Amazon Finds And Must Haves Tiktok Made Me Buy 2021 | Compilation Part 14 With Links

Amazon Finds And Must Haves Tiktok Made Me Buy 2021 | Compilation Part 14 With Links

87 965 views | 5 Jan. 2021

I really, really, really hope you liked this compilation.

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Juwairiyah Ahmed

loved the compilation but wheres the cartier dupe??

It’s Melissa

I love drawing and when I saw the dual brush pens that I hate it.

dream Sewell

Did anyone find the bangles at 7:17

Kim Pluggen

Thank you so much for linking all the stuff I been seeing a lot of those videos and tried to find the stuff in the videos but I couldn’t find it until now

Jaida Kelley

11:15 one blackout and that dude's house is broken


If only I had my own bank account, savings and a larger room than I would have had all these stuff

enas Hniedy

Wait I’m ealryyyyy ilyyy

Horacio Maldonado


Mariam Sohail

It must take you so long to get the whole video together they are all so cool tbh I wish I could buy everything thing of Amazon

Alex Montiel

8:41 oh my God that is such a stupid concept.....

TikTok Businesses!

Amazing video! I make videos as well!❤️ I just posted a new small business packing video! All feedback appreciated!

Just Another Person

The dislikes are probably from the people who can’t afford any of this stuff lol

Miss Toad

that girl really think that girly girls are rich like da fook

kimone tricelle naidoo

It's the zico any song for me

Amera Williams

With the last product what about the extra 1%

Castiel Petty

Thank you for sharing this helpful video, I purchased the best quality product from last week

Alex Li

Okay I’m sorry but why would you want your tap connecting to your google home?

Horacio Maldonado



Great video!


Don't know how I stopmed onto this. Anyway Damn good content ❤️. I also have been watching those similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys make these clips. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had amazing info about similiar money making things on his channel.


Wait what- O MY GAWD this channel is SOO underrated!!! U even linked the links in the desc ;o;


Did anyone find the link to the makeup sponges storage container??? Looks like a little egg carton so cute

Natalie R

wait where are those hair ties from @3:42

Umme Abiha Ali

i am so lucky that i am 12 and living in such a modern world


My Google home started talking when the guy asked for a cup of water and scared me.

Emma Pruitt

Ok I’m confused. What is the cart token for? Sorry if I’m just dumb

Madz Ocho.

0:28 yes vintage look of a digital clock....

Gabriella Wirth


Maddy Who Is Awesome

Why does everyone sound like they woke up and immediately smoked a cig

Marlita Impert

Haii I loveee this video but I'm to poor to but anything