watch how DB's w/ the angle get outrun - look at his pickup, like a gas pedal-vroom, catches the ball better than his team's receivers, and his O-Line stinks. Anywho, I'm glad the Giants drafted him, even if they stink for 5 years, it'll be worth it just to watch Saquon Barkley.

jacob T

Best RB in the league already


I hate the Giants with a passion but Saquon Barkley is the real deal and I'm buying to his hype now

The Nigel Douglas

He’s really a whole video game player. Him and Odell. Imagine if they had a legitimate number 2 wr and an a good quarterback

Nico Avetikian

That screen run vs the eagles is easily the best run of the season

Kirwin Nixon

Get this guy a OL & you looking at the next 2,000 yrd RB, he's a different breed.

Will Sparkmeone

@ 6:05 spin jump cut, takeoff!!

That Boyu

Rookie of the year


When did Sanders start playing again? no disrespect to the goat

Fallen Angel

He is able to jump higher and further at 6 foot 238 than Jordan could at 6'6" 195. That is freakishly insane. I just looked up Jordans longest jump 6 feet. Barkley's longer jump was from the 4 yd line into the end zone. That's 12 ft.

bud Blaine

Adrian Peterson x Sean mccoy


This kid is special... Very special