UFC 232: Amanda Nunes Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC 232: Amanda Nunes Post-Fight Press Conference

48 803 views | 30 Dec. 2018

http://fightnetwork.com/ - UFC women's bantamweight and featherweight champion Amanda Nunes sets up shop at the UFC 232 post-fight press conference to speak on becoming a future shoe-in Hall of Famer, greatest female fighter of all time status, plus more.

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This is awesome for AN.... it just sucks that she’ll lose it the same way eventually. Enjoy the high

Christopher Dunn

A worthy champion.

Mike Valdez

What happened to all the fools that thought Cris was going to walk through Amanda? Lmfao


This chick is cool! Nothing negative to say about her...

Gherrie Goku Orr

Remember how everyone use to talk about rhonda vs cyborg. Then Nunes came in and beat the shit out of both of them lmfao!

Amz K

She destroyed misa,ronda and cyborg but both fights with valentina was so vague.

Montano Gainza

I think for a first time she can defends both Belts..Also...I dont See Cyborg Beat her..in A Rematch..or 3 more fights...

Galaxy Trading

she's not cute

ivas lol

Im hetero but i feel some weird for Amanda xD wtf? Hahahaha



Laya Monarez

I would love to see a rematch in Rio. Nunes has proven herself but Cyborg still has a better record loosing only twice. Nunes has lost four times. Rio Rematch. Put Mcgregor and Aldo rematch on the card too and it would be the biggest fight ever!

Tide Cruz

If you watched both interviews between cyborg and nunes, you'll notice no 1 clapped for nunes unlike when cyborg came in some clapped I dont know if they dislike nunes or they are still in a state of shock. And the silence when nunes came and even when she presented her belt, damn the silence was deafning. Congrats nunes Osu!

Cody Jensen

A true athlete

Pink Supremacy

If it wasn't for Zingano's brain trauma I predicted her and Nunes to run the women's bantamweight division for a long time after their fight a few years back.


GOAT.. It might be ethically wrong I don't know, but Id like to see her at like 150 pounds fighting like a 125 pound man, maybe like a # 20-15 rated 125 pound man.


common denominator question is both Rhonda and Cyborg had the Aire of invincibility and were used to running over opponents. Nunes is more complete. as she says composed and fuck she hits very hard. Who the fuck are they gonna sacrifice to the lioness now. She is SCARY

escalante- lo

Amanda ni con su mata León pudo vencer a Valentina. Vieron como Valentina se dio vuelta para rematar. Y la campana le salvó a Amanda. Valentina es más completa. Pero igual felicitaciones por vencer a una muy fuerte pero no es completa.

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The leg kick that got Cyborg off balance and Nunes landed that 1 2 during Cyborg trying to regain it. I knew right there that this is her fight. Love to see Holm vs Amanda next.

GmanGeorge E.

Never thought I’d see the day that Cyborg gets clobbered, let alone by someone from a lower weight class. Well done, Ms. Nunes


You go GIIIIRL!!!!


foi mais tranquila e não chegou de salto alto


#Respect to both Amanda and Cyborg...

Faith Nova

Try to tko valentina in 125

Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission

I wish I could understand what she's saying. I don't speak Portuguese.

Jemma Barlas

Female GOAT!!!!! Amanda is soooo fucking amazing!


I think a rematch should be considered, just because Cris deserves it, but this was pure and utter domination. Nunes being the more skilled striker, wasn't a surprise. The level of power in those hands, is what shocked me.

Nicolas Ruvalcaba

I want to see Amanda vs. Jon Jones - Amanda becomes the first triple champ..


G.O.A.T Amanda Nunes!!!!

Darci R. T.

She need to be the first "to defend" two belts.
Holm and Vieira are two huge contenders.

tony nash

I don't think this was her toughest fight


My first time being first ever lol


she cute

Martin van Huizen

I kinda found her annoying in the past... Don't know why, maybe just her speech. But this girl is always happy and positive, gotta love her... Wish everyone was more like her.

really real

Why does fat face morgan ask all the first questions. 12 bellys

Chantelle Jepson

Shes one tough lil lady! Keep kicking ass and taking names! Congratulations kid!


John Morgan literally has to talk first and ask 21 questions.


Thank and Congrats to Amanda for the win, she's got 2 megaton bombs for hands. Thank you to Cyborg for being so gracious in defeat, still one of the best to ever do it.

JB Fonfrias

Team Nunez's strategy worked perfectly. After that 1st right to the jaw that buckled Cyborg, the overhand rights that started raining on an impulsive but reckless Cyborg resulted in a surprising but anticipated KO.
Great action & congrats to the Lioness !!

Tim Elliott

Amanda is adorable, an adorable killer. im so happy for her. thanks for such great fights!

Jess Siemers

i was so shocked when this happened i was literally speechless...... what a boss she has a new fan here! wow!


Amanda "Can i be in the hall of fame now?" Nunes Well i gotta give it to her, awesome job and im happy she knocked that man out. From being on drugs so long she literally looks like a man ... at least Nunes looked a touch overweight but at least looked like a chick. Excellent job you have a new fan

Ali A

Im a fan of the Lioness and Cyborg. They both are great fighters and both seem super humble. #Respect

Luis Nunez

Bad mama right here

King Me

Her heart as big as a Lion!!!


IMO Shevchenko is the fastest and most skilled, but Nunes is the most powerful.

dale lee

How things change this was superposed to be Ronda Rousey, Ronda was supposed to destroy everyone in her weight class and then move up and fight Cyborg and brake her arm, but it's Amanda Nunes a practically unknown fighter that destroyed everyone and knocked out Misha Tate and Ronda and then destroyed Cyborg, crazy.

Alex Gama

I wanna go on a date with Amanda nunes.

Nelson Evora

All I have to say is WOW....Amanda Nunez is foooooo real she just beat the world most feard woman while holding a belt in a LOWER weight class....WOW!! Badest female fighter on the planet.

Carl Cain

Ive gotta eat humble pie i didn’t think have chance


Finally Amanda made history. She worked hard and she deserves it. Thank u for beating that steroid freak. Good fight.


So they clap for cyborg and not nunez...

Aaron Thomas 7

I like the happy energy from this lady. She smiles like it's her birthday and so much passion for the fight

Mesozoic Period Vlogs

Amanda is on cloud nine right now! I love Cris but I am happy for her too. Both of these women have made history in this sport.



steve LUFC64

Didn't think she would win but I new she had tnt in her gloves the girl can bang



Frank Gartrell

Congrats Amanda!!! From a CYBORG FAN...

B- Diddy

Minus the tattoos- I think she’s cute

s law

Im just here choo hear her talk

Adam Richardson

So who's next? Namajunas?

rok podlesnik

she is the best out of 20 girls in MMA...? girls swimming 1 out of millions... something is wrong with the world...?


Hardest hitting female in the ufc

Nicole Lea

Crazy happy for Amanda!! I've never screamed as loud as I did last night, it was an incredible moment to witness. War Lioness!

Tim Dyer

Very Happy that she won...congrats Amanda

Drew Jenkins

Amanda "Ya'll wanna see a dead body" Nunes


If you play UFC3 we all knew Nunes would destroy Cyborg keep it

Jonny Rockstar

I had my money on The Lioness. Talk about a human grenade launcher.


Amanda Nunes-Equals babe.

Aledjo hope

I like Amanda. I always saw a powerful strength in her: it’s in her mind. Her ability to stay composed and confident. I m little disappointed to find out she is lesbian. Oh well, this is her life not mine. I watched Cyborg at her post fight conference and was like wow this woman has a class. I wanted Amanda to win but with her lost, Cyborg has proven me she is great woman.

marcus rodgers

Nunes and Cyborg fought how u suppose to fight in the UFC up and up toe to toe til someone drops!!!! Exciting and Powerful fight!!! Much Respect to the both of them!!! In my eyes their were no losers!!!!


She beat the phuc out of that man!


The young lioness is working with some Pistons. Throwing hammers

Orlando Perez

Triumph spectacular, but with a cowardly taste in the farewell to make clear their intentions not to face Cyborg again

giuliana silva

Ok so this should make maywheater jr confident with getting into the octogon.. but he is a puuuuusssssiiii

D2K Prime

This should have been that main event. I've NEVER seen anyone male or female in MMA that hit as hard as Amanda Nunes. She is something special.

Jonny Rockstar

I honestly expected her to pick her apart with speed, tire Cyborg out a bit cuz she carries some muscle and Finish her in the 3rd. This was spectacular!!

George Case

The only attractive woman fighter in UFC history.

Lypovsky Lypo

How dont like this person????

Pablo Yoshida

Joanna Jedzejczak is the goat, Artem Lobov best male mma fighter in the world with his t rex fast hands !


Isaias Castrejon

I love this woman so much! Thank you for being such a great person and much respect to you as a fighter. Awesome fight!

John Surf

Big win for Nunes!! Is she gonna do a rematch??She should!!

Marta Marta

And learn tn speak English !!!!!!

Nurmi Koil

00:01 She's like a kid who just opened her Christmas present:)


Where's her applause....those people suck...woohoo AMANDA!!.GREAT JOB!!!!!

Kevin Fraser

Precision beats power. Precision and power beats power fast.

La La

ATLEAST AMANDA WAS RESPECTFUL!! Atleast she wasn’t like I knew I was gonna Knock her out etc! She studied Chris

Super Vegeta

Im more than willing to bet that there is never a rematch until Cyborg is older.
It’s that Gotta be a Brazilian Berzerker and bang like Wanderlei that lost the fight for Cyborg because the girl that fought Holly Holm was definitely the baddest female on earth.

ciaos 2845

2 div champ only cool if you defend both belts no one has done that yet maybe she will be the first

Ron Thunders

i love this woman! Shes a fucking bad ass bitch! Really really look at what amanda just did! Like,... she just fucking smoked cyborg! CYBORG HAS BEEN A FUCKING UNSTOPPABLE FORCE FOR A LONG TIME, DEMOLISHING EVERY BITCH THAT STEPPED IN HER PATH! AND AMANDA WENT UP TO HER WEIGHT CLASS, AND BANGED IT OUT WITH THAT KILLER OF A WOMAN, AND NOW IS THE FIRST DOUBLE BELT HOLDING WOMEN IN MMA! Its like how mcgregor became the double champ! mcgregor starched the best small fighter the world of mma had ever seen in seconds, and then went and got his other belt by beating the fucking shit out of a tougher than fuck eddie alverez!! This is some good shit going on in mma and im loving every moment of what the ufc is and has done! im not a big sports fan but a huge boxing and mma fan and its so easy to see why mma (the ufc in particular) has grown so rapidly! They have a great roster of REAL fighting motherfuckers that put it on for the fans and rarely disappoint! Congrats amanda for being a hardcore bitch! i hope you’re girlfriend sucks your pussy good for your hard work tonigh hahaha, Now, i dont know if thats how lesbians work, but i know for any male fighter, it’s always great to get blown by your hot wife for achieving such feets, i would assume lesbians are the same


She’s a very tactical and disciplined fighter. She stuck to her gameplan and got cyborg to come forward and get emotional after the first hit. Totally got cyborg to play her game. Best ever. She’s beaten everyone convincingly.

Mr. LJ

If she didn't have a girlfriend, I totally want her as mine.


Nunes has beat:
Schevchenko x2
Germaine de randame
Meisha Tate

Nunes is the female goat