Chael Sonnen on decision to retire: ‘I’ve used up all my toughness’ | Bellator 222 | ESPN MMA

Chael Sonnen on decision to retire: ‘I’ve used up all my toughness’ | Bellator 222 | ESPN MMA

537 977 views | 15 Jun. 2019

An emotional Chael Sonnen tells Ariel Helwani about his decision to retire after losing vs. Lyoto Machida at Bellator 222, saying he fully believed he’d get the win and go for a title shot against Ryan Bader. Sonnen says he has no regrets when looking back at his career and how he’s “dreaded” this moment.

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Dean Viglione

great Athlete great personality

Joshua VanVleet

Amazing moment. Ariel and the Bad Guy securing another moment in MMA History. Love this interview.

Stephen Ahern

It kills me every time he mentions that promise to his father. It sunk in there, and the impregnable force that is Chael showed a crack in the armour, let a tear out. That hit me hard man, well done Chael, you’re the man!

Richard Jolley

Can't believe I haven't seen this until now


"I promised my father..." the mask of the gangster comes off.

Shahram Zare

Love this interview.

The Podhub

I can't speak on behalf of your father Chael, but I can say that f my son grows up to be 1/10th of the man you are, I'll be extremely proud.

Caleb R

When char mentioned his father that almost made me cry

King Jutt

Both of these dudes are true pros

Hunt For Adventure

Best fighter to ever grace the octagon!

Jaime McCaffrey

Honestly makes me sad everytime I watch this

name nome

Never lost a round
think about that

Vikram Joshi

Always undisputed and undefeated

Ur Zaddy

Come back here every time I need to shed a few tears.

Brad Smith

Remember in the movie ‘Gladiator’ when Maximus is told to “ win the crowd”? Chael Sonnen won the crowd. People’s champ right here ladies and gentleman.


Charles the best, dude. This was the only time I didn’t dislike Ariel.

Joe Cockerline

My respect for Chael is endless. A fiercely intelligent man and a true competitor. Not hard to see why your toughness is run out when you’ve got a beautiful family at home.

Cade Clark

You have to give this guy credit for not backing down and always trying to fight the best in his division.

عبدالمحسن العنزي

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

Chris Garcia

This video makes me want to cry. I started of wondering who is this guy? He isnt that good but I like wrestlers. Then i saw a few of his fights and he wasnt winning, the ufc dropped him. Kept of fighting in other organizations and saw him pop up when switching channels. He looked like he was getting better. When he started with the "trash talking" I started to hate him and was so annoyed and saw him as a joke. Then he started to really grow on him when I saw what he was really doing. I found myself extreamly excited to see him talk, I'd put dates on my callander to remind me whenever he was gonna be on TV. He quickly became one of my favorite fighters. When his father died It hurt me so much to see "The Bad Guy" cry. I still to this day watch the tito ortiz and uncle chael post fight press conference with out starting to cry. The sport changed for the better because of him, most people will never know how important he was to the sport developing. He brought so many eyes to the screen in a time that ufc had to grow. Thank you for your massive, incalculable contribution to the best sport in the world. We will never forget the undefeated, undisputed, never lost a round, champ champ, Chael P Sonnen, the American gangster, The Bad Guy.

Kusagari Blues

He will be remembered as a true fighter.

brady murphy

Pops woulda been proud of the bad guy. Much respect

Tanatswa Birri

Chael you will forever be the greatest non-champion ever✊...much respect to you man.

phillip denis

Did Chael have a second daughter?

Jasjit Bajwa

I mean he technically won a belt in WEC but the champ missed weight but you still beat him. You technically fulfilled for dad's wish.

Bennywoo Woods

2:48 Chael's daughter made him decide "yeah time to put her down"

Khan Khalid Hassan

ANDERSON SILVA you absolutely SUCK!!

Daniel Purdy

You worked really hard and steroids define the majority of your career.

Devin Luna

1:55 gets me every time .

A Healthy Snack

Never lost a single round

Super Bacon Fishing

Thank you Chael!!!!!!

Rubar Noori

Just the other day Chael got mad bc Ariel tried to “steal” one of his idea’s on Ariel & the Bahguy

Steve H

Maybe someone should show this to Ronda


Who hasn't this guy fought? This guy is a true G.

Tisha Arboleda

Lyoto is simply one of the smartest warriors there is . Never seen Machida ?? Hey, he was a former Light Heavyweight Champion! He simply outsmarted Chael!! Ha ha ha .. Too many attempts to justify a defeat.. Chael is all stength.. lacking in gray matter.. He never learned, and kept charging forward without any "feints" at all . His footwork was lousy and was awfully slow and there was an OBVIOUS lack of strategy.. Chael was overly predictable ! He needs to learn to be like Pacquiao and Machida- lots of planning, strategies and speed bro!!

James M

Goat. Always.


this made me like chael more, what happened to his dad?

The Kross

fedor jones silva bisping thats just the first few that come to mind

chael fought EVERYBODY

Turbo Duckhead

The Humble Gangster

عبدالمحسن العنزي

اللهم ياميسر الامور يسر امري


Shame we never got to see any of that tough juice, he's always been a clown.

John Hutchinson

4:58 is really cool. "But you, you mean it."

James Morris

one chance to go back in time, we all agree were going back to the last 30 seconds of the silva fight yes or yes?

Will Skates

Such a beautiful moment at the end there! Ariel saying ‘you always made it fun for us’ really shows how much he appreciates Chael not only as a fighter but as a person. Lotta love for these two

flektarn skitzbird

When he mentioned his father and teared up i really wanted to give my uncle chael a hug

loita houmed

It's crazy how this world works!
You have guys like Chael and Khabib who fight for their Fathers while the rest of fighters fight for fame and money.
These guys (Chael/Khabib) are the true treasures nowadays.
Hats off to their Dads for having such a warriors that fights for them.

Amish HACKER lul

Takes way more wisdom and toughness to walk away like this.


He is human after all.

LaPointe Devin


Matt Taylor

Much respect for Chael. Great career full of highlights. Never afraid to speak his mind. Always the entertainer and true family man. Congrats and all the best

Pete Mills

Could listen to his banter all night

Nicholas Cazaerck

"Wanderlei silva.. 5 ft 4...."

Michael Quinn

ariel is a stand up guy

Jose Cardenas

When Chael talks about his father, my heart feels heavy. In all his career I’ve never heard him stutter, and go hear it now, charged with emotion, it’s really moving and shows you the man behind the myth

Lewis Marty

Once upon a time I wasn't a Chael fan. He's so human here. Can't fault it.

Lil Tilt

Chael Sonnen, last ever WEC world champion. Someone needs to fix that

Nick Vetter

An amazing man! Cheal!


Who's cutting onions under my bed

Niall Connell

Chael, alongside RDA has one of the craziest list of opponents, win or lose.


I taught this would be funny. But its actually heart-wrenching. What a LEGEND.

Brad Johnson

I rember Chael as a man who back up the talk! He always made the walk and always threw it down


Ok goodbye, never interested in him. Subpar fighter and very annoying, not charming or funny

Quicoboy Reyna's rare to see a fighter go out on top, but Chael did it...retired as champion...


Wow, I think that’s the most sincere I’ve ever heard Ariel be, normally he’s got some kinda smirk behind it or just flat out doesn’t sound like he means what he says. Chael’s a great fighter, never lost a round, shouts to Chael and Ariel for keepin it


Chael and Ariel are good friends


Few people remember what the level of ego silva had before chael beat em up for 23 minutes

manmoth 118

These two kids don't know how lucky they are yet. That man will be a great in MMA, and a great in fatherhood.

Jake Dempsey

Love this dude

Saqib Sarker

I forgive Ariel Helwani.

عبدالمحسن العنزي

استغفر الله العظيم واتوب اليه

Thomas Wolf

Retired undefeated, Chael Sonnen

Jack Lit

He meant he used up all his TRT

Karthik Nadadur

True badass

Will Smith

True legend.

matthew knowles

Much respect goes out to uncle cheal

Captain Ron

The CBD shirt lmao


I love how Ariel gets the uncle chael memes

Matthew Phillips


John Hutchinson

The final look to the camera at 5:19 tho lol. So comical.


“I’d tell him I tried” I’ll never forget that

Floppy Meads

God bless Chael

Helt Fläng

The best fighter that ever lived, the real deal american gangster.


Ariel might just be the best interviewer ever. Love that guy.

Blake Johnson

I love how he pays so much respect and talks about exactly what lyoto did that gave him trouble

• Balance •

Chael Sonnen is simply an All American Man. The poster child. Long live the undefeated gangster

hazril halim

You are truth legends George St sad because u want retired..

Gerard Mc Ginnity

Interview at it's finest.

Angel Aldape

Crazy how he retired undefeated and undisputed in 3 different weight classes in 3 different promotions nobody else can ever do that ever again he never even lost a round not even a single second of it ever


Chael no doubt your dad would be proud. You might not have won a belt but you fought and carried yourself like a champion in this life. Not to mention you were competitive amongst the greatest fighters the world has ever seen...Anderson Silva, John Jones, Fedor. You have to have an elite mindset to even be confident enough to challenge these guys. Also, something that you don't get enough credit for is how honest you are about the sport and business of fighting, through all the ups and downs. It's very refreshing and no doubt key to the success of your Podcast/YouTube show. Much respect!

Avarice Aeternna

Between changing the subject from Chael's promise to his father and giving Chael a sendoff as undefeated and undisputed; I gained a lot of respect for Ariel in this interview

عبدالمحسن العنزي

لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله

Randall T

Amazing run. He has nothing to be ashamed of. I hope he can let go of the fact that he never got that strap.

Herman malika

The nice diving phenomenologically bump because plain positionally follow minus a synonymous icon. roasted, wooden continent

Kyng Kelz

Chael retired undefeated undisputed 3 weight champion how can you not call him goat!? DC, STIPE, JONES, etc COULD NEVER

CST wyvern


Steven Edwards

He may have lost some fights, but he was never defeated.

Benjamin Richard

ATT Portland is right next door!

Aston Richardson

A year later it still makes me sad watching this

Guy F

Cheater. Bellator no steroids testing and Chael fails again.

Rhys Cory

It always gets me when he talks about his father