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»» List of everything I bought on aMaZoN:

-Sky Lite (some ppl said it's not showing on the list)

I’ve never filmed an amazon haul which is crassssssy bc I love amazon so this is the most random bunch fo things I bought late at night during quarantine. I needed it but didn’t need it?! Idk enjoy :)

PS please stay safe with everything going on right now. I know it’s a scary time for us all but we are in this together. If you can, stay home, social distance, and check on any family or friends that need extra help!

Sending all my love

If the list above doesn't work here's everything :)

Nail drill set:

UV lamp:

Gel polish set:

Nail soak off cap:

Pumice stone:

Callus remover:

Foot file:

Essential oil blends:

Shoe stand:

Purse holder:

Bra organizer:

Bamboo bed sheets:




Stainless steel straws:

Makeup fan:

Candle accessory kit:

Tongue scraper:

Color changing floodlights:

White shirt:

Tie dye kit:

Alternate Tie Dye kit:

White sweatshirt:

Pebbled dinnerware:

Grey & gold dinnerware:



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Erika Guillen

Show us some home decorating videos ♥️♥️

noemi acevedo

Love your look

Totis Gutiérrez

Gastando el dinero en vanalidades con esta crisis mundial que Horror!!!!

SydneyLoves Makeup

The novestella lights,sky light and tye dye set looks cool! #AmandaEnsing #ATeam #AmandaEnsingHugeHaulRandomThingsVideo

Liz Chagolla

Toni Sevdalis has a great How-To tye dye video❤

Abby Willis

those “cheese graters” aren’t supposed to be used in salons lol at least where I live. I have my cos license and my moms been a nail tech for 17 years, they make other things you can use and get the same effect. Be careful using it, you can cause your heels to become even more dry and raw.
you look bombbbbb with the blonde hair


Girl you got some cool things off Amazon!

Harley Kennedy

where's the wig from?!?!

starrlee robertson

What is that amazing lip combo?!?!?!!
Also, giiiirrrll, if you love essential oils, you should dip your toes into the real stuff!!!
Doterra. All. The. Way.
These are 100%. You can and should ingest like 60% of them. I can't live without them.

Emily Champion

YASSS the Hanky Panky thongs are THE best thongs I've ever worn. SO comfortable! But tbh Aerie lace ones are pretty comparable for way cheaper, haha. Treat yo'self though.


Where is ring light from your lighting is lovely❤️

Hannah Danyelle

When you said 50 my jaw dropped and they looked used on the inside of the underwear

Natalie Rivera

You give me Becky G vibes and I am here for it


Amanda the amazon haul is nice but whats the lipcolor u are wearing ? Please share!!

Irlanda Sandoval

I love this kind of videos it gives me ideas i love nicoles guerrero tie die socks and on my 4th 1000 pieces puzzle also ordered double ended markers like jacklin hill it is very relaxing you zone out


Where did you get this wig???

Kember Minnick

I feel like essential oils cant be good for your lungs... But idk i could be wrong.

Eyleen Torres

Do not wear thinx!!!!


Omg where can we get this wig? It is absolutely stunning

Jazzy garcia

Can’t find the link for the black thongs? The stretchy ones

Heather Herman

The straw “tips” go on the end of the straws to protect your teeth from getting chipped by the straw. Apparently that can happen when using the metal straws! Protect yo teeth, girl!

Desire Kite

What lipgloss brand and color is this and wig pleeeaaassseeeee?

Vanessa Casimiro

Girl you are going to make me buy all these things lol


the squishy for the straws is to keep your teeth safe.

Chrislynn Partida Torres

Your so beautiful & your make up looks so good, please do a makeup tutorías

Caroline EsQuinca

Can you do a tutorial on how to put in your wig or like mention where to get wigs ... you always seem to have different sets of hair and would love to know how to do that

Danyell Cook

The rubber things for the straws are to help the metal straw keep from hurting your teeth if you’re sensitive.

Athena Gutierrez

In the video you mentioned you had diffusers , which ones do you have / recommend and do you have or know if a good humidifier?


I am no expert, but I wouldn’t recommend to use the “cheese grater” lol on your feet . For me personally and some friends also agree, i feel that it make the feet more rough & harder when the callus starts to build up again. Just my opinion obvi, but I feel I get better results with a good pumice and good foot cream!

I use this purple pumice, (one side is dark purple and the other side is light) I get it at Sally’s beauty supply it’s called mr pumice or something like that & this heel cream called Heel Balm brand is Flexitol BOMB. Leaves your feeet soooo soft. 10/10 recommend!!!

Love you! Stay safe!!!

Renee Easley

I also think I’m a nail tech since lock down. Iv ordered so many nail accessory’s and kits... lord help me

Amina Camille

Where'd you get them bangin' press ons,sis?

Natacha Jospitre

I am loving your honesty and authenticity in this video. Was the hanky panky on Amazon? I love them. That’s a great price since I paid 18 per underwear on sale.

Brittany Acevedo


Socialyte TV

I’ve never watched you before, but this wig is a vibe.


OMG I thought I was the only one who orders on Amazon late night, half sleep lmao!!


Hey Amanda Ensing how you doing love you look stunning , what king of eyes are u using , & taking for the tips you give us can you do a new video what do you used to record what set up do you have I'm staring my video on youtube & I want to get some idea all the video I have its with my phone so that you .<3

sabrina D

Just so y’all know, people are risking their lives to deliver your guys unnecessary items at the moment ❤️ something to keep in mind... but I understand wanting to buy things during this down time.

dear hungry lori

Girl your nails are

aNNa xOxO

Christina Bella

Where is her wig from ???

Goofy K

What lip combo is this?


What is the link for the skylite?

Shaianne Thompson

Im a nail tech! Do not use a cheese grater!!!! The cheese grater actually causes the callus to come back faster with more callus. Use the callus remover once every 2 weeks, overtime your feet will become baby soft. A lot of non professional callus remover is watered down, so if that doesn’t work you should be able to buy the Tammy Taylor one on amazon, be sure to follow directions to the t or you can burn your skin!


Didn't even recognize you, lol! You look GORGEOUS

Eyleen Torres

Look into thinx having chemical in the crotch area I attached a link in some comments

Martha Ramos

Please rate the thongs

Alett H

Your eyebrows look Amazing!

Sassy D

Thank you for sharing your haul. I ♥ Amazon too! I just subbed.

Mariela Medina

Can you provide a link to the wig your wearing?


I have 7 orders coming from Amazon

Gioia Sacco

Ive been a fan of yours for years. You have inspired me to be my true self and love myself and my glam. This video makes me so insanely happy because I LOVE amazon and personally just bought a bunch of random stuff off amazon as usual! Please, Please, Please PLEASEEEE do more amazon haul videos even if its every 3 months. This video makes me want to buy more stuff that I honestly do not need... but whatever. Also lets talk about this glam, point, blank, PERIOD- honey you're fire we need this looookkk ASAP xoxoxo

Karin Metzgar

Why is this me during shelter in place lmao

Glenna R

Please do a makeup tutorial on this look


Fave candle brand/scents??

shaima sayed

where did uh get your nails from?

Beth Boyle

I was always really terrible at painting my nails but then I got one of those stands and now I make really beautiful nails to press on. It's actually a lot easier than you think


She must really have needed draws!

Yoyis Lash&Beauty

Hun when are you doing a vlog channel??????


Omg that callus remover “cheese grater” is amazing. I have the exact same one.


Does anybody know where her press on nails are from ??


Gurrrllll u look soooo fckn beautiful


Vivian Soto

What press on were you using ? I suck at nails too ! And I loved your nails ❤️

Heather Herman

Nashville already bought out the best in you! WELCOME! I hope I see you out someday!


I love your videos girlllll!! You’re so beautiful

Paige Ricano

Those are grips for the straws I think there for the top so the metal don’t hit your teeth

Jennifer Olivares


Cute Akuma


Ashley Edwards

Wig looks bomb af


Girl you've earned your coin and don't ever feel guilty for shopping for you! Girl you've come so far and as long as you're saving for your future and contributing to charity when you can I say SHOP YOUR HEART OUT! can't wait to see your home tour and blood lust video and much love from Texas! Stay safe

Beauty Bratz

Babe, you look stunning!!!


Obsesssssssed with your makeup here!!! Pls do a tutorial

Julia Long

Omg i just bought so much stuff on amazon because of you lol. Try learning a new language! When I’m not working I am learning Spanish, renewing my real estate license, or doing something crafty! (And a lot of shopping)

Tamara Richmond

A little advise, you need to show your product a little better, you keep moving it around and we can't see what it is.

skye cheslock

Those bamboo sheets are $266 cad dollars

You People


Karen Perez

If you’re gonna wear press on nails get a q tip and tape it to the individual nail and then you can begin to paint it and when it’s dry just take it off the q tip and glue it on to your nail


amanda love you and this video! random but what size did you buy in the amazon essentials? and whats the best eyeliner for winged liner?? xxx


Lip combo??

Angelica C

Have your dogs experienced anything bad with the essential oils? I heard a lot of the scents can cause seizures and other toxic things.


Eh what’s one more order

mary alias

This wig is everything

alexis mercado

Wig tutorial please!

Madison Kulis

What are the lashes called your wearing also all the makeup your wearing as well like eyeliner, lipgloss etc

Amanda Ensing

here's a haul of things you need but dont really need if you feel me. tanx for all the luv on my last video! <3

Lila Garcia

U look pretty with that wig

Farm Girl

Lip combo?

Debbie Machado

Looking flawless as always Amanda! <3
I loved the haul, very useful...

thesunthemoon thetruth09

What I eat in a day vid pls. ✨

Michelle Ducharme

I’ve been shopping so much too

Brianna M


Angelina Javier

Great video!! I would love for you to do another video of your house since decorating it!!

Collins McMurray

LOVE your jacket! Where is it from?

Mindy Lunsford

Love this video! The grippers for the straw go on the mouth part of the straw to protect your teeth from getting chipped by the metal....(I’ve smacked my teeth on metal straws and didn’t know they made grippers till I ordered those straws and looked up what the grippers were for

Caitlin McHugh

What wig are you wearing? It is stunning!! You are so gorgeous!

Jenn Piach

Woolzees are the best affordable essential oils.

Luz Ortiz

Mas videos por favor!!!!

Barbara Jewell

I have picked up a new hobby. I started to garden not vegetables but flowers! It’s really fun and relaxing! I loved your haul good luck with the nails!

Karina Garcia

This video was amazing...didn’t know I needed it buuuuttt ya girl did ok lol