DIY Room Decor | 15 AMAZING Dollar Tree DIY Boho Decor Ideas! *ANTHROPOLOGIE INSIPRED*

DIY Room Decor | 15 AMAZING Dollar Tree DIY Boho Decor Ideas! *ANTHROPOLOGIE INSIPRED*

102 321 views | 30 Oct. 2020

Here’s 15 Dollar Tree DIY Boho Decor Ideas that you can easily make for a few dollars.

0:00 Intro

0:29 Vase

4:27 Macramé Wall Decor

8:58 White Vase

14:31 Accordion Wall Hanger

17:37 Mini Pallet Shelf

20:48 Yarn Basket

25:18 Wall Baskets

30:46 Nautical Rope Vase

32:52 Modern Boho Geometric Planter

36:45 Gray Yarn Wall Hanging

41:21 Stair Shelf

44:27 White & Black Yarn Wall Hanging

48:27 Tray

54:02 Tribal Wall Decor

59:41 Hula Hoop Macramé

101:39 Outro

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Happy Crafting!

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Amy Krueger-smith

Definitely would have donr tbe extras im the bucket

Renie Kerby

You both are so talented.... love them all !!!

sarah thompson

Loving the boho vibes TFS your inspiration

Anna Gaddis Network

AMAZING! I clicked the like button within the intro! I’m now subscribed!!! I’m so impressed!!! Yassss!!!

Darlene & Daughters ‘mommyvilleusa’

Love them all... as always

sarah thompson

Happy Halloween

Kathleen Brown

All of them! I loved all of them!

Wilbur Roy

Please don’t use a jigsaw to cut dowels- very dangerous, hard to clamp as they are round and very hard to control- get a basic mitre box and saw- cheaper and you get to keep all your fingers.

Katherine Gordon

OMG you’re amazing!!! I can’t believe what you create with nothing!!!

Dawne Payne

Loved the 1/2 painted baskets!

Susan Wehe

Boho has always given me a nostalgic feel. It is not my style, but certain projects with a few tweaks, blend right in.

Nati Pena

Love these projects. All the good stuff wrapped up in one

Cynthia Nelson

Tacky as hell.

Art and creativity_ فن وابداع

I like it

Brenda Sparks

Loved them. Thanks for sharing them again. PS I like the tray over the picture . ❤️❤️

Janaina Cassoli Da Cruz

I like so much you guys working, congrats

Violet Reece

On the bucket, I love the extras that you did. This project is my favorite.

Shazzy Girl

You guys are next level! I always enjoy watching and learning your crafts inspirations. I always see the beauty and value in them, not just another hoohum craft. I craft also, but sometimes I feel I could do just a little something else.... (sort of like writer’s block, I guess, lol)! Thank you both for sharing your gift with us. Continued success and happy crafting!

Marinda Vance

#12 - black and white yarn wall hanging(I would probably use dark gray and light gray),#13 - tribal wall decor (would have used stain),#14(needs staples in the back)
Thank you for the great ideas


I liked the Baskets though have you tried smaller, deeper ones? I like the three together and the paint too.

andrea sharp

Wow the beaded vase is so nice

L. Smith

If you still would like to use hot glue for time purposes, gorilla hot glue sticks is an alternative.

Love To Be Here

I really like a lot of your ideas and thank you for sharing. For the tray you could use a wooden picture frame that way the glass would cover the pattern and you wouldn't need to use mod podge.

Amy Krueger-smith

Im crazy fir that pallet shelf. I liked them at the store but had no idea how to use them. Thanks

Cynthia Davis

Great projects!

Serena Raymer


stephanie mattei

Just subscribed... I'm enjoying watching your channel . I like to see different crafts being made not the run of the mill stuff everyone else does

Elecia Pearson

Beautiful!!! Everything just amazing!!!


LOved all of these

Людмила Черняева

Вазочка с жемчужинами в прозрачном виде мне понравилась больше,как- то поблагороднее выглядела,покраска ее опростила

Denise Art

On the baskets , when youpaint them you should water down the paint so it sinks in and doesn't sit on top. Love your channel. New here.

Deborah Minor

i like these ideas. Inspiring couple.

Amanda Wood-Donaldson

I love ALL of these! Now my wheels are spinning for projects after Christmas. Haha ty so much for sharing! ❄


What the hell is boho, looks like junk.


WOW you guy’s do such a GREAT job !!! By chance are y’all from Florida ?? You should make extra and sell

Pooja Sahu

I tried doing the rope basket once on back of a ceramic plate, it got stuck to the plate, how come yours ones are so neatly separable

Maureen Bullis

Some people use E6000 and hot glue.

caesar mm

That lady lowkey sounds like kyle

Susie Murray

did the bead stripe come from the Dollar Tree???

Sasha Dasha

Love em all! Boho crafts rule!

Pamela Huelfer

You many ads

Shirley Carter

How do I chose which is my favourite, love the vase with sticky dots painted white,( have been and brought some sticky dots to so something similar) then there's the large plastic tub with twine and rope and yes I'd also put the rope inside.
Next onto the metal hoops with the wool also been and brought 2 hoops and have plenty of yarn as I'm s crocheted. Haven't seen those three baskets on the wall made from twine and glue on the back of bowls, what a great idea as not been out much neither so can't go looking in charity shops for baskets



Amy C

Love love love these ideas. Especially loved the rope bucket (with the extras!). Does anyone know what mm size the two ropes are? I’m having a hard time finding them in my DTs and plan to order something similar from Amazon. Thank you!

Ana Carranza

Lovely all of them

Jenna Wildah

Hi! New subscriber here. THANK YOU BOTH for doing these Boho Beauty diys! (I can have an onset of distressed white-wash farmhouse decor Overload! ;) *sometimes♡. RUSTOLEUM 2x Painter's Touch Is THE BEST. I did a thorough product test & R outperformed & outlasted all 12 others in every sinereo -I was wowed. Plus their customer service is stellar. I started out just looking for a spray paint that did a good job & didn't empty so quickly, so Yay! Hope you both have a prosperous 2021☆

GCleo PeñaS

The first!!!

Carrie Piquette-Henderson

love this..gonna try

Renaye McDougall

The bucket was my favorite, I just loved everything you did to it. Even what you said was extra I loved too!!

nicki senn

I can't choose a favorite!!! I tried, but I love them all! Thanks for the inspiration!

Michelle Weygand

I love the baskets you make and the one thing I do have is alot of nautical rope or macrame rope!! But I find none of that at my local dollar tree :( but I love you giys!!

Cathy Puga

Love to see all of these again! Didn't think I'd enjoy it so much!! Thank you and have a great weekend too!!

Annaliese Vought

How did you hang the just string “basket mold” decor onto the wall?

Kathryn Montgomery

The plastic rope bucket gave me an idea I've been trying to figure out. I'm going to use your idea to make a lamp shade. Thank you so much I wanna make 2 so I can have one for a basket

Samsoom Elhofy

I love them all and love you guys

The wise One

Love them all! Great job.Thanks for sharing your creativity &inspiring!Happy New Years & God Bless my fellow crafters!!

Cloudia Dame

Hope that you both have a fantabulous weekend!!! I am in awe at your creativity. Do you sell your items and how do you determine how much to sell them for?!?!


Trabalho incrível.


Just saw xomacenna do the exact bucket a week or so ago.

Cindy Butler

Yes the basket was my favorite.

Nayeli's Lovely DIY Crafts

Everything looks beautiful.

Marinda Vance

I like idea #1 -vase,#3,#4 - accordian(both ways),#5,#6basket(do the extra),#7 - wall baskets (nice team work,stain might be pretty),#8 -nautical rope vase(cute size),#9 geometric(would be more sturdy if you drilled a hole to glue the smaller dowel into, and wrap the end with twine),#10 - gray yarn wall hanging,#11 - stair shelf(maybe some twine)
Thank you for sharing your talent and being an inspiration

Mikayla Sexton

Hey craftycouple! Love your creativity and how you guys work together to make such kick ass videos! Your doing awesome, keep putting in the work, it will pay off!

Cristiane Silva

é muito ruim assistir um video com muuuuitas propagandas

Kathy K

Loved your ideas, all of them

Carol Heinze

Love❤️your videos ❤️ thank you !

Pam Preast

All these are awesome

Amparo Ardila

I love de boho planet and the bucket!!

Mamma Dreiling

Love all of them but the vase is my favorite. Great job.

Kristen Courtney

Try special walnut stain! It’s a more medium brown


Always go extra!

Jaimie Heisner

On the juke painted bowls...I love the paint! I'm going to make, but alter the paint colors to warm boho shades! Thanks for making all your dies and sharing them with all of us! Y'all rock!!!

Tanya Valdez

I absolutely loved several of these and want to give them a go. I’m trying to not buy excess crafting materials anymore, in attempts of hoarding less.

It would be phenomenal if you included how much or how many of each thing needed to recreate these. Thanks for the awesome ideas for my bookshelves!

Yvonne Drysdale

Bucket is fabulous

nancy walton

Great crafts, love all of them...too hard to choose.

Angela G

please consider changing the color of your workplace, its really hard to see what you are doing when the project blends in with the background

Irma Rivera

Beautiful ! I love all your creative ideas ! I will make some fir my place ! Thank you !


I think supplies on some are as much as you would purchase for under 20.00, at Home Goods

Brenda Russell

I like the extra you added

Joan Friant

Loved this!!!

Luwanna McLaurin

Love the beaded vase, it looks like milk glass.

Susie Murray

love the rope basket, you made it look fantastic, I loved what you did - it was really beautiful!!

Piilani Kalima

I really like all of your projects. You are both talented and creative. Thank yoi for sharing

Ruthie Diaz

Tray. But make bottommore supportive.


Wow these were amazing! Well done! You guys have some of the best ideas. I love how your boho looks are not over done like some other YouTubers.

Karen Bridges

You guys are awesome your videos (ALL OF THEM) REALLY INSPIRE ME. I LOVE TO DIY... I do want to talk to you guys on a personal level. My email address is [email protected] if you would send me a link to my email via a email I can speak to you both. Thank you

Rose O'Reilly Sievers

All of your projects are terrific. love the bucket wrapping. Could you let us know how much these type of craft woud cost at Anthropologie.

Maha Crafts

I like it tanks

Ann Oliveras

You guys are amazing, great projects.

Alesya Ignateva

Это супер

Susanne S

Definitely into the Boho vibe.
My favorites are the white vase, mini pallet shelf and staircase shelf.
All are fantastic DIY's!


I was expecting it to be a quick video compilation of the previous 15 DIYs. This one is a bit too long for my taste.

But hey since i like you guys so much, here is a Like from my side.

Dora Tiscareno

Why would you not secure the rope onto the bowl it self...looks like it would have worked better....

Brooke Michelle

love that wall hanger so creative! looks very nice stained!


I love all of the projects

Jamie Rennie

I'm making a vanity and looking for white, and metallic pieces. That vase with the beads was a perfect idea for me to make!

Frederica Johnson