BUILDING MY FIRST HOUSE... | Minecraft - Part 4

BUILDING MY FIRST HOUSE... | Minecraft - Part 4

3 573 677 views | 8 Jun. 2020

I've finally made my first ever house in Minecraft. I tried really hard guys. I really put some effort in. You'll be so proud of me. So proud...


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Umer Khan

I feel bat

Name Nameson

23:13 to summon the wither-mark, you need 3 wither moustaches and 5 ovens.

Antiques History and Conspiracy's

Curse your jump scare sound affects, those were literally the only reason I jumped.


omfg 3:41 had me laughing so hard i started coughing and gagging. WHY did he have to say it like that

Alan Jewell

I'm good at building underwater houses

Kim Foster

the dude needs to make a shield

Jonas King

You need pressure plates


I like the hole better. NO HATE!

Sarah Allen

He lives in a hole and I live under the sea. It is so similar in how weird it is but so different at the same time.


“I didn’t want to break the environment”
Mark five seconds later:: rips up ground for a waterfall

bragg boys dlugosz

99% funny 1% not funny rated really good

Ophelia Gacha

I am a man who owns 5 ovens

Aisy Rose

Mark: gets a shield

also Mark: *happy noises*

the other guy

0:40 nice time lapse

Bout Dat Action

Words cannot explain the happiness I felt when Mark finally discovered the shield.
Now he must discover the smoker and blast furnace

Sarah Beth

2:35 I heard a "what's up?"

Christie Doyel

23:12 I hope mark doesn’t make another altar ego called “Multiplier”

Zer0 Cyber

Cant wait for mark to figure out that the only thing gold is useful for is the clock


My favorite thing is when I play Minecraft while listening to this and occasionally I end up doing the same activity in game as Mark ☺️

ED_Games 56

3:41 lapaza lapoozi


I want Felix, jack and mark to play Minecraft together or even if it’s just Felix and mark

Paranoia 34

Annnd House Flipper Mark is back!

Manish Ahir

LOL only took him 4 episodes of dying to skeletons to get a shield

Skullcrusher Ash

12:46 Mark sings a G♭

Christie Doyel

Mark fantasizes about a awesome looking home but makes nothing but a frame. Mark you have got to be kidding me


Mark: "Scarier than 90% of the horror games I've ever played!"
FNAF: "Am I a joke to you?"


In case anyone is interested, the fast forward song is the song The Devil’s Defiance by Ritchie Everett

Jasmine Sheta

Like every zombie movie when they jump through the window


mark: slowly goes insane while trying to make a “water feature” for his new home

Jaivion Flores

that bat scared me

Life’s a party so have fun

2:10 I only got scared because Mark got scared, my brightness is really low so he saw it before I did AND WHEN I TELL YOU I SCREAMED

Areyan Refath

Other people: SOOOOOOO useless

Ryliw Dunbar

So I love mark but with the full glass windows it triggers me a bit. I like the panes


i love that lixian has become such a huge part of the channel and all of us immediately notice if he’s not the one editing

Crow 64

Every college student ever: I live in a hole in the ground... I live in a hole, that's like, two square feet... 0-0

Lukas Olson

time lapses are fun when they totaly happen in his video

Sophus Holm

lapase lapusi


2:06 Good, how are you?


he was like "before we start this episode do a time lapse" and then the time lapse lasted for the first 10 minutes of the video

Gaby Morrison

Mark: “Got an ungodly Amish of gold and iron which is good however ITS NOT WHAT I WANTED” me: “welcome to Minecraft mark”

XxBad BarbiexX

Now we need a Minecraft video of bob,wade, jack, mark & pewds.....I feel like I’m missing someone but yeah

Banana Cat

Still waiting for the time that lixian edits an elite (from halo) yelling over mark yelling

Sketch _er

“I see my home.” The horizon glistening with the sight of a new fresh sleek emerita. He grabs his wood, and whisks away the emerita of a place of shelter, roof from the rain, goose down to the storm. He looks at the sight of his home, and pats himself on the back. “Thank you, for being here with me. Wait, who aren’t thou with ye old tongue? Wait- sir, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” he then salted the intruders, living freely in the sight.


10:20 Crazy Diamond! Fix this sugar cane back to one block of growth!

Loudass 69

The creeper didn't notice you when he was on the tippy top of the imposter everybody everybody and Markiplier up to voting

Leah Portillo

My favorite part "why is it pitch black- OH yeah i forgot, night happens." 9:12


again made sure i had food and a drink to watch him it is a daily thing hahaha

Arlett Foxwell

10:29 So what you’re trying to tell me is that you’re a hobbit?

Cole Bryan

LOL Lapuzi.

Alan Jewell

There where diamond s right in front of you and you missed it

Jana Snape


Kempton Walters

Who gonna tell him there are shields


Girl: Do u even want to be with me forever?
Boy: No
Girl: Do u even like me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would u cry if i walked away?
Boy: No
She heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes
The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
Boy: I dont like u...I love u
Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away......I would die if u walked away.
Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me
Girl: I will...
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*Something good will happen to u at 1-4pm
*Tomorrow it could be anywhere!!!
*Get ready for the shock of your life!
*If u dont post this to 5 other comments... You will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years



Me:gold is useless

Sean Downs

Can you play echo


Mark: "I'm never actually attempted to make a house!"
flashbacks to Latin's Wrath


The bois when playing Minecraft
Felix: 200% more Swedish
Jack: 200% more Irish
Mark: 200% more “LIXIAN!!!!!!!”

Zaid Sweis

Cuz I'm Arab I thought he said بيوت when he was building a new house and بيوت means houses

Honorary Hc

uglyist house I've ever seen, so it seems

Rachel Gomez

JESUS CHRISTMAS............... noting like saying it in december and not june T_T


Where did I come from: unus annus birth video flashbacks

Cyber Boi

I love how Lizian messes with mark all the time. It is sooooo funny

scp 682

he didnt sensor this 16:37


Mark: i will not be the hermit that lives in a hole in the ground
Hobbits: are we a joke to you?

pretty normal idiot if ya ask me




you heard him minecraft is scarier than any horror game he played

Dominic Beck

Does no one appreciate how during the house building time-lapse, Lixian somehow made it look almost like Mark was using shaders?



Jacqueline Gutierrez

The marked dessert ethnically realise because beard nouzilly step in a flawless aquarius. madly, sweltering guatemalan


You're now watching 25 minutes of Mark screaming at mods and being a hilarious icon.

john bade

what was the video where he finds siren head


also Mark:"BRUED"
also Mark:"It'S a WaTeRfAlL"

fish_ box

hey mark you can only get diamond at y level 12 under

Tanner Blue

Less family,less friendly

Erin Golon

His reaction to a shield

teletubby queen

“I lost recipes”
Check while you have a crafting table selected, stupid.

Joshua Budiarto

His decision of not researching much is the best decision ever

Christian D

Mark: build a house


Its free real estate

Christie Doyel

11:11 mark is dreaming


oh i want to help him build his house so bad

The High God and All Father of Cringe

He mentions Zombie and I know half of the people here don't remember Zombie...

I remember you Zombie... I miss you Zombie...

teletubby queen

That timelapse was awesome. ESPECIALLY the part when Mark succeeded to make a pickaxe!

sweet potatoes


Alpha; Zer0

That moment when Mark realise's there's actually shields in minecraft

Settro Blu

A streamer: Laziz Lazu!
Mark: Lapaza Lapuzi!

Xavier mcmullen-casem

and in conclusion...marks a perfectionist

Randxm Zchxxlgirl sasha garcia

guys quick poll what game is scarier Minecraft or five nights at Freddy's or visage like for Minecraft reply for fnaf and dislike for visage (I loved the visage though can we bring back "may the beer compel you")

Loser Lewis

First rule of Minecraft NEVER dig straight down .


Luc Larabie

I hate it when Mark says Shaaaftt.

Dractic Death

Then there not yr neighbours if they live far away in Australia


Markipliers word of the day is get out of my house

Gamechanger _ 69-

Anyone else boppin out to the time lapse music


Normal people: I see it
Markiplier: i sheeit

Cindy Macy

4:53 when Markaplyer thinks gold is actually good
Me knowing it sucks:haha he will find out soon


I had to actually stop the video so my spleen wouldn't rupture from how much I was laughing at you trying to fix your water feature.
Classic comedy.

Louder Than

Watching mark fail to manipulate water is the highlight of my day.


I love Lixians anime character doe its so funny

maxim rush

"that's a lot of lapaza lapuzi"


“That’s a lot of lapis lapuzzy”

-Mark 2020


looks good to me