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Boats vs Haulover Inlet

Welcome back to another episode where man and machine attempt to do battle with Haulover Inlet!

This episode we are back home at Haulover Inlet. Who will take the win this week between Haulover Inlet and the Boats?

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Wavy Boats:

Broncos Guru:


I'd love to see a 19ft bowrider destroy Haulover but I guess I'll have to keep waiting.

Wesley Madsen

Who doesnt like a Midnight?

Milan van Poelje

The second boat was a wayer osprey

Adam Temple

super the mystery boat ...I think it is a OSPREY the jet ski

Willy Leysen

The second boat is a Dutch Wajer! Our King bought one, but a bigger one € 2.000.000


My guess is peek a boo has some eye glasses issue and he is going to keep them spotless at all cost.


You gotta see the inlet I launch from. It’s a small inlet but people are idiots

Ethan Tart

The dude wore the kill switch u gotta give him a tie for that

Reece Mounsey

The boat that you did not now is called a cristcraft

Alex Florida

That peek a boo skipper looked like Elon Musk lol


Mystery Boat = 2014 Wajer Osprey 38


Dude was gassed after getting on that jet ski.


Giving the win to the boats, minus the boat on the beach.

Wesley Koewing

Dude please bottom corner watermark bc I feel like some of you footage is being stolen

Plake Plays

I dont get boats with more then 3 outboards. as someone who lives in southern california I rarely see +4 outboards


@Boats vs Haulover its a wajer boat from the netherlands

Noah Arnold

looks like boats won every round... even the man on the slide punked the current and got back aboard... quote dck riding haulover

Brian Szymanski

Have a happy independence day, be safe . Happy birthday America 244 years young.

Mitchell Luxton

2nd comment I’m so early, awesome video from here in Australia

Thee Nomaddict

I submarined my ski today... Held on like a champ. Couldnt see for 10 seconds and inhaled a ton of water tho. All good. Those 5 foot swells can be serious when youre going with them.

Michiel Geerling

Beneteau 62 (me and my friend) coming next week! Get those cameras ready!

Jon Booth

Think I'll just stick to water I know I can handle , a little chop on a small inland lake in a 14' tinny with a 9.9 .Great video once more . Thanks .

M g


Joey 9

Looks like the guys in the peek a boo method were reaching for something on the floor at the last of the clip. Just an idea!

Stef Rasenberg

I think it is a Wajer 37?

Plake Plays

2:03 Im guessing thats a 26 Chaparral due to the size distancing on the portholes.

Tomek Meszka

Loved it, (as always)

Paul Beer

Don’t they have ribs overthere?

Seth Stern

Is that a Criss Craft?


Peek-a-boo method does have a practical application:
6 people in my Formula 272 playing in some big rollers. When I got one wrong and stuffed it about 2 ft into a 3 footer it brought an impressive wall of water over the deck and windshield. My buddy and I crouched down in the bolsters grinning like idiots and most of the wave went right over our heads. Back seat passengers never saw it coming.
We laughed our asses off.
They didn't!!

Sean C

wajer 38

Kenzie’s Corner

I love your videos keep doing what your doing

Luuk van der Horst

The boat you are asking for is a wajer 37

Hublito Buchclub

It is an Wajer 38.


thats a wajer it comes from the netherlands

Sean Martin

At the Galveston Jetties/Inlet is cupcake compared to Haulover....Happy 4th Broncos!!!!!

Junior Outdoorsman

1 view, 2 likes, I don’t understand how you do it that good

Dshark29 Fishing

Sup 4th nice vid

Nout Slop

0.47 kinda looks like te Lamborghini boat from the 1950’s the styling looks like it!

Ben Feinblum

2:48 That’s just what life feels like sometimes

Keepin it Reel

I would say that boat looks like a cris craft

Frank Austin

Nice pneumatic captain chairs in the 2nd boat

Ray Zickrick

Nice buddy help with the jet ski. NOT.

Pieter Scheffer

Wayer build in the netherlands

GT Lees

I can't believe that guy was able to hold it long enough for his PWC to return. I'm impressed. The fella ducking from the waves should lose his captain card and his man card.

Chris Mason

I do not know the name of the mystery boat. If I had to guess maybe Badass!

Random Idiot

cant complain about that parking job

Robert Mikesell

Wajer 38

Cole Gjertson

Do sailboats go through Haulover?

Nick Van den Pol

Wayyer 55


Having a boat without a anchor is like having a human body without a lung......

Frank Kreyssig

No anchor........ because they dropped it on the subscribe button!


Great video! Happy Fourth of July


Happy 4th everyone. Glad that jet skier was ok. That looked nerve wrecking.

You're my boy, Broncos Guru. You're my boy!

Charles Hills

Not sure but it definitely has the lines of a Chris Craft.