Jon Jones entrance UFC 197 - Coming Home [ HD ]

Jon Jones entrance UFC 197 - Coming Home [ HD ]

275 622 views | 26 Apr. 2016

Jon Jones comeback to the octagon

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0:41 my wife on pay day

Trey ok

What an entrance! Can't wait for the cormier fight!!!

Anirban Samanta

UFC 235 and still..


He stole it from mark hominick


what an ENTRANCE

jeremiass Rojass

0:30 song? Please

Angie G


- Rex-


Irina Kol81

johnny coming home


I still get chills when I watch this. The greatest fighter to ever step into the octagon, regardless of everything that’s happened outside of it... can’t help but love Jonny.

Matthew Megaffin

yikes this did not age well


I miss Jon Jones

Rafal Jeziorski

ufc 197 that entrance

felino 07

Yo estube ahi alv ❤!!!!

Marc Valdez

Let’s all get together , as a community, and make fun of this guy who could kill us all with his bare hands for his girly scream. HAHA

магия денег


S. Kim

I’m coming home but I’m going back after this because I tested positive lol

Jonn Abshire

He is very cringey and awkward but this song is perfect and I have watched this vid a few times because of it


2:30 theres chuck Liddell didnt even notice him

Rick Grimes

And now he’s home again, back on his rightful throne!!! Jon Jones is the GOAT. Recognise!!

ash 3

UFC 200 jon jones and still

Hasan Ali

One of the best entrances I’ve ever seen Jon Jones is the goat

Matan Asaf

u can tell about all the fucking drusgs i love this motherfucker lol


Can't wait till he comes back but I know some UFC die hards may have lost some respect for him but I'm sure when he comes back the crowd will eat up his return again


Almost all his fights in the UFC have been against number 1 contenders let that sick in.


Love you Jon

u2 Be

Jon Jones is back!

The Sober King

please Jon play the same song when you fight

Ryan Mac

What was the song

Mo Eyes

2:35 As Jon Jones goes to hug his brothers, he punches that lady by accident. Chuck Liddell standing there wishing his chin could take that punch.

Amandinha Corrêa

Song ?

Jitender Kumar

0:10 song name before I m comming home


Jon Jones wife in the white suit with blonde hair,...she very beautiful,....they make a great looking couple.

patrick bateman

The helium in this entrance is too high

Keefe Brown


Tonari no Seki-kun

ufc 197 blast


I have watched this more times than I would like to count (the fight included) and it still gives me goosebumps every goddamn time. Like DC says, the man belongs in the octagon, and let's hope he stays home this time!

Albufer Saludos

The most epic entrance.. GOAT Jonny (:


" It's not what happens to the Man, it's what the Man does when it happens to him "... Instantly my new fave quote!!


daniel cormier is going down


That security guard escorting him out looks like Daniel Cormier


This is my favorite entrance of all time

Daniel Foots

DC being very professional despite the bad blood

Iron Cote

Lmao does anyone else's audio sound more high pitch, lmao it made me laugh

The Unpopular Opinion

If it's not Anderson Silva....its Jon Jones. The Greatest MMA combatant.

mike thomas

damn he fucked up his career for good


What a legend jonny bones

Felixier Argya

he's the best

Fake Name

What’s the first song?

Dhruv Dukya

No one can beat this man. And still.. The best in the world. The GOAT.. Legend..

Roko Primorac


ItsreallyWilson Insta

Juice jones


He couldn't have picked a better song.


how his screams sound with that higher voice xD


best entrance ever, the beast is back

Joshua Shawn Fernandez

Still waiting for this GOAT to return

jessica lockear

Any bets in how long before he bets himself again and loses the belt. Lol

Julius Roque


Gianni Anfit

mike goldberg sounds like a teenager

Sergio Gonzalez

now that was a sick entrance!

Terran Smith

love bones Jones.

Jonn Abshire

slow this down to normal speed, damn!

Don Bosko

2:36 ouch!

Kevin Fuller

He's so awesome

PgPro 86

This was awesome I remember when the “I’m coming home” came on and he was in tunnel, my girlfriend at the time who wasn’t really an mma fan, turned to me and said “This is cool” lol it was pretty cool.


That reach from both sides

Rakib Fiha

That entrance was emotional

Barry Ryan

I'll give this to DC, he's very favourable towards Jon in his commentary. He could be an arsehole but he's praising him

Daniel Foots