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This is a part 2 of a 2 video living room makeover I did for my mom. It has some boho and farmhouse decor elements while the sofas are mid century modern. Video 1 contains most of the diy this video is the decor and styling video. thanks so much for watching. This room is definitely far from being done but we will be working on it over time

If you want to connect with me or see new projects im working on follow me on instagram! thank you so much, love you fam!


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Products used

sander :

cinnamon spray paint:

Flat white spray paint :

Flat black spray paint:

medium walnut danish oil:

weathered oak stain:

Special walnut stain:

(better prices for wood stain @ walmart / home depot)

coffee table : (no longer available here’s alternate)

Large white rug:

Blue rug runner:

Blue Throw pillow:

Heather Brown

I don't know if you realize how special you are...YOU ARE.

Iman D

omg what a transformation!!!

Belle Ford

Great job 4 Mom!!

Joyce Roquemore

U did an awesome job! what a groovy space!

Emma Jones

Really pretty makeover! You make it look easy! New subscriber

Sandra Buechner

You did a great job! It looks really nice.

Isa Melo



too much advertising, its annoying. But your videos are getting better :)

Belinda Shannon

If you are ever in the Denver area come on over to my house.

Deb Morehead

Looks so much nicer !! Great job !!


New Sub - just a suggestion in your opening to your vid you might want to say & link part 1 below. I came to the vid - saw it said Part 2 but no mention of part 1 in your intro & no link below. Of course I went on to your page & found part 1 but you know we all lazy over here & you know how everything's all in the details so..... Love the result btw, looks so much more cohesive! & watching your process!! Black knobs/handles on the hutch you refinished. ♥♥

Wilma Tibbetts

I so enjoy watching you, get lots of tips ... your a talent

Ridley J

it's good you just taped the tv cord, you're not supposed to feed them through the walls lol


The before already looks better than my place, lol, but excellent work on transforming the place. I'm amazed! It now looks more cohesive and well thought out. Great tip when you mentioned at the end that a makeover doesn't have to be done all in one weekend. I need to remember that. I think with youtube videos, we forget that this is a process and not something that can easily be done in a snap.

Marie Clark

You have a very good eye for style! I need you!!!

Cassandra M

I'm just now discovering your channel and I am loving it! Your energy is infectious and uplifting! Subscribed!

Dawn Armstrong

Love this makeover. What a beautiful space you have created for your mom.

Kim Ayres

Wow! What a transformation! So homey and cozy!

Jay Cham


Suna vB

Wow, what an amazing difference for a nice budget! Everything fits together now in such a nice vibe!

Melissa Lacy

Beautiful job.

kelly tomchuk

You could paint the lamp cord wire the same color of the wall , so the cord blend in better.

Maryann Horner

LOVE this, wish you were my daughter

Marie Radatsz

Just found your channel love it subscribed xx

Carmen Rosado

Great job love the colors of the pillows everthing look gorgeos

Lucia Zuniga

This is beautiful!!! Omg everything makes sense.. God bless you

Nicole Kirksey

Love your decorating style!!!


New sub!! Great project!! When the AC is not in use - maybe the box could be covered with a macrame wall art or consider adding a tall faux or real indoor tree in front of it! Looking forward to lots of makeovers!!

Jessica H

Which Ross did you go too??

So many good finds

My Ross is so awful


dannnnggggg, you really did this! it turned out so well!!!!

annette johnson

Beautiful am sure your mom loved it.

Jewél Walvatne the music you use in the background. I thought I heard you say in a previous video that your husband creates all your music....tell him it is wonderful!

Paula Cohen

Beautifully done ❤️

Linda Peace


Livve Hult

Beautiful! Wonderful usage of old and new! Love the entryway and the airy feel you achieved!
By the way, did you know it's really uncommon to not have a specific entryway in Sweden/Scandinavia? I've never seen a house/apartment that opens up straight into a living room.
Take care!

Justina Gamboa

This is my first time finding your channel. You did a beautiful job and I love that it was on a budget!

Jewél Walvatne

Looks so tranquil and so many wonderful easy changes and projects!!!

Tori Case

Beautiful home and beautiful person!


Wow this looks like a totally different space afterwards!! You really brought this to life!!

Emily Schultheiss

I really appreciate your content! My husband was laid off at the start of the shutdowns so I can’t spend any money. You are such an inspiration using so much of what you already have!

Vegan Mango Queen

That white on the walls made such a difference awesome

Julie Kintz

Jasmine....You did such a BEAUTIFUL job!! I really like how your mom's living room came out. I enjoy watching your makeovers. Keep up the wonderful work!

Gillis' House

Okay lady, watched three of your videos and I like your style. I am now a subscriber.


You hit it outta the park again! I love your vids. What do you charge for a private consultation? I have a living room with multiple obstacles and I have been trying to find someone who can help. Also, I can't get the link for the etsy blue pillow to work. Can you let me know the shop name so I can look for it pls? Thank you! Andrea

Sandra C

Really nice work!

Jane Bentrott

Nice redo! Could you place a canvas print (or make one) over the air conditioner to hide it?

trish nevermind

You have that special touch, so amazing. I’m watching everything you have done. So impressed. The blue was so a great touch to go with the tiles.❤️

Elizabeth Q.

I love the end result and the white walls look beautiful! Can you let me know what's the exact name of the white walls?

Gayle Foster

Great job and it feels more peaceful!

Melanie Miller

Wishing we were related right now!

Being LaTanya Renée

I just love how fast your channel is growing!!

Sheera Smith

Where are moms couches from? what are they called?


SO CUTE!!! I think you should just paint the fireplace tile now... but the rest is spot on perfect. such a sweet daughter!!

Wilderness Bug

That looks really great! I love how you try to stay on the more affordable side and give tips on how to do that. Not everyone has a $30,000 budget for a living room makeover. So this is really awesome!!

juliette_in_ hamburg

I can't believe this is the same room. Amazing! Wow!

Tabitha Mizu

You're great!!! Love how light and refreshing everything turned out. Everything matches or compliments each other!

Kathy Parker

Love, love, love!! So fresh and great styling, good job!!

Kath Schultz

my first time watching you. What a sweet gesture to do this beautiful project for your Mom. The white brightens up the room and sets off all the decor so beautifully. I don't how long before you can have the heater and a.c. units removed, but a quick fix suggestion: Boho style loves a little printed fabric. How about hanging curtain rods and artsy fabric panels to disguise each of those grates?

Subha Ganapathy

Very nicely put together...

Cyndy Mackie

Great eye, Sweetheart!!!!!! You are very talented!! xo

Andrea Köpf

Now it looks Vers Vers pretty! Greetings from Germany!

Dulce Orquidea


your Ross is flouuuurishing. I went into the home decor section of my Ross the other day and it was tf empty. I'm talking 0-3 items per shelf. tragic

Sexymommy49 On deck

You did a wonderful job

Crystal Lanthier

Wow looks amazing Jasmine! Great transformation! :)

Jackie Newman

It looks really good but I would 100% have painted the ceiling and changed out the ceiling light.


You are so talented! That was so much hard work! Love the outcome; so good!

Ruth Arjona

Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️


I love how you work with your grandma to make sure she is happy with the results. Everyone has there preferences and it’s important to respect them!

Lidia Ruiz

Love all your videos definitely taking all you advice in my room makeover

Margie Johnson

New to your channel, love your style and work. Enjoy watching.

Johanna G.

Hide your kids, hide your wives LOL!!!

Sahar Shams

Αννα Ρουσσου

Omg girl you did a beautiful job god bless you and your family

Doreen Braswell

Hi Jasmine. l really had to laugh when you painted your mom's walls white because...well, let me tell you why... l teach English online and I took a snapshot of my very TINY Livingroom to show my Japanese student. (lt is literally the size of a walk-in closet!) l LOVE my livingroom, but he respectfully told me it was "sad" and looked like a cell. I wasn't offended, but you know what...he was right. So l painted it WHITE, (it was a soft grey) made some changes in decor with what l had. Pulled a few things from every room in my little house. Didn't buy anything but white paint and now l REALLY love my livingroom! lt looks bright and cheerful. And yes...l will send the IMPROVED snapshot to my student. Thank you so much for you amazing ideas!

Guess who?

Wow, the decor you found was an amazing price!!! I wish we had a place like that

Cat D

New subbie here. I love your channel! How sweet of you to makeover your mom’s space. I can definitely tell you put a lot of thought and love in to your design.

Mimi Z.

This is amazing Jasmine!
I’ve been binging your videos and getting so inspired.
Thank you for sharing

Michelle Jones

Such an amazing job!!!

Ms. CarmenG

I love your videos.

Lani Hernandez

What did you do with all of the books I’m having that dilemma trying to figure out where to place them in my living room makeover

Felita Jones

What a beautiful blessing. I know your Mom super appreciated this. Looks great!

Papaya Amyiah

I love that your channel is growing

Barbara Guy

You did a good job

Sarah Bernhard

Love the mix of styles! You did a fabulous job.

Charlene L

I LOVE how you always reuse stuff every one has in their home so that way you end up saving money!!!! Yes! I do this all the time I want to redo my space


We love this, Jasmine! Do you have an email address to contact you?


It looks great. I like the way you incorporated her butches and kept the things that she lives and made them work together. I really like what you did in this space. ❤

Debbie VanHorn

Girl, you need to do make-overs professionals! I think this room turned out awesome & I’m sure your Mom loves it.
BTW, what brand of essential oils diffuser do you use?

Leobardo Chavez

Very nice loved it

Shirley Carter

Love what you've done for your mum, I'd have just added blue throws as well. Its soooooo much cosier with the seatees moved off the walls. Xxxx


You did such an amazing job!!! I love it all!!

Love, Peace and Hope

Wow! You did an awesome job!

Double Star Diva

Love it, did you consider painting fireplace tiles

Sipra Malu

Hiii dear you are so beautiful & your home is so beautiful

Flo Rider

Geri Schaffer

I don’t know anything about your mom but this space took 20 years off her age.


Make sure to do an update are truly blessed and talented!!!

Aubrey Rouse

I love your style

K Vitale

U have a natural eye. Awesomeness❤