Technoblade Finally Gets A Girlfriend

Technoblade Finally Gets A Girlfriend

24 054 views | 16 Jan. 2021

bob builder

he sounded so sad when he said "im down" i hope he was jokingly sad

Jane Bennet

when was this stream??


What stream is this ?

Camilo Ow

Technoblade love or host but he chose host on anyone he chooses so he gets all the clout


i want a technoblade love or host but at the same time i think we'd all die of the pure awkwardness he has




A Techno love or host is required at this point



JoJo Lerner

I would definitely date techno. We share a similar dry/sarcastic sense of humor, and I spend all day playing video games as well.


When did this happen??

Bad Commenter

Where’s the clip from?

Doglover Daizy



The way he immediately agrees and accepts, poor sweetheart he's so lonely

Fillia Griselda Tsabitah

We want Technoblade love or host but the man choose don't want in the show bRruUuuUuh..

《Ãkašukï Tømårï》

“So, do you wanna meet my friend Austin?”
I tried so hard not to laugh
I hope everyone has an amazing day and night <3


anybody noticing wilbur saying "or a boyfriend"


Imagine he does a love or host and he picks the final candidate and then finds out shes an orphan

The Lunchables

Donquixote Doflamingo

Techno love or host but he'll set a sellout timer and will start screaming "subscribe to technoblade" in the middle of the show

Valoe Aurora

Wow he actually agreed to get a gf- but not a bf, hM

im bella

Technoblade loh would be great lmao

my life is a lie

The second I read the title my brain stopped working idk why

Gl1tchyGhost_ Cring3


linxxy _ cl

the only straight man i accept/lh

Super Furious Gamer

My time has come

Milkxshii 16




Stal, ᓭד ̣ ᔑꖎ

I kinda feel gad i don't know why

LoyalVAAYU playz

Well he still hates women so idk man

Lightning Llama

Man got tired of saying No so he said Yes for a change


Fs in chat for Techno. If he wants a gf, for real, I hope he finds someone he loves. ^^ He deserves a lovely relationship, should he what one and none if he doesn’t lol. And if he does decide to date, remember to respect CCs private lives. Let him live his life in peace. XD