102 Best Tips to Get Your Home Super Organized

102 Best Tips to Get Your Home Super Organized

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How to Clean out and Organize a JUNK DRAWER!

by Kat May


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1. Let Color Handle Sorting


2. Store Lids in a CD Holder


11. Store Spices in Tic Tac Boxes


12. Use Cabinet Sides for Storage


14. Hang Jewelry on a Pegboard


15. Organize Pot Lids With a Tension Rod


16. Make Hidden Spaces Look Pretty


17. Corral Underwear With PVC Pipe


18. Wrangle Purses on Shower Hooks


20. Protect Clothes With a Pillowcase


21. Contain Pesky Plastic Bags


27. Create a Sorting Station


28. Repurpose a Wine Rack


29. Slip a Dresser Drawer Under the Bed


34. Store Errant Papers in a Handy Envelope


36. Make Pet Food More Manageable


37. Tidy the Tiniest Items


38. Take Back Dead Space


39. Transform an Entryway With Hooks and Shelves


40. Color Coordinate Your Tools


41. Sneak Cabinets Behind Picture Frames


43. Use Shower Rings to Solve Clutter


44. Do a Spin Move


45. Get Creative in Your Pantry


46. Fill Easy-Grab Pouches


47. Find a New Use for Binder Clips


48. Add Shelving to a Dresser's Sides


49. Hang a Towel Bar Over the Sink


50. Utilize Dead Space Over the Door


51. TTurn a Fake Drawer Into a Real One


52. Create Easy Storage for Sports Stuff


53. Put Exercise Equipment on the Wall


54. Sneak in Storage on the Ceiling


55. Make an On-the-Wall Toy Holder


56. Toss Books Into a Sling


57. Maximize Freezer Space With Bins


58. Hang Gift Wrap in a Garment Bag


59. Repurpose a Bag Holder for Gift Wrap


61. Hang a Tiered Basket in Your Shower


62. Roll and File Washcloths


65. Make a Lipstick Organizer


67. ide Jewelry Behind a Mirror


68. Use On-the-Door Racks for Everything


69. File Water Bottles in a Magazine Holder


70. Keep Nail Polish in a Spice Rack


71. Stockpile Paper Towels Vertically


72. Decant Pet Food into Bins


74. Contain Stuffed Animals in a "Zoo"


76. Use Compartments for LEGOs.


77. Sort LEGOs by Color


78. Bag Up Bath Toys


79. Maximize Unused Space With Baskets


80. Pop Your Yoga Mat Below a Shelf


81. Use Caddies for Spices and Mixes


83. Corral Cans with a Box


89.Add a Slim Shelf Above the Sink


93. Put Measuring Cups and Spoons on Hooks


95. Add Skinny Shelves to Your Bathroom


96. Fit Tinier Shelves by the Bathroom Sink


97. Contain Stacks of Baking Chips


98. Use Pants Hangers for Craft Fabric


99. File Your Clutches


100. Create a Rolling Organizer


101. Make a Pull-Out Rod for Scarves



16/102 useful = < 15%
.....wrapping paper, excess board games, and huge house = unrealistic storage, spending money on crap you don’t need and having to find a place to put it (the ideas on how to store/organise/look pretty for unused portions of Xmas wrapping paper ????? WTF???? ....here’s a helpful tip lady.....STOP buying crap that you don’t need!!! If you cannot find something useful and rewarding to spend all that money on , I could use some help with paying off my 20yr student loan debt!!!! If you have the extra money to spend on Xmas wrapping paper and storage containers for leftovers and the space in a huge house to save old Xmas paper (you know you will just buy more next season) then maybe reconsider using all that extra dough on something that will make a true difference, unfortunately I was not blessed with rich parents or a rich husband to pay for my college degree (BS in Education, I teach Science )(next 20 years of my life to pay off my well worth education ) and I could really use that money (that you use for wrapping paper) to help me pay off my student loans !!!
JUST A THOUGHT (about different perspectives)
I am happy that you have been blessed to have wonderful excesses ,albeit unnecessary, in life. It must be a wonderful life you have. You are a very lucky lady!!! Best wishes to you and yours in the future :)
PS... I’m not serious, just wanted you to view a different perspective ;)

Kim Smith

I figure if I can use 1 tip, it's worth watching. I'm definitely not ironing. I will skip this tip lol. I like the garage rack, if only I had a garage. Ok, I found my tip. The baskets for the silverware drawer. My organizer isn't working very well for me

Thomas Kinard

dont wrap your cords around things it messes up the cord...js

sara varsanov

Great ideas !!


Love all the organizing videos, sometimes I enjoy it marathon watching your videos, lots of fun helpful tips and ideas, TFS


The video guide for stay-at-home mums in their spacious houses

K Maye

thumbs down for the free ad for the horrid bigoted company starbucks - not cool!!

Sincerely Jackie

Just found your channel. It’s the best one I’ve found yet. I’m in heaven!!!

Cheryl Muirson

How annoying is it that the white words are on an off white background.. Impossible to read when on a light background. For deaf people it mast be a turn off

Samson abrams9987

your photos are either out of focus or so pale as to be useless.

wv poemlady

I saw some easy ways to do things! Thank you. It seems like some of the "nasty little comments" were really unnecessary. If 'those people' were so perfect, then why did they watch your video. Shame on you! Nobody is perfect.

Grace O'Connor

I love this video!!!

empire of technology

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Emil Hund

Who use plastic bags? I have sturdy recycling bags that I roll together and store in my car. I haven't bought a bag for 10 years. In Spain they didn't know what my bag was and thought I was weird

Mizz Sa

Ummm it seems like ur introducing stuff for us to buy instead of using what we can recycle to DIY but thanks for uploading

Carolina Fernández Oro



8:25 that's IKEA. I recognise the flowerpots and hanging-system. That's an IKEA showroom.
Also, nobody would decorate their walls with a bright-coloured red (and dirty after use) broom.
This is illogical use of space.

suckah pleez

Video is cluttered alone.

Ellena Navarro

So buy more crap to organize my crap. I


Using plastic drawers to store dog / cat food is not a good idea. The food containers should be storage tight. The pull out drawers allow for moisture buildup. Ants and other bugs will also be attracted to the kibble.


Just wondering, the name is 'Jansen' or "Jansens' but the accent is (let's call it... a very strong kind of) American.
I can't detect anything Dutch in this video. Is that true?

Girl child

Lovely I just found a nice box for my ear rings. A ferrero Rocher choclate box. All my earings have slots wow. Now I need somewhere to store my bras and penticoats

Pixie Sanchez

If you get white labels & use a hole puncher to cut out a load of small circles. The using your nail polish colour the top in and place on the top of nail polish bottle so you can see the colour when looking down at them

Shella Caspino

To much gift wrap, ugggg!

Judith Fenske

Love the words chosen to describe these ideas.

Sparklein Youreyes

Simply genius

Quantum Spirit

Work to earn more money to buy more stuff and then spend your free time organizing said stuff...
Less is more.

Jessica Rabbit

some great suggestions x

Blonde K

I would like to add a tip to playing with LEGOS! I bought a hula hoop, allow kid to dump the LEGO box inside the hula hoop to then pick thru pieces without it being all over the floor. Then, when done playing, I use a dust pan to scoop up pieces to put back, carefully placing their latest priced piece ontop for next time, or to then easily pick out and show off.

Catalina Cazacu

Papusica maya

Krustallos Williams

This isn't really 102 ideas because half of them came from your previous video.

Videsha Munusami

Nice organizing tips. Could use a few of those ideas.....

Kenya Pope

Very good tips.Thank you.I'll try some.Keep doing good work.I especially like the slim floating shelves,soda can tab,used on hangers & the underbed,pull-out, sliding drawer.

The Thor Tour

You had to have taken some of these photos from other sources. They are not all of the same house. That’s infringement.


You repeated a couple... Good tips overall.

Maria Gonzalez

Keep the ideas coming.

Patricia Vrtis

Good ideas, and i'm going to implement alot of these hacks !!

Denise Marie

A piece of dark chocolate is like an assigned place for my stuff....oooh now I get it! I have been so nonsensical! Now I'm logical!

Judith Fenske

#10, great, and true.

Crystal Williams

not that many blacks n whites r together


So step 1 is I fill my house with crap, yeah?


80% of the items displayed in each “organization tip” are clutter. If you get rid of them, the remaining 20% would not require any DIY to store. The reason why people surround themselves with over abundance of “things” (i.e. clutter) is because their hearts and minds are empty. Fill your hearts with love and your minds with knowledge, and all that clutter will never enter your home.

*Drelly~Bee 504

Per veterinarians that I tech for, keep your dog and/or cat food in their original bag. The food stays fresh for a longer period of time.

Wilcox Tactical

Heres my tips:
1. If you're not using it throw it away.
2. Eliminate extra bullshit. You dont need 10 pens. 1 or 2 is plenty.
3. Keep your countertops empty.
4. Use a wicker basket to store shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc and keep the inside of your shower free of any products. An empty shower is cleaned much faster than a stocked one.
5. Keep nothing on your floor. Not even inside your closets. Empty floors vacuum faster than ones with shit all over the place.
6. Teach your kids to pick up after themselves.
7. Use silicone covers on your stove burners so you dont have to scrub off grease.
8. Clean your washer and dryer.
9. Hire someone to deep clean for you weekly.
10. If you take off clothing put it into hamper now.
11. Have all 1 color of towels. Towels take up the most room in laundry and you dont want to worry about doing colors or whites. Pick one and go with it so you can wash many at the same time and without having to sort.

A dina

Having less stuff is the best way to keep oneself organized and clutter free.

jacinta reality

Wow good job

Judith Fenske

57, wow, thanks.

Judith Fenske

33 does work. Used the idea 40 years ago.

Victoria Ring

What pantry????? In small apartment.

sharon walker

Thanks for all the great ideas.


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Norma Galloway

I love your content. Storage is my Jam! I added your link to my page so visitors can enjoy your content from my channel?

Nilesh Sharma

Wow with so many things, my 6bhk apartment wont have space to keep a foot without hurting . .

I Sea Anemone 7007

I’ll just go and buy a mansion to fit all these organisers in

jo egleton

WOW - Tip no.7 about the can tabs on hangers is BRILLIANT --- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! And I've been doing hack 64 for donkey's years now - I used a huge plastic toy container on wheels.


Or simply educate your self on minimalism and dedicating more quality time for your self without cluttering your house.


What to do with 200 lbs of clutter. 1. Throw it out. 2. Have a glass of wine.


I use some of these methods already but have certainly seen a few to add, great video.

Ruth Pc

Does anyone know how to paint/make the underwear holder in this video or where to buy it? Any suggestions are definitely helpful. Thanks.

Abdul Khan


Dan Ashcraft

I’ve seen many of these tips , our ORGANIZED friends & Family. Use.

Patricia Wynne

We've lived all these years without these and somehow survived. Maybe we need to learn to throw out before we become organized hoarders.

Lynda Brown

A trick I do is hang my boots from pants hangars in back of the closet in off season.

Maxim Petrov

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Bliss WKC

Thank you so much dearest sweeties

Julian Bruck

Compact Disc holder? help I'm gen z


Some of these are very helpful tips! Thank you

Judith Fenske

Weight on over door racks can be hazardous to the door! Be careful

Darlene Meek

For a person that has lots of earrings or other jewelry: I lined the bottom of a dresser drawer with styrofoam egg cartons (cut the top off) & use each little egg place for a piece of jewelry. I organized according to type & color. Some even have 2-3 pieces in them. I used the top of the carton to lay necklaces in & placed them over the others. Just open the drawer & select what you want. I got rid of 4 jewelry boxes & can actually find quickly what I want.

Bilinda Law-Morley

I really think the Command hooks factory must ship their duds to us here in Australia. So many of these vids recommend them for uses that would be laughable down here. Hang a mirror using them? Hang up, take bets on how long it stay up. Here we have frying pans defying gravity by being hung up using Command Hooks. It can’t be done in Australia!
The other mystery is “Dawn Dishwashing liquid -the blue one” It’s used (colour specific) for a lot of craft activities. Dawn isn’t on sale in Oz, so I sit and wonder why the colour would be significant.

Polly Padgett

so many great ideas I loved it, i'm going to use at least 3 right away.

Judith Fenske

If you have an assessable fridge top, use an old towel to cover it. Shake, wash and replace. No sticky top to scrub.


I love all of these ideas!


Like your music
Great new ideals


102 wow no time at home now maybe some bored day I’ll-have time to watch

Mimosa Chan

Is anyone willing to share their favorite ideas from the video? I don't want to sit through the whole video.
Which hacks surprised you?

Stina Day


William Penn jr.

the dumbest tip I keep hearing it that if you havent used something for a long time then get rid of it because you're unlikely to ever use it. In my experience there have been many times that was not the case. I had a pair of shoes that were outdated and were too big for me but 10 years later they were back in style and I had grown into them. The same happened with my jeans. The best advice is to get rid of clothes ad they show signs of wear because often buying a new one is more cost affectiive than washing the old one. The only exception is if you going to do dirty work that you need old clothes for. Keep those in a bin in the back of the closet, basement or garage. You dont need to hang them.

Vikki Clark

How about don’t buy new crap until you get rid of old crap?


You didnt add the link for 31

Holly Clark

get rid of all that crap

Shalom Simplified

First time on your channel and I LOVE the towel bar in the shed idea. I hope I can use that in the garage this year for our garden tools. Thank you!

J Jo

Thanks for the ideas! : )

Emil Hund

If you need to buy tubs to store your stuff you got too much stuff.

Maria Minier

#61 12:34 Amazing!!

Judith Fenske

Love peg boards.

Blonde K

I use clothespins as bag clamps. Whether it’s freezer bags, cereal bags, catfood, chips, or coffee...it’s east to reopen and not a huge loss if tossed. I also use clothespins to clamp together letters and bills, especially when doing taxes..paper clips sometimes fall off.


Oh my gosh, hot glue on coat hangers!! Best thing ever. Thanks for this perfect tip

Vegan Vocalist

Some great tips as space savers especially if you live in a small space

wouroud tn

Its better with translation in arabic or french...thanks

Anna Björn

Everyone sees the impracticality and absurdity of the color coded lego idea, right?!

70sMusic Fanatic


Patricia Wynne

How many lipsticks does a person really need? or nail polish for that matter.

Judith Fenske

47. Yup.

Reyna Civitate

I like the day style bed for Carter

Sharlean Ferguson

Love it

j'aime coutanche

103: tie up the annoying presenter with extra large cable ties and with a handy duct tape you can smother her smug, squeaky voice and store her cadaver in an old chest freezer for peace and convenience!